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16 Jan. 2019
Rainn Wilson's "Assisted Living"
Long before "The Office," Rainn Wilson tried creating his own TV series. He reveals the first idea he ever pitched, a TV series called "Assisted Living," where two slackers inherit an old-folks home. Never picked up, the show now sees the light of day for the first time ever.
16 Jan. 2019
Kristen Schaal's 'Avant Garde'
When Kristen Schaal was in college, she came up with the idea for a short film called 'Avant Garde' that, yes, lived up to its name. The film never got made ... until now.
16 Jan. 2019
Jay Chandrasekhar's 'Mickleberry: Cat In Space'
A movie studio once told Jay Chandrasekhar and his Broken Lizard comedy troupe to write any movie they wanted. So, naturally, they created a film with an astronaut who was a cat and called it 'Mickleberry: Cat in Space.' The studio ended up passing on the project, but we said, "Yes!"
23 Jan. 2019
'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'Accordion Repo Man'
It may come as no surprise that 'Weird Al' Yankovic was once an accordion repo man ... for real. But what might be a little more shocking is that he created an action-hero movie based on his experience. Now the movie is brought to life for the first time ever: 'Weird Al's' 'Accordion Repo Man.'
1 Feb. 2019
Bobby Moynihan's "Loafy"
From starving artist to "Saturday Night Live" cast member, Bobby Moynihan has never stopped thinking about the one project that he's never managed to get made - until now. Meet "Loafy," the manatee at the top of the New York Zoo drug trade.
9 Feb. 2019
Tig Notaro's 'Three Friends Down'
What do you get when you trap three stand-up comics in the same car for weeks at a time with only one Dolly Parton song to keep them company? Tig Notaro's idea for an award-winning horror short film - now produced for the first time ever!
15 Feb. 2019
Nick Cannon's "Cannon's Away"
16-year-old Nick Cannon LOVED the sitcoms of the 80's and 90's, but even after taking the best parts of all of them and combining them into one super sitcom couldn't get Nick's "Cannon's Away" idea made...until now.
22 Feb. 2019
Paul Rust's 'Death Cult Follies'
How do you write a cult classic? Make it about a classic cult! Paul Rust reveals his idea for a comedy that has remained unmade for obvious reasons ... until now!
1 Mar. 2019
Casey Wilson's "Monster Daughter"
It's hard for "SNL" cast members to get their sketches on the show. But that didn't stop Casey Wilson's dad from writing his own sketch for Casey to star in. "Monster Daughter" never made it to air, but it is finally produced for the first time here.
8 Mar. 2019
Reggie Watts' "Phasium Protocol"
What's a sci-fi series without special effects or props? A Reggie Watts creation, that's what. For the first time ever, we bring to life Reggie's "Phasium Protocol," which producers everywhere called "way way way too hard to make."

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