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Sex & Nudity

  • Multiple scenes of female as well as male nudity. Frequent.
  • From sexual jokes to full on nudity, this show is filled with male and female genitalia.
  • In a few of the episodes the nudity is non-sexual. Camera angles treat a naked individual the same as it would a clothed individual in casual scenes. Scenes depicting intercourse are present and semi-frequent, but a good deal of the nudity is not intended to turn you on.
  • Occasional sex scenes. An erect penis is briefly shown.
  • Some crass and crude sex jokes are sprinkled throughout the episodes as well.
  • The appearance of genitalia in a number of scenes. In the episode "sucker of souls" the monster "Dracula" appears bare and his penis is evident in most of the scenes. Even scenes in which there are animals have explicit sexual connotations and depictions of intercourse.

Violence & Gore

  • This show is brutal, bloody, and gory. If there's a skeleton with bits of flesh on it, it's probably a tame episode. Every way a physical body can be mutilated is on display at some point or another. A woman's head is stomped in, arms and legs are severed, people are stabbed, shot and blown apart. It's not at all for the squeamish.
  • However, not all episodes have severely bloody violence, and some are devoid of any violence at all.


  • Frequent uses of fuck, cunt, shit, ass, bitch, etc. Some racial slurs are also thrown around in a negative light however. Profanity always varies in episodes, with some containing extreme profanities and some containing none.
  • Loads of F- bombs and other cuss words

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few alcoholic drinks are referenced and shown. Characters smoke and use drugs in some, but not all, episodes.
  • A date rape drug is used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many of the episodes are intentionally psychologically disturbing by nature. Characters' minds and bodies are violated in strange and atypical ways. People are chased, murdered, stalked, assaulted, and abused constantly. There are infrequent scenes of suicide. Even without the excessive gore and sexual material, this series is not intended for young people.
  • The whole series contains animated shorts from different animation companies, so the violence and sexuality can vary depending on which animated short you're watching. For example, the darkly comical short featuring the three robots is devoid of violence but has philosophical banter between them about humanity's downfall.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one segment of the series, there's a demo simulator of 6 ways to kill Hitler: From a brawl, to be killed by a runaway horse, to be suffocated by a giant gelatin, to fornication marathon with a group of prostitutes, to be killed by a giant meteor, and to be rescued by his future-self, only to be destroying all life on earth by touching each other's fingers.

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