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Mesmerizing , intense and challenging
charmadu3 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching this on-line. Due to numerous stops and sputters and freezes, it took me nearly 5 hours to watch a 2 hour film. Suffice it to say that had it not been THAT good, I never would have kept trying for 5 hours. Where do I begin with this film. There's no question that you are immediately absorbed from the start. The acting, script, directing, cinematography are superb and the relationships develop in a fascinating way. Note how Jean starts talking to Elena the first time he comes to the cafe. It's classic male teenager yet there's something so enchanting about him. Jean, Elena and her boyfriend Joseba are presented so tenderly that even when the wheels are starting to come off, we are with them. There are so many fascinating aspects, not the least of which is that we are grappling with a relationship that eludes the usual boxes and labels. A film well worth watching.
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mathijshuiskes28 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Since watching this movie I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

Everything about Madre is just mesmerizing: the setting, the continuous takes, the acting, the characters (especially Elena), and of course the unique plot. It's also a perfect example of "show don't tell": we never learn exactly what the protagonist feels for Jean (motherly love, or more?), nor do we learn what happened to Ivan, or why Elena has lived in France after his disappearance (has she really never given up her search for him?). Much needs to be filled in by the reader, which probably makes this film so graceful and elegant. Every scene is meaningful and refined.

If it isn't clear by now, I can't recommend this movie enough.
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A sterling and captivating story about a mother looking for his disappeared six years old son , missing at the French coast
ma-cortes5 May 2022
This is a tense and gripping intriguing movie that's all too real . Marta Nieto and her mother Blanca Apilanez are hanging around the apartment on what's a typical day for them. When Marta's answers a call, an unimaginable horror unfolds via cell phone . On the other end is her 6-year-old son. He's on holiday with his father , Marta's ex . Only her son tells her, as his cell phone battery is dying, that dad left him and now he's alone on a beach ... he thinks it's France . These desperate words of his son were the last that she learned about him. In the end, she finds herself on the same beach where her son disappeared, works as a manager in a restaurant and begins to leave this dark tunnel, where she has been anchored for so long. After ten years her life shakes again when she accidentally meets Gene : Jules Perier , a French teenager resembling her son. Following an overlong and sympathetic conversation between them, during which she arranges to gain her attention . A strong bond arises along their particular relation , which ultimately wreaks havoc and mistrust around them .

It deals with the complexity and sensitivity of the human relations and the unexpected results . It takes place in a few locations, at a flat , a seaside restaurant and some French beaches in Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, Seignosse, Landes , France . It turns out to be dramatic enough and unfolding dramatic , precipitable happenings . An enjoyable tale with top-notch acting especially by lead actress Marta Nieto as the hysteric mother who attempts to keep her sanity together as the mounting horror engulfing her life escalates with each painful second. Fresh interpretations about a peculiar relationship when a mother and a teen sharing an unlikely meeting , then emerges a mutual attraction that winds up in unexpected results . It's a captivating and stunning performance by Marta Nieto, and a brilliant piece of filmmaking from Mr. Sorogoyen . The two protagonists giving awesome acting , while exchange life experiences, philosophies , stakes and in the typical conversational fashion , but things go wrong after and results in a mysterious conclusion . The film relies heavily on excessive dialog with sometimes monotonous conversation and slow-moving scenes . It is a remake from the short ¨Madre¨ (2017) , being nominated for an Academy Award, directed by Sorogoyen himself and with similar actors that was perhaps one of the best Spanish shorts ever made.

It packs a colorful and adequate cinematography by Alejandro de Pablo, Sorogoyen's regular cameraman . And a sensitive and evocative musical score by composer Olivier Arson , including a number of catching French songs . The motion picture was well and mysteriously directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen . Rodrigo is a good writer, producer, director assistant and filmmaker with a few films. Sorogoyen has directed successful TV series , such as : ¨La pecera de Eva¨, ¨Fragiles¨, ¨Vida loca¨, ¨Impares¨ and notorious films , such as : ¨8 citas¨, ¨May God save us¨ 2016 with Antonio de la Torre, Javier Pereira, Roberto Alamo , and ¨El Reino¨ 2018 with Antonio De la Torre, all of them have won various awards and Goyas. And furthermore, a short , Oscar nominated, titled Mother . Rating 6.5/10 . Better than average. Notable film. Well worth seeing . This Madre (2019) won several Prizes and Nominations , such as : Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 2022 Winner CEC Award Best Actress (Mejor Actriz) Marta Nieto , Nominee CEC Award Best Adapted Screenplay Isabel Peña , Rodrigo Sorogoyen. ASECAN 2020 Nominee ASECAN Award Best Spanish Film. Días de Cine Awards 2020 Nominee Días de Cine Award Best Spanish Actress Marta Nieto 2nd place Best Spanish Film Rodrigo Sorogoyen 4th place . European Film Awards 2020 Nominee European Film Award European Actress Marta Nieto . Feroz Awards, ES 2020 Nominee Feroz Award Best Actress in a Leading Role Marta Nieto . Fotogramas de Plata 2020 Nominee Fotogramas de Plata Best Movie Actress Marta Nieto . Gaudí Awards 2020 Nominee Gaudí Award Best Supporting Actor Alex Brendemühl . Goya Awards 2020 Nominee Goya Best Lead Actress Marta Nieto Best Adapted Screenplay Isabel Peña Rodrigo Sorogoyen Best Editing . Haifa International Film Festival 2019 Nominee Carmel Award Best International Film , Rodrigo Sorogoyen . International Cinephile Society Awards 2021 Nominee . ICS Award Best Picture 23rd place Best Actress Marta Nieto. José María Forqué Awards 2020 Winner José María Forqué Award Best Actress Marta Nieto, among others.
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Unexpected story
bydr096 May 2020
After watching the short film predecessor, which was nominated for the Oscar, I was expecting a story related to the dissapearance of Elena's son, Iván. It's been a real surprise how it's been developed, which takes place ten years after that tragedy and introduces us to a mother, Elena, who has just recovered and she has the bad or the good luck to meet a boy, Jean, who is age her son would be today.

