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ThomDerd29 May 2021
Plot: Lord of the flies but now in space.

Some good points here: Set design is very good. Music is ok and helps the pace of the film.

Some bad points: The sub-story has holes bigger than black holes in space. And the acting is sometimes plain like watching teenage theater.

If you don't know lord of the flies, than you will probably find this interesting.

I didn't mind the watch but that's not more than a 6/10.
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Frustrating nonsensical plot drags down everything
kaideneve5 May 2021
This movie is actually quite intriguing for the first 40 minutes or so. The set design is excellent, and along with cold emotionless expressions on the actors and shots of the mundane lives of the would-be colonists, helps to establish a plausible set-up with tons of potential. They know they're the first generation of a ship on a multi-generational voyage to colonize another planet, and may also be humanity's last hope of survival. Their grim personas express their awareness of this fact and that the mission is paramount. There's even a mysterious hint at an unexpected presence on the ship to add to the suspense.

Don't bother watching the second half though. As a lot of other reviews have mentioned, it tries to adapt a plot similar to Lord of the Flies, however the big difference here is that these teenagers are supposed to have been highly trained for this mission their entire lives, and are literally the future of humanity. They're not a ragtag group of students on a deserted island struggling for survival.

I don't think I need to use any spoilers for you to imagine how trying to shoehorn the Lord of the Flies plot into this situation leads to a trainwreck of a last half. The script takes a sharp turn into utter nonsense with ridiculous dialogue and characters actions. It is truly such a pity and a waste of a great set-up.

I will say that I was impressed with the performance of Tye Sheridan in particular, and Colin Farrell can rarely do wrong as well. The other main actors were decent at best, or just too weighed down by atrocious dialogue to make anything of their performances.

I'd recommend watching the first 40min or so (8/10) and then just walking away and imagining your own conclusion. Anything would be better than what transpired in the last half of Voyagers.
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Really don't get the hate
monaharfmann2 June 2021
Honestly I don't understand all the negative reviews. Personally I liked almost everything about this movie: the idea, the music, the cinematography and most of the actors. They also put a lot of thought into small details which I really appreciated. Maybe it's not Oscar-worthy or something like that but it never tried to be. It's an enjoyable Sci-Fi movie that makes you think about the nature of mankind, our future, climate change, even democracy. Definitely worth 7/10!
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A HIGHLY Intelligent & Thought Provoking 🌠 Movie, Stylistically & Visually FANTASTIC ; But One That's Somewhat, Er ..."DIVERGENT"... From Its MPAA Certified PG-13 Rating 🤷 .
A "Good, Old Fashioned" -{ BIG }- Screen Mini Review .


Christopher : " Maybe this is our true nature " .

Richard : " That's a profound thought " .

{ NON-spoiler : This is ( -Clearly- ) audible in the film's March-2021 trailer } .


I've -actually- come across -atleast- a 100 reviews on this forum slamming 'Voyagers' for being, in essence : " -{ Not Much More }- than an ( outer space ) rip-off of a certain acclaimed author's novel -turned film- { "Lord of the Flies" ( 1954 ) }. Here is my response to that accusation , in earnest. -All- Directors , & -All- Artists , frankly... are -{ Constantly }- being " inspired " by prior artistic works, & " borrow " from them FAR MORE OFTEN than we may 'readily' be prepared to admit. I would like to make it entirely clear that this most certainly -{ Not }- the same thing as 'ripping-off', 'plagiarizing', or 'stealing'. For the seemingly -endless- contrarians among you on this platform that have somewhat callously accused this undeniably -{ Enthralling }- Space 🌌 thriller's super-talented Director Neil Burger, { known best for the critically rejected yet -popularly- "Colossal" 'Divergent' ( 2014 ) }, of doing just that : Kindly note the 'following' . " I'd be 'willing-to-bet' that if the bespoke 'literary late great', Author & Nobel Laureate William Golding, were somehow able to publicly opine on the matter from the great-beyond ; he would be rather -{ unequivocal }- in lavishing praise on -{ this }- particular iteration.... { of that age-old " Darkness-Of-Man's-Heart ( etc. ) " theme } ....presented here as a grand scale "Cinematic Thought-Experiment" of sorts. The pointed, Unbridled critique of the frailty of human nature offered in the picture, along with its perfectly paced and -unabashed- study of how 'Serious-immorality' can rear its ugly head in literally -{ Any }- given social setting, is, in point of fact, completely & utterly " Fascinating " , at the very -least- . Even just as a pure work-of-Art, the film works BEAUTIFULLY 💙 , 'in it's own right'. Moreover, the ( somewhat ) "fresh-faced" ensemble of 'Up-and-comers', led by none other than veteran actor Colin Farrell, render their ( often ) "deliberately-Subdued" performances, for the most part, "To an absolute freakin' tee" .

