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I want more, now
vandykeu23 November 2022
Wow. I just finished episode 12 of the first season of this show. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I feel like I'm about 12 years old again. To me, the thing about the Star Wars universe that fascinated me was never the jedi, or the mysticism, or the lightsabers. All that was cool, but to me, the fascination was for the struggle. The underdog vs the world. The fight against oppression. From the original series, Wedge was my favorite character- just a regular guy doing his part.

Return of the Jedi was always my favorite, despite its flaws. The reason was the epic battle sequence at the end. Unlike basically every piece of star wars media since, ROTJ's battle focused extensively on regular 'people'. This is what the Ewoks represented- an oppressed civilisation. It's a little hokey in practice, but the message was the important thing. Likewise, the space battle was all regular pilots doing their best to survive a last-ditch battle. Green Leader going out of control and kamikazi-ing the super star destroyer, Wedge and Lando shooting out the reactor. Again, these were regular people doing their bit to fight the empire. The Rebel Alliance is built on THEIR backs, not those of some space wizard (all respect to Luke).

To me, Star Wars media lost sight of that until Rogue One. Here, they continue (or start) the tradition by focusing on Andor.

Let's be clear, Cassian Andor is not really the protagonist here. The Rebel Alliance is, and Cassian is the perspective through which we are seeing it, as a regular guy down on his luck finding his way in the galaxy despite a world of harshness thrown at him. Likewise, we see it from the perspective of its architects, Mon Mothma, a politician doing it 'straight', and Luthen Rael, a spy/terrorist playing the deeper, more violent game. We also see the Empire as the antagonist, through the eyes of those who wish for order, like Syril Karn, and a promising and talented ISB agent, Dedra Meero.

There are no jedi or lightsabers here, and surprisingly few battles and pew-pews. Almost no jokes, and (amazingly) no "I have a bad feeling about this."

What we get instead, and what I have needed from this franchise for a very long time, is incredible acting. Unbelievably good writing, and fantastic attention to detail. This is one of the most well-made shows I've ever seen. Every character's action, good or bad, makes sense here. This is Star Wars, the Real Drama, where I can simultaneously understand the perspective of a Rebel and an Imperial. I may not agree with one, or even both, of them, but I understand them.... I might even sympathise with them. It is like The Wire in the star wars universe. It really is THAT good.

I have no notes for this. There is nothing I can imagine that would make it better. It may not be for kids or for everyone. It is slow. It has relatively little action and no humor. But- if you enjoy suspense, and tension, in a Hitchcockian way.... you MUST watch this. If you're a star wars fan who enjoyed the series for those regular men and women in the background, then again, you must watch this. If you are a fan of revolutionary or antifascist history, you must watch this.

I cannot wait for Season 2.
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This is the Star Wars I want.
charlieedmond6 November 2022
It is clear that who wrote the script for "Andor" needs to be promoted to a higher role within Disney's hierarchy of writers because they actually know how to write a coherent story that doesn't trip over itself.

Andor is mature without being explicit, it is gripping and real whilst being completely fictional, in fact it does so well in portraying the reality of its characters that parallels can be drawn to real life Apartheids such as to the South African Apartheid struggle. The struggle had people who had to do things that were bad for a good cause, there's no negotiating the morality. And it's the same in Andor, it holds no punches in portraying reality and that's why Andor is the best Star Wars Series.
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And, or? Maybe? Yes indeed
jaimemedina-3628812 October 2022
This is, minute for minute, some of the best television on today. Not a ton of FX. Just a compelling story and great acting. It is certainly more adult than other CGI laden spin offs. I don't think any cute cuddly toys will emerge from the series. But the story shines.

The plight of the rebels feels real. We're drawn into the characters one by one. The acting is first class. The writing succinct. And the ever enigmatic Andor keeps the tension taught and mysterious.

Though the series seemed in no hurry to gain traction, it's totally forgivable as we approach mid season. We're drawn to the next episode as we anticipate the the rage sure to be drawn by the empire.

The writers seem merciless with the characters and Andor himself has a sharp unscrupulous edge not quite on display in Rogue One.

