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Simply bad.
TimeSkipLuffy15 November 2020
Bad acting, bad action scenes, bad CGI, bad story... I could keep going on. There is so much wrong in this movie that I wish I haven't seen this. What's worse is that Jackie Chan is selling his soul to the China movie factory. It really hurts his amazing legacy. So many awesome HK movies and even some decent Hollywood movies. When judging a movie I rather want to keep politics aside but its very hilarious when all those new China movies try to sell how great China is. Like when they tell a story about an activist and portrait western people as wildlife hunters but don't say anything about a lot of Chinese people buying that stuff for "health" issues. 3 stars only because there is worse. China is so desperate to show the "pretty" Chinese people in their movies that acting becomes 2nd importance.
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Absurd action and bad acting
tcat88822 November 2020
Most of the fighting scenes are just boring to watch and the actions in the movies are mostly absurd. The good guys never die and barely even get shot despite being outnumbered and under heavy fire. In many instances they could have killed the bad guys but somehow choose to just knock them out, and the bad guys soon come back chasing them again. The young female character playing the daughter cannot act! Her emotional scene with her dad seems so fake and the chemistry between her and the male lead is so forced it makes you want to stop watching the movie. And JC too many times trying to subtly show his praise to China, those moments just makes you cringe.
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Plain and bland action movie
daisukereds18 November 2020
This is what I call a "globetrotter". It's your generic action team going all around the world on a mission. And even if the stunts are good and the look of the movie is fine, there is simply nothing to it. Nothing stands out or is memorable, or would prompt a second watching. You can't even make fun of it (like the newest Charlie's Angels). At times, there's too many people shooting and you don't know who is who..

And for such a serious movie, Jackie stands out like a sore thumb... and not in a good way. Don't recommend it, it's too boring and simplistic.
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Why Jackie, why?
latzyu5 December 2020
If you expect to see a movie in the style of those in which Jackie Chan is casual, and also a good fighter and acrobat, and the movie is engaging and funny, you are wrong. The positive characters are exaggeratedly devoted to the employing company, Vanguard, being such an exemplary discipline and obsessed with fulfilling their mission at all costs, like soldiers in the Chinese army. They are, at the same time, like a family whose guiding parent is Jackie Chan, thus becoming unbelievable and downright annoying. Many of the fight and action scenes curl up the absurd. The scenes that were supposed to have an emotional charge are so misinterpreted that they have become hilarious. And with the technique presented, it was exaggerated, being more than phantasmagoric. I didn't expect Jackie Chan to agree to star in such a poor quality film, although I'm convinced it wasn't a low-budget one, but he's not the only one doing it. I couldn't give the movie more than 3 stars.
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Sad to see his movie getting bad to worse.
lsd-0244615 November 2020
The CGI sucks big time. Lion look so fake. Even the car drift scene also fake like fark. Seriously what kind of attire Jackie Chan wearing in Africa. Lol maximum fail.
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If a malfunctioning computer program made an action movie...
ofumalow21 November 2020
I can't say "Vanguard" is boring, because like someone waving a toy in front of a baby's face, its color and movement make it distracting. As well as expensive (though why so many of the CGI effects are so bad given what this movie must have cost, I have no idea). But it is senseless and ridiculous, even by the most lightweight fantasy-action-movie standards. It really feels like they said "OK, we have about a dozen ideas here for generic ripoffs of other movies...hey, let's cram them all into ONE movie, and stick Jackie Chan on top!" From one scene to the next, this film has no idea what it wants to be--so it tries everything, badly. I laughed out loud at some things that were meant to be taken seriously.

I'm not sure bloodthirsty terrorists need to be heavily featured in a movie geared towards 10-year-olds, but that seems the approximate age group targeted here. Yet at the same time "Vanguard" isn't exactly a family film--or anything else, for more than a few minutes at a time. What it is, is a mess. A loud, expensive, busy mess that does Jackie no favors, or any of the younger cast members either.

