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A deeper dive into Selena's story.
SC100708055 December 2020
As a fan of Selena as well as a fan of the original movie, I like the series overall. While I agree with some of the other reviews that the actress portraying Selena is not the greatest, I love the fact that they dove deeper into the background of the family and the band. I find it disrespectful that anyone can say the family is capitalizing off Selena's name when they had the greatest loss but also were the band from the beginning. I personally enjoyed seeing every step that the group and Selena had to take before making it.

The movie was phenomenal but they only showed few events (as they usually have time for in a 2 hour movie). This was a tight knit, loving family that struggled for years until they made it and I think the series, like the movie, captured that. Also, people complaining about how they don't focus on Selena as much, I get it. But as a fan, I personally liked watching how AB wrote and produced the music as well as the relationship between Suzette and Selena. I have to say that the standout performance for me was Ricardo Antonio Chavira who portrayed Selena's father Abraham.

While Selena should always be front and center, I enjoyed watching the family as well. I think it's important to remember that while Selena was an amazing artist and performer that died a horrible tragedy, that's not her whole story and certainly not the families. I am hoping for more depth and complexity to the characters in the second season as we draw closer to the inevitable tragic ending.
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Part 1's an Overall Good Time
TwinMeag14 December 2020
While it may be called Selena, the series is really about the Quintanilla family's journey together. Beginning with the Queen of Tejano music's birth and following their various struggles and successes, this show will leave a smile on your face. Along with embracing the family's Mexican American roots, the musical moments will reignite your love for Selena y Los Dinos' songs and have you wishing against reality that a happier ending was on the horizon 25 years after the superstar's tragic end. Part 1 is feel-good family fare just in time for the holiday binge season, but you may shed a nostalgic tear or two.
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Rating this a 10/10 to offset the idiots who gave it 1/10
mnfwbc11 December 2020
Title says it all. You people are so sensitive over the smallest things. This is pretty good show. 7.5/10 but you all want to rate it 1/10 like it's the worst thing Netflix has ever produced. Get over yourselves. You're not here to protect Selena's legacy. If you were think of the new fans who never knew of Selena and will now possibly be introduced to her music through this story. You can. Because a lot of you are self-entitled and expect everything to be perfect. If you want Jennifer Lopez just go watch the movie again. Give me a break.
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Selena might have been believable
ProfX20154 December 2020
Show full of empty smiles and unnecessary laughter. It is as if the actress is pretending to be Selena instead of acting like her. That is what happens when you get a 30 year old to play a 15 year old teenager. The youthful energy that Selena had is missing in this show. The only believable acting was when Selena was trying to learn Spanish. Selena seems to be a character made for comical relief rather than a main character, which is disappointing given that this show is named after her.

One of the reasons everybody loved Selena was because she represented many of the first generation Americans of Mexican descent. She had more Native features than Spanish features, which is a reason why her story is incredible, many lower class Mexicans could relate to her. It is disappointing for Netflix to choose an actress that poorly represents who Selena was.m. Netflix decided to whitewash a Mexican Legend.

