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Expands the lore while making the previous entry actually mean something
alexandernaskov4 March 2021
This show was an unexpected surprise and the trailers and promotional material do it a great disservice. I was expecting something average, maybe a 6 out of 10 but I am glad to say this show is much more nuanced than I know most will give it credit for. And certainly more thought and effort into making it good than the atrocity that was Uprising.

But what was even more unique is that there isn't as much Kaiju fighting as I would've expected which is actually not a con against it as the story it chooses to tell is very much a character one. And I am glad the writers weren't lazy and took the extra mile to actually flesh out these characters properly to the point you really care if something bad happens to them.

Another aspect I really appreciate is that it doesn't ignore the existence of the previous entry Uprising. It demonstrates that Uprising had potential great concepts but this time they'll actually use it. While it doesn't mean Uprising is any better it at the very least justifies it's existence in the lore and expands upon it in many creative ways I did not see coming.

In a way it's kind of like what the Clone Wars show was to the prequels.
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Wish they had expanded the range of the story more
sumtim3s00n4 March 2021
If you like the genre and Pacific rim movies/ story then you'll most likely enjoy it. Its not a gem but its entertaining enough. I only wish it was a bit more to the story and perhaps a bit longer. The plot gives an impression it will be sort of like Firefly or Star Trek, what I mean is the kids have the big mech as their home/travel medium and as they travel around on their "mission" (parents) ,meet people,have experiences,help etc.. All the while the jaeger (big mech) would be their safe comfy home. I would much more prefer it like that, an episodic,every episode a short story while at the same time slowly pushing forward the main storyline. But as is, the plot is very shallow, the range of their experience is extremely limited with only a handful of characters and even less kaji. Too bad, because if they put a bit more effort into it and went the other route, with each ep having an individual either action/moral quandry/emotional/sad storyline while staying on the main road, this animation would've been A LOT better.
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Came in without expectations, left wanting more.
jensenmourat7 March 2021
I am a fan of the first movie and hated the second one. I love seeing kaiju fighting mechas and as in the first movie, the series has a lot of amazing fights. However it also suffers the same problem as in the first movie, i.e. a relatively weak and an oddly paced story, admittedly better than the movie though. But lets face it, nobody watches Pacific Rim for the plot only and here a serviceable plot is all i needed to enjoy the amazing animation, the very good sound track, the good voice acting and above all Jägers punching Kaijus!
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If you liked the first movie, watch this
adaptor11 March 2021
I almost didn't watch this because I have found most Netflix Anime disappointing. However, I am really glad that I did. This is what the second movie should have been! The anime is good, and obviously anime-ish with many of the standard tropes. Also, I grew up on Robotech in the eighties, watching the anime and reading all of the books. This reminds me of what I remember Robotech being (I went back and tried to re-watch it a few years ago and it disappointed). There is a good balance of mech vs monster, character development, and plot advancement. Well done and I am looking forward to season 2.
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zombie84-15 March 2021
Ignore the bad reviews here. This is another great edition - Hope they do alot more too. Acting is good, animation is awesome, characters are great too. Im glad this was made. And I to see more.
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Why 10 out of 10
fielamado10 March 2021
I'm a normy, I love anime and after seeing the movies and watching anime all of my life, I have to say I really liked this series, I'm really dissappointed that there were no more episodes. I'm also giving it a 10 out of 10 because I want to see more! The story is not generic, it doesn't copy other tales and it keeps you at the edge of your seat. I won't to know more about Boy and the siblings. Please please get us more seasons and more episodes. 7 episodes is too little. Watch it, you will like it if you are a fan of anime.
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Pretty good for Netflix standards
q-dr-km-165 March 2021
Animation 5/5 Voice actors (eng) 5/5 Characters 4.5/5 Story/plot 4.5/5

