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Lovely animation...and an incredibly lazy plot.
planktonrules13 January 2022
"Hotel Transylvania: Tranformia" is an incredibly lazy film about to be released on Amazon Prime. I say incredibly lazy because the plot is essentially the previous movies! For example, in the original "Hotel Transylvania", the vampire father has trouble accepting his incredibly annoying human son-in-law to be. Here in the fourth film, the son-in-law is married to Drac's daughter...and dad is STILL having trouble accepting him. The story seems to say it's because of the father's prejudices, but to me it seemed more because the son-in-law was incredibly annoying and addle-brained.

So what did I like about this film? Well, the animation is nice. Other than that, the story seems to scream 'made to be aired directly on DVD or a channel like Netflix or Amazon Prime". Younger kids will likely enjoy it...and parents watching should probably have some knitting or a laptop handy as the film will bore them if they've seen the previous films, as the story has nothing in the way of innovation or originality.
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I miss Hotel Sandler
yusufpiskin15 January 2022
When Adam Sandler left the cast, he took the whole spirit of the project with him.

You may not like Sandler personally, I don't know, but he had the spirit of the Hotel Transilvania series in his voice.
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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
JoBloTheMovieCritic13 January 2022
5/10 - as someone who usually really enjoys the Hotel Transylvania films, I was disappointed in the lack of jokes that landed and the missing spark of fun that I expect from this series.
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Lazy and weak sequel.
cruise0118 February 2022
2 out of 5 stars.

The fourth film may be running its course with this beloved series. The film follows Dracula retiring and perhaps leaving the hotel business. And Jonathan trying to fit in with the monsters by turning himself into one and a few others into humans. Sadly, the plot is boring. The script is lazy. The humor is unfunny. Sure kids will love it. Adults may want to take a pass on this one. The animation is eh.
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Ruin a good movie with a sequels.
sophimatar-819015 February 2022
I lost interest in the movie from the first 20 minutes, the script was too lazy, boring and full of illogical errors... For example: Mavis, she has super hearing... She heard Dracula whisper with his wife on the veranda during a raucous party, but then she didn't hear her father's friends in the same hall, who were talking loudly about the disappearance of Johnny and Dracula!! Oh really!?

Dracula's grandson is almost completely absent from the picture in this part of the movie!!!

Johnny was a lovable idiot in the earlier parts, but he is incredibly disturbing and dull in this film... and you wish he would just go.

In the first three parts we got used to the voice of Dracula (Adam Sandler)... what happened?
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Should Have Stayed A Trilogy
rustemkhafizov14 January 2022
I really liked the three Hotel Transylvania films, with the third one being my favorite, and I was really looking forward to this one, but..


90% of the jokes are just slapstick (and a pretty mean-spirited one at that), and only seven characters get transformed into humans or monsters, even though this is supposed to be the biggest selling point of the film; just seems like a missed opportunity, really.

The whole conflict between Drac and Johnny just feels recycled too, like, haven't we already gone through this with the first and second films? This feels like an unused idea for the second movie that was wisely shelved but was now brought back for.. what exactly?
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boring. doesn't do anything interesting with the concept
reaseltbim16 January 2022
With the previous hotel transylvania movies it went like this: they all have a main plot, but all 3 movies have hilarious little jokes from background monsters or the background monsters will have small side stories that culminate in a joke.

The monster guests or the staff would have funny moments.

The new one does not do this, most of the movie removes all the background characters. Most of this movie removes all the background interactions that the monsters at the hotel had. This one is just a straight cliche adventure movie.

This is just a generic boring scavenger hunt movie.

They don't even do anything interesting with the monsters changing to humans, there are jokes about their change, but they never have to adapt to a human lifestyle or never have to deal with any human problems... everyone is just in the scavenger hunt looking for an item.

The concept of monsters becoming human is completely wasted and does nothing with it.

They didn't even struggle with being human. It stopper being funny after 15 minutes. It was just a gimmick.

