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Peter Cullen should've been Optimus voice
themickeyc1 August 2020
Optimus is so weak compared to the movies and old series and not the same without Cullen doing the voice am disappointed
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marcotiero31 July 2020
I loved this! Lots of the great characters from the original, minus the annoying and cheesy human characters. I loved the darker tone!

It would have been nice to see a bit more transforming, but at the same time, they're on their own planet so they wouldn't have as much of a need to be in disguise.

A lot of reviews have lamented the voice acting, I felt it was decent. It was great that Starscream sounded the same, but unfortunately, many didn't sound quite the same. I must admit, at the start I did think that Optimus sounded like Peter Cullen but as it progressed, not so much.

I've not seen any of the series after G1, so can't comment on them, but I feel this does the franchise justice.
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One of the best animated shows right now!
thephenomenalsami30 July 2020
This show is awesome for transformers lovers and people who are new to the franchise! My only wish is for them to give us more than just 6 episodes per season because u can love the show if there are only 6 23 min long episodes.
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Good, but a missed opportunity
thesuf31 July 2020
Firstly, allow me to start by saying that I've never played the video game "Transformers: War for Cybertron" on which this show is based on. So I went into this show with very little expectations and an open mind: having just seen the trailers but knowing upfront that none of the original series' voice over actors would be in this. Having just finished the 6 episodes of part 1 of the trilogy (Seige), I have to say I am a bit disappointed.

The animation is awesome. The storyline and action however were slow. The action does pick up briefly here and there throughout the episodes, but the show remains mostly dull in between. Story wise things don't get really interesting till the end: 2nd half of episode 6.

The music isn't very inspiring but works well with the show's pace. In terms of character development, we all recognize the characters visually but that's as far as it goes. I like the new take on Bumblebee. Optimus Prime comes off as stiff in this show and really nothing like previous incarnations. Putting in a voice over actor trying to pull off a Peter Cullen impersonation is really cringeworthy. In fact most of the choices for voice actors in the show don't work. Can't say I blame the voice actors by the way. Bad call on the production team. For example, Cullen was actually in the video game and considering Prime is a fan favorite, putting in someone else to do Cullen's Prime was a bad gamble in my opinion. One small thing I didn't like was how they introduced Arcee. It's like, one minute she's not in the show, and then all of sudden there she is, no introductions or anything, just in the show.

Overall, it was hard following the show's story as there was far too much (boring) dialogue for an animated show. I feel this show was made specifically for the video game's fans which is disappointing because this seems to have been a very big opportunity to re-engage fans of the franchise and the many Transformers shows. It's probably not a good idea to compare but both Transformers Prime and Beast Wars did so much more in little time to energize, please and reconnect the franchise with the fans. This was a missed opportunity at best. Perhaps it's too early to rubbish this series: episode 6 towards the end was actually fun to watch. Me personally, I intend to watch this series to the very end out of curiosity, though I doubt I will change my rating.
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Great for G1 fans
foxsixteen1 August 2020
Been a fan since the 80s and this was a nice throwback to Gen 1. Give it a try!
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Not What Was Expected
aklick6 August 2020
I was super excited for this show. Everything about it looked great. Two episodes in I was extremely disappointed. The acting is poor, the writing is rough, and the action is lacking. I finished through the 6th episode and warmed to it a little but I wouldn't recommend this show if you want something in depth.
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The Transformers show everybody has been yearning for.
mdy-8601330 July 2020
Chapter 1 of Siege is the perfect mix of high production values, sound design, visuals and nostalgia to appeal to fans new and old alike.
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Visually and technically great, yet soulless
CloudStrife831 July 2020
Visually and technically great, yet soulless. The story even with it's changes are okay, but the characters are soulless. These are not my Transformers. Even Michael Bay's Transformers (I'm not a fan of Bay) have more heart that these.
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Roosterteeth is killing it.... the franchise.
joshua-dannelly28 August 2020
The one good thing I can say is the animation was great. Keeping it like the original G1 feel. The story absolutely sucked. I can understand tweeking the mythos for something fresh okay. But they went completely the wrong way. Optimus doubting himself and not being a strong leader, Ultramagnus betraying Optimus and Bumblebee not only not starting as a autobot, but the same size as most of the others just to name a few. It's bad enough that the writers killed their own show, Red vs Blue with this type of writjng, but now they are messing with something older than most of them. Roosterteeth, leave Transformers alone and go kill off some other franchise, I hear Pokémon might be hiring bad writers.
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Its ok, kinda bland for me.
lynsay-2985130 July 2020
Sorry but for me this was kinda boring, hated the voice acting and they had to make bumblebee special because he is popular right there next to Optimus. Story was kinda meh and the animation movements aside from the jets scene were kinda slow for me. Hey if you like it good for you, but for me a kid growing up in the 80s, this doesnt do it for me.