Please note that if you click on their names, every single "user" here who gave "Vanguard" ten stars has mysteriously never reviewed another film, and only been on IMBD for a month. This movie flopped even in China, but Chinese bots sure are working overtime to try to push it here.
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Mokum3829 November 2020
Worst movie I've ever seen. I looked like it's made by some students with Microsoft Powerpoint. This earns an exclusive genre.
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khasding-6329319 December 2020
People seem to want too much for a movie these days this is just entertainment take it for what it is it's definitely entertaining
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Bad graphics
ramakrushnamahapatra23 November 2020
Graphics are so bad,like a low budget movie. Never expected
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Disappointing Tong and Chan
gnopi16 November 2020
From the first time I saw the trailer I know it would be a disappointment. Computer effect is too much and so unrealistic. The drifting Ferraris, the lion chase, limousine , explosion, water rapids even the fight scene. What a waste of big name such as Jacky Chan and director Stanley Tong.
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Lasted all of 10mins
jonnybee231215 November 2020
What are you doing Jackie Chan? For one of the greatest martial artists out there, and for someone I have enjoyed watching in the past, to now wanting to enter a room full of people who are infected with covid 19, this says and shows you how crap this movie was and again I only manages 10mins of this. 10mins I will never get back. If this is what Jackie Chan has ended up doing B movies (and I'm being kind) well hang up your acting robe, enjoy the millions you have made over the years and STOP please STOP making crap movies like this. What a waste of time, just as well you can't give a zero star rating. Don't watse your time watching this crap, watching paint dry is more interesting than what this can only be called PURE CRAP...........
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Terribly fake!
payam_f200019 November 2020
Terribly fake CGI all the scenes! Insult other nationalities and exaggerate Chinese people. He forgot that China destroyed world health and economy by COVID-19. I was in love with Jacky! I hate him now due to he showed us his real personality!!!
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I an a BIG fan of Jackie ... but!!
waelassal19773 December 2020
Although I am big fan of Jackie Chan since I was a kid and I think he is one of the most talaneted action actor ... but this movie is super shallow and an insult for movies junkies like me .. CGI is very bad .. no acting ... plot is shallow yet badly made .. in my humble opinion, this movie have should better been made as an animated film ... I would rated 3 if it was !
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When you got the money but not the talent
psy9999920 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is what a true 1 star movie looks like. Highlights include: Captain China, a giant DJI drone, horrible acting and a terrible script. If you are with friends and want to have a laugh, watch it.
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Don't believe the hate.
Eiriksterminator21 December 2020
It's unrealistic at times for sure, and the cgi is pretty bad, but the action is good. People complain too much. The movie takes place all over the world, and is a pretty fun ride. Not sure where the complaints about nationalism are coming from, I'm not really seeing it.
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You'll likely be { DISAPPOINTED ๐Ÿ˜”โ—}.. UNLESS you watch this knowing it's a dubbed { MANDARIN } film; that was ๐Ÿ‘‰JUST๐Ÿ‘ˆ created 2 Enthrall๐Ÿ’ฅ audiences on { CHINESE NEW๐ŸฎYEAR }

"Protection Beyond Frontiers" {Vanguard Tagline}. ______________________________________________________

A ~{ Mini }~ Review .

So, as you've probably gathered by now, by way of my ' profoundly { Un }-enthusiastic title ' ; this, the -{ Sixth โœ… }- , no less , collaboration between Chinese cinematic 'All-rounder' Jackie Chan & veteran Action-filmmaker Stanley Tong ; "Vanguard", is Doubtlessly, Unquestionably, and Unequivocally... ~{ Nothing ๐Ÿ”ด }~ to 'write home about'. Needless-to-say, the very -( Glaringly )- obvious dubbing issues in the film tend to feel ( decidedly ) bothersome through the ~{ Entire }~ course of the film. And as a result, -Many- of the film's -Frequent- attempts at humour... { ๐Ÿ‘‰Also๐Ÿ‘ˆ } feel cheesy, badly timed, & simply 'Perfunctory' ( at -Best- ). ~{ Unless }~ of course, you are fortunate enough to be a ~{ Mandarin }~ speaker, { which, the vast majority of the -English- Movie Watchers here in the U.A.E, ( where I'm based at the moment ), are most certainly -Not- ๐Ÿ˜ž } .

