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Sex & Nudity

  • Children are watching pornography on a cell phone. Nothing is shown, little girls are huddled around a phone and talking about what is going on.
  • Frequent scenes of 11-year-old girls dancing lewdly where the camera pans in and zooms in on the children's buttocks and midsections (both still in skin-tight clothes) Close up shots of the girls dancing with their leg spread above their head while camera focus on crotch area. These views are fairly frequent.
  • Four preteen girls mimic the dance movements they see in hip-hop/rap music videos including: slapping each other's buttocks, kissing their hands and then touching their crotches, rubbing their buttocks together, and making seductive faces while sticking their fingers in their mouth.
  • Four 11-year-old girls use one's laptop to access a cam site. The male on the other side is unaware but is disgusted as soon as he realizes their age.
  • In one scene, four preteen girls sneak into a laser-tag place and, when caught, try to use provocative dancing to escape punishment. One employee reacts with disgust and scolds his manager, who is clearly entertained by the movement.
  • Two young girls in bed view the dance routine of a rival dance team. One (considerably older) girl from the rival team, Sweety Swag, lifts her shirt and bra and fully exposes her right breast.
  • In an Islamic cleansing ritual Amy is wearing underwear and a camisole top as her mother and aunt splash her with water. You can almost see through her top at one point she then starts shaking and dancing with thrusting hips.
  • Amy has her first period. A lot of blood is shown through her pants but nothing graphic is visible.
  • Amy's little brother is shown naked in a bathtub.
  • Amy's pants are pulled down by a bully who then takes a picture of her underwear and posts it online to humiliate her.

Violence & Gore

  • Several ugly fights break out among pre-teens, with frenetic camerawork that doesn't show much in terms of actual blows.
  • A girl is patted on the buttocks by a boy from her class, children in the class brawl, and she then stabs a pen in the boy's hand, but the injury is mild and no blood is shown.
  • Bullying behavior: Amy and an older schoolgirl fight, the older girls gang up on her, pull her pants down to reveal underwear, circulate photo and, later, Amy pushes Yazmin in water and watching her struggle (until she reaches a buoy) but not helping.
  • A young girl hides behind a corner and waits for another young girl to walk past where she then jumps out and deliberately shoves her into a river. She watches on doing nothing as the other girl appears to be unable to swim and almost drown until eventually grabbing hold of a buoy floating nearby
  • Not necessarily violent but three preteen girls attempt to wash out their friend's mouth with soap after the latter blows up a condom, unaware of its actual use, like a balloon.
  • Amy's mother slaps her multiple times for misbehavior.
  • A girl is seen shivering, arms trembling, as she is forced to stand in her underwear while two adults fling water at her.


  • A few scattered F-words, mostly used by 11-year-olds. Some milder profanities (shit, bitch, whore). There's a couple instances of a slur used that invokes anger from another character, but the English subtitles don't show what it is.
  • In school, a boy smacks a girls butt and says if she acts like a whore, he can treat her like one.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Amy is slapped multiple times by her mother for misbehaving.
  • Some instances of fighting at school.
  • A young girl nearly drowns
  • Scenes involving young girls dressing and dancing provocatively may be distressing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • 11 year old girls dance suggestively in front of a live adult audience. This is portrayed in a negative light, as a majority of the audience boos and shakes their heads, clearly disapproving.
  • An 11 year old girl finds a condom on the ground outside and blows it up. The girl then puts it under her shirt to pretend it's a breast. The other girls scream and yell at her about how gross it is to touch the condom.
  • When caught with her cousin's phone, an 11-year-old girl attempts to seduce him, but when he reacts with disgust, she flees and locks herself in the bathroom. There, she pulls down her pants and snaps a picture of her private area before publishing it online. No nudity is shown.

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