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Starts clichéd but ends with a bang and wanting more.
scrcssocialmedia20 February 2021
A blend of the 100, revolution, the cinematography from children of men and a sense that mad max could be happening in Australia and it wouldn't be out of place in the world that has been created.

Solid first season I would have preferred an extra 2 episodes, it did not feel rushed or like anything was cut out. Just enjoyed the series enough that it left me wanting more.

The first three episodes are very predictable and each character fit mould, the second three episodes more than compensate for this short coming.

Near infinite possibilities for season 2, very hopeful this one gets renewed to finish the story.
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Cringeworthy at first but it grew on me.
fheinzelmann20 February 2021
The first episodes are cringeworthy (ein wenig zum Fremdschaemen) and full of stereotypes where I though wow what a trash....the Crows a tribe from Berlin...reminded me of the Nihilists from "Big Lebowski" but being a totally serious non ironical version. However, if you can accept that it is a bit trashy, you are out for easy entertainment, the story around the 3 young protagonists becomes interesting enough to care and at least I want to know more. Especially, the relation and dialogues between Elija the youngest of the siblings and the scoundrel character Moses have some funny, quirky moments and are enjoyable.
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Germany with their 6 episodes
djkaine21 February 2021
Germany needs to get with it and make shows that are more than 6 episodes, that's my only gripe... Great show and Netflix better not hose this after one season, that's getting super old, shows should get two seasons no matter what just in case they have to end the story if it gets cancelled. It's like 6 out of 10 shows never have a chance and then stupid shows get 4 seasons, like that God awful Sabrina show.
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Not for the kids.
MrNeurosis23 February 2021
I don't know why some people are calling it a kids show. It's full of blood, nudity and violence. Not something you will show your kids.

First three episodes are little slow. But last two episodes really kick things up several notch. The final episode is the best one no doubt so if you stick by it the final pay off is worth it. It's from the same guys who brought us "Dark" so even when it's average its still better than most science fiction shows i have seen this year.
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Really like it.
januarypv20 February 2021
I'm up to episode 3 and I'm enjoying it. The acting is not bad at all - not sure why other reviews say so. I just switched to original German and English sub. I don't mind the occasional German to English switch, I actually like it. The storyline so far is good. I thought this would be another cliche boring TV shows but the story got me in. I hope the remaining episodes will be good but so far I'd say it's worth watching if you are into post apocalyptic genre
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German here
thempk24 February 2021
We're not known for a lot of good actors, series or at the very least, movies. Netflix Series DARK is one of the first German series in a long time I've seen and can say: job well done. More of that, please!

Tribes of Europe picked my interest. If you're from the US, it would not work if you're not slightly knowledgeable about the history and structure of our beautiful continent. Where you come from, by the way.

If you are European, imagine what could happen in a post apocalyptic scenario where we have a total blackout, permanently. And then fast forward a few decades. 50 or so.

We had tribes before. It took thousands of years to form what we have now and it's still always a bit fragile. This series takes onto what happens if it breaks apart. Imagines how different countries and tribes might survive. Act. Move. Teach. Survive.

Think The 100, just in the opposite direction instead of leaving a planet behind.

First episode and I like it so far. Acting is good. Scenes, including the combat, good. Gritty, too.

Give it a chance and stop rating series after a few minutes.
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Better Than Expected
chrisbrooks-1925920 February 2021
Some if the reviews here are way too low. I guess people don't really know what a movie that is a 1 or a 2 actually is and watch a half of an episode then write a review.

It is an excellent post apocalyptic series with a good storyline. The only real knock I would give it is that many times the background music is to loud for me to hear what the actors are saying. That made me knock it down from an 8 to a 7 to be honest. Otherwise a good SyFy show for sure. If this is your genre then don't miss this well made series.

