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Gets the minimum out of the concept
jtindahouse17 June 2022
Your enjoyment levels of 'Spiderhead' are going to require some suspensions of disbelief. You're going to have to accept Chris Hemsworth as a scientist, you're going to have to accept Miles Teller as a prisoner and you're going to have to accept possibly the most unrealistic prison environment ever put to screen. If you can get past those things you should have a decent time.

The premise was a bit of a let down for me. In theory there are some interesting concepts stemming from it that they could've explored, but they seemed intent on not straying too far. The script really does get the bare minimum out of the idea.

Teller and Hemsworth are what keep this afloat. Even if their casting may seem a little silly, their charisma makes up for it. At least one of the them is on screen in every scene. I can see this film totally falling flat without their star-power in the lead roles.

I didn't hate this film, I just wanted more. There was a point where I thought it was actually setting itself up nicely to have a dark and twisted turn. But it never came and what played out was pretty forgettable and uninspired. It's not a terrible watch but don't go in expecting anything game-changing. 6/10.
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Almost a Black Mirror Episode.
visionandyouth17 June 2022
Colorful cinematography and spirited editing contrast with the characters' tragic backstories. In the end its a morality tale, one that goes too far and too fast.
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Doesn't make the most of its riveting premise! [+52%]
arungeorge1317 June 2022
Spiderhead banks heavily on its lead performers, and both Hemsworth and Teller deliver the goods when the plot struggles to. Very early on, you smell a lighter version of Ex-Machina (replace the robot with mind-control drugs), with several random tonal shifts. The writers (Rhett Rheese & Paul Wernick) are known for tickling the funny bone, but I think this film would have benefited from a more serious, psychological approach - which, credit where it's due - it did to some extent. The romantic subplot, while nice to see, ended up being exploited (such a cliché) as expected. The conclusion isn't all that exciting, because by then, Spiderhead has fully embraced its weirdness and is unfortunately stuck between making viewers care and giving closure to the plot.
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Another, cough, Netflix gem.
Horror_Flick_Fanatic19 June 2022
I can say it is worth a watch. I do like Chris Hemsworth's charismatic personality and it's nice to see him do something other than Thor outside of the Marvel comic book films. I almost didn't recognize Miles Teller. Although I think this was a missed opportunity to have these two guys work together in a much better film. But the film wasn't remarkable, and I don't think anyone will remember it a year from now. As for a sci-fi film, it wasn't a good one. It could have been, but it wasn't.
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Ok, but...
PedroPires9018 June 2022
The premise is great but it could have done much more with these themes, being very predictable on his structure. Chris Hemsworth is great on this one and there is a fantastic soundtrack to listen. However, it feels much longer than it is, being a bit repetitive at times. There is a reasonable number of fun and inspired moments though.
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at least the drug names are funny
ferguson-617 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. "We are changing the world!" These days, those words tend to be more chilling than hopeful. More cautionary than exciting. Spoken a few times by scientist Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), those words have long ago lost the intended impact with his assistant Mark (Mark Paguio).

Steve is the warden of a high-tech experimental prison where the convicts have agreed to participate in drug studies in exchange for a relaxed/comfortable environment and the hope of early release. In fact, these folks are guinea pigs for mind-altering drugs controlled through a surgically attached mechanism on their lower back. We recognize that Steve is smart because he wears wire-rimmed glasses, and we recognize his villainous intent because of his smarmy nature and impossible to trust false charm.

Much of the focus here is on Jeff (the very talented Miles Teller) who is serving time due to his responsibility in a tragic car accident. Steve tests each of the drugs on Jeff, and each test requires Jeff to "acknowledge" his consent ... as if it's his choice to see what happens with the next round of mind-bending. The drugs have hilariously descriptive names: "Verbaluce" forces one to speak their mind, "Phobica" causes paranoia and fear, "Laffodil" generates uncontrollable laughter, and "Luvactin" ... well, you get the idea.

