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Artificial Gravity
nogodnomasters22 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Hyperion company sends three people to Mars on a two man craft and a fourth person pops out of the woodwork. This creates issues with oxygen as the Co2 scrubbers are damaged.

Boring space drama. Artificial gravity worked outside the ship too. Not sure how that works. There was always a large planet outside the ship. Seemed odd.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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Fourth Wheel
kosmasp6 January 2022
I know it is called third wheel ... but on a spaceship it doesn't even matter. I actually thought about going with a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song (give it away) ... not sure if it would have been the better or more apt description. Now to know that or what I mean you probably would at least have to have watched the trailer, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I was subjected to the trailer, but I succesfully was able to not really digest any of what was shown, because I distracted myself during the times it played at a festival I attended. So I can't even tell you how much you are aware of what the movie will be about, if you have seen the trailer. Having said that, it is clear that not all will stay good and well with our mission. There has to be conflict and danger for us to get involved.

As much as I love Anna Kendrick, I am not sure how much she will connect with the audience. If you love her anyway the relative blandness of her character will not matter that much ... I could relate to Daniel Dae Kim the most. Not the scientist part or his drive overall, but his struggle and his logic. Now there are themes here that are worth to be discussed .. philosophically and otherwise ... and then there is a plain truth. And a bit of a strange third act to say the least ... not sure if it saves anything (no pun intended) ... but the movie overall has some flaws ... a lot of them actually. Still I like Science Fiction movies, so I cut it some slack ... and then some. Also I like the actors ...
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Prolonged boredom in space...
paul_haakonsen25 April 2021
Granted, I was lured into watching "Stowaway" given the movie's rating, the synopsis, an interesting cover/poster, and the fact that it is a new movie that I haven't already seen. So everything definitely was looking up for the 2021 sci-fi thriller from writers Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison.

But wow, this movie was a snoozefest. The pacing of the storyline was so slow that you could leave for a prolonged period of time, then come back and still be up to speed with events in the movie. Running at almost two hours, very little actually took place during that whole time. So yeah, "Stowaway" is a massively boring movie that is at risk of making you fall asleep.

The storyline just didn't have enough of solid contents to sustain a running time of nearly two hours. The storyline in "Stowaway" was just too bland, too boring and too uneventful. Actually, you are left with a sense of 'what was the point of this movie' when the movie's end credits starts rolling.

And get this; the movie has a staggering cast ensemble of four actors and actresses, two of each. Now, there is nothing wrong with a small cast, but when they have so little to work with in terms of a proper script and storyline, or even adequately entertaining characters, then there was just so little that Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette could do with what director Joe Penna set out to do.

Visually then "Stowaway" was a nice enough experience. It wasn't a movie that was crammed with a bunch of CGI special effects to knock your socks off. But the atmosphere and the effects in the movie definitely had the feel of being deep in space. Well, aside from the flaws and errors here and there, such as when Zoe opened the door to the Kingfisher and it was pulled away. Uhm, what? There is no gravity in the depths of space.

"Stowaway" was a disappointment of stellar magnitude. And it is definitely not a movie that I would recommend you waste your time on. Well, not unless you are looking for something to help you drift off to Dreamland.

There are far better space movies readily available, many of which provide an abundance more entertainment and enjoyment than what "Stowaway" managed to do.

My rating of this 2021 sci-fi thriller lands on a generous three out of ten stars.
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Gordon-111 May 2021
I find the plot quite engaging because there are so many heart wrenching decisions to make. I had to hold a piece of tissue in my hands towards the end of the film, to absorb the sweat from my palms!
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Calicodreamin27 April 2021
This was a bit of a snooze, the storyline took forever to get up and going and even then there wasn't much going. I guess this was supposed to be a case study in the human condition, but the characters didn't have enough depth to warrant any real emotional connects. No substance, low budget.
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Gravity meets The Martian in a true sci-fi film that makes you think
siderite22 April 2021
Stowaway starts with an interesting premise: what if during a long term space mission you would discover an additional passenger? I mean, they cut the resources to the limit, even with astronomical costs (pardon the pun) going to pointless contractors and budgeted pencil pushing, so what would you do?

