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No money left to hire a writer.
tinus-1311 July 2021
Looks good, shame about the rampant stupidity. There are excellent science fiction writers out there but somehow they never get hired for these movies.
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Entertaining, but...such a stupid plot.
ThomDerd3 July 2021
Time travel movies are fun, aliens are fun and Chris Pratt is fun to watch.

But, there's a limit to stupidity. You can't leave a 2-hour-something film with these huge plot holes and these silly moments of dialogue unchecked.

Why do the studios approach their audience in that un-intelligent way? I find it unfair and as a viewer, I believe we deserve more.

It's actually a pity because they took so much time to build up the characters, explain the story, the enemy and the time travel properties in the first 30-45min, but then...what happened? HUGE plot holes and a couple of odd dialogue moments which literally make no sense. Don't want to spoil it; you will know when see these.

Some good points: CGI is good and the aliens seem bad enough. Score is also alright and helps the pace of the film.

And in fact, there are some impressive moments in the film, e.g the landing to the future...but once you finish watching this film you will understand the silliness of the story.

Regardless, I can recommend it for a lazy Sunday but don't expect something special. Just switch off and enjoy.

6/10 the story could have been better.
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Script-O-Matic 9000 did it again!
filipetoreiro3 July 2021
This movie really wants us to turn our brains off, to not think about it. It wants us to ignore the out of place jokes, incredible coincidences, forced character motivations, soap opera level drama and 1000 rounds weapons. Well, if you can ignore that, I see why you think the movie is fun and deserves a high rating. But I just can't.

The script has no soul, like it was written by an android, and if it weren't for the A-list actors elevating (just a bit) the material, this movie would be suited for an awful SyFy original.

If you've ever seen Edge of Tomorrow, this movie feels like the dollar bin version of that, made by some terrible production company.
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Forget logic, enjoy the action.
Nemesis422 July 2021
The logic behind main story movements in this is completely ridiculous, though these shortcuts are designed to make the film as satisfying and entertaining as possible. If you want entertainment and feel good action, have a ride with this!

The fighting sequences are brilliant and believable. The creature design is impeccable. Aspects of these creatures and even parts of the story are derived from a number of past sci-fi classics, but I must say these are some of the most frighting creatures I've seen in a while. There was no expense spared with the creature CGI and sound design.

The wasted opportunity to have a more innovative and believable story made this a bit boring for me (apart from individual action sequences).

Worth a look if you like alien action blockbusters.
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🚨 Perfect Summer Action-Adventure Film 🚨
zendoss2 July 2021
In short, is this a masterpiece? No. Is it groundbreaking? No. But what it is, is entertaining and fun. As some critics have pointed out, it feels very 90's. Which I believe works.

It has a great cast, cool yet admittedly wack concept, fun set pieces and a nice soundtrack. However, what is of course the best part of the film and it's main selling point: killer aliens and Chris Pratt. The aliens have a nice design, and are perfect for the summer blockbuster style.

Pratt is excellent and continues prove to be an actor who feels like he's in the wrong era, the perfect 80's and 90's leading man.

The story isn't all that deep or thorough, and the characters could use work. But Pratt delivers and the cast is still fun.

Perhaps one or two too many jokes, and again the writing is far from great, but the film does acknowledge what it is whilst still providing some emotional stakes.

J. K. Simmons is also excellent as always.

All in all, a decent and fun alien/monster adventure film. I feel it could've bettered from a non-PG-13 rating.

Biggest issue was the overuse of CGI. But sadly that's the ways movies seem to go these days.

That said, with all the garbage Hollywood releases, and with all the comic book and franchise films, and of course you award winners, it is nice to have a film that doesn't necessarily feel those categories. In short, a fun film. Shame it released on streaming, would've been better in the cinema.

Don't buy into the overly positive or aggressively negative reviews. This film ain't that bad or that amazing (objectively) but is exactly what you want from a sci-fi summer blockbuster.

