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Who knew a superhero film could be so beautiful?
dominicwood-145044 September 2021
I'll start by saying that if you're looking for a great story, you'll be disappointed. Shang-Chi is a pretty standard hero's journey at its core, which is a shame because the story could have been inspired by House of Flying Daggers and other wuxia titles.

So why a rating so high? Because where the story falls, everything else excels.

Shang-Chi is visually spectacular and a real treat for the eyes with some visuals that are incredibly distinct for the MCU. In regards to aesthetics, Black Panther walked so Shang-Chi could run a marathon.

The fight scenes are all amazing. There's one weak fight, but it's meant to be weak, and they're all very long, which is great to see. One of the early ones went on for a solid 5 - 10 minutes, which was unexpected but far from disappointing.

The first actual fight scene is my favourite in the MCU, and I was worried none of the others would top it, but they were all delightful to watch, and I was so glad they did a parallel of it later on. Either way, the writers went hard on the fight scenes and that paid off.

In summary, the story is lacking, but I'm glad in a way because that allowed everything else to shine. And shine, it did. I hope future directors take lessons from the aesthetics and choreography of Shang-Chi.
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something unique and fresh
laviniadallam2 September 2021
After 10 years of almost every movie being.armed combat, this one is fresh and the perfect start for phase 4 (yes, the start is with black widow but is something "old", too related to the previous phases), i loved every single moment, i got chills, i laughed. The soundtrack is astonishing, as the.cinematography. The best of the mcu if i may. Loved the colors. The fighting sequence leave you attached to the screen as they seem like they are dancing. All combined is something else, completely new and i can't wait to see more of simu liu as shang-chi because he was.brilliant.

Go see the movie!!
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It's a Visual treat
mhatreritesh4 September 2021
Perfect Fantasy film to watch with full family.. you can't miss this on big screen.
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Best non-avengers MCU movie
nishantsalhotrans6 September 2021
Keeping it short. This movie had it all. Great story, writing, direction, acting, villain, comedy and fight direction.

I'm a huge old school kung-fu movie fan and I was a bit sceptical about how they will show the fight scenes. Glad they kept it authentic with the fight director (who worked with Jackie Chan a lot). It was insane.

The story itself was superb. The villain's character development was amazing. The direction was not rushed and at the same time it didn't bore me for a single second.

Best non-avengers MCU movie for me. I can watch this again today after watching it last night.
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Fun Film That Does What It Is Supposed To
truthtellers-168251 September 2021
Brought to you by the Truth Tellers.

Film is great overall and in this genre at least, is one of the best all year round that has been generally lacklustre. Definitely a good movie to watch as it does what it is supposed to in that it is generally a setup film for something bigger in the MCU.

Like many of the other Marvel Films in the MCU, they have to start somewhere. As an origin film it does it very well and perhaps the best origin / starting film for superhero movies that is full of action, decent story that is somewhat predictable (as it is for most origin stories) though generally fresh, fun and great characters. Definitely one to watch.

Final Verdict - Does what it is meant to do and provides the entertainment while doing it.
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Honestly it's great, beautiful martial arts galore
csheff34 September 2021
Haven't been much of a Marvel guy even with their biggest event films, but Shang Chi is solid. Story moves quick, lots of great characters, almost nonstop action scenes, and a finale that they hid from the trailers. I was definitely way more into it than I thought I'd be. Props to the team on this one!
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden MARVEL . . . And So MUCH , MUCH , MUCH , MORE πŸ’Ž
A -BIG- Screen Mini Review. Viewed Sept.05, 2021.


Katy : "That's fine...... you can just explain on the plane". { Said to Shaun a.k.a Shang-Chi, marking a "sudden and unexpected" twist of events }.


1. " So -{ MANY }- Upsides : "Crouching Tiger, Hidden MARVEL" { Gosh . . . . where do I even start❓} " : Ang Lee's circa 2000 quasi-mystical Martial arts spectacular is the -Very- first film that came to my mind whilst watching a certain beautifully -{ " Atmospheric " }- segment of the opening-act of 'Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings' ( 'Shang-Chi' for short ) . . . . you'll know it -Immediately- upon seeing it . . . . featuring "ever-fabulous" Malaysian Mega Star Michelle Yeoh ; who of course was one of the -Principal- characters in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', -As well- . { FYI : this is by no means intended to be a spoiler ; -several- of the movie -official- teasers & trailers 'gallantly' feature the said scene, albeit briefly }. And what's more ...( trailers also )... if you're someone with 'even the slightest bit' of true passion for all things within the realm of sheer cinematic -{ FANTASY 🌠 }- , then you'll be absolutely -delighted- to know that Shang Chi -Also- has a distinct 'Harry Potter' aspect to it . . . & if even -that's- not enough for you . . . Then, get this, its got a 'full-blown dollop of Narnia' thrown in there for good measure, at that. To be -Really- honest, it felt a bit disorienting , -At First- , seeing all "those types of elements" in an 'MCU' ( 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' ) picture, but then I suddenly realized that 'Infinity War' -And- 'Endgame' both -Very- prominently feature, well ...{ a walking, -"Talking"- demolition derby of a, err, -"Raccoon"- }... in them, & I began to feel at home again, pretty darn quick.