It's not all bad though. The supporting actors are great. There acting is believable and the chemistry between the family and supporting actors is well formed.
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slainezleiva8 December 2020
Well to start off the series seems very low budget. As a huge Selena fan the acting is very bad. Christian over does it her personality does not match Selena's I get that she doesn't have to look like Selena but she couldn't even dance like her. Not body shaming her at all but Selena wasn't as skinny as christian they didn't portray her beautiful curves. I'm very disappointed since the movie was so great. There are so many actress that would have done way better. Plus the wigs were hella cheap like come on they could have invested in better !! The only reason I'm giving it a two star is because I got to learn a bit more about her family and their struggles. otherwise this show would have got a 1 star and this is only my opinion. It was very hard for me to finish the show but i didn't want to give up on it .
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Abraham and AB: The Series
sansteph6 December 2020
I have a lot of thoughts which I'm sure I will forget to mention, but most importantly I want to talk about how the family used Selena's name for bait to get the audience to watch this series. Instead of seeing Selena's struggles and dreams, or much of Selena at all, we get her male family member's perspectives about Selena's rise to fame for almost the entire series. Selena is relegated to being a background character, giggling and smiling but not saying very much the entire time. Christian Serratos is beautiful and talented. I'm sure most people would not deny this. However, she's no Selena. She doesn't sound like Selena, doesn't dance like her, and doesn't have the same mannerisms. She doesn't even look like her. The production looks as cheap as the quality of the wigs that they're given. The show is poorly written and reminds me of an after-school sitcom rather than a well-fleshed out biopic, down to the weird white-washed background music. It's boring in every way. The chemistry between the characters is also lacking. Jlo and Edward James Olmos gave an Oscar-worthy performance in comparison to this show. Go watch that instead.
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It's the Abraham Show!
usobryson20 December 2020
If they had accurately titled this series "Abraham: How A Man Built An Empire On The Backs of His Children" I wouldn't be disappointed because I'd have known what to expect. This isn't about Selena, it's about her Dad and brother. And though I really like Christian Serratos, she just isn't working as Selena. She seems uncomfortable in the role and what minimal screen time she does have, just sees her giggle and lip sync. Poorly. As stated before, her wigs are hilariously awful so be prepared for that! I honestly don't think I'll watch any future seasons because it's been pretty boring thus far.
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Do your homework Netflix...
dsj_780176 December 2020
A LOT of inaccuracies in the timeline shots of the areas Selena lived in. This series was a disappointment. Seem more focused on the father for a redemption on what a GREEDY miserable pig he is in real life.
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So boring
kaleihinulani4 December 2020
Not what I thought at all. The actress doesn't even look like Selena and her lip syncing is so off. If you have insomnia I'd say give this a try, you just might get some sleep.
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Corny... but improves in Part 2
stefstars10 December 2020
My uncle put it best, "it can't decide if it wants to be a comedy or a drama." Some shows are able to pull off both genres, but this show can't. The comedy can be awkwardly delivered and the dramatic moments are comedic, take for example the ending of part 1. Chris gets kicked off the tour bus, Selena looks out to him brokenhearted and the "Ayyyyy como me duele" line from 'Como La Flor' plays in the background with the happy keyboard melody that follows. I had to laugh.

Selena is very, unfairly, one dimensional in this show. That's not the fault of the actress, that's the writing. All she thinks about is her career and music, her love for fashion is shown too. However when it starts to get interesting, for example Selena's time in school or crushing on boys, the show immediately moves on and puts an end to it with a rushed conclusion. It does take plenty of time with Abraham scenes though. It tries to portray him as some sage father figure giving his kids the best "don't give up" type of advice, when in reality he was Mexican American Joe Jackson. Living his dreams through his children, whether they wanted it or not. Selena is like a background character in her own show, she repeats and says whatever the father wants to hear. The other characters seem so unrealistic and cartoony. It's obvious this entire show was rushed.

I will give credit where it's due, I learned more about the inspiration for some of her best songs, about what Suzette and A. B. were up to during their unorthodox childhoods. People are being too harsh to the actress playing Selena, I think she's trying her best, she's working with what she's been given, which is crap. Suzette's actress isn't so bad either, she's very natural. I wish the show was better, I wish it was based on Chris Perez's book instead of Abraham Quintanilla's B. S. I'm not going to compare it to the film and neither should you as these are two completely different things; based on the same story but completely different. That's like comparing Beetlejuice the film to the animated show.

I'll still watch part 2, might as well, but with Abraham Quintanilla behind the scenes, it'll be Abraham's version of Selena's story part 2.

UPDATE (after watching part 2): There was definitely improvements made in Part 2. "Abraham: The Series" took a backseat and it became about Selena, as it should've been in the first place. It still paints Abraham in the most positive light possible, still tries to justify why Abraham and apparently, Suzette, made it impossible for Selena to be with Chris. Finally, It still doesn't do Chris much justice but towards the end the events do add up with what Chris wrote in his book, before getting there though, it's debatable.

