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He's so hot
nogodnomasters27 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Libby (Ema Horvath ) and her mom (Mena Suvari ) go visit their New York cabin in the woods, on the lake. Mom, still being an American Beauty introduces her daughter to her latest boy toy. John (Trey Tucker) seems too perfect at first and then Libby finds him "freakish" as her attraction to him grows to repulsion.

I loved how the story developed and then the ending, while I didn't like it, seemed rushed. It didn't flow as well as the rest of the feature.

Guide: Sex. No swearing or nudity as I recall.
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What lies below should remain below...
paul_haakonsen9 December 2020
Sure, I will admit that I was suckered in by the movie's cover/poster, as it had some appeal and actually sold the movie well enough. And as I hadn't even heard about "What Lies Below" prior to sitting down to watching it, I had no idea what to expect from writer and director Braden R. Duemmler.

Yet, I managed to endure and sit through the movie. I should say that the movie definitely starts out rather well and proves to be interesting enough, as director manages to maintain a good atmospheric sense of suspense to the movie.

But about halfway through the movie the air started to seep out of the balloon rather quickly, and the movie slipped down a slippery downward slope, one from which it never recovered.

What started out as being interesting and suspenseful ended up being a somewhat befuddling heap of nonsense and predictability. And that was something the movie suffered from really bad.

The acting in the movie was adequate, taking into consideration the limitation imposed upon them by the script and storyline. Actor Trey Tucker, playing John, was actually putting on a great performance and stood out as the most memorable performer in this 2020 movie.

For a horror movie than I have to admit that "What Lies Below" just failed on many levels. Writer and director Braden R. Duemmler just failed to deliver a movie that secured a spot in the horror genre as a memorable movie. And just as "What Lies Below" snuck in under the radar, it is a movie that will just as quietly and unnoticed disappear into oblivion.

The effects in the movie were adequate, though. Yet it is simply beyond me why the lampreys in the jars were not utilized more and put into the movie in a more usable manner. They could have added so much more to the movie as a whole, had they been released and allowed to wreak havoc.

The ending of the movie, though, was interesting. I will credit that much to writer and director Braden R. Duemmler. This was definitely not an ending I had seen coming, and it was one that surprised me. I liked the ending, but I will not spoil it for you. But it just wasn't sufficient to make up for the rest of the movie between the beginning and the ending.

My rating of "What Lies Below" settles on a generous three out of ten stars. There was just simply too much wasted potential here in the hands of writer and director Braden R. Duemmler.
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what did i just watch?
FeastMode17 June 2021
I have no idea how this ended up on my watchlist. It's like a lifetime movie but in the horror genre. I couldn't stop laughing at the slow-mo shots of the shirtless dude coming out of the water, or the teen girl blushing. I think i watched a high school movie for girls. And then it goes places... oh it goes places. Lol

EDIT: i watched some spoiler reviews and explained videos. There was a decent amount that i didn't catch. Probably because the movie lost me early on. And while it doesn't make up for the overall garbage-idity of this movie, i can now see why some ppl liked it.

To those ppl, anyone who thought this movie was clever or deep, please watch the movie annihilation. There are a lot of similarities, but it will show what a real movie is and what it can do. That movie is amazing, very deep and ridiculously intelligent. (1 viewing, 6/16/2021)
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Liz? This Is My Boyfriend Jon.
wandernn1-81-6832744 April 2021
Haha. Mena Suvari as Mom. Fun. Where are all the Rose Petals is the question???

So when daughter comes back from summer camp, daughter is attracted to mommy's boyfriend. Dude looking for some mother daughter action???

Haha. The calling of 'baby girl' seems like a direct ripoff from 'The Mist' Tv show that got canned. That one shouldn't have gotten canned by the way, it wasn't that bad. There are far worse shows still on / renewed.

About 1/2 way thru the movie and I still haven't figured out who the big weirdo will be. Is it the daughter or the boyfriend? I'm leaning toward the daughter, but we'll see.

Who does scientific research in an inflatable boat, is one big question I had. Ooop, nevermind. The Creepo is definitely the boyfriend. +1 Star for the creeepo shower perv scene.

Oh so then they begin the reveals, that boyfriend Jon isn't exactly what you thought he was at the beginning.

And the end...wow not what I expected at ALL. +1 Star for the ending.