Also i dont like non G1 characters, i find them boring
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Story and animation look good, but...
brsmulyan30 July 2020
If they are still on Cybertron, before any of them ever came to Earth, then why do they look like Earth vehicles already?! They mimic Earth's vehicles on Earth to blend-in, but on Cybertron there is no need for any of that, and they would have appeared in their natural state...or mimic their own technology.
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Fantastic start to the trilogy
bradpaton-561-40791431 July 2020
Loved seeing a different take on the G1 story and how the bots we love were before they got to earth. The darker take really works and there are some great characterisations and surprises.

My only gripes are that most of the Autobots sound the same and the character models are recycled too often.
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Was super hyped, but let down in the end
pgancarc30 July 2020
Transformers Siege is the first chapter in the War For Cybertron Trilogy. I have to start off and say that I was really hyped for this show. It's the first time we're getting a more mature tone with the franchise since TF Prime. I'm sad to say, that I was left underwhelmed.

Let's start with the positives. The animation is incredible. It's very nice to look at and Rooster Teeth did an incredible job.

The plot is very good, all be it, it's nothing new and we've seen it before. They made some minor tweaks to the story to make it more interesting and I think they did a good job. It keeps you going cause you're wondering what other things they ch she's to spice up the sorry, even though the ending is VERY predictable due to us already knowing about the other 2 chapters.

Megatron's voice actor by far is the best one in the show. They got same man who did Megatron in the Prime Wars Trilogy and again did a great job.

Unfortunately, for me, that's where the positives end.

The voice acting for me was not great. Optimus Prime just didn't work with me at all. I didn't feel like this was Optimus Prime. The voice actor just tried way too hard to be Peter Cullen and there were some scenes where his delivery was just poor. They should've gone with The Epic Voice Guy for Prime. I think he does a much better Prime. Shockwave's voice was bad. Simple as that. He's supposed to be this cold calculating monotone Decepticon, but he came off as a subpar version of Starscream. Soubdwave's voice wasn't good either. The effect of his iconic voice sounded so bad. Even TFP's Soundwave( that only spoke 4 words) had a MUCH better effect on his voice. But the guy doing the voice wasn't bad. Ironhide was not good either. Way too high pitch for an Autobot that's supposed to be old and gruntled.

Some character choices in this show weren't good either. I admire some of the risks they took, and some of them worked, but others I thought fell flat on their faces. Ratchet for me was the worst risk. In almost every incarnation( including the movies) Ratchet has always been one of Optimus Primes's closest friends/ally's. In this show, he almost hates him and what the Autobot cause represents. Bumblebee I thought was a good risk. At first, I hated him and thought he was arrogant and annoying, but he grew on me as the chapter progressed.

Overall, I was disappointed. This show SO FAR, is not better then TFP or Beast Wars. Both shows after their first season cliffhangers, I was pumped to watch what happens next. With this show, I don't have that feeling, and I'm sad about it. While the show has great animation and very good plot, I can't get behind some of the bad voice acting and certain character personalities they decided to go with. Hopefully, the next 2 chapters will prove me wrong and they'll come back swinging full force. But for now, as I stated multiple times, I'm disappointed.

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Does the originals justice
lewy-0945310 August 2020
Watched this for purposes of nostalgia ended up watching the whole season. I used to have these toys as a kid and was obsessed with the cartoon series in the late 80s and lots of the original characters are present in this - I think 'Hound' was my first ever transformer toy! This series however kept me watching even as an adult as had a maturity to it and was dark enough to keep me engaged, also the excellent CGI is mesmerising - I highly recommend!
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Why not the original voice actors???
dstoddard-563826 August 2020
They cut corners by not hiring the real voices of Optimus and Megatron, so sad....
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This is an example of awful writing by people who don't know the material
venomandbatman1 August 2020
I was hype about this series. It looked good in the trailers. Honestly it looks good mostly if you are only looking at screenshots. animation is poorly done for much of the movements. That stuff I can tolerate though.

What makes this show bad is the writing. None of the characters that people know act like their characters and this show basically pretends like there isn't an established history. For some reason, all the autobots are designed as if they already are the vehicles they were redesigned to on earth yet they aren't on earth yet. Ultra Magnus is killed even though he is a prominent character in the animated movie set in a timeline a long time after this shows timeline. Jetfire becomes an autobot only after he crash lands on earth and his memory circuits are scrambled. Blaster was a cool character who is now sleezy. Optimus Prime was literally built to fight Megatron but this show disrespects him and has him get slapped around in every fight he is in and all the autobots have no problem talking back to Optimus. Even Soundwave's voice was screwed up. How do you mess that up?