As always decide for yourself, but if you're reading this and need some swaying: I recommend The Tomorrow War. 7.5/10.
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Has it All - Almost
filmape1 August 2021
A hundred reviews here will tell you the story isn't logical. It's formulaic, it's predictable, and it has holes. I admit, I don't always watch movies for fine storytelling. If a quality story is your overriding interest, you should look elsewhere, because The Tomorrow War doesn't really have one.

What it does have is time travel paradox, awesome action, great special effects, cool stunts, killer cinematography, an everyman hero, and the most creative monsters I've seen in a while. It even takes a stab at character development, and deals with father-daughter and father-son relationships in a way a lot of people can probably relate to.

I think truly entertaining movies are pretty few and far between, so I was pleased to see this. In fact, my whole family really liked it, and it's not easy for us to find something we're all interested in. Watch it if you want to have fun.
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Entertaining. That's all I needed.
felix-359581 August 2021
I like the actors, aliens, CGI, music, and action. Also, I am glad there were no social issues forced into the movie. Every time I try to watch some series Holyweirdos put some agenda in it. Even with plot holes this movie is entertaning.
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"I hope aliens eat whoever made this"
MissNevermore11 July 2021
Dear Hollywood. I'm deeply sorry to inform you that explosions and special effects do not, in fact, count as a plot. Not even in an action movie. Nothing that happens in this film makes the slightest bit of sense. Humanity, as portrayed here, could never have invented time travel. In fact, everyone acts so stupid I doubt they would be able to invent tools. I wound up rooting for the nonsensical devil-ex-machina aliens purely because those, while they also appear decidedly non-sentient, at least might evolve into something interesting one day. This. Is. Not. Scifi. At least no more than "Sharknado" is. This is a 200 million dollar B-movie, at best, and no, casting Chris Pratt as the main character cannot save this( no offence to said actor, this is not his fault). The special effects are somewhat impressive ( if stupid), but the story is appallingly bad even for low-end action flick and the characters are so bland it's impossible to care for them. The only novel thing about the writing ( if you could even call it that) is it's incredible stupidity. My message to whoever's responsible for this idiotic mess of a movie : I suggest that next time you have a spare 200-million dollars on your hands, you use some of that money to a) buy and read some actual proper sci fi novels.b) hire someone who can actually write a plot

-1/ 10.
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Like a McDonald's cheeseburger
brucejob2 July 2021
Like a McDonald's kinda know what to expect. It isn't fine cuisine, but it tastes good and it satisfies your hunger. Afterward, just don't think too much about what went into it. Just average so...5 stars.
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Is what the trailer says
pushanbanerjee5 July 2021
An action movie! Aliens, things blowing up, people with guns shooting em from endless magazines. On a Sunday afternoon, with a glass of wine, this is perfect. And Chris Pratt is cool as usual. I watched this for some no nonsense fun. It delivers. Plot holes the size of the 7 oceans aside.
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cliché action pack nonsense
kyrross2 July 2021
You have heard those dialogs and one liner in every popcorn action flick from the last 30 years. ''I will be back'' / ''Now, what we do?... We kill them all (smirk)'' / ''Lets finish this'' / ''I will not let you die'' .. and so on.

We have all the character you have seen a million time : The nerdy nervous sidekick, the badass chicks in command, the unsong hero, the badass anarchist grandpa, the little daughter, the loving wife... all represented with an adequate black/white proportion.

Time travel is barely named or explained, it is just there. Dont think too much about it or it will fall apart. The first alien encounter will take 12 man down and eat 20 entire clip of magazine... by the end, 2 bullets will be good.

Pack it up with non stop action and over the top soundtrack, so we cant think or process the story.

Chris Pratt play Chris Pratt but doesnt have the line to make us laugh, wich is a shame. They take a way too serious tone for such a silly movie.

This is pale attempt to copy Edge of tomorrow. : It was entertaining at best, cliché most of the time and definitely dumb.

Turn off you brain and watch it, if you must.
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Enjoy your future of AI produced movies and AI generated reviews
russellk-617584 July 2021
That feeling you get after finding movie with okay reviews and giving a chance...only to discover that it's soulless garbage?