Summary : Alas, I know in my heart of hearts that I -Must- take a -Whole- point off this ( 'ultimately' ) fiery & riveting movie's overall score, & here's why, in a nutshell : 'Voyagers' is truly -{ Not }- appropriate for young teenagers . . . -{ Inspite }- of the fact that it is rated PG-13 . This, the film's -OWN- homepage, in fact, mentions that it very nearly received an { 'R' }-Rating from the M. P. A. A. Additionally, I feel that this -should- really have been atleast a -{ Slightly }- longer picture . . . Exploring a few " Key " aspects of the story in greater depth. So, from me, all told, that's going to be a 'pandemic-Considerate', yet nonetheless -decidedly- Inspired, Even { " INVIGORATED " } . . . 7.50 Marks Out Of 10.00 🚀🔥🖖 .
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This has a re-boot quality.
dark41969-818-46981012 October 2021
Basically it's "Lord of the Files" in space without the pathos.
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It's not
onze-kris18 December 2021
So there is a positive review. Which I really don't get.

Please read it after watching it , if you decide to do so after reading this anyway. That review contains spoilers.

The positive review got the premise partly right. But again that contains spoilers and to compare it with pleasantville is a disgrace.

So it's a sci fi movie. And while we are getting closer to this in real life as well it asks us one question.

Now so far so good but the decisions made to convey this make no sense at all.

And the message left by colin farell in his video diary is optimistic without any reason.

In the age of the pandemic I have seen a lot of egoistic people and a lot of true heroes in healthcare.

And the truth is the heroes don't allways win.

We want them to but that doesn't make it so.

It is probably the reason why super hero movies are topping the charts because it gives us what we want.

I think the message could have been stronger if they didn't succeed at all.

The ending scenes were very cliche as well and I don't get it why they are there even.

It is a terrible story with some really incredible choices.

And the smart kids well they are just plain dumb if you ask me.

All of them actually.
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Well worth watching...and NO, IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH LORD OF THE FLIES!!!
thedeepestblue31 May 2021
Okay first of all comparing Voyagers to the plot from Lord Of The Flies would be as thoughtless as comparing The Fast And The Furious to Gone In 60 Seconds. Similar plot, totally different movies. Seems most of the reviewers mentioning this can't see the dissimilarities unfortunately.

This was actually quite a decent movie. Sure there are a few plot flaws. But other than that it was quite enjoyable. Just enjoy it as a sci fi movie. Not an exact replication of a proper manned space flight. Geesus lmao. Some ppl.

I'd give it 7 stars plus an extra star for all the pointless "Lord Of The Flies" crappy review mentions.
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All Fi no Sci.
nincubura7 May 2021
The writers cannot conceive that the best and brightest of Earth's future would be well educated in the science of psychology and emotional intelligence -- precicely because they have NONE! Instead they project their own arrested emotional development from social values of the 1800's.

Typical Hollywood gruel for the mindless lowest common denominator of the consumer masses, with a futuristic facade but a freeze dried soul.
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Better than expected
thomasjbollinger2 June 2021
Read some reviews here during the movie - it was a mistake. I liked the movie for a couple of things, mostly I found the plot idea was interesting, the setting was good and the overall performance of all the actors was good. The movie also raises some interesting topics and thesis, like: What is it really to be male, if education and upbringing doesn't interfere? Are we by nature that violent an reckless or not - or only some? What percentage is genetic? I enjoyed the movie and in my opinionm it was a lot better than the score the movie gets here.
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It deserves more than 5/10
theprogs18 May 2021
When I first saw the rating, I was going to skip this movie, but because I like the Space movies I gave it a shot. The movie has actually impressed me, especially in the first half, I'm not sure about the second half because it has some nonsense events, but I don't think that could push the rating beneath 6/10.