People rating this down and berating it for not being sci-fi enough don't get what science fiction is. If it were only about the science it would have been a documentary. If it were only about the characters it would have been a normal drama. This actually asks the question "what if?" and makes you think. Go ahead... what would you do? How much effort would you spend trying to find solutions when the obvious one is killing some of the crew? How much would you risk yourself and others? What would you prioritize? Yourself, the crew as a whole, your favourite colleagues, the mental health of everybody as well as the physical one? Sci-fi is not about the answers, it's about the questions.

I liked the acting, even Anna Kendrick was pretty good. I liked the premise. I liked how they went as far as Hollywood possible to make the story technically accurate. And I loved that it raised questions that the viewer has to answer. And it's clearly a pandemic movie: it literally has only four actors. It's more like a high budget play than a movie. They had to either get more oxygen or get out and risk getting sick :) Jokes aside, I liked how subtle the issue of race was raised (or rather not raised, again left to the latitude of the viewer) and how they didn't go the lazy way of the a-holes who try to murder one another in order to survive. These are highly trained astronauts not your beer bar buddies.

Not everything is perfect, though. I also had that WTF moment when the film ended abruptly. I had to untense myself and get back from the edge of the seat and think about what I've just watched. And it does have slight pacing issues, even though I doubt it could have been cut much shorter.

Bottom line: it's one of the best realistic space sci-fi films I've seen recently.
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It's crowded in that ship with universal themes and human challenges. Good stuff.
jdesando23 April 2021
"What are we gonna do, ask him to walk out of the airlock?" Zoe (Anna Kendrick)

The problem in the entertaining Stowaway on Netflix is that an extra person hidden away on a two-year trip to Mars sucks out too much unplanned oxygen. Four occupants cannot survive even getting to the planet.

Although director Joe Penna likes the tech too much for my liking, the survival motif is still strong enough as only the Donner family could have known well enough. The three astronauts and the stowaway engineer, stuck in a claustrophobic ship originally made for two but tricked out for three, must decide who goes, as medical doctor Zoe simply states above. The tight ship symbolizes the slim options available to the crew.

No new sci-fi ground covered here, just the usual tropes of bungling outside the ship as they try to get oxygen from outer tanks to the sentimental stories of a child left behind and a scientist's life work destroyed. What it does have is a new take on an enduring human dilemma: What sacrifices must be made to ensure the survival of the species, not just the individual.

Additionally, at what point must the adventure of living stop in order to guarantee the survival of the many rather than the few. Not all of these themes are fully explored in Stowaway but enough to spark conversation. The ultimate conversation, however, is with ourselves: What would we do? What sacrifice would we make?

It's comforting to see the commander of the ship a woman, Marina (Toni Collette), and the hero a woman (Zoe).

Enjoy an evening of release from the pandemic to the liberation of space travel only to realize we are still left with very human decisions no matter where we go.

"I need you to be mentally prepared for what's gonna happen." Marina.
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Survivor's Guilt
Cineanalyst24 April 2021
How is "Stowaway" not about race? A black technician inadvertently finds himself on a ship heading to a new world after being concussed and otherwise injured. He's told by the non-black voyagers that he doesn't belong and there isn't enough (breathing) room, so he must die. Obviously, every movie need not be about race, but they're preferably about something, and this is the set-up thrown into this void of a space movie that otherwise appears to be about nothing but survival, with the obligatory occasional glance at the beauty of the stars, and goes out of its way to never mention race. Even if it were intended as subtle subtext, to what point would it be? It also wouldn't matter otherwise, but it makes me wonder if that's why the four-hander doesn't include a white man. Is this merely, as others have suggested, a poor-man's "Gravity" (2013) meets "The Martian" (2015)? I like space movies, which is why I watched this, and this one is suspenseful enough at times, but, c'mon, it's got to be more than that.

