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  • In the year 2040 - Mia Queen has everything she could have ever wanted - until Laurel and Dinah suddenly show up in her life again and things take a shocking turn; Laurel and Dinah track a kidnapping victim who has direct ties to Mia.

  • It's the year 2040 in Star City and Mia Queen has everything she could have ever wanted. However, when Laurel and Dinah suddenly show up in her life again, things take a shocking turn and her perfect world is upended. Laurel and Dinah are tracking a kidnapping victim with direct ties to Mia and they need her help. Knowing it will cost everything, Mia can't help but be a hero and she, Laurel and Dinah suit up once again to save the city.

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  • Star City 2040

    Laurel rides her motorbike through traffic.

    At Club V, a woman hails Bianca Bertinelli and then the two of them dance. Laurel comes in and tells Bianca that her life is in danger and she has to come with Laurel. Bianca refuses and dances off through the crowd, and Laurel follows her. Two men grab Bianca, and Laurel fights her way through the crowd but loses them. She runs outside but the men have made good their escape with Bianca.

    The next day at Queen Manor, Mia wakes up in bed, looks at her lover J.J., then goes to her computer and watches a news report about a donation from Victor and Maria Bertinelli. J.J. comes over, kisses Mia, and proposes to her on one knee. Mia says yes after a moment and they kiss.

    Later at a restaurant in a clock tower, Laurel arrives and asks for the owner. The bartender points out Dinah, who is playing the piano and singing. Dinah notices Laurel and finishes her set, and the two of them go to the apartment above the bar where Dinah has been living. Laurel explains that Sara found her there a few months and didn't want to come back with her. Dinah explains that she woke up there after Oliver's funeral in 2020, and discovered that she no longer exists after Crisis. She admits that she came to realize that not having an identity was freeing, and let go of the people she lost.

    Dinah points out that there has been no crime in Star City in 20 years, and Laurel tells her that Helena's daughter Bianca has been abducted. She needs Dinah to help find her. Laurel shows her video of Star City in 2041, with people rioting in the street. She tells Dinah that the city falls apart when Bianca's body is found in three days, dumped in the river. When Dinah hesitates, Laurel asks her to do it for Oliver and Dinah agrees. Laurel then says that they need one more person who is well-connected.

    That night, Mia and J.J. goes to their 2020 high school reunion party. When the paparazzi ask her what Oliver would think of her life, Mia says that Oliver sacrificed himself to let people in Star city enjoy themselves. Inside, Mia is showing off her engagement ring. William and Zoe come up and congratulate Mia, and Mia realizes that William's partner Kevin broke up with him. When William says that there's an office for Mia at Smoak Tech, and Mia insists that tech isn't her passion. Mia says that she just wants to enjoy her party, then gives a speech thanking everyone, particularly J.J. and William.

    Connor comes in and Mia goes over. She thought he was still in rehab, and J.J. suggests that they try to get along. Mia goes over to Bianca's boyfriend Trev, and he says that he doesn't know where Bianca is. Dinah and Laurel come over and say that Bianca called Trevor last. Mia doesn't recognize Laurel and Dinah, and they say that they need Mia's help to find Bianca. When Mia goes to find security, Laurel puts a device on her restoring her memories of Felicity, Oliver, and her crime fighting adventures. Mia then passes out from the mental strain.

    Mia wakes up and remembers J.J. killing Zoe, and fighting along with William and Zoe. She claims that she was drinking too much and backs away from J.J. when he tries to kiss her. Mia also remembers Laurel and Dinah as the Black Canaries and goes with them. Outside, Laurel explains that Cisco was able to replicate J'onn J'onz's telepathy and she used the device to restore Mia's memories. Mia says that she remembers everything, including J.J. killing Zoe and Oliver dying. Laurel says that she needs her help to find Bianca. Mia figures that Bianca is having a ball somewhere, and Mia says that she's not Green Arrow anymore. Laurel throws a glass at Mia, who instinctively catches it, and Mia agrees to help them but says it's a one-time thing. When Laurel asks if Bianca's created tension, Mia says that Helena was a great woman. Laurel tells Mia that it's time for her to pay the Bertinellis a visit.