Big thumbs up.
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I'll Keep This Brief
thesandfly7730 October 2022
This is THE show anyone who grew up with classic Star Wars needs to see. 'Mature' Star Wars, if you will.

Maintains the aesthetics of Rogue One and has a quality of writing to shame recent pathetic efforts. Stands as a great little sci-fi adventure on its own, within the Star Wars universe.

Terrific production, script and depth of accomplished acting performances - tremendous - give it a gravitas to have you salivating if you ever so much as tingled at any great Star Wars movie.

One particular visual snippet as an example - S1E06 'The Eye' has Tie Fighter pilots scrambling into their machines. Mere seconds of screen time but a scintillating burst of realisation that such dynamic moments have never been 'authentically' presented to you before. Ally that with engaging and stimulating dialogue, and it delivers some great stuff.

Treat you inner kid and impress your critical adult: don't miss out on giving this quality production the attention and admiration it deserves. This is Rogue One (the 3rd greatest Star Wars movie behind IV & V) expanded. 8/10 and climbing.
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Diamond In The Rough
ComradWinston29 October 2022
To anyone with the slightest critical eye, pretty much everything outside The Mandalorian and Rogue One has largely been vapid Disney-stamped Star Wars content™. Simply keeping-up with the sheer amount of crap being pumped-out is a chore. Compared to the usual sterilized corporate stuff made for their crucial baby demographic, Andor's a breath of natural fresh air.

The protagonist isn't just another 'Han shot back' type. And back in general is a strain of grounded Star Wars, not made of every color of plastic at hand. No, this is a thoughtful and somewhat slow series with its tame, tense, and explosive moments paced with narrative purpose. While I'd only call it fairly solid in its own right, this series could rightly be considered amazing next to nearly everything else Star Wars has had on offer for the last decade.
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I've enjoyed it!
Supermanfan-1328 October 2022
Andor was every bit as good as I was hoping for. It might be the best Star Wars series to date, or at least tied with The Mandalorian. Of all the Star Wars series so far this one is probably the least known character but that doesn't mean it's any less interesting. Andor is a character from one of the best Star Wars movies, Rogue One. All the reviews have been great for Andor so that got my expectations even higher and so far they've all been met. It does start a little slow for some as they build the story but by the end of episode 3 you'll be anxious to see what happens next. It has a real gritty feel to it compared to the other Star Wars series and the visuals are great. It's also more adult oriented compared to the other shows so far. But the cast, led by Diego Luna, is the best thing about this show. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this show and where it goes.
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I want to give this more than 10 stars!
DocDAT23 November 2022
Seriously, this isn't just peak Star Wars. It is peak TV. Mandalorian was good, but this is absolutely outstanding. An absolute gem of intelligent writing and storytelling combined with top notch acting. We just finished episode 12 and I can't stop thinking about how good this is on every level.

Besides being great entertainment, it is also extremely morally relevant, considering current events in both Iran and Ukraine.

If you don't stand up against fascism, oppression and imperialism just because it's inconvenient for you, then you're helping the forces of evil. And you're going to regret it in the end.
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The sheer grittiness and adult tones are a glad sight in a recently lagging Star Wars universe.
poseyfan13 October 2022
Andor takes crap seriously and it's refreshing for the Star Wars universe.

It reminds me of GOT in the ballpark of characters, tone, atmosphere, cinematography and acting. Something that really stands out to me: there are morally grey characters on both sides. It is not black and white. In Star Wars projects the Imperials are almost always seen as either incompetent or pure evil. But now we get to see humanization of said characters. Whereas in the rebellion, there are varying motivations for being a rebel. It is not as cold cut as some might think. The character work is unparalleled especially compared to recent Star Wars projects.

This show has no business being as good as it is. When I saw the trailer, I was pretty excited, but half expected it to be a flop. Obi-Wan and Boba disappointed me quite a bit, but this show is fantastic. I would even daresay it surpasses The Mandalorian.

Props to the Cast and Crew!
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Brilliant. The best Star Wars for ages
skintone-3860025 October 2022
This was excellent and a pleasant surprise , since I have found most Star Wars offerings unwatchable lately.

But this is different.