2. " There -Is- One 'Stark' Downside, Alas . . . . The MCU has had -{ WAY }- Too Much "Muddled & Obfuscatory" Messaging Vis-a-vis 'The Ten Rings', Over The Years " : In 2008's -superbly- received { and completely -iconic- } 'Ironman', which is where we were all introduced to the bespoke militant organization, ( 'TTR' for short ), for the -Very- first time . . . . there is an "Explicit And Unequivocal" reference to the film's ( initial ) setting as being sometime within the USA's long 'War In Afghanistan', ( where the -Official- state religion is Islam ). Hence, by -{ EXTENSION πŸ’‘ }- , there is the correspondingly "Glaring", ( although tad more "Implicit" ), suggestion that TTR is . . . . . { from the immediately apparent ethnic backgrounds of the mostly Urdu & Arabic speaking members portrayed, to the group's visually -Distinctive- flag, right down to the undeniably frightening 'Imminent-Beheading' type video featuring a thoroughly bruised & bloodied Tony Stark as its centerpiece ( all too reminiscent of the -Horribly- tragic & bloodcurdling news stories that we've been, sadly, accustomed to reading about, hearing about and watching over the years ) } . . . . . 'yet another' archetypal, classic "Islamist-fundamentalist" type group. When in fact, as is -Strongly- conveyed to us in -This- particular picture, ( beginning all the way with the trailers itself ), that this is simply -{ Not }- the case. The said militant group does, of course, turn out to be, ( at its very 'Core' ), & by way of, this, its Origins-Story ; "Not Arab Or Middle Eastern -At All-" , but in fact . . . . -{ " 100% CHINESE " }- . Certainly very confusing, -especially- for the majority of us, who -haven't- read any 'Mandarin vs. Shang-Chi' comics . . . . Go Figure πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ πŸ€” .

" Final Analysis " : -{ If }- you can get yourself to basically -Overlook- the aforementioned, & "Legitimate Inconsistencies" pertaining to Marvel's cinematic representation of its Ten Rings Organization, then . . . . -Yes- , for the most part at least, you -{ Should }- believe all the "Rave Reviews" that this 'Utter Delight Of A Movie' has -already- garnered, 'Globally'. A -Huge- Shoutout to its 'rookie' ( -relatively speaking- ) Director 'Destin Daniel Cretton', who"s been able to achieve this feat with, get this, just his -"5th"- Directorial-venture . . . Ever πŸ‘ . What started as a humble yet impassioned little comic book effort about 10 very magical, & { Phenomenally Empowered Alien "MAKLUAN" Rings } . . . By the "Truly-Legendary" Stan Lee & Don Heck in Feb. 1964 ( "Tales Of Suspense, No.50" ) . . . Has now become the supremely enthralling "Fresh New Face" of Marvel's 'BOLD NEW ERA' { that started with 'Phase Four' }. The film's 'Star' is newcomer Simu Liu, whose portrayal of the outwardly nerdy-seeming yet immensely likeable 'Shaun' works wonderfully { not to mention all his ( " Super πŸ˜‰ " )-impressive Kung Fu skills, of course }, with his ever-jocular best companion 'Katy', ( Awkwafina ), showing an absolute -ton- of heart, courage, & most of all, -{ " Fierce " }- Loyalty, throughout. Tony Leung, Meng'er Zhang, Fala Chen, Michelle Yeoh, & of course Shang-Chi's Big, Fun, "Open-Surprise" .....the 'one & only' Ben Kingsley.... perform their respective roles with -{ " Panache " }- . So, all told, it's going to be " A Completely Charmed, Fiery 9.50 Marks Out 10 From Me . . . . ROCK ON, MARVEL πŸ‘Š πŸ”₯❗" .
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Out of the Marvel patterns
IliescuVictor2 September 2021
I had very few expectations from this one, given the fact that it was an origin story with a character I know zero facts about. But let me say this, it competes with the Avengers movies when comes to cinematography, visuals and action sequences.

