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Bad sequel, I'm done with it.
deloudelouvain12 December 2021
I remember I enjoyed watching the first Escape room, and even rated it with seven stars what in my standards means that I would watch it again, but this sequel isn't good at all. I was annoyed during the entire movie, yawned a lot, and found the storyline very boring to follow. They solve all the puzzles in like thirty seconds, a lot of running around like headless chickens, going from one unrealistic escape room to another. The acting wasn't great either, all looked very unreal. If there's going to be another Escape Room, most likely, it will be without me watching it the next time. I'm done with it.
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Not As Good As The First, But Worth Watching If You Loved It
isantistao10 October 2021
If you loved the first one you should watch this, but don't let yourself be disappointed, it is not as good as the first. The writing/story is way more far fetched and unbelievable, the writers seem to be going off the deep end. The acting isn't as good and feels more forced and also cliche, but this again would be also due to poor writing. But also the movie doesn't look as good as the first one because they are using bad CGI that is low def. So I just wanted to let you know what kinds of things might be a let down for you if you really loved the first one like I did. But I still think its worth a watch and not a bad film.
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Shorter and dumber than the first one
bozabozidar31 August 2021
This is a direct sequel to the surprisingly successful 2019 movie (which I personally liked), so you should really watch that one first if you haven't already. However, the 2nd Escape Room is shorter and has a much faster pacing than the first one, but most importantly everything is just so chaotic and messy all around. The first Room in the original movie was one of the movie's best scenes, as it slowly built up the atmosphere and gave both the characters and the audience enough time to think, whereas the first "Room" in this one is just ridiculous, with everything happening way too quickly and all the characters screaming in such an annoying way. Also, all the deaths are absurdly elaborate, involving some fantastical contraptions that look like they came out of an unusually stupid episode of the original Star Trek series; but this was probably done because more realistic and explicit death scenes would restrict the film's access to younger audiences. Anyhow, the whole movie is pretty much just a set up for the final plot twist, and without spoiling anything I'll just say that the twist is just preposterously unexpected and will leave many viewers scratching their heads out of bafflement as it just raises many new questions. I would recommend the "Tournament" only to those fans of the original who don't have high expectations from the sequel.
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Kind of decent!
ahmxii18 September 2021
Yeah, there is survival thrill in this one too, but story was less engaging.

Just a time pass movie, you can watch it if you have free time.
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Predictable n not at all at par with its predecessor.
Fella_shibby8 September 2021
I enjoyed the first part n it has some cool traps, cool settings n the cinematography is top notch.

This one is not at par but still a good thriller.

While the first one has suspense n is tension filled, this one gets a bit predictable, specially the fate of the priest. I knew it that he will be shown as a selfless guy and his fate will be via a selfless act.

Logan Miller's character's fate is also predictable.

Holland Roden looked attractive with her eye makeup.

She is there in Follow Me aka No Escape, a bit similar take on the escape room genre but with a solid twist.

Whereas Taylor Russell looked weird with her makeup at the airport scene.
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Electrically paced; if you enjoyed the first you will enjoy this one too
jtindahouse1 July 2021
I really enjoyed the first 'Escape Room' film back in 2019 (it feels like longer ago than that for some reason). The movie was pretty well received and did well at the box office so of course a sequel was going to come along eventually. Plus the ending of the first one basically demanded it (an ending that is recapped at the beginning of this film in case you were wondering whether you needed to see the original first before this - although I would still recommend it for other things that crop up during the sequel). So here we are two years later getting that follow-up, and I have to say it was a pretty darn good movie all up.

I'll start by saying if you struggle with suspension of disbelief in films then you are going to struggle with this one a lot. There are some elements to this movie that are so far-fetched they don't even try to explain them. You just have to accept them for what they are and sit back and enjoy the ride (if you can).

Both of the movies in this series have PG-13 ratings, but it really doesn't take anything away from either of the movies as far as I can tell. People still die in some pretty horrific ways, however the movie isn't going out of its way to rub your face in it. It has a strong enough story going on that it really doesn't have to. We know the stakes are high and (almost) no character is safe.

The pacing of this movie is electric. It's short at only 88 minutes, but even then it's over before you know it. Once the action starts it never relents. These movies are almost like a hybrid of the horror and action genres and I think that is one of the reasons they work so well. People who like horror are able to enjoy the action elements just fine, and people who don't like horror know that the movie isn't setting out to scare you or gross you out at all. There's a really good balance found here.