And then the generic paid for positive reviews confirm your suspicion of the Hollywood hype machine masquerading as everyday Joe..

"Just shut your brain off and enjoy your mind trash..."

"Not sure what all the negative reviews are about. It was super fun and enjoyable...give it a chance"

On the bright side, at least 10% of humanity hasn't yet been assimilated by the Borg.
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Alien meets Aliens meets World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
the_real_smile4 July 2021
This movie revolves around evil aliens that invade earth in the near future. For some writers it seems it's getting harder and harder to come up with an original story. In this case is borrows plenty of movies like Alien, Aliens and World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles. Also you have to be immune for the countless plot-holes and just in time discoveries, also the ending feels somewhat rushed.

Putting that beside, the movie is a pretty good evening filler, has lots of action mystery and adventure to entertain all.
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Better Than Expected
seanmath-472-4059042 July 2021
Based on the trailer and fairly uninspired title I half expected another movie that spent all its budget on actors and cranked out another poorly produced pandemic stop-gap. What we got instead was a pretty well-made action flick with heart and self-aware humor. The story is rather formulaic but it was thoroughly entertaining.
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Can we go back in time and stop this movie from ever happening?
reubenseldo2 July 2021
Started out okay, but gets dumber as it goes on. The final act is so incredibly stupid it's not even funny, and the way the movie takes itself too seriously isn't helping.
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A high profile misfire
eddie_baggins6 July 2021
One of Amazon Prime's highest profile original releases yet with a price tag of $200 million in production costs and a premise that would usually suggest a bout into cinema screens around the world, there's been a significant amount of hype and marketing surrounding the lead up to The Tomorrow War being available to stream into lounge-rooms across the globe but sadly this Chris Pratt lead sci-fi action flick is a DOA with a daft premise and lame execution that ensures this bloated mess of a film has zero chance of succeeding.

Directed by Chris McKay who is usually seen in the animated film space both in film and TV, War sees star and producer Chris Pratt try and test his mantle as a leading man with a less comedic role than we've seen from the likeable performer who made his mark with an incredible leap from "that guy" role in TV show Parks and Recreation to fully fledged Hollywood star in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World films but showcasing that sometimes your best off sticking to what works, Pratt is lost in a nothing role as everyday family man turned alien fighter extraordinaire Dan Forester as his natural charisma and smarts are pushed aside for a thinly drawn caricature of a main character. Unchanged:

To be fair to Pratt, even if he dialled up the charisma to eleven and somehow managed to make Forester an interesting character to bring to life, not much would've saved War from its downright atrocious central concept that sees everyday citizens from "now" drafted and sent to the "future" where they can fight aliens that are destroying the world with aged weapons and literally zero training instead of the future citizens of this alien infested land just coming back to warn us to prepare for the war and start building the weaponry/training to prepare better for the fight ahead. Unchanged:

As is the case with any time travel film you have to leave a large amount of room for forgiveness and grace when it comes to things making sense as at the end of the day its all so far-fetched there's little reason to usually care too much for things being tied up nicely in a logic sense but thanks to its po-faced nature and tiresome delivery, War isn't having fun with its daft idea, rather its trying to be something its not and therefore forces us to have zero fun as an audience also. Unchanged:

There's a undoubtedly a fun film somewhere in this over the top and ridiculous set up, its just like McKay, his screenwriter Zach Dean and in turn the films cast that also includes a trying hard Yvonne Strahovski and the wasted Betty Gilpin and bearded/bulked J. K Simmons didn't know how to create that version of the film with none of the films sci-fi spectacles (that recall mid-budget level games), time travelling escapades or alien investigations bringing anything to the table that is overly enjoyable to consume. Unchanged:

Sometimes with films of the same DNA as War you'd wished you had the chance to witness proceedings on the big screen but its unlikely anything but a complete re-write and re-purposing of this material would've worked with not even the most awe-inspiring of big screen goodness and bells and whistles likely to have saved this forgettable affair from its early grave. Unchanged:

