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Season 2

22 Aug. 2022
Mrs. McRoberts Is Dead
Allison and Patti deal with an injured Neil. Kevin makes a campaign ad.
22 Aug. 2022
The Way We Were
Allison has a new plan. Patti confronts her intimacy issues. Kevin interviews with the local paper.
29 Aug. 2022
At the mortuary, Allison and Patty search for a new identity, and Allison reflects on how she got here. Neil is having trouble sleeping. Kevin hosts a super scary "Pal-o-ween".
5 Sep. 2022
Jesus, Allison
Allison decides to throw a surprise birthday party for Patty. Kevin agrees to help with the planning once he realizes he can use the situation to his advantage. Tammy is left in charge of the invite list, which maybe wasn't Allison's best idea.
12 Sep. 2022
The Unreliable Narrator
During a city-wide blackout, Allison and Patty head to city hall to find Gertrude's death certificate. The rest of the gang hangs out in Bev's. Someone stole Kevin's generator, and he's going to solve the case.
19 Sep. 2022
The Machine
Allison discovers that she can use Kevin's destructive abilities to her benefit.
26 Sep. 2022
The Problem
Allison learns that Neil told Diane her secret. She searches for Neil before he can tell anyone else, especially Tammy. With Allison's help, Kevin devises a plan to save himself from arson charges. But the plan will have consequences for Tammy.
3 Oct. 2022
Allison's House
Allison moves north to Danforth, Maine, using a different name. Six months later, she returns to Worcester to visit Sam and Patty. Neil moves out of Patty's house.

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