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A Redundant Slow Thriller with Absence of Scares.
Impartial-Critic26 February 2020
I don't see the horror behind this movie, it feels to me - at most - like a slow haunted doll thriller with the lack of scares. The story is limited, a traumatized family moves to guest house where their kid, Jude finds Brahms the doll in the near forest and things starts to get weird around the family for not following the doll rules.

Nothing new here, the screenplay is dull and you can skip full minutes without losing any of the storyline, the character development is awful, the movie is well shot but with the lack of a strong plot it doesn't add much. I think it'd have been a very good film if it was summed into a short film because clearly if they wanted this to succeed as a feature film they could've gone through the trouble of coming up with an interesting new idea or at least a single twist in the story, I believe this movie is an effort and a chance gone wasted. over all it's watchable but won't be enjoyable unless you watch it in 2x speed.
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It's not terrible but it sort of ruins the original
jtindahouse24 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
There's a lot to consider when reviewing 'Brahms: The Boys 2'. It would be impossible to do so without going into spoilers for both films unfortunately, so please be warned. As its own film I actually kind of liked it. The problem is that it kind of ruins what made the first film so great. The first film had a great twist where we are led to believe the doll is evil the entire movie, when it reality it is someone in the walls controlling it. Even though that movie had other flaws, that's still a great twist. This movie says screw that the doll was possessed the entire time and was controlling the man in the walls.

The film is riddled with dream sequences and needless, unearned jump-scares. The jump-scares were always going to be there, but I still feel dream sequences are the worst thing a horror film can do. They are so lazy and such a cheat. Having one is bad enough, but having multiple ones is inexcusable. The film is never overly scary. There is one sequence where Katie Holmes' character is behind the walls herself that is reasonably tense, but that's about it. The film works more in terms of being an interesting mystery. You know the original's twist and so what you are seeing is not making sense and you are asked to work out what is going on.

I had forgotten what a terrific actor Ralph Ineson is. He isn't in a lot of scenes but when he is he is captivating to watch and listen to. I'm a little torn on this film and how I feel about it. It was probably better than I expected going in. I do wish they had kept the supernatural element out of it though, because to me that was the biggest strength of the original. There are a million possessed doll films out there already. All I do know though is that this series is in a better place than the 'Annabelle' one.
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Why do they do this?
ileas21 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Why ruin a franchise with something we've seen a million times? The boy was good because there was no supernatural stuff going on. The very alive and crazy Brahm's coming out of the mirror with a creepy mask and a childlike voice was different, scary, and interesting. Doll from first movie ends up being alive and getting boys to do it's dirty work, not even a little bit. I repeat...WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS A HUNDRED TIMES! Child's Play, Annabelle, all of their many unnecessary sequels...why make another one? Why ruin what was unique about this film? Oh, the movie was enough of a hit that you want to make more money with a sequel, but you've supposedly painted yourself in a corner with the ending of the last movie? How about using your imagination. I'm a writer. Here's an idea, off the top of my head. Brahms survives knife attack from first movie. Keeps hiding in the wall with his doll that he put back together. Family comes thinking house is abandoned. Instead of latching onto the boy in the family, he becomes obsessed with the mother, which goes along with his serial killer persona from the first movie. He starts with the manipulating with the doll again, the mother finds the woman from the first film to get the backstory, she comes back to the house to take care of the unfinished business with Brahms, and...go from there. Something like that is more in line with the first story, and if you have the imagination, you could do a lot with that premise to make it a good sequel. Just stick to the first one. Pretend these unnecessary sequels don't even exist. Sigh.
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Solid Sequel with Interesting Expanding of Mythology
david_rudy_lee28 February 2020
When I first heard about this movie, I was intrigued to see what they were going to do with it. I was late to the game with the first one, but after seeing it, I really enjoyed it. I didn't necessarily think it was the best film, but it did some really good things. I ended up having an afternoon off from work and decided to check this out. The synopsis is after a family moves into the Heelshire Mansion. Their young son makes friends with a life-like doll called Brahms.

We start this movie off with Liza (Katie Holmes) coming home from work. In the background we see someone out of focus as she is calling out to her son. She goes into the kitchen where he scares her. His name is Jude (Christopher Convery). The both of them call her husband and his father, Sean (Owain Yeoman). The two settle in for the night, but something wakes up Liza. They're the victim of a home invasion.

It then shows us the aftermath. Liza is having nightmares and refuses to talk about it to anyone. Jude hasn't talked since the incident. He's going to see a Dr. Lawrence (Anjali Jay) to help get over the events of that night. It is decided though they're going to move out of the city for awhile.

This takes them to what used to be a guest house to a large manor. They take the place and try to settle in with this change of pace. The family goes for a walk through the woods and Jude hears whispering. This leads him to digging up an old porcelain doll. The parents also find the house from the original movie and together they encounter Joseph (Ralph Ineson) and his dog. Jude is allowed to keep the doll, but after his mother cleans it up.