Visually stunning cinema and effects.

Brilliant and engaging actors with real screen presence and chemisty.

Exciting and suspensful story and plot just keeps you engaged and interested right throughout.

If you have seen recent Star Wars movies and series and been very disappointed like me, then you will definitely want to give this one a watch, you will find it completely different and engaging.

I have watched the first 6 episodes so far and have been very impressed.
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Adult-Size Star Wars
raeldor-9687915 November 2022
Andor is why I pay my Disney+ subscription. This is Star Wars for those who have grown up with the franchise and are yearning for a more mature take on the Universe. It's hard to use the work 'realistic' when it comes to sci-fi, but everything about Andor feels real. The characters act sensibly and their actions never feel like they are purely made to drive the plot forward. I think the last time I used the term 'sci-fi that transcends it's boundary' was when talking about Battlestar Galactica. I think I can safely use that term here too. It's not a action sci-fi, so it's audience it probably smaller, so I hope it will not get cancelled. I hope Disney can find the courage to front a show based on quality and not just audience numbers. I believe that quality shows will always be good revenue earners over time as they are appreciated by more people, even if they are not the most popular out of the box.
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Best SW series so far (6 episodes S1)
Dimakovtun12 October 2022
Seeing all the other series, Andor provides a fresh breath into a franchise that's ultimately does nothing but reuses its own ideas.

Even in Mandalorian with the fan-service baby Yoda, the planets/locations which we've seen and known from before, plot armor of the main hero, linkage to the established characters... The quality of Andor is a full head above.

Or take Obi-Wan, that is a remarkable impotency of story writing and directing, having no reasons to exist but to exploit the fan base.

Since Rogue One, we see another successful try to make a "realism" show instead of arcade.

Creative script, good acting, dynamic development. It's great when quality and creativity wins over safe-betting and prioritizing fan-service for the sake of extra cash grab.

I just hope Disney doesn't spoil the series. But knowing the company, I won't be surprised. Still, so far Season 1 is extraordinary good and is exciting completely irrelevant of any other SW lore.
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Has me hooked!
DiCaprioFan1329 October 2022
I have to say that I was really looking forward to Andor ever since I first heard about it. Then when I saw the trailers I got even more excited. I just finished watching it and it not only met my expectations but even surpassed them. It actually might be the best Star Wars series so far, or at least right there with The Mandalorian. The entire cast is great but Diego Luna is obviously the real star here. He is just fantastic as the lead. This may start a little slow but stick with it because it picks up in a hurry and the next thing you know you're completely hooked. It's already been renewed for a second season so I can't wait until next season and more of Andor.
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I did not expect this :O
Smarmelade1 December 2022
Apparently Star Wars of today works best when it's almost completely decoupled from the main story, characters and themes.

No one expected for spin off series based on a spin off of a boring Star Wars movie to be good. No one even wanted this. But I am shocked. Not that it's not bad, it's very good.

The "worst" thing I can say about Andor is also the best thing I can say about it. It would be as good even if it wasn't branded Star Wars. Because of the good writing, acting, characters, direction and interesting plot.

I thought Obi Wan series was, is an abysmal return to Star Wars franchise. So I'm completely surprised how refreshing and solid this was. Do I like my Star Wars being all adventury with mystical Force that is mystical just enough, like Fallen Order was? Yes. But when it's done good, this also works.

I love that "villains" are just some random pencil pushers that are brainwashed up by the imperial propaganda but are also very lost, evil people.

Very good show, if you can believe it. I didn't. It may not be Star Wars we wanted but it's Star Wars we needed. Which is the best kind of Star Wars. Recommended.
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A Welcome New Tone
ROOKreations21 September 2022
First of all, wow! The show immediately grabs you with its first couple of scenes, letting you know that this show is going to have a more adult tone. Seeing the workings of everyday people in the galaxy, the perspective of an imperial loyalist, and a thief making his way through the galaxy is so thrilling and exciting. The big and little details you get out of all the varying cultures on different planets allows you to completely melt into and engross yourself in the Star Wars galaxy, which is what many of us love so much.