It is clear who ever wrote this show took basic descriptions of characters and certain phrases but didn't really do the research necessary to give this franchise the respect it deserved. The writers basically made this up as the went regardless of the Transformers canon which was one of the reasons why bayformers was so bad.

if you like Transformers, stick to G1, Beastwars (though i wasn't a big fan), Transformers Prime, Transformers: Combiner Wars and the live action Bumblebee. Otherwise, this entry will make you sick.
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After few episodes it gets boring.
arishsankar8 August 2020
After watching couple of episode it's so boring to watch, even tho it's boring I watched all the episodes. The animation is really good but the characters design are so old school animation and they kinda looks like Legos. Characters are feels tasteless.
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Gritty and unpolished.
justinmichaelking7 August 2020
Which I think is an appropriate compliment. Great animation, unique angles, but once in a while there will be a weird cut. Like the scene lingers on for 1 second too long. Or there's a delay between lines. Or there's a line out of nowhere, and you wonder which lines got cut that would have made it make sense.

One gripe I have is Alita. Her voice... It's... Just so.... Dramatic.... Every... Single.... Line.... Is spoken with agony.... It just gets old after a while. That's her singular voice. Agony.
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About what I expected, and that's not a good thing (An outsiders opinion on the shows animation, characters, tone, writing, dialogue, and voice acting)
triplexsoulsword4 August 2020
When the trailer first came out, my sister and I looked at each other went "this is either gonna be really good or really bad." Below are my opinions on the shows eniterty, as short at it was. I apologise in advance for the essay.

First, the animation. As an artist, I can appreciate the art, the backgrounds and sunsets are very well drawn, and the truth of the matter is, to me, the characters at least look good. The models are extremely reminiscent of the original g1 designs, though some do look very over detailed (Starscream and Ultra Magnus come to mind). However, when it comes to performance, the animation is very lackluster. The fight scenes are underwhelming at best, and flat out boring at worst. The most entertaining fight was a dogfight/chase scene that lasted maybe 30-40 seconds before the mech being hunted was shot down. It isn't the worst in the series looks-wise, but it doesn't preform well.

Next, characters (don't worry, I won't spoil anything). In my opinion, good characters can save a show from bad animation (see Animated and Rescue Bots as examples) and make it a truly wonderful experience. Unfortunately, most of these characters are BORING. There are some at least somewhat decent characters on both sides, but most feel like they're just to there to show off the toys on the shelves you can buy for your kids. On the Decepticons side, Megatron and Jetfire are arguably the most interesting, while Ultra Magnus and maybe Prime were the most interesting on the Autobots. Bumblebee was a strange take, and everyone else was just... there. I get the show only had 6 episodes, but Castlevania also had only 6 episodes and had very well defined and fleshed out characters. If they had slimmed down the cast on both ends, it may have made a difference, but I'm not too sure. They also had a strange habit of swapping characters personalities and traits which just felt strange and jarring, especially to those coming off of g1 (those who watched the show know the two characters I'm talking about).

The tone throughout was at least consistent. Very sad and depressing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is war after all, things are going to get dark and things are going to be sad. The problem with this is that there was no respite from it. Nothing there to break the tension and make a person remember that there's more to life then doom and gloom. Granted, this is probably just a personal problem so you can take it with a grain of salt.

The writing (my forte and career choice) in this show is bland. Really, really bland. Like, cookie-cutter by the book "5 steps on how to write a plot" bland. It's not bad, but it's not good. There wasn't a single twist I was surprised by, and only occasionally did I go, "Huh, that's interesting." Good writing makes a show good, even with lacking animation. Unfortunately, this is just extremely bland.

Shifting focus from writing to it's close brother dialogue, its once again quite bland and clunky. Simple vanilla in most aspects. You got the evil monologues, the "you'll never win" speeches, and bland conversations with snippets of somthing slightly clever. There were at least three instances where I could go in myself and write dialogue for the characters and have it more naturally sounding and be better structured. It may be worse than the writing itself, but at least kept the simple plot moving forward. Many conversations felt like they didn't need to happen, and were just there to pad out the time.