Targeted for teens and young adults, but can be enjoyed by just about anyone. There are some holes but can be overlooked or go unoticed. Overall, do recommend.
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This needed more than 6 episodes
Luvstagrind4 March 2021
This anime was something. It felt like it wanted too add every monster movie idea into a six episodes. Like they took ideas from multiple franchisee of monster flicks or shows and said "we'll add this, a little bit of that, put this there" and then shoved it out the door. I was all for the idea of kids going on an adventure to find their parents but then they add so many other ideas that just felt like this was an amateur writer's first attempt at fanfiction.
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I had an awesome time!
TheGreatGreenBadger5 March 2021
Binged this series of one of my most favorite franchises. In my opinion, it surpasses both the movies. It is really complex yet fun to watch, and the characters are very memorable. I had a blast! Can't wait for season 2!
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bearable i guess
nkiliuzo5 March 2021
Now don't get me wrong, I think the show is ok and might watch a season 2 if it ever get renewed but I don't like a lot of things in the show, the way they deal with grief and all that, I don't advice wallowing in self hate or whatever but after they saw what that monster did to their village and the way they went about it like OK it ain't out fault, moving on... when clearly it was, disturbed me. dude who I liked so far was the villain guy, the rest was just one dimensional... Lol, and the whole looking for parent thing felt stupid for it to be considered a motivation, I just needed something for me to cheer for the siblings, they make it so hard especially the girl. mei is OK tho
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Pacific Rim: The Black builds upon the franchise's strengths working as both a continuation and introduction to new fans.
IonicBreezeMachine7 March 2021
Sometime after what has become known as the Uprising War from the last movie, a third Precursor invasion happens in Australia decimating the continent and forcing the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) to abandon the continent and retreat. 5 years after the invasion, as Hayley and Taylor Travis (Gideon Adlon and Calum Worthy) await rescue from the PPDC in a hidden sanctuary with diminishing hope of rescue. After Hayley unearths a disused training Jaegar named Atlas Destroyer, the activation of the mechnisms inadvertantly alerts a Kaiju to the sanctuary's location destroying all but Hayley and Taylor. With their home destroyed and no rescue in sight, Hayley and Taylor must now venture through the ruins of Australia with their Jaegar venturing into the harsh wastes know to Survivors as The Black.

Back in 2013 Guillermo del Toro graced multiplexes with Pacific Rim, a fun take on Japanese monster films and super robot anime filtered through the lens of a big budget blockbuster. While the film garnered respectable box office numbers, it's digital footprint didn't translate to the level of success the studio was hoping for and most likely would've been written off as a disappointment had it not been for the film's massive success in Asian markets, particularly China, which eventually opened the door for the sequel, 2018's Pacific Rim: Uprising, with del Toro stepping back into a producing role and handing the reins to Spartacus and Daredevil director Steven S. DeKnight. Uprising is very flawed movie, it has some good elements in it and I like how it's tone is less apocalyptic (to a point) but without the gravitas del Toro added to the first one, Uprising came off in many ways like a big budget fan fiction including creating a previously unmentioned brother for Mako Mori with Jake Pentecost and not even addressing the previous protagonist Raleigh Beckett. Pacific Rim: The Black takes place some indeterminate amount of time after Uprising and while it does build upon elements from Uprising, it's not required viewing to understand or enjoy Pacific Rim: The Black. While the format may have changed for Pacific Rim: The Black, it still manages to deliver on the series' strengths while expanding the universe in new and interesting ways.

From the outset, The Black despite being animated is clearly taking its inspirations from the first film as many times the Jaeger/Kaiju battles are shot from street level views to give a sense of scale and weight to the battles and it's opening sequence where Australia is being invaded is very well done. The show also goes back to the first movie's themes of survivors guilt and carrying shared weight as it focuses on a brother and sister who've grown up in a world without their parents. Taylor is overly serious and no nonsense being a former Jaeger cadet prior to the fall of Australia, and takes a hardline stance when it comes to his sister's well being, while Hayley is more impulsive and brazen in her actions. It's a good dynamic that makes for rich familial drama but doesn't teeter over the edge into melodrama. The sequence where the Hayley inadvertantly activates the Jaeger and alerts a nearby Kaiju to the sanctuary has some absolutely haunting moments of terror as their friends and loved ones are massacred and the survivor's guilt felt by Hayley makes for compelling viewing especially in the friction it causes in their relationship.

While the characters are certainly rich and have some great exchanges, it helps that the world The Black creates feels unique (at least in terms of the Pacific Rim universe). Being set in Australia, it should surprise absolutely no one that there's more than a few passing similarities to the world of Mad Max with roving gangs of scavengers and marauders which surprisingly mesh really well in a world of monsters, giant robots, and other sci-fi gadgets. The show does a good job of creating an ongoing mystery as Hayley and Taylor search for their missing parents and introducing elements such as a mute albino boy, what seems to be a Jaeger/Kaiju hybrid, and many other dangling plot threads that are given just enough intrigue and answer to keep you wanting more.