The good things, Selena is more realistic - we explore her feelings and emotions more this time around so that was a welcome change. More learning about the backstories to her classic songs, this was an element that was present in the first part that I really enjoyed and it was nice to see this continue with even more detail in the second season. The acting definitely got better from the first season, the actresses playing Suzette and Marcela Quintanilla are still fantastic, as well as A. B's actor, but everyone else got better, not Emmy winning performances but still decent. The way they bring Yolanda into the story definitely gives a better backstory to those who weren't familiar about how this woman sneaked her way into Selena's life, even showing how deep her unhealthy obsession with Selena went as well as the public negative effects her check schemes had on Selena's image. The actress playing Yolanda does a good job of playing a timid, pathetic woman that was able to trick everyone into thinking that's all she was and sadly had Selena fooled until the terrible end.

I thought the show was gonna end with Selena's final show at The Houston Astrodome and then have captions explaining what happened, but it ends showing the tragic end. I was moved to tears, because well, it's never easy to see that sad event; just thinking about it breaks my heart because Selena deserved to continue making her dreams a reality. The way they showed how little things like A. B's burger bringing back memories of his sister, something that simple creating such a powerful emotion, I really liked that and definitely made me more emotional. However, I did wish they showed images and clips of the real Selena rather than of the actress. I know I said not to compare the movie with the show, however I do think showing the real Selena at the end was a decision the show should've made too - it just makes the moment all the more powerful and reminds you of how profound the loss of this beautiful, sweet, talented girl was.

There are still corny moments, the corniest one being of Selena running into Beyoncé at the mall in San Antonio. I mean it's nice to have that story confirmed by both parties, but the moment was acted in such a cheesy way. The dialogue was just unnatural, how the mom had to name drop "Beyoncé Knowles"... yeah that could've been better. Also the scene with the judge at the city hall coming to tell Selena his daughter was a fan and that he could marry her and Chris on that same day to get "brownie points" with his daughter and the nosey "fan" calling the radio station to tell them Selena got married - yeah that whole scene was corny, could've been written and acted out better.

Still, I definitely enjoyed Part 2 better than Part 1. It's still imperfect and still biased, but it was a better production where Selena was at the center of the story, as she should've been in the first place and there was more to her than just the need to be a singer. Thank you to the crew that took people's critiques and made necessary improvements.

Selena forever ~
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Just watch the movie instead...
marymcfarland-018664 December 2020
This series moves so slowly, it lulled me to sleep. I couldn't get past the 2nd episode. Performances are very unemotional and flat....the opposite of the actual Selena. The casting is simply not good. Just watch the 1997 movie and call it a day.
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Bad acting
lindsayklein-483385 December 2020
The acting is bad. Just terrible. I feel if they would have done better casting it could be ok to watch
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Definite Cash Grab For Everyone Involved. No Substance Whatsoever
JuYoAvGi6 December 2020
My title pretty much says it all. I tried to give it a chance, but this is nothing more than a cookie cutter image of what everyone assumed Selena was. You don't really learn much about who she is as a teenager and woman and her background. This show is very much focused on the family - the father and brother in particular. I would not waste your time watching this if you're hoping to see an in-depth story of Selena's life. I won't be tuning in for part 2.
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The Abraham Quintanilla Netflix Series
atrzhrz7 December 2020
Yet another disappointment for Selena fans. A show titled Selena where she is mostly a background character is huge rip-off. Just like the movie, the show lacks so much of the Selena we all loved and miss. No one wants to hear about her dad's failed career, again. If anything he comes off as a controlling and possessive father who stole his children's childhood. Just change the name of the show and save real Selena fans from wasting their time.
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xtinevelvet5 May 2021
Saccharine and Lifetime-y. Selena is written like a Disney Princess instead of a real person. I'm assuming that is because her family was involved in the production of this series. It really does her memory a disservice not portraying her as the nuanced woman she likely was. This was a real missed opportunity.
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Give it a chance!
daycmane10 December 2020
I was looking forward for this show and so far, I'm enjoying it. Before anything, for all people out there saying "the actress doesn't look like Selena, her hair doesn't look like Selena's" .. just do a little research and you'll find out that Selena actually had pretty curly hair and in her earlier years she did rock her curls! Only later she started to style her hair in a different way. You'll see that her hair curls and color actually looked like that before... Later on in the show you'll see she changes her style as she matures and becomes a woman! I am, like many people, a huge fan of the movie with JLo, but obviously they speeded up in order to make a 2 hours movie about her life, the series portrays a more detailed and slower paced timeline. So they actually did a great job by showing her hair like that. Just give it some time because the series is showing her earlier years and the process of her becoming the Selena we know. Yes, there are some negative aspects, but I think that it's overall consistent and well portrayed. Sometimes the acting isn't the best performance, but it isn't THAT bad either. Obviously the actress can't dance as JLo, hasn't the same curves as JLo , but she's good and as far as I know, Selena's family chose and approved her to play Selena... That has to mean something. Just enjoy the series for what it is. Don't compare to the movie. It's a different kind of magic and it's great that her memory is being honored.
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Selena 1997 was a masterrpiece, this one not so much
rwmxyf7 December 2020
Where to start? Driving from their home in Corpus to Matamoros it looks like they are driving past giant mountains and valleys. jajajaja I've driven it dozens of times. The lower valley is flat as a pancake. Also mountains in the background in Matamoros. I lived there. Again the area is perfectly flat.

