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Thought the other user review. . . .
vinceb-33 March 2019
As I write this, there is only one other user review of this recently produced HBO documentary. I don't know Nick Buoniconti personally, but do remember him as an important player on the only perfect team in NFL history. Whether he is a bad person I do not know, but the other reviewer implies that Buoniconti is a terrible person, without attribution. Whatever the case, this documentary is very well done with peerless narration by Liev Schreiber.
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The Many Lies of Nick Buoniconti
croscoemcclureiii20 February 2019
"The Many Lives of Nick Buoniconti" ought to be called "The Many Lies of Nick Buoniconti". This "mockumentary" seeks to humanize a tobacco industry executive who is responsible for killing MILLIONS of people. A man who bald-faced lied on 60 Minutes about the medical truths that come with tobacco use. He terrorized his employees... belittled them... bullied everyone he ever met on an off the field - including his first wife of 35 years. If you look through the crap this excuse for a documentary seeks to pass off in an attempt to lionize at truly terrible human being, you should come away with the understanding that he has done everything in his life with himself and only himself in mind - including his work with the Buoniconti Fund. Surely the organization is doing good work, but Nick Buoniconti himself did it out of well-earned guilt for his treatment of his sons and pushing them to be football players like himself. This man is a self-centered CREEP. If you watch this documentary, look through the lines and see the truth of this rich, insolent megalomaniac whose only true concern is himself.
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