And speaking ~{ Of }~ the U.A.E, I suppose the reason that I forced' myself to watch this somewhat overhyped picture, would be the rather -glaring- fact that the ~{ Entire }~ Final Act of the film is filmed in Dubai ๐Ÿ’™ , ( the Crown Jewel of the U.A.E ) , with -Several- of the sequences having been shot ~{ Literallyโ—}~ " 7 minutes up the street " from my -Previous- apartment. Unfortunately, However... having now -Seen- all those -( Genuinely memorable ๐Ÿ˜ƒ , I daresay )- places in the film ...& consequently having ~{ Contextualized }~ their relevance to the -Actual- narrative of said movie ; I would be remiss to ๐Ÿ‘‰Not๐Ÿ‘ˆ point out to you that this ~{ Entire }~ bespoke Final-Act feels very much like a sort of promotional 'tourism type' video for The Burj Khalifa & The Dubai Mall { i.e the 'World's Tallest Tower' & the 'World's 4th Largest Shopping Mall', respectively } ...not to mention the " Dubai Swat Team " , & quite frankly, the 'Entire Dubai Police-Force' ...Itself .

But for those readers ( and writers ) amongst you who have come to " Know " -( and understand ) , my particular brand of ~{ " Constructive Only โœ…โ—" Review }~ by now....... well , here's three ' REALLY FUN THINGS ' to look out for over the course of the film ; ( - All - ) of which are featured in the official trailer. 1 : The mindblowingly good 'Whitewater Rapids Chase-Scene' filmed in South Africa..... { where the " Supremely ๐Ÿ’ฅ Dedicated " Jackie Chan is said to have almost -DROWNED- }. 2 : The 'Extraction' scene set in an Indian village, which features some ~{ Truly ๐ŸŒ โ—}~ Dazzling hardcore-action scenes. 3 : A few decidedly ~{ Novel }~ Super Hi-tech " Surprises " -( & mind you, I'm -Not- referring to the tacky looking bumblebee drones here )- that you will -Just- have to go & discover for yourselves, I'm afraid .

Summary : I'm going to be ~{ Incredibly }~ Gracious, & give this film a 5.25 ....Hey, it's a 'Dubai Film' ...what can I say ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
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Straight outta Bollywood
evildii4 October 2020
Remember 90's b-movies? Now this feels like people responsible for those, miraculously time traveled to 2020 and shot this. At first that was how I felt, like the movie is 20 years old. But through its runtime it just gets worse and worse eventually reaching the level of the most absurd bollywood action. It really feels like a bollywood movie with Chinese and some white actors.

The plot is of course dumb and simple. The dialogues seem to have been written by a child a decade ago. CGI is atrocious, especially car physics, oh boy this must be the most unrealistic way cars jump and roll that I've seen, not sure which was the funniest (as in most idiotic) - limo drifting in superspeed or golden suv crashing everything.

You probably can't find a movie made this century with more cliches than this one.

The editing is just the WORST. They must've outsourced it to a student or somebody's toddler made it. Haven't seen this many fade-to-blacks anywhere. There's no excuse unless they edited in in a single day. Editing is so bad that the whole movie doesn't even feel like a movie. It's more of a set of different scenes that were lazily stitched together. Not sure if the script was this bad or the editor is to blame but it often feels like a videogame, in one scene they finish planting a mine at night and it fades to black, just a second later a new scene appears when it's morning and an energetic music pumping. Like in those open world game where you come to the location at the wrong time so the world shifts to whatever proper time it has to be and then the cutscene begins. Pain to watch.

Score is laughable. They literally put on funny music when something is meant to be funny, like it's a sitcom or something. Music is all over the place, not consistency, a complete mess.

Gunshots though sound pretty cool and punchy at times.

There was one genuinely excellent Jackie-style trick when he entered the car while it was moving, reminiscent of his old ladder tricks and window jumps.

Conclusion: if you haven't seen an action movie (and any movie for that matter) in 20 years, or if you're a fan of Bollywood, or maybe if you're 10 years old, then Vanguard should please you. Otherwise, you better avoid it, even if you're a Jackie fan.

P.s. unwatchable. Can't unroll my eyes back.
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Jackie Chan is Back in his Form with Vanguard
supamcb5 October 2020
Vanguard was supposed to be released on 25th January, 2020 but due to global COVID-19 pandemic this movie has been delayed, and now it has finally arrived.

