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Sex & Nudity

  • Male characters are briefly seen shirtless. Sometimes sexualized by women.
  • Reference to a character looking like a pimp in episode 3, however it is not too explicit.
  • There is a scene in a club-like setting that features semi-suggestive clothing. Nothing graphic.

Violence & Gore

  • More violent than most other MCU movies/series, but still PG13-ish.
  • The violence throughout the first episode is not overly graphic, it consists mostly of quick punches, shooting, and a small amount of blood. There are a couple more violent acts in this episode mostly pertaining to brutal hits to the head.
  • Someone is shot through the chest, we see a short splat of blood and we briefly see the bullet wound
  • Someone is stabbed in the arm (onscreen) the knife is then pulled out and we briefly see the stab wound
  • A man is shot at close range, they cut and we see a large blood splat all over the victims body and face
  • A person is unexpectedly shot in the head.
  • Bucky hits someone with a metal pipe and then throws it at someone else; it ends up going through the person's chest and this is shown with blood.
  • Episode 3: Plenty of action violence; there are fist fights accompanied by audible bone breaks, stabbings, and knife fights which result in some bloody detail, and shootings that are accompanied with mild blood spurts and visible bullet wounds.


  • Around 40 uses of 'shit' and several uses of more mild language such as 'ass' 'hell' and 'damn'
  • The word "bullshit" is used few times. 1 use of each GD and AH. a few uses of the d-word and h-word
  • Surprisingly, there is one distant use of the f-bomb in episode 4 by Anthony Mackie. This could be an audio mistake or blooper, however it is kept in the final cut. It is subtitled as 'What', but viewers with a sharp ear can make it out.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bucky and a girl are seen drinking beers while playing a game. They take a swig every time someone loses
  • A couple characters drink a fair amount in one scene in a bar but doesn't contain any drunkenness.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a flashback scene in which several people are killed with one death being very upsetting. Some of the action can also be too intense for younger viewers.
  • One scene in where racial profiling is shown towards Sam
  • Scenes with Bucky (Winter Soldier) fighting are quite intense and violent however not overly graphic.
  • It could be traumatic for people to see Bucky Barnes' prosthetic arm be disarmed by Ayo.
  • In Ep 4: Captain America brutally kills a super soldier with the shield, hitting him in the chest multiple times. Blood is shown on the steps and the victim's hands and a lot of stained blood is shown on the shield. Definitely one of the darkest moments in the MCU.
  • In Episode 5: The Fight Between Sam and Bucky Vs Walker It Is Very Intense And Very Brutal, And To Some Of People It May Find Suspensful.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Ep 3: Bucky goes into Assassin mode and stabs and punches people several times, he also chokes many of them. Quite violent and intense.
  • Ep 3: Sharon beats down a number of bounty hunters; she stabs, punches, kicks and shoots them, getting some blows herself. Very violent and intense.
  • Sharon Carter has a brutal clash with a few men, where she throws metal pipes at them and beats them up. Quite brutal.
  • Ep 3: There is a realistic prison riot where Zemo tries to escape; he beats down several guards and in the background you can see other prisoners fighting. Somewhat violent.
  • Ep 4: A man is killed with a shield. The blood splatter is shown on the floor. And later, the blood is shown on the shield as well as the body but at an angle that makes it difficult to see any wounds. Definitely disturbing for everyone. This show has more violence and brutality than any other MCU project.
  • Several shots in episode 5 showing blood on captain America's shield.
  • Sam and Bucky fight John Walker. The fight goes on for a while while they're trying to take the shield from him. While they're successful in doing so. Walker has his arm broken in the process. We see it break, not disturbing but intense.
  • Ep 6: Karli is shot and dies in Sam's arms. This is emotional and intense.
  • There are lots of fight scenes as well as shootouts. Most of the violence is typical action or MCU violence but it can be rather violent at time. There is one scene where a man is brutally killed with Captain America's shield and blood can be seen near the body and there is lots of blood on the shield. Overall, the violence isn't too bad.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Dr. Nagel is interrogated, a gun is placed at him several times and he is slammed against the wall. Quite intense. He is then shot with some bloody detail.
  • A bounty is placed on Sam and Bucky and they flee through Madripor, people around them get messages about the bounty and start to chase them. Many criminals start to take out guns and knifes. Very intense.
  • In Ep 4: Karli Morgenthau punches Battlestar into a wall, head first, accidentally killing him. Slight blood is shown on Battlestar's lips and everyone (including Karli) is shocked and scared at what's happened.
  • Karli dies in Sam's arms. Emotional and intense.

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