By far the best Marvel movie in the recent years, that puts many titles from its portfolio to shame.

The visuals are a blast, a true eye candy experience. There are a lot of new elements that Marvel seemed to experience with and it worked out perfectly. The choreography is spot on, as the fighting sequences are among the best I've seen, and combined with a good score, it turns out to be a very enjoyable seeing on the big screen. I think it's mandatory to watch Shang-Chi on the biggest screen you can get to.
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It's not as bad as people are saying, it's also not quite as good.
handaloo4 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
First off, this is a decent movie.

Sure, there's a buttload of tropey nonsense, small furry Disney creatures and all that, but overall it's a good MCU inclusion and Simu Liu is great, as are MOST of the other actors.

The story is pretty decent, although a little over the place in parts, and does a pretty nice job of including it in the overall MCU as well as adding some nice Chinese mythical callbacks or whatever you would call them.

The acting is excellent, especially Tony Leung who I would say is the most relatable antagonist since Marvel's Daredevil and the superb Kingpin.

However, there's some pretty bad parts too. Awkwafina does well to not be quite as annoying as she's been in other parts, but is given WAY too much credit and screen time considering she's just Shang Chi's buddy and has no actual skill or reason to be there. Especially with how's she's treated by Wong later in the movie. Why Marvel needs her to be included quite as much I've no idea. Especially considering how great Shang Chi and his sister were in the film.

Lastly, the fight choreography. It is VERY good. An absolute tribute to the late Brad Allan and was a joy to watch. Especially the close up work and the Chinese weaponry which was displayed super well.

Overall, it's well worth a cinema visit. It's a good film and doesn't deserve all the 1 star reviews AT ALL.
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Strong 7/10
delsoca4 September 2021
I have just watched this movie. I am an avid Marvel fan. This film introduces a new character, there is that standard Disney approach, with a mix of comedy, seriousness and lots of action.

Disney work through the numbers on this film, there are no surprises and it does what it does on the tin.

The acting is good, special effects are solids and the story is not bad.

There's continuity linking to the other marvel universe which is nice for the fans.

I would actually pitch this at 7.5/10, not quite an 8 but higher than a 7

Those review of 1 or 2 out of ten are way off the mark, this film is not that bad.
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What's up with these extreme positive reviews?
JATIN-19894 September 2021
I watched this movie after Twitter was claiming it to be the best movie ever, so I went with high expectations, after watching what I found is movie was mediocre at best, the CGI was great but apart from it everything is just ok at the best, I didn't connect with any character at all. To be honest wait for the film to come on streaming services, not worth it to go to the cinema.
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Honest: A decent movie but don't expect anything you haven't already seen from Marvel.
MrSAsheC2 September 2021
It's a decent movie. Happy that the comedic timing in certain scenes isn't overdone and it plays out to be a little more serious. The Mandarin in the movie by far the best acted out character and the choreography of the martial arts is on point. The movie is probably about 15 mins too long just when you think "oh it's finishing up" there's more. There is a notable difference in the second act with the story going more rapid and pacing is definitely the movies biggest flaw. Acting wise it's cool, nothing amazing or something you haven't seen before.

If you're familiar with marvel it's the exact same model as some of the other movies with it being about family (Thor, Black Widow).

Wanna have a good time with the family or just a decent watchable movie? This is one that you'll like.
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A return to good Marvel movies
wgeddings5 September 2021
If you are like me, from the previews and ads you thought this was a Kung Fu movie about a son rebelling against his crime lord father and the father sends men to force him to return and make him take over as the next leader of the criminal empire. Not an awful plot but not that original either. That is absolutely NOT what this movie is about. I love and hate that Marvel's trailer seldom give anything away and I am glad they are doing it again. That is not at all what this movie is about and I will not spoil anything.

The performances are good, the story is good and while not complicated, it keeps your interest. Funny parts, touching parts, action parts, it is overall just a good movie that was enjoyable to watch. It is not one of the best Marvel movies but it is a solid one and worth seeing in the theater.
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Absolute Banger!
MiroslavKyuranov1 September 2021
That was a freakin' blast! The story is complex and interesting it fills some gaps in the MCU and simultaneously is a great origin story for the character of Shang-Chi.

