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faer_kr24 January 2021
A French comedy. It is about an overweight girl who listens to the comments of others and decides to enter pol dance to be more "feminine". Quality. Current. Entertaining Bittersweet. With moments that touch your heart. With light jokes and sarcasm. You manage to click with the main character at the beginning, the main character is very human. Good acting and the script is good. It can be taken generic as: "Britaney's career" or "Sexy by accident" but it has its essence. Talk about self-esteem, how stereotypes hurt and involve us, even if we let ourselves be carried away by them, they totally consume us. Of not stopping being oneself and learning to love and accept ourselves as is. To look for what makes us happy and exploit our potentials trying new things, without the fear of failing or what they will say. If you ever feel insufficient this movie is for you.
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5.5 stars, an ok little movie
nicolasmaczk23 January 2021
First of all, the title in French literally means "chubby/thick/chunky", I don't understand why they translated it to "ballsy girl". Writing is clean and everything's done by the book. It's a typical French movie with all the overused (/misused) clichéd Moroccan culture that I usually hate, but this time it was less out of control and actually did the job at conveying what a real Moroccan family looks like in France, but... it wasn't the focus of the movie anyway. Acting was on point, I enjoyed Lemercier and Bedia's (Ramzy) parts, even though I would have loved to see more Ramzy. The story isn't exceptional, don't go in expecting something huge. You'll smile some, laugh some, and maybe feel a bit sad here and there, but the movie isn't really trying to get more out of you. Watch it if you have a hour and a half to kill otherwise you may feel like you wasted your time.
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chunky pole dancers...
ops-5253521 January 2021
Are really ravishing youll experience after viewing this petit french romantic comedy. its the ugly duckling like young woman, that fumes an aura of testosteronic vibes playing football and showering with the boys as the tomboy she is, that wish to be as attractive as the other girls around, and finds the clue, that may poledancing do the job? see for yourself , youll not be dissapointed.

allthough sweet and chubby sexy, the production aint more than mainstream romcom alla france, with no original ideas or generic insertions. the acting though are very relaxed and fluid and you feel sympathy with the caracters in the main roles. anyway i had a good time evaluating the main female caracter, as the chubby type has always been my taste of woman. so the grumpy old man had a nice time viewing forte, a recommend from me.
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