Beyond the drugs, Jeff finds a soulmate in Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett) and ultimately, Steve pits the two against each other in order to elevate the drug testing and human behavior to extreme levels. The film carries a science fiction label, but mind-altering drugs are as much a part of the past and present as they are the future. Any promise shown in the early stages of the film have long evaporated by the insipid final act that pits Jeff and Lizzy against Steve and the other convicts.

The basis for the film is a George Saunders short story originally published in The New Yorker entitled, "Escape from Spiderhead". It has been adapted for the screen by DEADPOOL and ZOMBIELAND co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Unfortunately, the wit and cleverness of those two films is never flashed here ... except for the use of Thomas Dolby's song, "She Blinded Me with Science." Other late 70's and 80's songs provide only cringing, as they weren't even that enjoyable at their peak. The director of this film, Joseph Kosinski, is riding high right now with his "other" film currently setting box office records. Perhaps you've heard of it: TOP GUN: MAVERICK. It's unusual for a director to have two films out simultaneously, but the pandemic has caused quite a few oddities. I will "acknowledge" that the execution of this story is quite disappointing.

Releases globally on Netflix beginning June 17, 2022.
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Abysmal ending
Movie_Reviews19 June 2022
Do they not show stuff to an audience before they release it? And if they do: What kind of people does this audience consist of?

The beginning was fairly interesting. The middle did not lead anywhere and the ending was absolutely abysmal.

Good sound track, though.
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Catching way more crap than it deserves
jackgdemoss19 June 2022
Spiderhead was a delightful surprise on a Saturday night when I sat down to pick a movie at random on Netflix with my relatives. It is dystopian but familiar, dramatic with some goofiness, and tense without taking itself too seriously. All contradictory statements, sure, but maybe I was just given too much Verbulance and am rambling.
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Waedliman20 June 2022
No, nothing is right here. After 40 minutes, nothing has actually happened. Spiderhead is advertised as a thriller, but it is not. The story, wherever it wants to go, is uninspiredly told, no tension is built up and Hemsworth is clearly miscast. Whatever Netflix was trying to achieve with its recent productions, I don't know, but Spiderhead joins the ranks of tired and cheaply produced films that should simply be ignored.
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Chris Hemsworth is miscast in Netflix's botched drugs experiment
zameerpro17 June 2022
The result is a movie that is less thought-provoking and more aggressively lame. Hemsworth's charismatic persona and Teller's dramatic performance are not enough to keep this film afloat. Everything culminates in a bonkers final act that's surprisingly awful. Once again, the tone is all over the place as the film ends with a jarring shift to a needle-drop action sequence that feels all over the place in a so-bad-it's-good way. What had the potential to be a darkly funny, suspenseful, claustrophobic sci-fi story amounts to none of that, leading to a colossal miscalculation that you won't care for once the credits roll.
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Another Netflix movie fail
FeastMode28 June 2022
Me: "Netflix makes terrible movies."

Netflix: "Here is another movie with a star-studded cast."

Me: "I guess I'll give it a try"

Rinse and repeat. Streaming services are ruining movies.

Spiderhead has a cool premise that goes almost nowhere. We've already seen the main concept in Westworld, explored much more thoroughly and amazingly. It's very boring with little intrigue. And as a movie, it does not feel cinematic at all. I continue to wonder why streaming services are not able to capture the cinematic feel.

The best part of this movie is the performances by the three leads. But the one I want to single out is Jurnee Smollett. After seeing her in Lovecraft Country, I continue to be impressed as she holds her own with (if not surpasses) her two highly talented costars. I look forward to seeing more from her. (1 viewing, 6/27/2022)
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Been there done that
rmmil21 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
"Pharmacy companies are evil." There, summed up the entire plot for you.

I'm usually not a fan of the recent streamer trend of turning what was a 90 minute film into a multipart series, but this film is an example where that would have been a huge benefit.