    Mia goes to the Bertinelli house and tells them that Bianca might have been taken. Meanwhile, Laurel and Diana sneak into the manor. Bianca's brother Logan says that there's nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Dinah plants bugs but Laurel spots someone coming toward Laurel and radios Mia over her earbud that they need a distraction. Mia spills of glass of wine, giving Dinah time to hide. Mia leaves, and Laurel tells her that they have the place wired.

    At Dinah's apartment, Dinah listens in on the bugs and Laurel suggests that she's hiding. She asks Dinah to explain why she's staying isolated, and Dinah explains that she that she finally understands it's the universe's way of telling her she's better off as a non-hero. Dinah notes that the future is better when she isn't a hero, and Laurel points out that Dinah inspired Zoe and other women to fight for something greater than themselves.

    Mia comes in and admits that Bianca's friends didn't know anything. Logan's bug turns on and they discovered he's worried about moving "it" out of the city, and they figure that "it" is Bianca. Mia doesn't believe Logan would adopt his cousin. Laurel takes out the Green Arrow costume, but Mia refuses to wear it and Dinah agrees.

    The three women drive through the streets. They intercept a van and it tries to knock them off the road. Laurel attaches an EMP device to the van, and the two Black Canaries go after Logan and his friends in the van. Mia goes to the back of the van, and fights another man. She drops him and opens the van, and finds two cases inside. The cases contain vials of some kind of drug. Logan gives up, and a bomb rolls at his feet. Mia takes cover, and the bomb explodes killing Logan. A man wearing a Deathstroke mask

    The women return to Dinah's apartment and Mia insists that the Deathstroke man wasn't J.J. Dinah agrees with Laurel, and Laurel tells Mia to prove it wasn't J.J.

    The next day, the trio go to an art gallery party and Laurel leaves to spot the guards. Once Laurel goes, Mia tells Dinah that she has all the memories of her old life but her new ones as well. She says that she doesn't want J.J. to be guilty and approaches him. Laurel confirms there's only one guard, and Dinah hacks the cameras. Laurel tells Mia that she dated a version of Oliver who cheated on her sister, and says that people are what they are no matter what universe they come from.

    Dinah takes the cameras down, and Laurel tries to go past the guard. When he refuses to let her pass, Mia convinces the guard to let her pass. She goes to J.J. office and Laurel tells her to plant the device she slipped near J.J.'s computer and run a search on the Bertinellis. Dinah and Laurel notice the guard get an alert, and J.J. goes in with them. J.J. dismisses the guards, and Mia says that she knows he has Bianca. He insists that she's crazy, and Mia asks him to show her what's in the Bertinelli files. He opens them, revealing photos of Fiji, and says that he was going to surprise her with a honeymoon in Fiji. J.J. then breaks up a video of Bianca and goes back to the party.

    Back at Dinah's bar, Mia shows Dinah and Laurel the video of Bianca. Dinah suggests that they analyze it, and Laurel accuses Mia of abandoning her friend. Mia says that Laurel just approached her to prove her own worth, and insists that Bianca is fine. She says that they had no right to make her remember and bringing back the sacrifice and loss of a hero, and storms off.

    Later at the manor, Mia calls J.J. in and apologizes. J.J. tells her that she accused him of kidnapping their friend, and wonders how she can think that of him. He insists that he's not a kidnapper, and Mia asks him to forget it. Unimpressed, J.J. says that she was never happy committing to anything in her life. J.J. points out that Mia acts like she's seeing someone else when she looks at him, and says that when he looks at Mia he sees the rest of his life. He suggests that they take some space and leaves.