The whole cast is amazing, I mean there is so much chemistry between them. Simu Liu and Tony Leung are phenomenal in their respective roles. The Mandarin well created character.

The movie is amazing bridge between East and West culture. There is so much to explore, much like Wakanda. The history of Shang's culture is so rich.

The fight choreography is absolute kick in the a good way. I mean this is something completely new for the MCU and they deliver it again! Everything looks so goddamn good and I can't help myself thinking about some scenes! Also, the colors, the effects, the camera work and etc. Everything is magnificent.

There is humor for sure, but there is also emotional impact. This is not some bland action packed movie, it's made with heart from fans for the fans. Kudos to the director Destin Cretton!

Killer soundtrack and the main song for the movie "Run It" fits so good with all.

There are a few surprises, that were hidden from the promos and trailers and man...just wait to see them.

About the credit scenes...they are two, both are good, but one of them is...SICK!

For sure deserves more than one viewing in the cinema, so much story building, details, action, fun. The people who underestimated this movie will be so surprised how great is it.
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adamthorn-312945 September 2021
Shang-Chi was honestly amazing. The cinematic experience was great and the story and plot of the movie was very good too. I am a huge marvel fan and it makes me happy to see that they are branching out to different types of hero's from all types of backgrounds. To sum up my review I really enjoyed it and highly recommend. (stay for the credits to the end)
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Probably one of the worst MCU movies
maximfilipenko2 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The film contains a lot of confusing plot points that really make the whole story look underwhelming and uninteresting.

Why is Shang Chi's father so blind (or stupid) that he cannot see he is being deceived by some otherworldly being? Even after he sees that he released some kind flying demons out? And after Shang Chi tried to politely explain him this a few times?

Oh, and the father was just wasted within seconds and the mega-powerful ten rings didn't help him much.

And this otherworldly being... The CGI monster. What exactly is it? It turns out to be the main villain of the film, but it's hard care about it at all.

I loved the jokes in the movie, and the first hour was fine, but the rest is just disappointing.
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One of the Best Marvel Movies of This Year
lakelazy1 September 2021
This movie portrays a villain that by far has been the best out of all the other Marvel antagonists. It shows his personal conflicts, his purpose, as well as his cruelty. The hero of this film are overshadowed by this, but the ending really makes a mark on the audience. Also the martial arts and action scenes are a treat to watch and the core of the film is about family.
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Stop Disneying our Marvel Dammit
Izzy27274 September 2021
Couple of things, 1. The actors are made of plastic, I know it wasn't a CGI cartoon but the actors were so one dimensional it may as well have been. Have never seen live actors display the uncanny valley. 2. Feels alot more like a Disney film and less like a Marvel super hero movie. 3. It was super formulaic, Awkwafina was as usually not funny and every little chuckle was super forced. Overall had some good fight choreography but you can get that in any other Kung Fu Movie. Kind of makes you wonder why so much money was spent on a very very very template movie. Kind of lame.
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Visually stunning but overrated
gaberh123411 September 2021
The fight scenes, creature designs and set are absolutely amazing, but overall story was sort of slow. Visually stunning but yet I couldn't help but feel it's a bit overrated. It also felt less connected to the mcu than most Marvel films and the first Wong/ Abomination cameo felt very out of place.
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Fantastic movie!
jameszd444 September 2021
This movie is much better than black widow, it's funny, it's exciting, and full of adventure!

Must see this summer!
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Great visuals but horrid storyline.
valenkim3 September 2021
This is well done as far as special effects but the plot is so boring I couldn't take it and left in the middle of the film.
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Great visuals but slow moving
teomslaer3 September 2021
Well the fight scenes were exciting , the story was incredibly slow. Not the best Marvel movie but not as weak as movies like Thor: The Dark World. Some of the best visuals in any movie I have seen which helps improve the overall experience. Keep an eye out for a fun character to pop up as well!
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Not as Good as Some Reviews Say
dzzg3 September 2021
Overall it's nothing new or very creative. I have no idea why some people pretend like it's new coming of movies. It's not. It's meh at best. Wait for streaming!
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Martin Scorsese Was So Right
casualmovienerd3 September 2021
Martin Scorsese called most of these generic MCU movies theme park movies and This movie is perfect example of that. There are some great MCU movies, but seems like Marvel isn't even trying to separate themselves from theme park stigma, when they make movies like this.
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laceup-968493 September 2021
Another forgettable Marvel film, story is the same old but this time it's the asian version, I think the biggest issue is it's too long or else some of the action were good.
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