We don't learn enough about Hemsworth or his background (other than he's a "greedy guy") to care about his comeuppance. We barely learn about the protagonists' romance or the lead woman's backstory enough to care about her. The other inmates are soulless automatons. We get very minor character development from the lead, but it's essentially just "his GF is dead, he is sad."

Imagine how much better this film would be as 6-10 episodes? Give the story a purpose other than "Pharma Bros are bad". Make the audience actually care about anyone at all.
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MK-Ultra..... the movie.
wisemanfromtowne20 June 2022
Good modern-day sci-fi watch of experimenting on certain subjects in a remote facility the effects of mind control. The study goes predictably south and certain subjects trying to escape after the big reveal. Watchable and forgettable..
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An alright film, but seems they didnt know what they wanted this film to be.
benwilliams199917 June 2022
Firstly, flawless acting performances from the main cast, you can see the emotions switch with the most subtle of facial changes. This film was just, okay. Not terrible, not amazing, just okay for Friday night viewing. But the makers seemingly didn't know what genre of film they were creating. It starts off all light hearted and you're lured into believing its a comedy, then you're fixed within a drama/thriller through the middle, only for it to end as a light hearted comedy in its climax?
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Predictable and BORING
bencrea17 June 2022
Nice sets, that's about it.

For some reason this film just didn't work, cramming a bunch of classic songs for the soundtrack with meaningless montages only prolonged the lag and pain.

Incredibly boring film. I kinda wish I gave it a miss.
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More Netflix trash
killercola20 June 2022
Netflix has become a receptacle for low effort, low quality films and shows. It's the gold standard of cringe and trash television. As the prices go up the quality continues in a downward spiral. HBOMax is King now. HBO has known for years how to put out a great original series or movie. HBOMAX focuses on quality while Netflix continues with the quantity strategy. Put out a zillion things and see which one sticks. Ugh, I'm ready to dump Netflix.
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snooze fest
ssr200017 June 2022
A boring movie, and some ham perfomance from Hemsworth made it sure this movie won't be a good one.the concept is decent ,but the execution is quite simple but doesn't really create the impact needed for the movie to take off.
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Acknowledge acknowledge acknowledge
tqmybbwr17 June 2022
I enjoyed this movie, More so than others and was quite surprised by the ratings. Chris plays the perfect psychotic narcissist scientist. Miles Teller is easy to empathize with and did amazing as usual. The music is on point. The whole premise of this movie is believable, just look into the CIA's past on experimenting with acid on people that had no idea what they were given. There is no length unprincipled scientists will go to get the exact results desired in their hypothesis. Give this movie a shot.
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Oh man... what a disappointment
godmschick18 June 2022
This director got paid and that's all that happened in this film. It's in a bin at Walmart for $5.99 and you'll still return it. The actors clearly were doing the best they could, and the concept was great... but everything else was a joke and a waste of the audiences attention. When you watch this and ten minutes in you think "oh yah but it's gonna get better and more complex because wow this cast is amazing...." Just turn it off because it doesn't. It makes a McDonald's hamburger seem clever and surprising.
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Hahahahahahahaha what deranged minds could possibly
terrylarosa19 June 2022
Enjoy this celluloid abomination???? Utter unmitigated junk. Hemsworth and Teller can't even begin to save the movie. Looks like they just threw the actors in there and told them to say whatever random nonsense popped into their heads. Anyone that finished this gobbledegook must be a glutton for punishment. Avoid at all costs. How does stuff like this even get green lit???
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Not as clever as it thinks it is
jucqf17 June 2022
With the cast and the director hopes were high here but in reality it creaks badly showing it's short story origins. The story is very thin, hemsworth is going to be marmite and to be honest the self knowing gravity with which it appears to take itself is grating very quickly. In these days of so much high quality intelligent readily available sci-fi such as Devs or Severance this just doesn't meet the new bar.
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Another Trash for 2022
yusufpiskin17 June 2022
2022 model netflix film directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, based on the dystopian short story by George Saunders.