The show's cast stands out. Every smaller and supporting character has a chance to shine. You can easily feel a deep history between characters from each cast member's stellar performance. The writers truly give you something interesting and griping to hold on to! The set design, costumes, and visuals are all stunning. It is a welcome new change of tone used for this Star Wars story. I can't wait to see more!
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Perhaps the best Star Wars spin-off series so far, Andor's superb script, visuals and performances will grip you throughout its duration
rannynm21 September 2022
Perhaps the best Star Wars spin-off series so far, Andor's superb script, visuals and performances will grip you throughout its duration. The force is indeed strong with this dark, grounded show, which comfortably departs from the Star Wars formula in significant ways.

A gritty, layered prequel to the highly popular (and also prequel) movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor follows Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) on a five-year journey as he grows from a revolution-averse, shifty, cynical con man to a selfless, Empire-defying rebel against the Galactic Empire. When confronted with enemy after enemy, Andor continually proves himself to be the perfect sort of spy, revolutionary and killer.

Thank you, Tony Gilroy, for creating this series. It's simply incredible. Driven by mood, Andor seems more like a crime drama or a Ridley Scott sci-fi film than a true Star Wars film. Though the first two episodes are a bit slow and offer pretty low-stakes, with lots and lots of exposition, Luna pushes the series, one of his best performances yet, to excellence. Episode three, especially, is WOW. His power to add nuance to what starts as a one-dimensional personality - surly dude disillusioned with his surroundings - is remarkable. We're lucky he reprised his role. Adding a tiny note here, I love how Luna keeps his native Mexican accent in all his portrayals of Cassian Andor. It adds something to the role! The plot of Andor is simple enough, and this allows for both the trademark character development and world-building of the Star Wars universe and also the slow reveal of the Rebel Alliance forming. Stellan Skarsgård's portrayal of Luthen Rael is subtle without being dry, and he helps elevate the show and make it even more riveting. The production quality, much like the acting, is off the charts; every scene is engineered to be utterly stunning. Half the time the feeling of dread is offset by, "oh my goodness, look at the sky." All of this - the new tone, new feel, new style - might be too different for some, but the utter novelty is to be appreciated. Finally, the beautiful score by Nicholas Britell adds so much to the retro-futurism of Andor and makes the performances pop even more.

Andor promotes fighting for good causes, allowing yourself to be taken by passion, and leading others for the greater good. Beyond these lessons, it's also a master class (tonally, visually, sonically) for filmmakers playing in the sandbox. There are some sexual undertones in the first episode and violent scenes.

I give Andor 4.5 stars out of 5 and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Andor releases on Disney+ September 21, 2022. By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST!
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Andor...The Best thing since sliced bread.
apgiannakopoulos23 November 2022
I will be brutally honest here. I am not a fan of Disney Star Wars, I actually hate what they have done to the IP as much as the next guy.

But Andor is so criminally underrated and glossed over by the fanbase I have to add my cent to it, because simply it is so well written and acted that it is a crying shame it is not on everyone's lips.

The writing of this show is so phenomenal and the acting so nuanced and on-point, I keep pinching myself to make sure I am not hallucinating the whole thing.

I am talking about pre-season 6 GoT level of dialogue, exceptional cinematography and nuanced messages. I am so impressed with how the quality of the show increases with every passing episode that I get this giddy excitement we used to get in anticipation of the next episode in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and early GoT.

You are doing yourself a great disservice if you refuse to treat yourself to this hidden masterpiece. Yes, Obi-Wan sucked, yes the sequels stank, yes you are so bitter and hurt by Disney's castration of every beloved SW character ever. But please, watch this and I promise you will NOT regret it.

I do not care who runs the show, if Andor is any indication of the direction Disney is taking SW, I AM ON BOARD! And if not and they plan to keep pooping on SW, I still thank them for Andor, it is THAT good of a show.
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Very well done.
melcher-200127 October 2022
Finally Disney has gone beyond the nostalgic vision at the center of Star Wars films ever since George Lucas first landed on Tatooine. Most of the franchise has been anchored in the sagas involving a single dysfunctional family, the Skywalkers; Luke, Han, Leia, Solo, Anakin, Padme, et. Al., and their wizard friends Obiwan and Yoda. Most of the new and original ideas and interesting characters have been confined to the various animated series and novels.