The only criticism I'd suggest was that some of the new characters could have done with a little fleshing out. There's a scene where everyone goes around the circle and says their name, and that's about the extent of the development we get for a lot of them. It makes them a little hard to care for, and makes them feel quite expendable.

If you enjoyed the first 'Escape Room' you're almost certainly going to have a good time with this one too. This one follows a similar formula, but has some unique twists and turns to add something to the series as well. I had a really good time with 'Escape Room: Tournament of Champions' and would recommend people check it out.
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Goo one...
m-ramanan3 October 2021
RATED 7/10 Language: English

Nice sequel and made this as good origin story... The problem of the movie is that the puzzles are more mathematics than entertaining one... If the puzzles are bit more intriguing and simple this could have been more enjoyable.
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Adequately thrilling
Gordon-1126 September 2021
This film is still intense, but has less rooms than the first film. It's adequately thrilling.
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It rushed too much
Misss2514 February 2022
I'm bit disappointed. It is tournament of champions but stil the champions are doing nothing but stupidity. I think, I was expecting some more puzzles. In this movie, the puzzles are so easy and rushed,sadly. I coundn't concentrate on this movie because of this reason.

However,I like the ending much so I'm giving it 7.
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Fast paced, thrilling, and entertaining.
cruise0123 July 2021
4 out of 5 stars.

Escape Room continues where the first has left off. With the two leads trying to stop and expose this organization that is orchestrating illegal threatening escape rooms. The two leads are put into another set of escape rooms with new people. Which all have a connection of some kind. While they try to solve the mystery and escape.

The plot is still a little shallow. Barely any motives behind the organization. Besides they get away with everything. There is a couple of twists. And the ending twist is kind of predictable which you can see coming.

The cast is great. The action and thrills are exciting. The escape rooms are crazy and insane. The movie does move at a electrifying pace.
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andrewchristianjr11 September 2021
Action packed. The set pieces were amazing, and definitely more complex and challenging than the first film but the characters weren't as fleshed out enough or showed as much growth as they could have. It was an awesome ride throughout the whole time.
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Utterly Clueless
bob-the-movie-man21 July 2021
I only gave Adam Robitel's original "Escape Room" 5/10. It was perhaps hoping for too much that his sequel - "Escape Room: Tournament of Champions" - would be better.

  • As in the first film, Taylor Russell again stands out as a personable, attractive and convincing actress. She deserves a role in something a lot better.

  • The production design on the "game sets" is certainly very impressive.

  • The fact that SIX people are down with writing credits for this astonishes me. The whole thing comes across as lazily plotted, with virtually no character development of the players. (Yes, even less than the first film.) You might think Nathan (Thomas Cocquerel) as an athletic priest might be an interesting character. I was expecting him at one point to channel the dramatic demise of Gene Hackman's similar character in "The Poseidon Adventure". But no. Nothing much is done with this.

  • It's a movie where the more you think about it afterwards, the less sense it makes. Some examples:
-- People are dead, but then again - when inconvenient for the plot - dead no longer.

-- There's some bizarre "daughter kidnap" sub-plot at one point, but that's never referred to again.

-- Acid rain has no effect on a lock... until that is, the rainwater is captured and poured on the lock! Bonkers!

  • There's a tragic amount of inane running around and wailing that gets mentally tiresome. You can imagine this written in the script as "Now run down the corridor and adlib some 'teenagers in peril' noises". (This is a best case guess: I'd hate to think that some of the "Quick!"s and "Hurreeeee!"'s had actually been scripted).

Summary Thoughts on "Escape Room: Tournament of Champions": I found this one to be tragically bad. A lame attempt to cash in on the bizarre $155M success of the first B-movie. My personal recommendation: Avoid!

(For the full graphical review, please check out One Mann's Movies on the web, Facebook and Tiktok. Thanks).
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88 minutes of boring people solving absurd puzzles
benjaminskylerhill16 July 2021
One of the most colossally stupid, inconsistent screenplays I've seen put to the big screen.

The first film wasn't good, but at least it had some attempts at compelling themes and interesting characters. This movie has nothing but absurdity and an underwhelming story to offer.
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Give it a try on lazy sunday afternoon
moviesknight24 September 2021
Going deeper into the rabbit hole. Starting of movie with the crux of first movie for new viewers and ending makes sure the 3rd part will come. The puzzles are more thrilling. One time watch though. Fun to watch though proving the point made in movie. Actors cant act though.
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Way worse than the first movie
Boschen12316 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the original movie multiple times as it was an easy watch with decent enough acting. This sequel was just boring and predictable. The concepts gets old quick and the twists are mostly all predictable.