I liked this one. 7/10.
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Another worst horror film! Full of boring conversation, and super annoying overuse scene! Avoid at all freaking cost!
kwenchow25 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a man marking the attendance, and a mother "Michelle" talking with her daughter "Liberty" in the car scene! As turnout, this film is about Liberty need to survive from a male monster "John", who try to impregnate all the female seduce by him! Entire film full of boring conversation, and super annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the driving scene, overuse of the taking shirt off scene, overuse of the searching scene, overuse of the flirting scene, overuse of the staring scene, overuse of the peeking scene, and overuse of the dining scene! Make the film unwatchable! Not a single killing scene show in the film! Pathetic! At the end, we found out a bunch of girls hidden in the basement's wall impregnate by John! That's it! Wasting time to watch!
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I like everything, especially horror movies, this stunk!! TERRIBLE!!
joiningjt12 April 2021
This was slow we figured it out quick and it didn't matter cause it went in a different direction and then they ended it horribly!! Absolutely moronic in every way from the acting to the conclusion only thing I learned from this is we are going backwards in movie quality. The 1990s was the peak and its been downhill from there!! Rarely we receive an original and if this is what we get for originals I guess I'll have to accept the horrible remakes on good movies!! We now have 3 categories, remakes that arent as good as the originals, sequels to everything even the films that suck and then we have the 3rd and final category......movies that suck!!
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andrewchristianjr28 December 2020
Weird fiction (in a bad way). The movie started off like it was going to be good. But towards the end it started not to make since. They never said what he was or what his intentions were. The ending was horrible. I only gave two starts due to the beginning being somewhat interesting.
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Stupid mom clever daughter
ks-6050023 March 2021
The gene of the daughter should be come from the father. Things don't add up. I get what I expect from this movie. Cool enough.
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Better Than Expected
Foutainoflife24 December 2020
Not bad but this is a very "what you see is what you get" sort of film. There just isn't much depth, detail or much character building involved. Aside from a few subtle insight and foreshadowing, you just watch what is happening.

They story isn't overly creative but it will hold your attention. Makeup and effects are passable. It was a bit basic syfy horror but I liked the ending.

It's not going to blow you away but it was fine for my rainy day.
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I Married A Monster Series
lambiepie-218 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
What Lies Below could easily fit in the B-movie series of "I Married a Monster", "I Went out With a Monster", "My Boyfriend is from Outer Space" genre. They're not big budgets because you'll never see a "full" monster, but you get it. It's gonna be his face or legs, and even that isn't going to give you nightmares. One watches to see how dense the characters are in not knowing what monster this is. Probably because he's too cute, or too charming and mysterious.

Well, same here. What ya got is the story of a shy teen coming home from camp and her mom is engaged to a hunk of a man. The teen figures out he's a monster, mom doesn't until it's too way too late. The plot of a bunch of B monster movies. Another plot is they have a purpose to do what they do. And where they exactly came from. Didn't quite catch that here.

Why I watched it to the end is to see what the monster or monsters was, what they wanted with humans and why and where and how... because in this day and time, A or B movie, we get a 'monster motivation' from wherever they're from - even if that monster is more psychological.

But here, we get the throwback to the 50s cheapo B-films, almost "Humanoids From the Deep" which was an infinitely better film in the 80s B Genre than this. But in some way I believe they were trying to go that route very unsuccessfully. And I have to mention how the mother was so oblivious to her monster-lover and needed 'a man' so much so over her daughter to the very end. That was pretty bad.

However, I did see 'an ending' in this film. Sloppy. An inexpensive one, sorta convenient. Several monsters assimilated into that gorgeous hunk of a man human form who harvested young women to breed offspring and our young heroine sadly became one. It wasn't a shocking ending or a jolt or delivered with wow factor, but it was an ending. I got it, the film ended, and that was just fine with me.

It's interesting to see a B-movie in this day and time since we all may be more favorable to more imaginative make-up, and an identity of where the monster came from. Even in an Ed Wood movie we'd get a line of: "It came from out there, but were here and not there 'cause we're here".

This throwback film has holes and questions and if the word 'assimilate' was to explain it, you'd have to listen quick to catch it. What Lies Below could have been a good B-Film but it missed several opportunities to be so.
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Bad ending
markthomassintek24 January 2021

Whilst at camp a girls mother falls for a tall, dark and very handsome stranger, upon the girls return from camp she meets the new boy friend, first of all falling for him herself but then strange things start to happen.

You start thinking one thing about the new boy friend but things simply just don't add up, like how can he be in 2 places at the same time and what is his real interest in developing a way for fish who live in non salty water to survive in the ocean?