With a single exception. Based on an offhand remark spoken by Leia in the first Star Wars film, 'Rogue One' spun a tale that instead of dwelling on Skywalker royalty, unfolds a plot by an array of misfits and desperate freedom fighters, not always pure and not always victorious. As an outlier to the central narrative the ending left little room for sequels (Star Wars IV is the sequel).

The film garnered both critical acclaim and popular response, offering something that both longtime Star Wars fans and new generations were hungry for, original stories about people that felt accessible and real.

It has taken six years for the film franchise to revive the chemistry that made 'Rogue One' so universally successful. With the series 'Andor' on Disney they've made that leap, and the result is quite impressive.

A notable lineup of directors, beautiful cinematography and a brilliantly original screenplay by Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler, The Bourne Legacy) weaves a narrative that leaves behind most of the familiar Star Wars tropes to take us through a drama featuring characters and situations that echo the real world. The cast is led by Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgard, and every character is given a depth that goes beyond the usual simplistic archetypes of good and evil.

A Star Wars story without light sabers, or Jedi, or those Storm Troopers with their ridiculous white armor who fall like tenpins in every battle against heroes who never miss. A Star Wars that depicts warfare and struggle realistically. Can it work? '

Andor' works beyond any of my expectations. It's the best Star Wars saga I've seen since 'Rogue One', and possibly the best Star Wars I've _ever_seen. It's Star Wars for adults that goes beyond the replay of old westerns that have so far been the template for the popular Mandalorian and Boba Fett series, or the repeat of old battles on the Obi-Wan Kenobi show.

I look forward to the further expansion of the Star Wars universe into new kinds of narratives, new characters and new worlds. I hope 'Andor' marks a new course that I'll eagerly follow.
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HBO's Andor
MamadNobari975 November 2022
The biggest surprise of 2022 in the tv/streaming part of the entertainment industry, and especially surprising because it is after like six or seven disappointed and mediocre to near garbaj Disney+ original shows. And It really does feel like HBO made it and not Disney+.

This is the first time I'm rating a tv show before finishing the whole first season, at least from Disney+, and I think I would give it a 9 either way at the end, so might as well give it now, because the show Is that good.

First of all, it's all in the writing, it doesn't matter if you have the best tech and best people for every part of the production and the best Oscar-winning actors, if the writing is bad, nothing can save it. So kudos to the Gilroy brothers and the other writers for making this show. It looks like Disney finally hired actual professional writers who know how to craft a story in an interesting way and make the audience care about the characters and the story. The only setback of the writing and this season so far in my opinion is the first two episodes which are perfectly mediocre. There's nothing really bad about them per se and obviously setting up takes time, but one could argue that they could've combined those two episodes and made a longer one-hour or 1:15-hour episode. I think some tropes and clichés happen in there which I really didn't care for, so that's why I think the writing was kinda your run-of-the-mill storytelling we've seen before.

But after episode three and going on a new adventure and meeting new characters, it just picks up the pace and the show gets better and better with each episode.

The reason this show works and others don't, is because like Tony Gilroy the writer and showrunner said, they made a show for adults. Unlike certain other SW shows, this show doesn't need fightsabers and blaster fights every 10 minutes to keep the low attention span people that only want action hooked, they do that with great writing, interesting and well-written characters, and great dialogue.

The writers know in order to make a great story and have the audience actually care about your characters and have actual tension and stakes, your story first needs buildup and world-building. So this show is a slow burn for that reason but not in a boring way. With no buildup, comes great disappointing plot points and endings. The way they tell a story and focus more (or the same amount) on the planning and preparation and setup than the payoff is reminiscent of how Better Call Saul told its story.

The writing is honestly pretty much airtight and I haven't encountered anything that made me go "oh god why are they doing that, is this show written for 4-year-olds?" and such. Every decision characters make makes sense in a way and you don't have cringey Tony Stark wannabe characters quipping and joking every two sentences to keep the children watching amused.