The idea, the story, the environment, the dialogue, the SFX and visualizations are good enough, that's why I'm giving it 7 out of 10.
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Something is fishy about some of the reviews
alincristiantiganus17 June 2021
...and it's not only on this movie. I really don't think someone can actually give this movie a 1-3 stars rating, not even the haters of the genre.

I'm a cinephile and I watched too many thousands of movies along the years, and I guarantee that it is pretty interesting. It may not be perfect, and I may be too lenient, but still, you can't rate this movie under 6, you just can't. Some reviewers argued that it has some implausible elements. I'd say that there are way more implausible things that happen in our world today, which kinda makes it more plausible. Watch the trailer, and if you find the idea interesting, you won't be disappointed.
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I Loved It
g_mortuja1 July 2021
The last film of Neil Burger's i saw Limitless , And it was very impressed me ,& Voyagers is also .I love the plot & that movie a has message , But i was expecting the ending in better way .But Anyway is was good .
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Better than most reviews say
kgborrell-3414625 May 2021
It's like others said...Lord of the Flies in space. It's not terrible but not the best ever either. Good for a casual watch.
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A perfectly fine movie, examines "what is our true nature?"
TxMike17 August 2021
Many very shallow comments call this "Lord of the Flies in Space", or something akin to that. Doing so, or thinking so, misses the point completely. I'd say this movie has more in common with "Pleasantville" where the writer-director asked the question "Is it better to live in a totally safe, predictable world or in one where you have choices and can make mistakes?"

The hook here is 40+ years in the future and we are beginning to worry about long term viability of the Human species on Earth. So a voyage is planned to an inhabitable planet, even traveling at a very high speed will take 86 years to get there.

So the plan involves creating roughly 30 babies by conception and delivery in a lab, using genetics of intelligent and successful donors. The subjects are raised, educated, and trained in isolation so they have no attachment to the real world. During the 86-year trip they would reproduce and their grandchildren would become the settlers of the new planet.

While the ending has a satisfying statement the real story is during the trip itself, roughly ten years into it, when some then most of the voyagers begin to exercise free will, some don't care if the mission succeeds, "we will all die anyway." The question ultimately becomes "What is our true nature and can we learn to care about others and do things for the common good?"

My wife and I watched it at home on DVD from our public library, a fine movie and much better than its IMDb rating would suggest.
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The prequel to Pandorum
Leeman77415 June 2021
Once you realize how similar it it is to the pandorum backstory it makes voyagers more interesting.
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Facing the nature of life even in space.
datamini-700-1695871 June 2021
This film correlates and reaffirms that in life, there will always be bad, evil and good. Moreover, it just shows that regardless of how careful you are in your social experiments and projects, there will always be leaks and repercussions. That is the nature of life. A must watch to reflect the importance of life. And appreciate the very beautiful Lily-Rose Depp on screen.

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Very Good Sci-Fi
gmaddox-7161525 June 2021
Giving this an 8. The reviews here seem to be mostly negative due to the similar "youth gone wild" theme of "Lord of the Flies".

But actually I felt this movie was really entertaining and interesting. Most movies out there seem to take ideas and rehash previously used themes anyway.

The acting in this movie was very good. The acting may have seem cold in the movie at times because the characters were raised to be cold to be able to endure their situation.

As far as recent Sci-Fi I've seen I found this movie overall, top notch.
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Great energy
jbyington-7790130 June 2021
This film keeps you hooked, it has a great energy to it and a great message. We as humans are fallible but we can work through the worst of times and persevere, we just have to come together as a whole.
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Sci fi premise that focuses on human wild nature but stylistic film.
cruise0110 April 2021
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Voyagers is a pretty fair science fiction film about a biologically created group of kids. Who are going on a voyage to a new planet to colonize and start over. But while on a space voyage. They discover there pleasure senses have been reduced from a drug they been taking. They decide to stop which there wild instincts kick in into madness. Which the group of teens will be divided from trying to have a civilized rule to a living life wild which can put the future of humanity at risk.