I found a lot of the actors annoying too. In some of the rooms they were just so manic you could barely hear what was happening or follow what they were doing.

Also noticed some editing mistakes like when the main girl is touching the sharp diamonds and cuts herself. They play audio of her voice but she doesn't move her lips. Just makes the movie look cheap.
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Extended cut
jessicacummins-3596215 September 2021
I highly recommend watching the extended cut as it is so much better than the theatrical version. A better twist and better plot story.
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escapist franchise
SnoopyStyle11 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell) is on a mission to take down Minos and Ben Miller (Logan Miller) is willing to support her at all cost despite his panic attacks. As they pursue the investigation, they get trapped in a subway car with four other escape room winners, Rachel Ellis (Holland Roden), Brianna Collier (Indya Moore), Nathan (Thomas Cocquerel), and Theo (Carlito Olivero). It's a tournament of champions. Behind the scenes, Claire (Isabelle Fuhrman) has been imprisoned by her puzzle making father (James Frain) after her mother gets killed in an escape room.

I can buy the movie logic of the extravagant puzzle rooms. I don't like it but I can accept it. I can't accept how Zoey and Ben get trapped in the first place. It's completely unreasonable that no other civilian wouldn't just randomly walk onto that train car, even if Minos could trick all those winners into the same place. The other problem continues to be that nobody ever grabs a weapon into the next room. I do like the bank escape room. The beach escape room is too unstructured. The acid rain idea is too ridiculous. All in all, there is some fun in an otherwise ridiculous escapist franchise.
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Not Quite An Escape
lynansaysingle29 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the previous Escape Room movies so I wanted to see this and see where it goes. I think I enjoyed the first one a little bit better. It would have been good if they gave a short character development of the other casts that we didn't see in the last one. Feels a bit rushed for some reason. Some of the special effects don't look real at all. I do like the introduction of the next villain. They should have explored more on how the escape rooms started and why.
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lucaschriskowalski10 July 2021
I enjoyed the first film, was fresh. They didn't really offer anything new here, definitely more budget but that's about all. The first "room" dragged on and overall the rooms were not as inventive as the first film. When the solving of the puzzles involves nonstop changes in direction it loses any interest as it's just from one thing to another. More of a rental than at the movies.
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Tweetienator8 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The first Escape Room was nothing special but some solid easy pop-corn "horror" movie, the second one is a rather disappointing affair. The trouble begins right with the killing of the wife of the puzzle maker - how you will explain to the police that she got cooked in the sauna without explaining why you got a device to close the door from the outside!? And if you take away that device (or it won't be discovered), why the woman just did not open the door? Suicide by cooking yourself? That's just one example of how the plot of Tournament of Champions lacks in many scenes basic logic and therefore is totally unbelievable (far more than the first one), and what you get is more or less one action scene after another, mindless, making you rather numb than excited. A redundant and rather unnecessary sequel. The first one I rated 5, this gets 4 points but no more.
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So much screaming and mumbling
trinaboice10 July 2021
Movie review: Escape Room Tournament of Champions

IN A NUTSHELL: This is the sequel to the first Escape Room, which was a movie I thought was pretty fresh and fun. If you saw and liked the first movie, you'll probably like this one, although I think it's inferior in many ways.

In this installment in the franchise, six people unwittingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, quickly uncovering the fact that they are all survivors of other escape room games. Joining forces with two of the original survivors, they get killed off one at a time until... The movie is directed by Adam Robitel.

THINGS I LIKED: The introduction of the film shows clips from the first Escape Room movie that was released in 2019 to remind you of what happened and who survived. The film picks up a short time after the first movie.

It starts off pretty slowly. Nothing much happens until about 20 minutes into the movie.

If you love solving puzzles and mysteries, you'll probably get a kick out of this movie.

The first film was marketed as a horror, but this one is much less gruesome than the original.

The cast includes Taylor Russell and Logan Miller from the first movie, as well as new additions Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Isabelle Fuhrman, Carlito Olivero, and Thomas Cocquerel.

It's suspenseful and you feel some tension with almost non-stop action.

The movie flies by quickly.

There's a twist. I love twists.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: It helps to have seen the first movie to understand more about the two main characters and the villains.

Sadly, there is no character arc at all, so the movie seems pointless.

Soooo much overacting and screaming.

None of the new characters are very appealing or even interesting. We just don't learn anything about them so it makes it really hard to care whether they live or die. I don't want to give away any spoilers...but I was really happy when the first person died because "they" were easily my least favorite.

