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Nothing new.
gothic-fiction4 January 2021
Cliché formula all the way: a group of teenagers decide to shoot a horror in the forest but then..something goes terribly wrong.

Look I'm all for indie movies, low budget productions, because most of the times, when you're in need of things you can't have, you truly get creative, and this process leads to some pretty amazing results. Not here tho, the plot isn't as smart as it wanted to be, the characters were mostly annoying attached to weak acting, but I have noticed some ok humor here and there.

Very few things come in mind when trying to describe GetAWAY without ruining the movie for others, I mean if a slasher is your thing, try something like You Might Be The Killer, it is far better and delivers on more levels. I would say that this one falls flat, yet in all honesty, it gets a tad better right at the ending, even tho, that one has been used in such productions way too many times, so overall, GetAWAY is a copycat of this genre, not a good one, not a creative one, and sadly, easily noticed, a cheap one as well. No reasons to recommend.

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