The wit and cleverness of the other 3 movies is gone. This is just a boring jungle movie. It's almost like dora the explorer or jumanji 2.

Very generic jungle adventure with a cliche ending.
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catkins77715 January 2022
The first 10 minutes, Jonny was crazy annoying, the voices were off, the charm and humor were lacking. My children, who are easily entertained, barely chuckled. Ugh...just no.
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skyforestsong15 January 2022
Replaced the main cast member and it honestly lost the magic of the first 3 films. The plot itself made no sense to me as in the previous films it would appear Drac accepted Johnny more and more. Also in this movie it seemed they dumber down Johnny more? Just NO to the whole movie.
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At least this series is consistent
cricketbat15 January 2022
Even without Adam Sandler, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania still works. Since this is the fourth installment of this franchise, the jokes are a little tired and the story isn't as strong, but the movie still managed to get a few chuckles out of me, and the animation is enjoyable. Hotel Transylvania isn't a great animated film series, but at least it's consistent.
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joshhines-3906315 January 2022
This installment of the series was absolute trash compared to the last movies, it was so boring, the wife and I love these movies but this was so horrible in ways I never seen coming. I actually wish I never watched it cause I feel it brings down the rest of the series. What a let down.
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Monster changes
legobuilderpro15 January 2022
Hotel Transylvania (2012): A really funny movie that has great voice acting, a funny story, and nice animation.

Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015): A really funny sequel to the first with new elements and still great animation, along with the same great voice acting.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018): I know this entry in the series was a little strange, but I still liked it and thought it was really entertaining.

I thought Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022) was just ok, but that is mostly because it's the 4th and final entry in the series. It isn't fantastic but it is entertaining.

The voice acting is still really good, especially when you have Brian Hull voicing Dracula instead of Adam Sandler. Brian Hull's voice for Dracula sounded really similar to Adam Sandler's voice, so I couldn't tell the difference.

The animation has greatly improved since the 1st movie in 2010 and it's pretty funny, but does have stupid moments like the 3rd movie. Which I thought was funny but can be random at times.

I like the plot and I still really like the characters. I liked Dracula's human form and how he has to deal with human problems. It was funny to see, along with Johnny being a monster and liking all the things monsters can do.

I think you should check this out if you liked the previous 3 movies. I thought it was a ok entry to the series but entertaining, also its a good ending for the series to leave off.
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continuing the monster fun
ferguson-613 January 2022
Greetings again from the darkness. There is nothing wrong with delivering exactly what's expected for kids' movies. It's a bit bewildering that so many fall short. This is the fourth (and final) film in the hugely successful "Transylvania" animated movie franchise, although it's the first not directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (credited here as co-writer and Executive Producer). Also missing this time are Adam Sandler and Kevin James, who previously voiced Dracula and Frankenstein, respectively. The character voices have been replaced by Brian Hull and Brad Abrell, and rest assured, the vast majority of young fans will never notice. The film is co-directed by Derek Drymon (one of the creative forces behind the 'SpongeBob SquarePants' franchise - including video games and movies) and Jennifer Kluska (the main director in the 'Wild Kratts' series). What they've done is deliver exactly what's expected ... a fun time for kids.

It's been 10 years since the first HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA (2012) and nearly four years since the most recent, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION (2018). As this one begins, Dracula is throwing a party to celebrate the hotel's 125th anniversary. It opens with Dracula and his daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) dancing to "Just the Two of Us". The sweet moment soon morphs into "Just the Three of Us" as her husband Johnny (Andy Samberg) joins in. This is the first, but certainly not the last, transformation - as you've probably guessed by the title.