The script is quite good, it's a scant irregular and especially the scene of the meeting with three men in the night club is totally left over, it's very unpleasant and adds nothing to the story. The rest of the characters on several occasions are overacted. In spite of this, I love the director's daring and the social criticism that love between a mand and a much younger woman is well seen, and the opposite is frowned upon.

It's magnificent to enjoy each image with this beauty of photography and the great chemistry between the two protagonists.

Finally, to highlight Marta Nieto's performance, there are no words to describe it. It's the best spanish performance of 2019.
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Moviegoer's Beware 2* out of 10*
velvet_zoo12 October 2020
Great beginning, then fading out into oblivion. Woman turns psycho after her son gets abducted. She befriends a boy the same age of her son. Minor traces of a plot that does not go anywhere. Watcher's beware. There is a chance you might have better things to do in your life with two hours than waiting for this film to end. I hope this was no spoiler: Maybe this film got financed on the first five pages of the screenplay and no one in the funding committees cared to read the screenplay to the end. 2* for the first 5 minutes
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The Point Is?
westsideschl8 February 2021
Story plays off of child kidnapping fears and in particular the missing child from a Portugal beach resort a decade ago. Inadequate investigation makes this movie more fantasy than substance. The missing child used a phone so police can identify it's location from past cell tower use; GPS; other technologies. Travel records & security video in the area could have been used. We see none of this in the movie. It's 10 years later and emotionally torn mom sees someone that could be her missing son. DNA, easy to get, would have been a quick simple solution. Instead we get a weird love story.
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A Melancholic take on grieves & memories of human mindset...!!!
PANDIAN12062117 January 2023
After watching "THE BEASTS" of Rodrigo's binged me to explore his filmography that lead to watch "MADRE"... His innovative way to adapt his Oscar nominated short Film was unique with major support of Alejandro Pablo's cinematography is a paradise to every buffs...that gives a melancholic tone to many of the scenes with vibrant beaches and climatic conditions upscales this visual asethitic beauty to new level... Marta Nieto who plays the title role won the best actress award for the short film,her balancing act at times of grief & sadness does hurt deep into the heart and she is into the elite list of my favourite actress.... Overall a must watch movie that need not to be missed.
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a silly final
acrgmn25 July 2020
I think it was a ridiculous finale, this work deserves much better
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Extremely moving
ajae-5440114 January 2023
Rarely have I been so affected by a film as this one. There is something very special here. There is a longing in this film that is so palpable and real.

The story is very original in its own way. Only a handful of movies have brought me to tears and this is one of them. The acting, the cinematography and the chemistry between Marta Nieto and Jules is something you never see in American cinema.

If you are looking for something different that will leave you with a feeling you can't quite describe, then this film is worth it.

I'm not much of a drama buff but this one stands out.

More characters for Amazon's idiotic 600 character limit.
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The softest storm!
glbgrb19 November 2020
This terrible anxiety that is present throughout the film is constantly mixed with a sense of awe, emotion and beauty. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Pure mystery and softest storm!
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A great work !
AArthurG13 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"Madre" is a great work.

When going to see this movie I wasn't expecting much from "Madre" and after watching it I'm plesantly surprised.

  • In the first place the main actress plays her character really well and fits the "broken woman" perfectly.
  • The movie was really well shot, the visuals of the movie and mostly the beach and the sea are pleasing to watch.
  • The story plot isn't incredible but well-built here and work really well.

The major negative point of this movie is that some parts of it are a bit long and it gives the impressioon of not moving forward.

"Madre" is a moving story showing the pain,the struggle of a broken woman who can't get away from her son's disappearance, and who remains clinging to the idea of finding him, and through the film we can only feel pity and love for this admirable woman ...
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Don t go
doctorpaulman9 August 2020
Stupid ending. t find a better wor. Ah. Also yhe storyline it s not far from the ending
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Nice movie
a_kouk27 August 2020
Nice storytelling movie! I suggest to go and see it, if you like movies which analyse characters and their psychology
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Interesting movie.
ikrr-8467712 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
She found him, otherwise can't see a reason for calling her ex partner so thrilled. At least seems she felt something like that. It was interesting.

It is not my favorite movie by Rodrigo Sorogoyen but it seems worth of some attention. Of course it remind me the movie Burning (2018, Lee Chang-dong) which creates an circumstance to take the viewer to a misunderstanding. Although I rather believe Rodrigo Sorogoyen didn't fellow it with his movie.

Overall, the movie is a bit boring (yes, it is not for me), but I could watch it until the end due the painful past of the main character. The kid is really a kid, o matter how he tried behavior like an adult, I guess it was a positive point of the movie.
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