    Dinah analyzes the video and determines that it's been altered, but it will take time to prove it. She figures Laurel isn't telling her everything, and figures that something is personal. Laurel says that she wasted a lot of time being someone she isn't, and doesn't want Mia to make the same mistake. Dinah suggests that Laurel share her own pain, and tells her to imagine what Mia is going through. The program finishes decrypting the video, revealing a greenhouse in the background. Before they go, Dinah says that if there's evil back in Star City, Green Arrow should be with them.

    Laurel visits Mia and finds her looking at a portrait of Oliver. Mia tells her that J.J. broke up with her, and Laurel assures her that she's strong enough to get through everything. She explains that she spent much of her life choosing the easy path, becoming Black Siren, and killing people. Laurel asks Mia if she was happy with her life before she woke her up, and Mia explains that she wondered how she could live up to Oliver's reputation. She chose to do nothing, and figures Oliver would be disappointed in her. Laurel tells Mia that Oliver wanted her to be happy, but he also wanted her to have a choice to be a hero. She says that it gave her a purpose, and she woke up Mia so she would have a chance to have a purpose. Laurel tells Mia that it's Star City and Mia is Green Arrow.

    Laurel and Mia go to the clock tower and Mia sees the video. She realizes that it's not a greenhouse but a biophilic-powered building. There are only twelve buildings like it in Star City, and only one of them is currently unoccupied. Mia says that there's one way to find out if she's ready for it, and puts on the Green Arrow costume.

    The trio arrive at the building and confirm that Bianca is on the top floor. They also discover that the building is laced with meta-dampeners, negating their Canary cries. The trio drop in through the skylight and fight the guards, and Trevor and his men step out. He reveals that he wore the Deathstroke mask, and Trevor tells Bianca that she's only important because of her family name.

    The guards surround the women and attack, and the heroines take them out. Trevor walks out, while the heroines realize that they're outnumbered and get Bianca out. The trio fight their way through the guards and reach the roof. They're too high to jump, and Trevor comes out and breaks open a pipe. He then takes out a lighter and says that the gas is explosive. Bianca tells Trevor not to do it, but Trevor says "she" won't let them stop it. On his wrist is a tattoo, which Green Arrow notices.

    Trevor lights the lighter and tosses it into the gas. It explodes and Mia says that they have to jump. Green Arrow fires a line and they swing down to the street as the building behind them explodes.

    Later at the clock tower, Mia tells Laurel and Dinah that Bianca is back to her old life. Dinah says that she's going to go part-time, figuring that someone pushed him to abduct Bianca. Mia figures that they focus on the tattoo, and tells Dinah and Laurel that Star City needs a Green Arrow. She refuses to give up her old life, but vows to protect the city. Mia admits that putting on the Green Arrow suit wasn't easy, but it reminded her that there some good parts. Dinah suggests a celebratory drink of the good stuff, and they toast to Green Arrow and the Canaries.

    Later, Mia visits J.J. in his office and apologizes for how she's been acting. She claims that graduating got into her head, and J.J. tells her that he wants to help her work out what she wants to do in the future. After a moment, they kiss.

    Laurel moves in with Dinah temporarily, who suggests that they turn the clock tower into a base for all of the Canaries. Dinah says that she needs to figure out how she got there, and help a new generation of women. Laurel explains that Sara said that when Bianca dies, Mia is at the center of Star City's destruction. Dinah figures that they've changed the future, but neither of them are convinced.

    Mia and William go to Oliver's memorial. The news channels keep calling William asking if he's the new Green Arrow. William has the Hozen and says that it's the closest thing to a family heirloom. Mia takes it and examines it, and realizes the symbol on it matches the tattoo on Trevor's wrist. Men tranq both of them and take William away as Mia passes out.

    J.J. wakes up when he hears someone come in. It's a masked man, who knocks him to the floor and puts a memory restoration device on his head. J.J. remembers that he was Deathstroke in the other reality and killed Zoe.

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