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Unexpectedly Awesome!
mikestewart-4234220 February 2021
It's hard for me to get into shows in a foreign language and I find when they dub something in English it looses all the original emotion and power of the actors performances. That said, I was hooked 30minutes in! Love the story, while the filming locations aren't exotic or elaborate the performances by the cast are more than enough to not really notice. Tone and pace are exceptional for most part and characters are very well written with plenty of depth to explore. There is a fairly strong sense that there may be some deep, surprising secrets in many of the characters and I truly hope we get to see them explored more in future seasons. Netflix has a tendency to cancel series that viewers love so hopefully this isn't another addition to that list. My advice, watch it all, episode 1 through 6, asap. Then watch it again! I gave an 8 out of 10 because they could have done better with building the world the story exists in as well as developing some of the more intriguing characters story for viewers. They only did 6 episodes, an 8 episode arch would have given ample time to add those little things in and would have resulted in viewers connecting with the characters and world better. Despite that, still amazing show!!
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Nothing post-apocalyptic to see here
dmonbman22 February 2021
The measuring stick for post-apocalyptic tv shows should be somewhat forgiving. Most of them refuse to let go of vehicles or guns, but they at least try on other levels like environment and costumes. Not this show. Everyone has electricity, clothing that is fashionable with merely the labels removed and a bit of dirt tossed on, fully stocked medical supplies, and other industrial based products. There is no attempt to explain any of this through some visual cues or poor script exposition. Everyone seems to know about life before the apocalypse despite having been born long afterwards. Did they access a Wiki site? Maybe an old set of encyclopedia? Yet despite all of these apparent modern resources they refuse to rebuild and let things decay... hmmm ok.

There is a long list of other offenses this show commits, and many reviews cover them. I could see this show being entertaining if you entirely shut your brain down.
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Oddly captivating....
pipstarthegerbil20 February 2021
Not a huge fan of dubbed shows (happier to use subtitles) however this show has something intriguing. Its adult themed throughout but not gratuitous. Its violent and graphic without glorifying violence or making that the story. Its scarily believable and a stark warning about any future society founded by Goths.

Binged the whole of season 1 and await season 2 with no small amount of passion.

In no way have I mentioned anything about the plot (derivative of some other shows) or the characters (equally irritating and believable). Pleaee discover this gem for yourself.
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I have a dream that one day humans will once again recognize trash when they see it
russellk-6175821 February 2021
The product of recent film school grads that have no realistic conception of physics, economics, human nature, or general natural phenomenon.

How can a society be living in harmony with nature isolated off in the forests, yet clearly show the trappings of modern industrial society everywhere? You know how difficult modern clothing, zippers, and crossbows are to make? How about gas fed lanterns and dwellings made of advanced composites? The supply chains for this stuff requires industrial society. And just to completely destroy any realism, let's have them dance in ritualistic celebration to studio produced auto tuned musical trash.

Perfect representation of modern society claiming the mantel of altruistic environmental socialism while everybody is video blogging on their iPhones in a Tesla.

Delusional shallow uninteresting disingenuous hypocrisy is the foundation of modern culture and this show lives up to the worst of it.