What issues I do have with Pacific Rim: The Black are fairly minor, but I'd be remiss if I didn't address them. The animation is really good at the Kaiju/Jaeger battles, but the show struggles with the human moments every so often. For the most part the human models are perfectly serviceable, but being a CG series with anime aesthetics sometimes facial features will seem unnaturally flat or feel somewhat doll like in how they interact. There's also some situations where they attempt to do more dynamic and complex camera movements with the humans such as an instance involving a 360 degree arc shot inside a damaged Jaeger that gave the appearance the character in the fore ground was floating. As many have pointed out the show is only 7 episodes long. To the writers' credit the story never feels rushed or anything, but some of the emotional crescendo and dramatic payoffs may have elicited greater impact had they been allowed more time to develop.

Pacific Rim : The Black is a good addition to the franchise. While the compressed storytelling and somewhat rough animation at certain points can be distracting, the show continues building upon the interesting world built in the first tow films and populating it with interesting characters and compelling narratives.
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Horrible af
bobacyl4 March 2021
Characters with no faces, only two stupid teenagers who both behave like they are 6yo. The plot is not logical at all and makes just no sense. (Reminds me of the films I watched when j was in the kindergarten) No emotions involved. (Killing people and saying it wasn't their fault multiple times, and then just walk away like nothing happened.) The protagonists pretend as they care about others but in fact just by wasting others lives to save someone they didn't know, no apologies or regrets or whatever are mentioned afterwards. So Gross.
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As a huge fan of Pacific Rim, this is .. disappointing
ASBKnight11 March 2021
Annoying and just boring negative characters, a plain and meh angry character (Mei) and just a meh show.

The movie was perfect because some things need visual masterpiece, drawing it doesn't do it for me, maybe for others.

And the story sheesh.
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it's ok.
felixnkubi5 March 2021
I actually liked the show, for a 3d animated show, it was really done well, the action scenes felt fluid and real, overall quite good. characters wise not so much, that where I have a problem with this series, no really stood out to me, no character development at all, i might understand considering the show is 23 min long and just 7 episode but I think they could have made a character stand out tho. pacing was fast too, I do question most of the characters decision making. anyway the show is quite good to while away time
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Ignore the bad reviews!
fahad-alyahya5 March 2021
Ignore the bad reviews and watch it if you're a fan of the first movie.
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Terrible characters, bad story, rushed, and just about zero consistency with the rules set by the movies.
dominustheldras15 March 2021
Zero character growth, everything that happens relies purely on the characters being idiots with zero clue about what they are doing, you can tell the writers have zero clue as to how the drifting works as they seem to think that just about any moron can just hop in and pilot a Jaeger, there is a reason as to why Jaeger pilots is treated as super stars and is practically worshiped, people able to safely drift is exeedingly rare, and even more rare to find 2 people who is compatible with eachother, thats why it's such a big deal over why it has to be Mako Mori in the first movie, and drifting is a two way bridge, and you do not control what you see, so that old dude freely moving about in that brats memories while the brat cant see anything from the old dude is just pure bs, that engineer tech dude being able to drift is also pure bs, and the whole thing about a pilot drifting on their own is a widely known fact as to be absurd nonsense, thats why Stacker became such a legend after managing to pilot a Jaeger on his own for a short while, but as a result he was also permanently crippled, Relight also became somewhat of a legenmd after piloting a Jaeger on his own, even though it was nothing more then a short walk, in this series they make WAY to much light of piloting a Jaeger and the compatability between pilots.

as to the story and the pacing, the fact that everyone they know and lived with for over 5 years dying due to their own stupidity was only relevant for not even 1/4 of the second episode and they just write it all off as "it's the Kaiju's fault" even though it was her fault the Kaiju even found them to begin with, but lets just forget all about that so we dont have to try write character growth about how they deal with the guilt, let's instead throw in tiny Kaiju's and a brat with superpowers and zero iq so we can shoehorn in halfassed comedy with the brat eating butterflies and whatnot. and it's almost as if the writers of this show completely forgot what the Kaijus even is, as we learned in the first movie, thay are articifial lifeforms sent here from another dimension to exterminate us and terraform earth, but lets just forget that and throw in these tiny Kaijus that serve no other purpose then being that particular episodes plot device, and since they have not gone against everything that is Pacific Rim hard enough yet, lets have the small Kaijus lay eggs and reproduce on their own and have some big thing eat them.

this is all a terrible series written by someone who has little to no knowledge and care about the original movies and it was written for people with little to no knowledge and care for the original movies.
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It makes Uprising look like a masterpiece
jstepanian-235466 May 2021
This show is unbelievably boring, it's such a disappointment for the universe. You never get to know the characters so their deaths are meaningless, the main characters have no personalities and no unique character designs, and the animation is horrendous.