Actually the new Yorker / netflix joint project...

The producer of the movie is Chris Hemsworth, who is also the producer of the movie.

Other names in the cast are Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett.

A dystopian prison where the inmates' emotions and thoughts are controlled... this is a 70-year-old cliché. If you trust the director and the actors and think "maybe it will tell a different story", don't get your hopes up.

Whatever Joseph Kosinski did right in "Top Gun Maverick", he didn't do it here.

Or anyway, all the top-gun Maverick success was due to Tom Cruise, not Kosinski himself.

The same thing applies to Miles Teller. If there was another name in the cast of the movie, nothing would have changed. He didn't add anything to his character.

Chris Hemsworthmise is just that famous smile...

The problem of the movie is not that much, the sounds, the cinematography, the editing are all troublesome...
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Nothing beyond Chris hemsworth
grlym-4684918 June 2022
Premise seemed good, but wow was this bad

I hated it from the first 5 min. I kept fast forwarding it and it never met even the lowest expectations.

Definitely not going to bring Netflix stock back up.
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Enjoyable, however it should have been better!
Lewis_Heather78718 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely loved the concept of this film! I'd never heard of the short story that this film is "based" on, so went in completely fresh to it.

I was instantly drawn to the the science-fiction, dystopian, futuristic idea that a humans emotions could be medically controlled. Ever more intrigued once I was that the director was Joseph Kosinski, who has delved into the sci-fi genre before with "Oblivion" which I feel is under-appreciated. Combine that with a solid cast, even tho I don't really like Miles Teller I was still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, I was interested to see the finished product!

After all of this, I'll admit that although I enjoyed this film, I think it was a shame that Kosinski decided to go down this route with the source material! I completely understand the appeal to him and the producers of making this a stylish, sleek, modern and more mainstream thriller for Netflix! It will appeal to a wider audience and that means a lot!

A lot of this film works, the look, performances, production design, technology within the story, cinematography and directing are all solid! However, this film had so much more to give in terms of story and genre! The potential of the world that is created in this film is limitless and should have produced a film that was unforgettable.

There are two main areas to me where Kosinski, the writers and producers went wrong :

Firstly the genre! Instead of being a fun, light thriller for the masses.....this film should have been a haunting, psychological thriller/horror film! The controlling and medical aspects of the film were meant to be pulled in that direction, it was teed up. Get rid of the jokes, pop music soundtrack and replace it with a more uncomfortable, mature and ambiguous story. Make the audience guess more, instead of serving them everything on a platter!

Second aspect that I'd change is casting! Although I enjoyed seeing Chris Hemsworth doing something different and being a "villain" I don't think it really worked. Mainly due to the fact that Hemsworth is too much of a like presence of screen, he doesn't have that darkness within him. You needed an actor that can have an wolf in sheeps clothing vibe, can be pleasant however with an unnerving edge to them. Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Pattinson.....those types of actors would have been more appropriate! I wouldn't actually get rid of Hemsworth all together, I'd actually replace Miles Teller with him. Yet again is extremely bland and wooden, although not his worst work I'll admit. I just can't ever seem to sympathise with his characters.

1 - Make genre a psychological thriller/horror 2- Replace Miles Teller with Chris Hemsworth and hire another actor to be the villain.

Overall though I did enjoy the film that was made, it is solid throughout and very likeable! I was just more annoyed because this film will become forgettable. It had so much potential to be something really really special, it had all the ingredients there!

70% out of 100.
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Trash. Utter trash. Like all things netflix now
TankerToad18 June 2022
There was a scifi idea here maybe based on a short story.. Immediately turned to filth trash sex scenes which are abuse and rape. Hemsworth is awful to boot. The way to approach this would have been in a more serious matter. Or maybe just not at all.
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