I suppose a big movie production, especially one relying on spectacle and including some well-known actors like this one, is in some ways like the mission to Mars it depicts. You may begin with reasons for launching the project--algae or medical research or some idea that seemed important in the beginning--but so many unforeseen obstacles and mistakes get in the way that it becomes only about surviving to the completion of the mission. Everything else is discarded along the way.
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Superb survival story in set in space
85122221 May 2021
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Stowaway" (2021) was a surprisingly superbly directed, written, acted and composed movie about surviving and hope. Set in space, this is like "Gravity" meets "Cast Away", "Interstellar", "Martian" and some other similar stories. I won't spoil anything, just say that i loved the premised of this movie, and i went with it till the end -a very haunting and at the same time beautiful ending.

Overall, superb performances by all involved, superb directing, music, writing and set design - "Stowaway" (2021) is a movie for those who love simple but good stories set outside our planet - with no aliens or word "Wars" involved. Superb picture.
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even though gravitational issues...
ops-5253524 April 2021
And a cloudy atmosphere all the way till the outer borders of the exosphere, and a little bit anticlimactic ending without big brawling fight for survival its an ok'ish movie i think...

it has moments of sensational intensity, it has also got some very nice visual effects in between, and the usual spaceflight vs survival in space takes some twists thats rather new to me. What that maybe i wont tell, but i can tease as much to say the plot gives in by itself in a sunstorm implotion like finale. Almost every spacemovie made dwells over impossible survival issues some due to lack of O2, others due to monsters etc , the issue here is a defect co2 washer that makes the flight to mars an impossible mission. They may survive but only under special circumstances.

Acting is nothing more than directed, and the story is made so you have to make some inhuman desicions in your mind to find a solution to the problems. So it becomes a bit sentimental here and there, but its survivable. I didnt like the last 20 minutes and definately not the end. So therefore just a 6 from the grumpy old man.
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Nothing special...
Thanos_Alfie26 April 2021
"Stowaway" is a Thriller - Sci-Fi movie in which we watch a crew of a space mission going to Mars when an unplanned passenger changes the plan and the lives everyone. They all have to deal with this new reality and focus on surviving.

I have to admit that I expected something totally different than what I watched. "Stowaway" has a simple plot that becomes a bit boring in the middle mainly because there was a small character evolution. Something that made it even more obvious due to the duration of the movie. The direction which was made by Joe Penna, it was average and without creating the right environment for a space movie since the audience could not relate to his main characters and to what they were dealing. Finally, I have to say that "Stowaway" is a below average movie with a simple but confusing plot consisted of some plot holes that are not covered and some interpretations that follow the pattern of the plot so, I do not recommend anyone to watch this movie expecially those who have already watched space movies.
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Decent sci fi thriller with a dull direction and bad pacing.
cruise0128 April 2021
3 out of 5 stars.

Stowaway is a fair science fiction thriller film about a group of astronauts on a voyage to Mars. They come across a stowaway who is stuck along the way. When there life support is down. And they only have remaining oxygen for there space crew. It comes down to either sacrificing one or attempt to retrieve a cargo in other side of the ship which can put themselves at risk.

What worked? The set designs and visual effects are great. The film taking place in a space ship. Some cinematography shots can be dizzying with there spacecraft rotating its axis and we see earth through the cockpit. Which is great at putting the audience through the characters shoes. Even during the climatic scene when Anna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim are climbing outside the ship to the other side which is stunning and thrilling.

The plot is decent. Space crew of three life support goes out. And there is only enough oxygen for three. While the fourth person which they come to face if they can sacrifice for the sake of there mission. Not really much is going on with the story. Besides being a survival space thriller with nothing else to build the suspense for the audience.

