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Usual crap
saru20205 August 2019
As usually like the director's earlier films, it also seemed like a Korean movie remake with the cut to the chase scenes and theme of the night based one but it was somewhat watchable with the dog playing games.
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tarungjis12 June 2019
Watchman is a 2019 film directed by A.L. Vijay. The movie focuses on the character that was played by G.V. Prakash. This movie is precise and finishes in 90 minutes. Even if it was more than 5 minutes, it would have been really boring and unnecessary... There are no duet songs... Love songs... Build-up songs... and etc. There is just one song which is also not when the movie is running, it is in the credits scene. It is completely watchable. Usually, if this was a Pakka Tamil movie, they would drag one more hour, but this was precisely finished. G.V. Prakash's acting was acceptable, pretty good. The BGM is really good but it is a bit over-used in some scenes. When the villain is talking (in Hindi) there are irritatable dubbings added in the back. They should have gone with subtitles because the villain seemed to talk with full emotions. The dog's acting and stunts were impressive, it has done a good job. The girlfriend's scenes were not extra and was done precisely... Overall this movie is a really good film, an amazing thriller with a quick and crisp storyline. I highly recommend you to watch this... Don't listen to the other negative reviews... Those are reviewed by people that prefer highly commercial films by famous actors... A.L. Vijay has done a great job... Hat's off!

Direction: 3.5/5

Script: 4/5

Screenplay: 4/5

Acting: 4/5

Action: 3/5

Comedy: 3/5

Romance: 3/5

Storyline: 4/5

Performance: 4.3/5

Well Done!
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Bruno the Great
VishnuprasadKmenon26 July 2019
Its one of the simple thriller movie in Tamil industry. The last 45 minutes is really stunning. Bruno, the dog played a great work in the movie. Movie shows the love of dogs to human. The first few minutes are boring, but later it was thrilled. Good direction, good music everything is good. I gave 10 rating for Bruno. It's a nice simple movie.
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Home Alone Meets Patriot Games Meets Lassie!
bmcdannell17 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
We accidentally stumbled across this movie when I was searching for the highly acclaimed Watchmen series - and we're delighted we did. We haven't posted a review in ages but with the fairly miserable ratings this has been getting we decided we just had to chip in. whether or not it was intended to be a comedy we laughed all the way through it! First of all, the entire concept of having a Golden Retriever as a watchdog is such a hoot - we have a Golden and the only threat he'll ever pose to anyone is that he might knock you down so he can snuggle up in your lap and give you a tongue bath. We have a sign on our front door: Warning! This home is protected by an overly affectionate Golden Retriever. And they're all like that - really! But our canine hero is alert and dedicated...and wise enough to make Lassie green with envy. Our human hero is a clumsy, well-meaning schmuck who takes way too long to realize that the dog, Bruno, is way smarter than he is. The bad guys are menacing, but wind up doing more harm to themselves than to anyone else. The situations are hilariously absurd and good ol' Bruno comes through every time. I swear, if one of the characters had said, "Bruno, go down to the corner deli - the one on 4th Street, not the one on Maple Avenue, and bring me back a pastrami on rye with extra mayo!" Bruno would have paused, fetched a piece of paper, and used his paw to scrawl, "U want fries w that?"

It was truly the funniest movie we've seen in a long, long time and we'd give it a full ten stars if it were not for one major flaw near the end - and here comes the spoiler, so if you want to avoid it, stop reading now:

The inviolable rule of a dog as hero movie is that you don't kill off the hero. It just isn't done! We will choose to believe that Bruno was seriously injured near the end but was rushed to a kindly, skilled vet who was able to restore him to health so he would live to wag another day. If the director had simply chosen to include a couple of seconds at the end showing Bruno still in his bandages but as eager to please as ever we'd give it ten stars without batting an eye. Since he didn't all we can say is - thanks for a delightful movie...but shame on you!
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Awesome hilarious movie
matthewmichael4 January 2020
It's so bad it's good. Keeps you on the edge of your seat--super dog is can fly.
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Decent film with less twists
prithiviramthirupathy4 October 2019
Decent thriller movie. Enjoyed watching it. Some scenes were predictable but I didn't feel bored because of cinematography, BGM, picturization, comedy portions. Director need to focus on keeping the audience at the edge of the seat by setting more twists in his upcoming films. Anyhow, Applause to the entire crew for making decent film!
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Waste of 90 mins of my life
keithnigli7 July 2019
Please don't watch this movie. Saw this movie for the director, GV P and heroine but only good think was the 🐕. Please if you want to waste 90mins of your life please watch this movie. My kids(Studying in 2nd STD) can take a better movie.

The director is known for good movies but this was like a torturing the dead. Heroine was beautiful but nothing to do. GVP no idea why he agreed to this, what to say it's not movie it's not anything!!!
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Jury's still out.
susanmassa1 November 2019
This is just episode one and it's hard to see where this series is going. I suspect it will be like "The Man in the High Castle", there will be good and evil on both sides.

As far as saying that the show pushes a "liberal agenda". Remember, the whole point of the original comics was that good and bad, heros and villains are not so easily defined. But if showing white supremacists as the bad guys upsets you, that says more about the you than the show.
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