What worked? The concept and plot is promising. In a future. Earth is no longer livable. Researchers decides to genetically create humans so they wont be attached from leaving earth. They have been isolated from civilization. And Richard (Colin Farrell) who is a researcher and a mentor. Tags along with the space crew to make sure they are behaving. Until they start to lose control.

The set designs and visual effects are great. Kind of feels similiar to the movie Passengers.

The cast ensemble is good. Colin Farrell is good. Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp were great. Fionn Whitehead playing a rebellious teen who is trying to create fear within the group and trying to live there lives selfishly was good too.

What did not work? The film is a slow burn thriller. The second act is slow and boring in the middle. Could have been a faster direction. The film does pick up when tension rises with Tye Sheridan and Fionn Whitehead are divided and fighting each other.

Also the music score was a bit dull for a science fiction space thriller. Which kind of made the movie feel a little dull.

It does have an interesting premise and some thrills and a great cast. Which could have been better.
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I loved it
mvezok2 May 2021
Proper, mainstream, SCIENCE Fiction, without mysticism or quasi-intellectualism.

Made me think about the state of the world and the democracy.

And the excitement built up as it should in a good story till the very end. No crappy ambiguity, as they often make them nowadays.

I recommend it.
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Great depiction of the human species.
godosenteksist17 May 2021
Most reviews here are tragic, saying this isn't what would happen, and the best of humans would know better than this going out in space. Well, if that movie was made, of a crew that was sent out on a 86 year trip and everything was fine and dandy, what kind of entertainment would that be? Instead, this movie is smart about showing the very core of human nature as it's being introduced in the later development of the young adult mind. Do people reviewing this movie have any clue or evidence of this experiment on humans? No one has, because it's a SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE idea.

Even though every part of this movie is a cliche, it still delivers the message of our faults. How just one bad seed can spread fear and devastation, how peer pressure works, common enemy strategy and all other aspects of how every dictator has used their manipulation to drive their hate through people. If this isn't a perfect example of entertainment AND education, then what is?

The cast is amazing and deliver such a performance of how it feels to go through existential crisis and experience revelations of a wider knowledge than the small world they've grown to know. Acting is in the eyes, not in the words.

Anyone who says this movie is dumb or unrealistic, do so because they didn't understand it. It's like when someone says they understand how a car works because they can check the oil level themselves, then when asked to explain how the engine works, they resort to name calling and how dumb it is to cover up they have no idea. Well the more you learn about a car engine, the more you realize how little you actually knew from the beginning.
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Bad Sci fi version of lord of the flies
alexuno_murray3 July 2021
Bunch of annoying teenagers screwing things up. Didn't bother watching it to the end, waist of time. Oh, and the little film music is annoying too.
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Very good social experiment
tyfyh-893639 July 2021
I liked this movie very much. It shows what could happen if a group of young people are left to themselves. All human nature is revealed. Some of it bad, some of it good.
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Lord of the Flies in space
mikehole9 April 2021
A good concept to work with but could have been so much more. It looked good visually but really just devolved into a Lord of the Flies story in space.

Most of the acting was like watching a high school play, suitable to the young adult genre and so quite predictable. Entertaining nevertheless.
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Lord of the Flies with a twist
bwc-maneke22 April 2021
The Twist is its in Space and just gets stupid after that.

These "Characters" are bad joke, everything about this wreaks of bad writing and is utterly taboo. I was hoping the entire time of an actual alien or atleast a simulation hell I would have settled for a fake ship inside a NASA Vacuum Tube in a study to test the human mind when exposed to deep space and isolation.

Instead its stupidity followed by even dumber dialog! Not to mention that somehow we were able to travel to another star system that isn't Proxima Centauri in 86years

Skip this save your brain cells.
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