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Very Enjoyable - One of THE best indie films on the streaming platforms!
baccaruda120 December 2021
This is simply a very well-done, heartfelt film. The performances are stellar; and the film was clearly guided by a passionate, dedicated production team. There is a lot of love that makes it onscreen, in well composed shots that exemplify the clear story-telling vision of writer/director Leslie Goyette. I need to mention one performance that stands out, even among multiple great performances, that of young Willie, played by Forrest Campbell. As a lover of independent films, I must say Maysville is a genuine stand-out. Spend a couple of hours in Maysville. You'll be glad you did. On another note, please dismiss as total nonsense the one-star ratings you might see here on IMDb. They are NOT indicative of the high quality of this thoroughly enjoyable film.
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Beautifully crafted but falls slightly short.
patrod8912 January 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Maysville is a beautifully crafted film that is well acted and displayed. The story starts off very engaging right from the beginning and the film holds a surprisingly good pace. The music is also quite nice. Brian Sutherland who plays Buck owns the entirety of this movie and steals every scene he is in.

That said this film operates on the incompetence of many of its characters. I will detail them below. Spoilers ahead.

There is no reason for the Clara the mother to allow her son, Theodore to be kidnapped by Buck. She should have acted immediately by contacting the police. Instead she does this the next day. And that's where the major problem is with this story. The police are inept at their job. The case of a kidnapped child in the hands of a known grieving, alcoholic, violent father is dismissed immediately.

When the sheriff finally does go to the farm of Buck with Clara and the physical signs of abuse are clearly seen the alarming situation is dismissed by the sheriff simply because Theodore, a child, said he doesn't want to return home while clearly being influenced by Buck. Sorry ma'am the 12 year old boy with a bruised eye said he doesn't want to come home.

In the real world Buck would have been arrested then charged in court where a prison sentence would most likely follow. Yet to further the plot here that cannot happen. The police and a loving mother let a drunken violent man take a child away.

How will this end? The calendar flips several pages and changes itself out a few times taking us away from the movie we thought we were getting. Somehow this boy will remain "kidnapped" for 3 years. Remember everyone knows exactly where he is the whole time. Are you following me?

Now we exist in a town where everyone conveniently forgot the horrific tragedy that happened that led to a 12 year old boy being kidnapped. Does Theodore go looking for his mom and sisters? Why yes he does. Does he find his sisters? Of course! Will he talk to them? No. Why not? They tragically watched him get kidnapped. Imagine what that's like for two young girls barely 6 or 7 years of age to witness. Did he find his mother? No because she's dead. Only except she's not. She just lied? Or? Where was she again this whole time? I can't remember. Does it matter? Oh and another thing. A son never forgets the face of his mother.

We're eventually fed a love interest that fuels the story further. Then luckily for a breath of fresh air Brian Sutherland Returns as Buck to remind us who's movie this is. He can of course do all the things that Buck does. Drink alcohol during prohibition, kidnap people, chase them with guns, abuse them. Remember the police here are incapable of doing their job.

This all leads us to the film's final moment that doesn't feel like an explanation let alone a payoff. Chances are you will me entertained by this movie. How much so is up to you! I can certaintly say I was for a good portion.

For what looks to be a first time filmmaker this is a noble attempt and Leslie Goyette should be proud. A good stepping stone to build upon. It is clear the entirety of the crew gave love, care, and time to this film. You could never take that away from this film. I just wish a little more had been given to the script itself. Afterall what's a movie without its story?

My advice. Don't ever call 911 in Maysville or its surrounding environs. The police are no help. But odds are you won't need to because you'll most likely enjoy the film.
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Amazing movie?
starblade-9459727 December 2021
Great film. In a small way it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Intense story and wonderful acting. Production was very clean and well done. I highly recommend this movie.
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