You know what apocalypse isn't? It's not sexy and fun. Risk gets you killed. Behaviors adapt to harsh realities. Whereas the characters in this show have the survival sense of teenagers that grew up with daily hot showers, climate control, and a full fridge.
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Give it a chance
jonny-ehleiter21 February 2021
The beginning may be cringy and bad but the further it goes the more intriguing it gets. And the story unfolds more. This is a series which should have a 10 Episode length to give more growth and depth to the characters. Everything rolls so fast and leaves not enough room for all the different plot points. It rushes from point to point and has no time to give more background. I do hope it gets a 2nd season and more room to tell the story.
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Not again?!
jamessmithurst20 February 2021
This thing kept on popping up on Netflix. Because Netflix doesn't show high quality new movies, I was bored enough to give it a go. Boy, oh boy. Bad post-apocalyptic story, bad script, bad acting, bad props, bad fight scenes and the whole feel of it...well...alone the Kapitan in fur, dudes in make-up, civilization goes to hell and pretty much everyone is a murderer or out for themselves. This coupled with really bad English. Why the hell, if this all evolves in a small area in Germany, does everyone assume every one speaks English first? If I got a knife stuck in my guts, I wouldn't get up and fight after a bit of compression on the bleeding wound. How unrealistic. Unless everyone is a moron in this show, and they probably are, you wouldn't ball every time someone holds a knife against your throat. Anyway, boring, boring and more boring. Boring, more boring the boringest? And the music...boy, what can I say? Nonsense. Really, is this all German entertainment can offer?
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Business as Usual
Tweetienator27 February 2021
First of all, the sound design is a total failure - almost every second of this show is spoiled by some drone/ambient sounds, even if people just talk, we got to listen to the noise, or while fighting etc. etc. It's really annoying. The story of Tribes of Europa is of course your pretty standard post-apocalyptic story, that borrows and mixes some well known material from here and there, with a focus on a couple of young heroes. Production value is not bad, acting okay. Tribes of Europa, I guess, is an acceptable effort aimed at a young audience (just some blood and a little gore/violence does not mean it's interesting for a mature audience) that may dig such stuff like The 100, The Rain, The Shannara Chronicles, See, and some late The Walking Dead (tribes = groups) and the like. So what you get is more or less what you expect of a sci-fi fantasy show these days.
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Not bad, not great
Mladenex19 February 2021
I have watched 3ep till now... Nothing special. Not to bad, just good and watchable. Recommendations from 1-10 = 6
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Netflix bs bingo deluxe - nice for a drinking game though
atouchoftragedy20 February 2021
Just another dystopian show with teenaged heroes, let's take some of "The Tribe", another bit from "The 100", a landscape of "I am Legend". Also let's throw in some Sci-Fi elements, a bit of teen romance, diversity of course. And black eyeliner. We need more eyeliner! Since we already have a million US versions of this, just set the storyline to Europe. What you'll get is Germany's (or Europe's?) imitation of Hollywood's average dystopian "classics". Tbh I can't take it seriously, it might be a nice watch for when you get the laundry done and stuff, a little entertainment if you don't want to watch a show you have to use your brains for. It's also great for bs bingo combined with a drinking game, every time the show gives you a stereotype or cliche/trope and the typical Netflix bs, drink and you'll be crocked in no time!
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Surprisingly Good
ioannis-5506421 February 2021
This show is kind of like The Hunger Games except it takes place on a different continent. Good characters, good acting, pretty good tech, Varvarra is awesome! The possiblities are endless as far as story lines go. Why only 6 episodes for it's first season?
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Old concept, terrible acting and horrible execution
TheLegendOfThe4227 February 2021
After "Dark", another German Netflix Original show, I was ready to accept that maybe, just maybe some Germans were up to something. Sure, "Dark" wasn't perfect in any way, but for German standards that show was pretty outstanding.

Same production company, same streaming service, new creative mind. Never mind, press play.

Two minutes into the first episode, it dawned on me: "Dark" was a fluke (as shown by its third season as well). An exception, and we're back to good old German cringe.

"Tribes of Europa" is horrible in almost every way imaginable. Here are the good things:

  • It doesn't hold back on violence. You might find it a bit over the top, but set in a world where only the strong survive, everything else would be hard to believe.

  • The colour palette is solid. Honestly, it's not the worst look, even if it's nothing new or daring. Moody colours, mostly decent lighting.

  • The VFX/SFX are mostly good, but always at least acceptable. They don't distract you in any way, which is absolutely fine for a TV show.

And that's kinda it. The bad things:

  • The world building is laughably naive. Sure, no power, no industy, basically no civilization, and yet we see electric lights everywhere, gasoline powered cars, obviously factory-made clothes that are as good as new... Terrible stereotypes when it comes to the tribes and their ideologies, laughably generic characters. The concept could have been at least decent, but it's executed in the most stupid and ridiculous ways.

  • The writing is wooden and dull. Dialogues are so bad, it's hard to believe they're being serious with this. Generic villains and unlikeable good guys.

  • The acting is absolutely horrendous, especially if you actually speak German. Sure, the actors don't have any good material to work with, but in this case, this suits these actors. Rarely have I heard a delivery so wooden and artificial like in this fine example of German craftsmanship. I was wondering if the actors were actually in a state of hypnosis. Absolutely incredible stuff.