The cast ensemble was okay with there roles. Anna Kendrick. Daniel Dae Kim. Toni Colletti. And Shamier Anderson all did fair with there roles. The characters are forgettable with lacking in depth.

What did not work with the film? The direction can be dull in the second act. Not much story depth. The script was lacking in depth with the characters.

The pacing was slow in the middle of the movie. Which was slightly boring.

It was a decent space thriller with an okay cast and visuals. But not really much else was given to check this film out again.
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A great start gives way to boredom and a lack of answers
eddie_baggins2 May 2021
Gathering together quite the cast for just his second feature length affair, Arctic director Joe Penna returns to the survival thriller genre once more to deliver a realistic sci-fi yarn for Netflix, that while featuring a truly intriguing central set-up, is a film that fails to capitalize on the talent and potential that lay at its fingertips.

Set entirely in out of space with just the four named cast members to keep things ticking along (a huge leap up for Penna considering his debut was a one man show), Stowaway captures us early on as Toni Collette's commander Marina Barnett and her crew that consists of Anna Kendrick's doctor Zoe and Daniel Dae Kim's scientist David discover that their small space vessel harbors an unannounced addition in the form of Shamier Anderson's Michael, a guest that's motives are unclear and a potential burden too their mission that is set for Mars.

For the fist 30 or so minutes you can't help but be intrigued by where Stowaway might be going, there's a lot of questions about how Michael managed to get on board, what drew him to the ship and how the crew might manage to deal with an extra mouth to feed (both with food and oxygen) and Penna and his behind the scenes crew do well too capture the unlavish lifestyle of living in such a confined space ship but as time wears on you begin to feel as though the film is squandering its chances to create a twisting and turning space-themed narrative that fails to maximize the various elements that could've made it a streaming winner.

Without launching directly into spoiler territory, its safe to say that come the films latter half, this is despite a fairly well designed tension riddled set-piece finale that will have your knuckles whitening, the film peters out into nothing more than a mid-tier thriller that feels formulaic and familiar and one that will be quick to be forgotten by viewers as soon as the credits roll and Netflix is directing you to the next must-watch piece of their collection.

Its arguable that if the film had some more likable characters, with all of Collette, Kim, Kendrick (not always entirely convincing as a fearless astronaut) and Anderson doing decent work with rather bland and pedestrian caricatures, it may've stood a better chance to stand out from the crowd but in a genre that is ripe with great thrillers such as Gravity or Ad Astra, Stowaway feels like a missed opportunity to create something special and is a film that is entirely skippable without fear of missing out on something worthwhile.

Final Say -

It's well put together and in the first instance fairly gripping but Stowaway gives way to an increasing sense of blandness and lack of answers to vital questions as its initially great set-up gets pushed aside for a so-so affair that never gets out of second gear.

2 1/2 vacuumed packed meals out of 5.
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Excellent production, just too long for its little story
Top_Dawg_Critic23 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I hate slow paced movies, and this one was just that, but the tension that starts midpoint just kept me invested.

This was filmed beautifully, with a perfect score and excellent casting and performances. But the story lacked any real excitement or thrills, and there just wasn't enough of a story for a 116 min runtime.

It needed more conflict. It also failed in explaining how that guy got stuck and screwed into a panel! That's important when trying to establish credibility in a film, and imo was just lazy writing.

Nevertheless, as a hard core sci-fi (but was it?) fan, I saw it through to the end, which was another disappointment and again, lazy writing. At the end credits, I came up with 3 different better endings within a minute.