It's not surprising too that every actor in here does their job so well and thanks to both the actors and the brilliant writing, these characters come to life and make us believe they're actually real to the point that even the background and side characters feel like actual characters that have a life outside of this show's perspective and their short screentime.

I care about these characters I've only known for two episodes more than I did in Obi-Wan Kenobi for characters I loved for many years from three movies.

The show is also shot beautifully and the production value of this show compared to Obi-Wan Kenobi's is like Lord of the Rings vs Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

Just about everything in this show seems top quality and professional and looks like everybody who worked on this actually cared about the project and tried to make the best they could and they have absolutely succeeded.

The story structure for the most part of the show is that you have three episodes that each contain their own little plot that is connected to the larger overall story and plot of the show and the first two episodes of each arc are setup and buildup with the third being a big action episode with the payoff to pretty much most of the setup in the previous two. And with each arc, it just gets better and better and the prison arc so far has been the best and 10/10.

This is the first time I'm saying a piece of Star Wars content, at least the live-action ones, actually make The Empire look menacing and as big of a threat as this show. They do a really good of showing the inner workings of The Empire and making them actually smart and not a cartoon villain they've been shown to us as before.

This show is just honestly a gem between all the nonsense Disney+ has put out these past couple of years and it's a breath of fresh air after all those disappointing MCU and Star Wars shows we saw these past two years and all the controversial Sequels.

I tried to keep the review short and not get into details that much nor to spoil anything, but the review still seems big enough, so I'll just say this, even if you hate Star Wars and have had a Star Wars/MCU fatigue for a while, or even if you haven't seen any Star Wars movies before, watch this. If you prefer slow-burn stuff with more good dialogue and writing than action that gets boring after 10 seconds, watch this. It's a great adult show that is actually dark and brutal about the fascist Empire and has great acting from A-list actors, great cinematography and visuals, good music, and great directing and writing. Not only the best thing Disney+ has put out since its inception, but one of the best shows of 2022 and one of the best shows in general.
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What a pleasant difference this is!
fraser-simons25 November 2022
Aside from some pacing issues-obfuscated by fantastic production values, scripting, acting, and set design-this change of, well, everything in the approach to making Star Wars content is a unadulterated triumph. No more stupid pandering and circuitous, same stories. No more terrible comedic timing and one-foot in the door to appeal to every demographic, making it excellent in no way.

This is for adults and it is, in part because of it, probably the first actually good things to have come out of the property since Empire Strikes Back. Rogue One was also good, but pandering and stupid jokes with droids and crap also transgressed there too. Imperialism, colonization, oppression are all very serious things. Dressing it up in gloss and platitudes makes it a joke. This has something real to say and it actually has serious people at every level displaying that difference in tone and approach at every aspect. It is such a pleasure to consume from the very first cyberpunk-aesthetic-esk minutes, and it doesn't let go.

I was completely done with this franchise for years. Now, I'm back in. Stop the fan service, stop the pandering. Take your property seriously and direct content specific, not made to appeal to one-size fits all, because it's crap. This is proof of that. Let's hope they actually pay attention. Otherwise this will be the only thing of actual substance they've made with the IP in literal decades.
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Moving the brand forward
chadtoland24 November 2022
Finally, a Star Wars addition which elevates. It's slower, far less action driven, yet more suspenseful as a result. The characters have layers and complex motivations. I especially love the weird master/sub relationship forming with the ISB commander and her weird stalker who lives with his mother. It's full of odd details and threads.

This show also feels true to the core themes and style of the original trilogy. In some ways it's more effective. We feel a strong sense of oppression, ambiguous ethics, dirty hands, and meaningful formation of a rebellion. It's a refreshing change and a more mature Star Wars.
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Congrats Disney!
dupereira21 September 2022
Very well done, nice sense of scale and aesthetics, the tone is right, beautiful scenery and nice acting... This is how Star Wars should be handled.