Your kept guessing all of the way through, unfortunately I wasn't because I actually did manage to guess what was actually happening from very early in the film as soon as I noticed the beard (no spoilers).

Enjoyable watch but the ending as with so many other films just felt rushed, ok we're at 90 minutes now we had better wrap it up in a nice fish tank but for me the ending just was confusing and could / should have followed what happened to the mother other than ending in the way it did.

As I've said good watch, try to follow the clues which are very suttle indeed and this for me was the best part because we all know that films tend to put clues directly in front of us and linger on the shot for a few extra seconds where this film doesn't, if you're not paying full attention you'll miss them.

Rating 7 out of 10
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Actually good
kuarinofu5 January 2021
'What Lies Below' is a good thriller. Not really horror though, although inspired by Lovecraftian ideas.

Even though sometimes the writing was quite sloppy and some jump-cuts made no sense, I really enjoyed the general premise and some of the scenes. It reminded me of 'The Beach House' (2019), which was also quite good.

I loved how lustful and dirty it was sometimes, Trey Tucker is a handsome man and his acting was great.

Seems like they knew what they wanted to show since most of the scenes are thought-out, also, the bizarre humor worked for me, just like the mother-daughter relationship.

It's far from being perfect (mostly because some of the sub-plots really go nowhere and feel like filler), but I enjoyed the ending and the film overall. The fact that they did not try to explain everything also didn't bother me.

If you love Lovecraftian simple but effective mysteries - you will find this one enjoyable as well.
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Just too farfetched, but very well acted!
johannes2000-110 November 2021
At first I thought I was in for the kind of story where a daughter finds out that her mothers new fiancé is in fact a con-man or mass-murderer or something like that. It turned out slightly more original, we see daughter Liberty (Ema Horvath) very gradually beginning to discover that handsome John (Trey Tucker) is indeed not who he seems to be, but in a very unexpected way.

Here lies also the Achilles heel of the movie. While the premise - although pretty farfetched - could have made for a reasonably exciting and creepy movie, here the true nature of John is pictured in such bizar and grotesque ways that it became more ludicrous than thrilling, and at times even a bit distasteful (like the scene in the rowing boat). The conclusion seemed unavoidable, but still, after all Liberty's ordeals, a bit frustrating.

On the positive side: the suspense is built up very effectively in the first 30 to 40 minutes, the photography was great, and the acting of Ema Horvath and Mena Suvari (as the mother) was really excellent. Biggest surprise to me was Trey Tucker (is that even a real name?! It sounds like a stage-name that Hollywood agent Henry Wilson could have given one of his protegés back in the fifties. And to be honest: Tucker even looks like one!). He's not just stunning (and not afraid to show it, like the scene where he steps out of the water!), but also proved to be a fine actor.
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What lies beneath your skin
Stanlee10713 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is surprisingly good. It has that made in 1990s type feel in terms of horror style.

What starts out as a teenager struggles to accept her mum's new boyfriend turns into something else...

The acting is decent enough and the ending is very old school.
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Worth watching
mjsreg28 December 2020
I don't know what the viewers giving bad reviews were expecting, but this is quite a reasonable film.

The acting is good, and the story is interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged with the characters throughout.

Certainly worth a watch if you like sci-fi stuff.
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This movie got approved on an elevator pitch
Xavier_Stone14 January 2021
The first half is a slow long and winding road, where not much happens. Then as things get weirder they become pointless.

Obviously the movie was approved and nobody decided to actually read the script, at least not until the end, which apparently just ends. A typical we ran out of room so Bam, here's an ending. Or we ran out of ideas, the movie is due on Monday, so Bam, lets wrap this up shall we?

2 stars for the pulling me in the first 20 minutes. Nothing after that is any good.
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What the hell was that.
Draysan-Jennings11 May 2021
I can't believe I actually watched this. I wouldn't say this is the worst film ever but damn that was terrible. Don't bother with this one. 4 stars.
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Was a 5 really, but the eye candy earned it an extra point. ;D
midnitepantera8 December 2020
Creepy, low budget movie that was fun to watch. It figures, if it seems to good to be true it probably is. LOL The guy is handsome, charming, intelligent in the beginning, then it got super GROSS and creepy. Wish they had the budget for better creature FX. Overall, not gonna win an Oscar, but it's a fun and bizarre popcorn movie for people that don't wanna see BUCKETS of Blood and body parts flying around the screen for 90+ minutes.
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Movie Explained ***spoilers***
Mehki_Girl4 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
1. What is the movie about? From the very beginning the movie is telling you what it's going to be all about.