I do not believe there is even a single jeager fight in this what feels like eternity long show.

And the plot is so unbelievably horrible, like why am I supposed to care about some personalityless kid they found in a lab??

Overall this show is an attempt of milking money from an already overextended series.
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Loved this so much!
tejashreedinesh4 March 2021
Gritty and dark and reminded of the fear and excitement I had whilst watching Jurassic Park Camp Cetaceous. Eagerly awaiting Season 2
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Fun show!
amsterdamien4 March 2021
It was a fun show and about what I expected from it. Good storyline with some very nice animation. The main characters are likeable. And their development is also pretty good. They were cast well. My biggest issue was the supporting cast. There was some horrible voice acting going on. Often so bad it made me cringe. Nonetheless, an enjoyable and entertaining entry to the series. I really hope they make a third movie, even though there's no plans for such.
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why did they do this
hearishunter2 April 2021
Wasn't one bad pacific rim movie enough , had to do this fake anime to.
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Weak Characters, terrible voice acting, and nonsensical plot
mossfan188 March 2021
The decisions made by the characters don't make an ounce of sense. The voice actors are annoying.

I don't know why Netflix can't make a single anime that is of a high caliber...

Miss this one, a 5 in generous.
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Very mediocre typically-American cartoon for teens
tonicboy7 March 2021
I love Pacific Rim, with all its flaws. So, I was particularly excited to hear that they were turning it into a Netflix Original Anime, especially given the great job that Netflix did with Castlevania, Ultraman and other anime.

I grew up on American cartoons, and I do love them, but I absolutely fell in love with Japanese anime in my tweens because I felt that the Japanese never saw anime as strictly a medium for children. They weren't afraid of telling stories for older audiences and tackling mature topics and emotions.

Evangelion is possibly the best example of this, being a tale of robots and aliens on the surface but ultimately a much more sophisticated story about depression, isolation and the human struggle - on an intensely personal scale.

Well, Pacific Rim: The Black is exactly like Evangelion... if you took out every single ounce of sophistication and dumbed it down for 14-15 year old kids. Its lineage descends much more from the US after-school cartoon programming like Transformers and GI Joe than Japanese anime like Evangelion or even the surprisingly sophisticated yet still action-oriented Gundam series.

The thing about "dumbing down" programming for teens is that... you don't actually ned to dumb it down at all. Teenagers are far more worldly than most people give them credit for and yet it's the American philosophy that you have to simplify things for them to make it easier to appeal to them. The crazy thing about Evangelion, is that it's also actually targeted at teens. And yet it sees no need to dumb down a single thing.

I wanted to make this a spoiler-free review so I can't actually cite specific examples, but PR: Black abounds with trite storylines and details that constantly elicit face palms. While the acting is perfectly fine, the characters are shallow and predictable. Only in the very last episode did they give a faint hint of something more interesting to come, but I don't know if it's enough to make me come back for season 2.
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ddambrosca30 March 2021
.... are Humans not good animated in any japanese film/show since the 90's.
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Great addition to the lore
subwaycafe5 March 2021
Please don't listen to bad reviewers, I hella enjoyed the black on Netflix and more to come. Wish pacific rim 3 would come out but considering the box office bomb on the 2nd movie, we may never get another movie.
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Much better than the original movie, more Walking Dead than Godzilla
sdmama13 June 2021
I was amazed how much more intriguing and engaging this series was compared to the original Pacific Rim movie. The purpose of the original movie was gigantic robots fighting gigantic kaiju, and the story was kind of after thoughts. I felt no personal connection to charactors and it was fun but that was that.

This series still has gigantic robots and fighting with kaiju, but that's not the point. The way the young and somewhat naive protagonists try to navigate the post apocalyptic.waste land of Australia reminded me of a good days of Walking Dead, where the rwith unclear intentions, and kaiju themselves have additional mystery.

The strength is good writing: The main charactors are realistic and likeable, and the movies quickly with tight story telling. Some mysteries were half solved and some mysteries are deepened by the end of the first season. After binging all the episodes in one setting, I can hardly wait for the next season.

They lowered the age of the main charactors to be teenagers, and now it looks like a typical shonen manga/anime, but the story is quite adult. I am recommending this to adults viewers who like mystery and adventure, even if they did not see the original Pacific Rim, or not a big fan of Kaiju movies.
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