The characters and visuals are the key elements for most kids, and 'Transylvania' is here to serve. What's interesting this time is that Johnny and Mavis are the key players. Thanks to a special ray gun that transforms (there's that word again) humans to monsters and monsters to humans, the big kick here is that Johnny is zapped and becomes a colorful and zany dragon that is sure to generate laughs. Cellar-bound Van Helsing (a returning Jim Gaffigan) is the developer of the ray gun. After a series of mishaps result with the party punch turning most of the monsters into human form, the whole crew sets off on a South American adventure to locate a replacement crystal so the ray gun can return them to their natural monster state.

Since most kids' movies include a life lesson or moral, you can probably guess what happens to the characters on that journey. Being transformed gives them a different perspective and appreciation of the "other" side. That said, the comedy here leans towards the slapstick and pratfalls of classic cartoons, especially Looney Toons. Kids are sure to enjoy the 'physical' comedy, in particular that of Johnny as an eager-to-please dragon.

Many of the voices are returning actors, and include Fran Drescher (Eunice, the Bride of Frankenstein), Steve Buscemi (Wayne the Werewolf), David Spade (Griffin the Invisible Man), and Keegan-Michael Key (Murray the Mummy). There is a humorous recurring gag for grown-ups with Frankenstein and how much he admires his human looks, a startling visual of BB the guinea pig, and a reminder of why momma always told you to keep an eye on your drink at parties. Those familiar with the Transylvania franchise should be satisfied, and any new viewers should be entertained ... exactly what's expected.

Premieres on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, January 14, 2022.
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No charm
jayaxelhickey14 January 2022
The movie had no charm at all. It was not funny. Same rehashed plot. No Adam Sandler says a lot. A movie that maybe a 2 year old would like. Also is was just boring.
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It was ok
nicorip2214 January 2022
I didn't like it more than the first, which for me was the best, but much better than the second and third. Likewise, the fact that Adam Sandler did not participate in the film seemed like a very bad decision, it is not the same.
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Easy silly fun
Movi3DO13 January 2022
Only in this movie does a character wants to be an ugly goofy monster.

If you like the first three, this one will again be a fun and goofy time. Just like the previous, I knew what I would get and I had a pretty fun time. It's not too annoying, and many moments were silly funny. Also, you don't really need to watch the previous movies to understand and enjoy this.

Overall, a fun adventure that family can enjoy early in the year. 6.5-7/10.
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You sure ? 😒
dolcetugs14 January 2022
I wont tell you to not watch it but dont pay real money for this one.

I watched it free and I want to take money from them. 😏.

How lazy and unpleasant story is that ? Meh.
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No, just no!
athalken15 January 2022
They just ruined an amazing franchise by ending it with this! So sad, it has a completely different vibe and style then the first three. Why would you change the animation, or even do another without the same main voice actor!
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No. This is not what anyone wanted.
atvirdahiya17 January 2022
Literal no plot- absolute lazy writing. To even imagine this is part of the Transylvania series is a joke. What the hell. Laziest plot ever. Hoped that it would have good jokes- and even if it had a lazy plot- it would make us laugh. Well it did- but only because how bad it was.
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We really like the earlier ones but this is painful
Zerocool74715 January 2022
Poor writing, dumb plot and no laughs. My kids didn't chuckle and my son twice asked "how much more of this is there?". The newly voiced Jonny is so irritating that you have no empathy for him or honestly, any of the other characters by the end.
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It Really Overstayed It's Welcome Waaay Too Much
Clank_Zoka14 January 2022
I didn't think we needed another movie in this ongoing franchise, but yet here we are, this is the first movie not directed by Genndy Tartakovsky despite still being involved in it in creating the story and screenplay, Adam Sandler and Kevin James are not in it for some reason, it got delayed more then once and well..., it's on Prime IN JANUARY, isn't it supposed to be a Halloween movie or something?, i dunno anyways it's out now and i just want to get it over with, i watched it earlier and... yeah it's not good, definitely the worst of all the movies in the series, but not awful or completely terrible, yet still mediocre, so let's talk about it.