After a long time Jackie Chan has returned to his form even though it's a multicast movie. Other younger actors couldn't bypass his role in Vanguard. He is growing old but his performances won't allow to reflect it. His accurate timing in both comic scenes and actions are really entertaining.

The story is written in such a way with visually super VFX and CGI action stunts that you will be amazed to see it on the theatre. Stanley Tong is always at his best with a mixture of actions and hilarious comedy scenes. Locations are selected very wisely for high octane chasing scenes with combinations of captivating fights.

Don't miss this movie if you want to enjoy an on-the-edge thrilling ride in time of pandemic.

Highly recommended ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
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Absolute dribble
dawestcoastboy8 December 2020
This movie is terrible. The dialogue is absolutely horrendous. They tried to make it funny but the acting was so robotic it was not believeable whatsoever. The storyline was ridiculous. Why do they always typecast the 'thugs' as big mean looking dudes who have no charisma? The fight scenes were good, but nothing you haven't seen before in all the other Jackie Chan movies. I gave it one star for that. I gave another star for Miya Muqi because she is hot. The problem with all international movies funded by China is that they always go over the top with the set because they have lots of money to throw around. Unfortunately, they also try to push the agenda that Chinese are good and 'ethical' which is far from the case. And what is with CGI made in china? Why is it so bad??
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waste of time
shoping-414-73087730 November 2020
I just don't understand how Jackie Chan accept to do this movie. it's like a movie for kinder garden children
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Omg why do I even watched it.
maikayamaika4 October 2020
Why Jackie Chan did what he did IDK. There can be many reasons, why such actor take part in this project. But my eyes... they hurts while watching this movie. Totally not worth the time was spent.
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A Splarshy Review
jacobstaggs16 November 2020
There are a few good moments here and there in an otherwise terrible movie which also benefits from its visual aesthetic. For the first, Jackie in a secondary role doesn't work for his role isn't given prominence. Highlights include: The cool way Jackie gets into a car while it's in motion. A scene where Jackie talks to guy about getting into a fortress while wearing traditional middle Eastern garb. Jackie liquidating foes with a machine gun. Jackie knocking a guy into a tank of water and acting like he didn't do it The stairs gag.

Those are the highlights. The main problem is that the movie is completely unfulfilling. Jackie in a secondary part, surrounded by dull, uncharismatic actors doesn't interest me or even work. The gold plated cats were admittedly flashy but the supposed fast and furious car chase left a lot to be desired. A Little better than Kung Fu Yoga, but that means very little.
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An honest review
mariamsalsuwaidi8 October 2020
Honestly I'm gonna give it 10 stars because it was so funny. I don't think it was meant to be a comedy but it was so unrealistic that I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. The cgi is pretty bad which is hilarious and it's so funny when movie production companies just hire Indians to play the role of an Arab, it's so freaking obvious that they're not arab and they don't even speak Arabic lmao. But honestly it's so refreshing watching a movie where Americans aren't the hero's. Also, the Chinese guy is so handsome. When I saw it in the cinema it was dubbed so that was HORRIBLE I hate when movies are dubbed, might have to watch it again with subtitles cuz i really can't stand when movies are dubbed.
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Not Jackie's best, but given his age, we can't expect classic Jackie!
forrealgames1454 October 2020
This movie, in my opinion, was a lot better than his previous collaboration with Stanley. Kung Fu Yoga was okay. If you enjoyed that, you'll definitely have a romp with this film. It's the same kind of action heavy but also goofy comedy that you can expect from some of Jackie's movies. His role here is a little more subdued, however, as he lets the other actors take bigger roles. Although he's the highest billed actor here, he plays more of a secondary role as the leader of this agency. That being said, there's enough Jackie in this movie where I don't feel misled. He definitely has more screen time than The Foreigner, another movie where he received top billing but, imo didnt appear enough in the film.

The action is great and it's definitely a good popcorn flick that'll distract you from the ongoing pandemic. It's what the world needs, really!
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zuber-043891 October 2020
Nice Movie Best Action By Jackie Chan Best Action Movie
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