Sometimes it's hard to understand what everyone's saying because they're either yelling or mumbling.

It would have been way better if each of the characters had a special set of skills that would force them all to listen to one another and help. Instead, they often just yell, "Listen to her!" referring to Zoey Davis (played by Taylor Russell) who is the smartest person in the rooms every time and solves everything.

The clues fly fast and furiously. In fact, people figure out clues so fast and race off to the next one before you've even had the satisfaction of mulling it over in your brain to feel smarter than the characters.

The action scenes where all of the characters are screaming and running around are just too frenzied.

There really isn't any plot. There's nothing that really propels the story forward. There's no big payoff that leaves the audience satisfied.

Terrible dialogue.

The musical score is mostly annoying with pounding sounds and screeches.

Some of the clues and details make no sense at all. One example is a scene when there is acid rain melting metal and everything in its path, but for some reason, an umbrella is able to protect one of the characters.

The villain is faceless, which could be fun, but it's also just annoying.

Yep, the movie ends with a tease for ANOTHER sequel. Is that something you want?

Unfortunately, the movie is extremely forgettable. There were no stand-out moments that made me excited to watch them again.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: People die and are in perilous situations.

1 F-bomb One of the characters is a scumbag thief

You can see my full review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel!
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Promising idea, with vast unanswered questions
neil-47616 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Six people who survived the lethal escape room experience in the previous film (which I did not see) are unhappily trapped in another set of interlinked puzzle/traps.

Apparently escape rooms are a thing. Fair enough. Hopefully they are not laced with the fatal goings-on which we see here.

Listen, I quite enjoyed it - it fits the Saw formula of imaginatively engineered deaths, although it is far less gory - but it was profoundly stupid and entirely unbelievable. It makes no sense. We don't know who is doing this or why - presumably pay-per-view for rich people who like seeing people die in imaginative ways, or similar - but the sheer logistics and cost defy reason. We have gallons of acid pumped as rain onto a mocked-up New York street, and an actual Manhattan subway car hijacked and electrified to name but two.


There had better be a pretty good explanation for the finance somewhere down the line, what with the cost of Manhattan real estate!
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I count this among the worst movies I have seen this year.
Vivekmaru458 September 2021
The first movie in the installment was at least watchable.

This sequel is so generic and formulaic that my eyes wandered away from the screen onto other things.

There is no mystery, no suspense and only limp thrills by today's standards. This movie is even inferior to Spiral 2021, and this says it all.

Mediocre acting, backed up by mediocre direction - this film goes nowhere...
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Worthy sequel.
jp_9117 September 2021
"Escape Room: Tournament of Champions" is an entertaining film with a good dose of suspense. At first I thought that this sequel would be better than the first part, but I was wrong, it is not superior but it is a worthy second part. The script follows logically to the plot and has good moments of suspense, the final surprise is not new but it is pleasant. The acting is good, the cinenatography is a great hit, highlighting some powerful visuals, and the special effects are decent. A good sequel, entertaining from start to finish.
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Plot Hole Central!! What have you done!
jimbojones-499818 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the first Escape Room. It had the feel of Saw but with a focus more on puzzles then the death. Come along Escape Room 2. In writing this movie you simply had to put the main characters in some more rooms and move the story forward. They even had the plane "room" setup from the last film.. So what's the problem? After arriving at the location to find the Escape Rooms our 2 main characters are tricked into running several blocks across New York, down until the subway and onto a train car. When they get onto this train car they learn it's full of several other "champions" from previous games. Let's backup and look at them events. The 2 main characters had to arrive at building X at X o'clock. Then be tricked into running after a guy and pass countless New Yorkers, jumping over the subway gate without a ticket and not getting stopped / challenging and then ending up on this train cart. At the SAME time we've had to get all over 4 "Champions" onto the SAME train cart at the SAME time (they were not kidnapped or anything)... without any other passengers attempting to enter this SAME cart?? How on earth is that possible! At first I thought the "champions" the other champions must be planted there.. but nope.. they're meant to be real.. This is never covered in the movie we're just expected to accept that they all ended up there at the same time. Let's skip to the end. So all these games have taken place under New York. We know they got a train cart somewhere under the city but it cannot of travelled more then a few miles. So how on earth does the last room end up in the puzzle makers house!!! Why on earth would you do that and how is that physically possible? They clearly live in a large house in the middle of nowhere.. not central new york. And the main character" drops" into the daughters bedroom / cell. Despite us seeing them go down a train station, down in an elevator.. etc..
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