Final Say -

A sad misstep for all involved particularly its off-key leading man, The Tomorrow War should've been a fun Edge of Tomorrow like sci-fi romp but its nothing more than an overly long slog that fails to create a singular reason to care or moment to remember. Unchanged:

1 rooftop swimming pool out of 5.
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Pratt lifts it up
crolas22 July 2021
Stupid script, no Logic. But as someone wrote, it is entertaining and Pratt makes the movie heartwarming somehow. See it anyway!
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If you want a movie that requires complete disbelief...
This movie is so bad.... how do people rate a movie a 7 when they admit you need to forget about logic or reason? The jokes don't make up for it. The jokes are so bad that I felt awkward for the actors, like I would if I saw a naked guy on a bus. The special effects are Michael-Bays-like with the sounds copied from Transformers. I think this movie came from the future in order to stop the people who made it from going into film making.
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Abominable One Of The Worst Ever
RonellSowes12 September 2021
The inexcusable mess of a movie known as The Tommorow War, is a sort of mixture of sci-fi blockbusters like: Alien(s), Avatar, Interstellar and Starship Troopers among others with the style of a video game.

The finished product is something strikingly idiotic. The movie is terrible from every and any way you can look at it and appears to be devoid of one redeeming quality; it's so bad you can't even laugh at it.
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The villain is nothing but the script.
akhildenny-618092 July 2021
Poor character design. Poor script. Poor execution. Average action. Emotions not conveyed in a way it was supposed to be. If you've watched edge of tomorrow or alien, then this movie is gonna disappoint you. Watch at your own risk.
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great sci-fi movie
paoloeuvrard6 August 2021
I don't understand the poor ratings. That's an exciting movie, full of suspense and action. I was riveted to my chair the whole time. Damn Covid, I wish I saw that in theaters. Really worth the watch.
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The critics went too hard on this fun sci-fi adventure ride.
Top_Dawg_Critic3 July 2021
It wasn't epic, complex or extraordinary, but it was great, super entertaining, and easy on the brain. And considering this was an overall impressive, well put together story - only the 3rd ever writing credit for newb Zach Dean, it shines in comparison to many other films I've seen lately written by seasoned filmmakers e.g. Soderbergh's No Sudden Move.

It flowed rather well, had great continuity, hardly any plot or technical issues, and it was well paced for the normally too-long 140 min runtime, that time just flew by. I actually wanted more. Mad props to Dean for pulling off this impressive and fun sci-fi adventure summer blockbuster. Also, shout-out to novice director Chris McKay for the outstanding job in his 2nd ever full length feature film.

The casting and performances were excellent. Chris Pratt was amazing throughout, and the chemistry between him and Yvonne Strahovski felt authentic - when it needed to be, and even with his young daughter Ryan Kiera Armstrong. J. K. Simmons was his usual amazing self, and a perfect fit as Pratt's estranged father. The cinematography and S/VFX were excellent, but I did find the score too loud and overbearing in many parts throughout the film.

Nevertheless, I'd ignore all the critics; grab the popcorn, sit in your favorite chair, and enjoy the ride. This little gem is one of the few films I'd see again. It's a well deserved 8/10from me.
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Back to the future of Aliens!
andrewiles-9823923 July 2021
Chris Pratt goes back to the future! This film surprised me. It was good solid action adventure explodey shooty shooty goodness with a story. The actors were great. The story was engaging enough. And although the time travel info explanation was a tad JJ Abrams-esque, it didn't take away from a damn good time. Think Aliens, meets World War Z, meets Edge of Tomorrow.
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Great alien movie plus family drama
thonlarios2 August 2021
Great alien movie plus family drama. Chris prat good acting and daughter. Touching drama and full action. Great movie. Watch it with family.
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Sooo Bad
Narialman4 July 2021
Better watch Edge of Tomorrow again.

With this film, you don't just have to turn your brain off, you would need a Lobotomy.
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