  • The camera work was eye-insulting. They sure love their wide-angle jittery amateur shots. Honestly, this must have been filmed by a remotely controlled chimpanzee. At least I hope it was, because I'm really reluctant to accept that this mind-boggling incompetence in the camera department would get hired to do a Netflix show. Which brings me to:

  • The direction. Oh boy. It seems like this was entirely the brain child of writer/director Philip Koch. And wow, did he cook something up. His shots were disconnected, naive, random, even "wrong" at times, and his lens choices made no sense. It's like someone tried to do something they had absolutely no talent or skill for. Even the blocking seemed laughable at times. And let's not talk about the "action". Dull, slow, boring angles and incompetent timing done by a crew that obviously had never done anything of that sort before. Honestly, if I was Netflix, I'd ban this Koch guy from filmmaking altogether. No more Final Draft for you, Sir. No, don't touch that camera. Get away from that chair, Mister, or I'll call security!

  • The music. I actually felt physically sick when I heard these auto-tuned audacities in some scenes. The score itself is kinda generic detuned synth pad spam, serving no cues or beats whatsoever. Vangelis would have scored this in real time while actually being asleep and it would have been more creative and original.

Neil Breen is dead, long live Philip Koch. Actually no, I do apologize to Mr Breen. Not even he deserves this. I should cancel my Netflix account and invest the money to buy some of his DVDs as an apology for laughing at his efforts. I guess Tribes of Europa taught me some humility and respect for people who actually give a damn. Oh well, it's something.
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Great short series for a days binge
giordinosoffice20 February 2021
Surprised myself as I watched all 6 episodes in one sitting. Not for everyone as it's compared to all similar productions that came before. I liked the filming and felt the locations were fresh but was unsure about the dubbed acting at first. Must say it gets much better as you understand the characters which definitely grow on you as does the story line with a cool ending we definitely need a second season. Don't you just hate bad reviews left after watching 1 or 2 epesodes of a series, it's like reviewing half a film without the ending?
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Binge T.V. Gold - Well played Netflix
glenn_gallagher19 February 2021
Tribes of Europa has it all !!! With so many great new shows, across so many streaming services, there is a new #1 for 2021. No spoilers here but if your a fan of shows like, Game of Thrones, Dark, The Witcher (and who's not), then skip the deliberation of whether you want to watch a series with subtitles and just press "Play", you wont regret it. Thank you Netflix for releasing the whole series at once, there goes my weekend 🤓🛋📺
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That was a quick one... And very shallow.
jeesoo19 February 2021
On a plus side :

  • well lit
  • nice characterization/make-up
  • interesting weapons
  • good sound effects and sound editing

On a negative side

  • dull story
  • silly dialogues
  • unbelievable characters (it is badly written in general in fact)
  • questionable decisions regarding camera lens choice
  • boring already from 2nd episode
  • fight choreography sucks

It might be fun for a teenager. Avoid.
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A good show, really worth watching
thiago-oliv20 February 2021
Good storyline, honored with an amazing geopolitical setting, multiple scenarios, and good mistery. Although some improvements need to be made regarding the acting (Liv, you need more emotions, my dear), all the basic stuff of a good novel is present. One thing I like is that this time the political correctness was delivered in the right amount (Netflix found the balance). I hope there's a second season, lots of loose ends to be solved.
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disappointing dialogues/stories
surfisfun20 February 2021
Started with really good potential . let down by bad writing/character development. watchable but very cringy direction and reactions . needed a better budget for props after 1st episode. Very disappointed with some of the protagonists/antagonists in direction/ development , bad writing or/and production team. See Dark for a great german Series.
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Bad writing
marx-hendrik19 February 2021
Pretty annoying dialog and writing. People talk unrealistically. Information that is common knowledge among the characters is withheld from the viewer to create mysteries that do not exist for the other characters.
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Another pathetic poorly written series. Avoid if you have a brain
angelidomini23 February 2021
If you find incompetent characters that make stupid choices annoying you should skip this series. It's basically for someone under the age of 16. Poorly written script that is Laughable. This is like a B movie from the 70s.
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