The biggest problem of the movie is that it's annoying and i think with everything!, the writing, the comedy, the animation, even the voice acting too, it just lost the charm and the fun of the other films and has just become a rather ordinary mediocre movie with not much laughs and being predicable as all heck, it's not super original although the idea is kinda interesting but even that doesn't really go anywhere fun, it's just Johnny turning into a monster, which looks cool but that's about it, the characters are either annoying or are only there for being a comic even the conclusion doesn't feel earnt and felt very rushed, it also gets cringey with rather old songs that aren't even a thing really, even the score by the talented Mark Mothersbaugh isn't very memorable.

With that said, it does have a few things that i kinda liked, despite how overly cartoony it is, the animation is still bright and expressive while also creative that is still nice to look at, despite the bad humour i did laugh a few times, the third act was a bit interesting, Van Helsing is still funny and even Brian Hull does a almost spot on impression of Sandler's Drac, along with the actor who replaces James as Frank.

But despite the good elements, it's still a rather mediocre and annoying movie at best, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania didn't need to exist in any way, it's lost the charm, it's not very funny, the animation cartoony slapstick gets old and tiresome, even the loudness gives you a headache, along with obnoxious characters and even loud acting, but with nice animation and some enjoyment from the comedy and Van-Helsing, even with Brian Hull's great Drac voice, it's not awful from Sony, but in terms of the Hotel Transylvania, it's worst one, if you like the other films, watch it i guess but don't expect great things from it, so I'm glad this series has finished, another one would be too much, hell this would of worked as a short feature, but now that it's over, we can put this franchise to rest, for now.

I'm going to give this unneeded sequel a 5/10.
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It was quite enjoyable...
paul_haakonsen14 January 2022
I sat down to watch the fourth movie in the "Hotel Transylvania" animated movie franchise with my 11 year old son here in 2022. And I will say that writers Amos Vernon, Nunzio Randazzo and Genndy Tartakovsky delivered a rather wholesome storyline and script that entertained the both of us.

The story in "Hotel Transylvania: Transformania" was as interesting as it was funny and enjoyable, and it was nice to see this switch of characters in the movie, as it made for a whole new thing. There were lots of great laughs and funny situations as the movie progressed, just as there were a nice pacing and development to the story arch.

It was good to see the beloved characters return to the screen, and even in their alternate forms as well. And it was nice that the majority of the voice actors from the original movies returned to reprise their roles. Of course Adam Sandler and Kevin James were sorely missed, but the replacements actually managed to fill out their shoes in a good way.

As with the previous movies, then the art and animation in "Hotel Transylvania: Transformania" is good, and there are so many details and so much going on that the movie is well-worth watching a second time in order to pick up on all the things in the background and small details that you might have missed out on the first time around.

I was certainly genuinely entertained from start to end, and "Hotel Transylvania: Transformania" is an animated movie that is well-worth the time.

My rating of "Hotel Transylvania: Transformania" lands on an eight out of ten stars.
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michaelsiphone16 January 2022
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (also known as Hotel Transylvania 4) is a 2022 American computer-animated adventure comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation

Oof, this isn't good 🙁 Probably give it a miss 👎🏼

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I can't believe that's not Adam Sandler.
JottaH16 January 2022
That's it for my thoughts throughout this movie. I have enjoyed the franchise for what it is, and this fourth outing simply does not live up to the standards of the first three, however low they were. Now, of course it doesn't have to be Oscars material building a movie like this one, but the story is vapid and does not utilize the potential fun in flipping monsters and humans. Such a shame for what should be an easily likeable franchise to go out on such a low note.

Still, I cannot believe that's not Adam Sandler voicing Dracula... Well done, Brian Hull!
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Soooo bad...
bromanj15 January 2022
I honestly cannot understand anyone rating this movie more than 5/10. It is an embarrassment to the series. It was so disjointed and way too overly zany. The writing and directing are just horrible. It's shameful that they put the Hotel Transylvania name on this film.
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