2, Where is he from? First the title tells you.

3, Where he came from? In the very first scene, the girl is reading a book. The title is, "Lost Worlds" (hint, hint). The next hint is, all the references to water - natural and salted. Obviously, he's from a lost world under the lake. One would think Atlantis, but he's adverse to salt water.

4. What does he/they want? His world is dying. Maybe there aren't enough females to breed. He/they want to breed. As he says some species need to adapt weirdly to an increasingly saltwater world. What better way that interspecies breeding.

5. How did he get that form? Like the lampreys, he's a leech that affairs to whatever he can latch onto.

6. The color red? He's attracted to the color for some reason. Maybe his world his red. Mom is actually a redhead. She dyed her hair. This is in the 3rd scene. The drive home. He mentions he sees red in the girl's hair later on when they're in the boat. He would know mom's a redhead (carpet and drapes).

Goofs: Two completely different species cannot breed. Even related ones (donkeys and horses) often give birth to infertile offspring. How does he wear mom's cooking? Doesn't she salt the food?
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Garbage To The 10,000th power.
whitemanfromtowne9 December 2020
This was by far one of if not the worst film I have ever watched...OMG. A stupid mother, an idiot boyfriend and a daughter by no stretch of the imagination played the dumbest science student role for a sci-fi horrorABLE fim. Believe every last negative review about this film because they are all right. This film was garbage to the 10,000th power.
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Not good.
ts-00004 April 2021
The casting of the daughter felt misplaced,she looked older than the mother.

Although the twist as the movie unfolded was an interesting concept,it felt incompletely made.

This movie failed overall,not worth seeing again.

Acting & cinematography was,average as well.
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This guy is a total creepazoid
fluffchop14 March 2021
Great movie, i want to say I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's original and interesting. Good pacing. Good story.
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Cheerio from my local.

I made the mistake of reading comments to see if this was worth my time - I have to stop doing that. Lots (loads even) of negatives and just a handful of glowing; of those, they're conspicuously voiced by those who've only lent voice to this film. For me - this fell in the middle.

This isn't a masterpiece, but it if you're a genre fan...this will probably be worth a one-time watch.

My first thought; what happened to Mena Suvari? She had such a promising career a million years ago. Her filmography is littered with junk. She's not a bad actress, not hard on the eyes, and apparently likes horror movies...all good.

In this, she is a single mom who is newly dating a dude who enjoys walking around without a shirt. Her teenage daughter is skeptical of the guy in the way that every kid is skeptical of whomever their parent dates. Here, her attitude is warranted - he's odd.

At first, the three seem to be enjoying what appears to be a relaxing summer vaca at their waterfront home. There's a lot of pointless melodrama between mom and daughter that has no bearing on the plot...it's all pointless; discussions of selling the home, going to college, driving, what grandpa thought of you, all of it...goes nowhere. It's all about the dude... ...and the dude has some strange hobbies. Like keeping Lamprey's in tanks in the basement. His behavior becomes more bizarre culminating in a third act that is definitely an homage to Lovecraft (Color out of Space).

There are a few shocking scenes...in particular, one when the dude and teen are in a row boat. What annoyed me was how she explained the encounter to her friend later...saying he did "like D. T." It pulled me out of the movie and into the real world. I don't think it was a political dig (could have been), but it was a sloppy way of telling the audience what part of her the dude grabbed without actually saying it.

The ending was a bit abrupt, but my take (spoiler - I could have it wrong) he was from another planet, his space ship was under the water, and he was looking to make off-spring and apparently the best genetically are red-heads. Who knows.

I was entertained...this won't be for everyone, but if you're a genre fan looking for something different - I can recommend this...especially if you're a Lovecraft fan.

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Gross and stupid
gustheaffen6 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Girl comes home to find her middle age mother has a secret hot 30 year old boyfriend turned fiancé who is extremely weird. He gives a global warming salt water vs fresh water spiel (check box on that agenda). You think this will be your average creepy flick but it turns out he is an alien monster. Of course lots of things happen that don't really make sense, many unexplained and some are just plain gross, too gross to even mention. At the end things go off the rails and I guess the end result is he succeeded in turning her into a salt water freak. No idea what happened to Mom or why he had so many versions of himself or bodies in the walls.
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laragi5 April 2021
I have no idea what this is. I highly do NOT recommend it. Hope there's no sequel. Not that I'd watch it.
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