I Hope we could see more like this in the future... Disney have some problems with storylines from old characters but the news stories like mandalorian they nailed it... Please make this tone for the rest of the franchise. Star Wars should be a grown-up thing like most of the fans that grow up with. Stop wasting our time with current political agenda and give us timeless stories we can remember like the first movies from George Lucas. Thanks you Disney for let this happen.
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My Faith is Restored :)
keikoyoshikawa21 September 2022
Wow. This is the best Disney SW series after the Mandalorian. And far superior to amateurish LoTR RoP, It goes to show what you can achieve given love and respect for the world or universe of the overall story, spades of talent, and the intellectual freedom to make magic happens.

Disney finally made the right call to have Tony Gilroy (Rogue One) on board. I can't imagine Andor being so good without him. Interestingly, the use of real sets instead of an over-reliance on CGI or a virtual one - despite it being an improvement over the green screen - really makes a huge difference.

Compared to the Mandalorian, the grittier world of Andor is not only intriguing but a very much appreciated and welcomed change from the silliness of Obi-Wan and, sadly, the disappointing The Book of Boba Fett. In only three episodes, I became invested in multiple characters and even one beat-up droid (though of course I'm still waiting on K2SO).

Although the Mandalorian still holds first place for me - in large part because of Baby Yoda (I refuse to call him anything else) - Andor comes a very close second. The tension is palpable despite that the pacing during the first two episodes was just a tad slow. However, that was necessary to setup the world for us and detracts little from the overall quality of the series.

We have only three episodes so far, but I so look forward to the remaining episodes of this season. SW is great again.
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Does for the TV shows what Rogue One did for the films
ajtomo21 September 2022
Remember how amongst the lightweight drivel, uninventive fan-servicing, and confused plotting/character arcs of the last batch of Star Wars films Rogue One shone like a beacon of decent filmmaking? Well three episodes in and it looks like Andor is doing exactly the same thing for the Star Wars TV series. Unburdened by the need to placate nostalgic adult-kids that grew up with the original films (or even the poor souls that grew up with the prequel trilogy and so have a nostalgic fondness for those), or the need to pass under the scrutinous eye of the studious geeks who "know" how the Force and hyperdrives work (as though they're real things) - Andor is free to 'simply' build interesting characters, plots, storylines and visuals to give us the dramatic framework for what is shaping up to be just a damn good story and adventure.

Sadly, like Rogue One, it also stands - by example - as a reminder of what could have been. Of what a terrible wasted opportunity the rest of this latest run of Star Wars output has been (with just the occasional, infuriating glimmer of quality thinly veined through Obi-Wan and The Mandalorian).

Here's hoping the rest of this series manages to capitalise on this great start, and leaves us with at least one more properly good piece of work in this third age of Star Wars.
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Finally, some grit
rich-mac24 November 2022
Although Andor takes its time building its world and intrigue in the end it's time well spent.

By the time Season 1 concludes we have the basis for a great series - a Star Wars universe with some grit and determination beginning the fight back against imperial over-reach and aggression.

This is proper Sci-Fi - something I think the Star Wars movies have ironically and somewhat inexplicably struggled with - perhaps due to scale and the notion of blockbusters needing to be so enormous that in the end it's detail that suffers. But Andor is carefully realised, it has the elements of human drama and enough of the Sci-Fi content to remind us where we are and what's being fought against. Having said that, the portrayals of the Empire are perhaps a little too 1-dimensionally fascist.

Now it's time for Andor to change up a gear for season 2.
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Started brilliant and keeps getting better!
alex-frey-pattaya9 November 2022
This is by far the best Star Wars Show that has ever been made and probably will be on the foreseeable future. Story, Visual, Creativity are absolutely perfect. Some people might argue this show is something else with a Star Wars backdrop, given what we have seen the last few years with the exception of The Mandalorian, this is a good thing.

Andor is dark, Andor is gritty, Andor is intelligent and it uses zero humor to keep you watching, it uses character building instead and does that by hiring a perfect cast that can act. Diego Luna (Andor) carries this show with ease, there are dozens of Easter eggs in each episode which allows you to rewatch an episode and find out new things every time you do it.

I believe the horrible and unnecessary Obi Wan Show gave people the idea that Star Wars shows shouldn't be watched anymore, they are wrong, watch, enjoy it and tell your friends. Apparently Disney has cut the first Season from 16 episodes to 12 and has renewed it for a new season.
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