Lastly, and for most people the most unforgivable part, the voice acting (insert long, deep sigh here). It... was not good. There were specific voices that did try, and certain actors clearly putting in as much effort as possible to salvage the show, but overall it was not great. The problem from what I can see isn't the voices themselves (well most of them) but the direction. Like good plays and movies, voice actors need a good director to help them say their lines, pull the emotion out, and decide when there needs to be another take. The voice direction in this show is not good, as most of the characters either sound like they're on the brink of tears or about to fall asleep. The best voices manage to save their characters somewhat with their performances. Ratchet, in my opinion, was the best acted, with Wheeljack and Starscream as close contenders with each trying their hardest to hold onto what made their characters great in the first place. I personally liked Megatrons voice; it isn't Frank Welker, Fred Tatasciore, or Corey Burton, but it was at least decent. Ultra Magnus and Elita-1 also weren't awful, but Magnus felt almost too soft and Elitas actress was badly directed. As for Bumblebee, I don't blame his actor for the characters odd placement in the series (Joe Zieja can do good voice acting as shown in Fire Emblem: Three houses as Claude, a very happy go-with-the-flow type character). Many of the other voices barely stood out to me, blending in and becoming sadly as bland as the story and the dialogue. Then there were the bad ones. Soundwave comes to mind when mentioning the bad side of the voice acting. The computer sounding filter they put on him was jarring, and made me wish they went with what Prime did and make him silent. Other than Soundwave, sadly, Optimus voice is the weakest of the cast in my opinion. Now, let me make this clear, I'm not here to instill the mentality of "Its not Peter Cullen so it can be good." This is a lie, as there are in fact Optimus's that do sound great without the help of Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime in Animated voiced by David Kaye and Optimus Primal in Beast Wars voiced by Garry Chalk to name a few). While Cullens voice is iconic, I'm all for finding someone new to fill in for the man when he decides to retire. However, I'm afraid this actor isn't the one we're looking for. He sounds like he's trying too hard to mimic Cullens voice while trying to make it his own, leaving it sounding stuck uncomfortably in the middle. The line delivery, inflections, and already awkward direction and dialogue make the voice actor sound way too amateurish when playing Optimus, specifically during the emotional parts. All this leads to is a character that looks like Optimus and talks like Optimus, but doesn't quite sound like Optimus, leading to a really strange feeling of discomfort towards the character. Last thing I'll mention about the voice acting that may be a nitpick, but I feel still worth mentioning. and it gets really grating after a while. All the Decepticons talk like this except for Starscream, and the only Autobots that speak normally are Ratchet, Wheeljack, Mirage, and Bumblebee. Again, maybe just another nitpick, but I feel as though it had to be said.

Final verdict: the show is here to help sell toys. The whole show was a disappointing waste of potential that is just so that the fans don't gripe about a new toyline not getting a show while they wait for something of ACTUAL quality to watch, like the next Bumblebee movie. Its not complete trash, but you'll still find it st the bottom of the bin eventually. Personally don't recommend it, 4/10 in total.
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Good animation incoherent story
RussHog3 August 2020
Good animation but the The Autobots are inept. First, Prime gets whooped. Then their "General" wants to make peace so he dips out. Then, Prime makes Alita the new General and she suspects they are being led into a trap but waits until they go to trap to suggest it's a trap? Stuff like that just keeps happening in this show. Optimus Prime is supposed to be awesome. Not stupid and lame.
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Despite some this could show to Netflix which ways others tv programs should be
camelcoco831 July 2020
My first review.

Like some could see and are familiar with the franchise the original cartoons it's really loyal to the original principles. The fight for freedom, to avoid the totalitarian regime, the friendship. The morality and hard decisions. Somethings that surprise me is that in this version even if there is good and bad ones, it is no so simple to point out good and bad motivations. I mean, the side sometimes are not so clear, The gray motivations are frecuente, so it is more modern and updated for this time, thanks for that.

Dark, complex, intriguing, and painful sometimes. In this series, besides the tv show at least at the beginning, the dead and tragedy is present all the time, and there are moral conflicts on both sides all the time. Beautiful images, specials effects, very good animation. I think this could be the path for another cartoons like, thunder cats, Matzinger Z, Gekko Kamen or Centella, Cobra, etc. so, this could be a really Renaissance for this kind of shows.

Netflix could look a little more care for the battles, I think could look better.
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Transformers war for cybertron is best
shaanpanwala31 July 2020
I have watched every single transformer part even animated series but we never watched what happend on cybertron so this show is amazing the graphics and pixel are amazing to watch so its amazing
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Tol much talking and little action.
dragonsedge-775081 February 2021
I got into this for the action which by the way, lasts maybe 2-5 minutes and then the rest of the episode is nothing but talking and it gets boring very fast, or they state the obvious often.
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Where's the real Transformers at?
rythestampede31 July 2020
Just a bunch of scenes thrown together, no real character development. This series is just like a lot of other Transformers stuff that's come earlier.. PRIME and Beastwars are still the best series after G1.
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terrible pacing and animation
kellindil-759-44882830 July 2020
Animation is dull and boring, no dynamic, everything moves super slow and fights are terrible. CGI in 90' looked better than this abomination. First episode is like 15 min of boring talk. As a fan of g1 I hate it
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