Still giving it a very generous 7/10 for the performances, score and overall production. Just wish the writing had more effort put into it.
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Perfect, beautiful and sad...
RosanaBotafogo29 April 2021
Dramatic, I waited for a strand of suspense, even a horror with the accidental passenger, but it gained dramatic contours, the way we love it, but also with this luxury quartet as protagonists, like Shamier Anderson is beautiful and I like it, people, aiaiai, we stayed mesmerized by the second half of rescue and struggle for survival, distressing, we loved it, but what was that ending ... I thought we would still have another 30 minutes, beautiful and sad...
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I Would Have Launched Him Into Space.....
AWAY is better. It seems like they ripped off a little bit from the 'new' series AWAY for this movie. This is a decent movie. But the end is weak... 4/10.
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Well paced with likeable characters
jtindahouse22 April 2021
Space is such a great and fascinating setting for a movie. You get the beauty of it, but you also get an unmatched sense of claustrophobia and isolation. 'Alien' used the tagline "In space no one can hear you scream", but it really applies to any movie set in space. You have to mess up pretty badly to make a bad movie set in space - I'm looking at you 'Jason X'.

I knew nothing about 'Stowaway' going in and it was a very different plot to what I expected it to be. I expected it to be more of a thriller with characters turning on each other and secrets being revealed. Instead it was very different to that, falling far more into the drama genre. It's a reasonably simple story when you think about it, but it's effective enough for the movie to keep ticking over. The runtime is nearly two hours, however it never feels like it's dragging.

I think the main reason it never feels like it's dragging is because the characters are so likeable. There are only four members to the cast, but they are all excellently written and all performed very well by what is a strong ensemble cast. No one character ever dominates or takes over the film. They all work nicely together and the movie is stronger for it.

Another thing I really liked was that I felt like I had no solid grasp on how the movie was going to end. It felt like anything could happen spanning the full range of the spectrum. A happy ending wouldn't have surprised me and a devastating ending wouldn't have surprised me. You'll have to watch the film yourself to find out how they went about that though. I had a good time with 'Stowaway' and would say it is worth your time.
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JoBloTheMovieCritic12 May 2021
6/10 - all four of these actors do their best with the script provided, but sadly the film never really reaches the climax or understands its own gravity.
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A bit touching at certain point, but overall too slow, and full of annoying overuse scene! Not recommended!
kwenchow29 April 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with three crew(Zoe, David, and Marina) in the spaceship been takeoff, and they arrive at the space station scene! As turnout, this film is about Zoe want to save a stowaway(Michael) life by obtain the oxygen outside the spaceship, and she eventually killed by her action! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the spinning scene, overuse of the staring at the tablet scene, overuse of the long angle spaceship door scene, overuse of the eating scene, overuse of the walking scene, overuse of the reporting to the mission controller scene, overuse of the treatment to the wound scene, overuse of the extracting algae liquid scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the calling names scene, and overuse of the climbing scene! Make the film unwatchable! At the end, after obtain the oxygen, Zoe wait outside the spaceship to kill by the solar storm! Ridiculous ending! Not recommended!
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henry8-323 April 2021
3 astronauts arrive at a space station to find a badly injured, unconscious 'stowaway' on board. The implications of having this additional person on board soon become clear.

Whilst there are some really quite exciting parts in this film and a convincing / fascinating take off and docking, this is not your average space thriller. Instead it is a relatively gently insight into how professional people cope in extraordinary circumstances, leading to a pleasant albeit not wholly unpredictable ending. Not at all bad with a solid enough cast, it remains watchable if unremarkable.
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Tense, low-key drama - to excess
I_Ailurophile26 June 2021
'Stowaway' looks good. There are some great ideas here. The issue I think I have is that the narrative includes too many for the unfolding drama to feel believable.

The production and set design is outstanding. MTS-42 looks great, interior and exterior alike. The inside perhaps looks more spacious than reflects real vessels, but that's an aspect we can chalk up to movie magic, if not simply the necessities of filming. I'm a big fan of Volker Bertelmann's score, employing stirring, swelling strings and sparse piano to impart the grandeur of space, and the growing suspense of the scenario.