We all speak with a Tejano accent, south of Houston to the border. Not exactly a Spanish accent. But everyone in the region speaks with it. Selena and her family certainly did. The actors never learned it.

Actress playing Selena in no way looks like her. I'm sure she is a nice young lady but Selena.......NO! Sorry

The earlier 1996 biopic had Jennifer Lopez, a New York native of Puerto Rican decent playing Selena. She absolutely nailed the part as if she was channeling Selena herself. Her mannerisms, her accent, her smile even the way she walked. Lopez is a very talented actress, granted, but she turned into Selena.

Selena was Tejana through and through. It was what made her popular to this day. Lopez got it spot on. The Netflix series seems like a high school drama class project from California.
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kristinamarkovic-004205 December 2020
Gave up on the series after 2 episodes. I don't like how Selena is not the main focus, and the show can't top the original movie with JLo. Really dissapointing honestly
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Watch the 1997 movie instead!!!!
emysanchez-121775 December 2020
Nope, didn't like it. The actress looks nothing like her, her makeup does but her features don't. She looks kinda goofy. The "teen" version of herself is horrible! It was confusing cause the actors look too old to play teen characters. It's uncomfortable to watch. Why did we need a series? The movie is well written and didn't feel I needed to know extra details. You can tell the directors and actress didn't try to connect with who Selana was, they just went based on what seems trendy. I don't recommend watching this. I think the ones giving it above 5 stars are young kids that are new fans to Selena and maybe never heard of her 'till now. Sorry Netflix! This was not good, but it'll be in the top 10 for a couple weeks due to curiosity.
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The wigs! My god! The wigs!!
pamelatovargs5 December 2020
Selena had a lot of angel and this actress doesn't.

The super badly combed wigs.

Nobody like my Selena to move those precious nalgotas (buttocks) that she had to the rhythm of bidibidi bambam but at a loss they would have looked for an actress who knew how to dance, in the series they make cuts and cuts because she could not do a well done choreography
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Pretty bad
eva-570445 December 2020
Whoever produced and directed this did a pretty bad job. The lead actress doesn't even resemble Selena. The series is slow moving and seems to drag on and on. It's like a poorly acted Hollywood version of a Tejano family . At this point, I believe that the family, especially the father is capitalizing on Selena's Fame any way they can.
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Main character was just not the right fit
dvalle-555739 December 2020
Unfortunately, I think the main character didn't play the role to its maximum potential. First off, she doesn't have the right body shape and looks tiny compared to Selena. Her acting was terrible, she didn't accomplish her accent. I think this would of fixed the problem. However , I think the mom did a great job. From looks to acting she was on point and authentic. Suzette was also a great actress. She was a natural. Mediocre actors foe the rest of characters .
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Wrong choice of actor
aarr-242605 December 2020
She doesn't represent anything Selena. I can't even take it serious because she doesn't look like her. J Lo totally updated her in the movie. It's boring we turned it off
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lauren-084595 December 2020
Just a boring drawn out version of the movie but sooo bad. I'm so disappointed
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It's okay...
rocketwoods4 December 2020
Episode one was okay for an introduction. The show feels like if Lifetime had a really big budget to make a biopic. It doesn't dive deep, not dark enough and feels like a viewership grab with her namr. Hopefully, part two learns enough from part one reviews.
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