The cast is small but impressive in its assemblage, and excellent in their craft. Toni Collette is consistently underappreciated, and Daniel Dae Kim is solid. It feels strange to see Shamier Anderson here in a dramatic role compared to the more action-oriented stylings of 'Wynonna Earp,' but he's clearly capable. At least to me, Anna Kendrick is the greatest surprise of all; I feel like I had no idea who she was for the longest time, but all of a sudden she's everywhere, and I'm pleased with her performance here.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable about engineering or space missions will find more to criticize, but to my senses everything about 'Stowaway' looks and sounds good. Yet the screenplay just feels too busy to truly work, in the course of events generally and in the small details that build it all up. Even at the most basic root idea - it's a rather large leap to suspend our disbelief that a mission could launch with another individual on board, without anyone's knowledge. Every mounting problem that the crew faces thereafter only further chips away at the artificial credulity that storytellers require of their audience. Where 'Stowaway' could have been a relatively simple yet impactful tale of science fiction, instead it becomes a giant exploration of "Okay, but WHAT IF..." requiring one presupposition on top of another. As an exercise of our imagination it's more strenuous than it is invigorating.

It's not all bad. For all the accumulating urgency that raises my skepticism, the character drama is engrossing, and I enjoy everyone's performances. Increasingly far-fetched as the tale becomes, there are thrills nonetheless along the way, even despite a few lapses in writing and judgment that defy even the most rudimentary scientific knowledge. There are some eye-catching shots arranged here, too. Honestly, I wanted to like this more than I did.

The ending, for better and for worse, kind of summarizes all of 'Stowaway' in a nutshell by being quite a mixed bag. Even given so little to do in the final moments, I think the cast does well. I once more appreciate Bertelmann's score, emphasizing this last emotional beat of the film. And the very last shot, uncomplicated as it is, is the perfect note to close on. It's regrettable that this conclusion is marred by special effects to needlessly visualize something we wouldn't see in actuality, and by a voiceover that is 100% extraneous, and unwanted.

I have to say I'm a little disappointed. The initial concept is a bit dubious, but I'm willing to take my suspension of disbelief pretty far, and give allowances for a number of storytelling and film-making idiosyncrasies. I was looking forward to watching 'Stowaway,' and in the end I found it slightly wanting. It's worth watching, in my opinion, but temper your expectations.
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Really good sci-fi drama
masonsaul3 May 2021
Undermined by leaving some big questions unanswered and a frustratingly abrupt ending, Stowaway is still a really good sci-fi drama that's emotional, engaging and tense. Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson are all incredible with excellent chemistry. Joe Penna's direction is fantastic, it's beautifully filmed and extremely well paced. The visual effects are impressive and the music by Volker Bertelmann is great.
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Touching Sci-fi drama, though lacklustre ultimately.
Amyth4714 May 2021
My Rating : 5/10

Simple premise, it's engaging though there's not much going on here at all. A lot of cheesy emotional scenes - I don't really understand why the movie made into production when there's nothing substantial in the story or the characters.

OK for a one-time viewing, nothing much to add.
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"A Martian Odyssey"
Kamurai254 June 2021
Good watch, might watch again, and can recommend.

(Especially for those that liked Gravity.)

This is a very smart, and fairly technical movie about space, both surviving and traveling within it.

Gravity is the only other movie that seems similar (Passengers is more science fiction), and I'm really hoping to see more science fact movies like this come about.

While some of that may put you to sleep, the survival aspect should add enough drama for those looking for an interesting story alongside their space epic.
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Bare bones moral dilemma
nancyldraper25 October 2021
This is the first time I've seen Anna Kendrick in a serious dramatic role and she nailed it. This is a movie based on a moral dilemma but it also deals with themes of courage, self-sacrifice, hope and resourcefulness. There were a lot of science inconsistencies but the movie was not about science but was all about the premise. Excellent casting with Toni Colette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamirr Anders giving solid performances. I give this film a 6 (fair) out of 10. {Moral Dilemma Drama}
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