She notices during this that it's been broken and repaired. I don't recall if that happened in the previous movie, but I feel like it did. Regardless, she gives it to Jude and he also discovers a letter that comes with it giving its 10 rules. Liza isn't a fan of it, but when Jude starts to make progress, it becomes a struggle of the fear of the creepy doll that tells Jude his name is Brahms or preventing him from getting better. Things start to get quite weird with some of the drawings that Jude does or he's slowly starting to look more and more like his new favorite doll.

What is really interesting to me is how low of a rating I saw for this after leaving the theater on the Internet Movie Database. I was also equally shocked to see that the director was the same from the first movie, William Brent Bell, and the same writer, Stacey Menear. The reason I say this is the fact that nothing gets under my skin more than violating continuity for a movie with a sequel. I think there might be slightly some of this, but I actually think this does well in deepening the story without doing that in major ways.

I'm going to be non-spoiler here and I don't really think there's enough to go spoiler either. This movie though does do some things I really liked. What I want to go over first would be our three leads first. First we have Liza. She's 'normal' until the attack through the home invasion. I like that she becomes the one who is more against Brahms, but she's also an unreliable person. Even her husband gets to the point where he is questioning her more than Jude and I like that. It is subtle though where it is believable.

I want to shift to Jude next here. Much like his mother, he's traumatized by this event and his way of coping is to not talk. He has a pad of paper he writes things down on to communicate. His parents are being patient and even more so when Dr. Lawrence tells them not to push so he doesn't go farther into his shell. It becomes a strange duality that Liza is noticing some dark aspects to her son, but he is also showing progress. I thought that was an interesting thing to explore here.

Since I'm not going to spoil, I'll tip toe around what happened in the first and how this works into this one. I do like they're using the same place, doll and that the events really did happen. We even get them introduced through some investigation and explanation. That was all good for me. It would be hard to do something like they did in that one so I like what they do and the history that is revealed about this doll as well. For me, it worked. I do think it is slightly a cheat, but I'm willing to overlook if I'm honest.

Moving this to the pacing, this is where I had my biggest problem. I just had trouble paying attention to this for the most part. That's not to say it was boring, because I don't feel that is the case. I think that it really does well in establishing our characters, getting them to new place where the doll is found. This section is where I lost some interest. It is funny though, the original had the main character that was following the rules where this one they're being violated pretty much constantly. I think that's where part of my issues comes from. There really isn't much in the way of repercussions for that. It might have been better suited to have Liza or even Sean tormented differently than what we got. I was on board though for the research and thought that the ending worked as well.

Taking this to the acting I thought it was pretty solid. There's something interesting that Holmes stars here. She seems to be the only one that is not British, even though it takes place in the United Kingdom. It doesn't hurt anything and I think she had a good performance. It was something I just thought of while watching this as it is never addressed. Yeoman was solid as the 'stable' parent who tries to be peace keeper. I also thought that Convery was really good. What is interesting is we see him normal briefly, then for most of the movie he has to convey things with his facial expressions. We slowly see him change to be more like Brahms as things progress which I thought was great. Ineson was solid along with the rest of the cast to round this out for what was needed.

As for the effects in this one, I actually really don't have much negative to say if I'm honest. From what I remember in the original, the doll seemed to move, but we never saw it. This one we actually get to see the doll move and with the explanation that comes, it makes we wonder now if that was also possible in the original as well, at least at times. This can be subtle sometimes which makes it even better. I say this with a scene in the dark with a flashlight that I thought I saw something that did creep me out. There is a bit of CGI, not enough to bother me. It really seemed to enhance if memory serves. The last thing would be something that happens at the end I thought was a cool look. The cinematography I thought was really good though. They really use the whole frame where we will see things in the background that are blurry to be a bit unnerving, as well as seeing things move as well.

The last thing to go over would be the soundtrack. From what I can remember, it fit for what was needed on the whole. What I wanted to bring up is that early on, Jude is playing a little piano and I'm pretty sure the song he's playing was used in the previous film. That is a good callback and then we get to see something at the main house as well which I'm assuming was that sheet music. It is an older song which makes it even better.

Now with that said, I tried to come in without any expectations and having only seen the original once, I was a pretty blank slate. Do I think this is a great film? No, but I think it does some good things. I like the depth of the characters and the actor performance in bringing them to life. There are some interesting back-story elements that are introduced with minimal violation of continuity. The effects worked for what was needed and I'd say that the soundtrack fit as well. The only issue I really had here was that I found it to be a bit boring for whatever reason and I think it is what they focused on. I would say though this is slightly over average for me. Not great, but as a sequel it works and could be watched as a stand alone which I find impressive.
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Not bad... but pretty predictable.
stephenherman21 February 2020
Let me start by saying, I LOVED THE FIRST ONE! It was so fresh and creepy and that TWIST! OMG! 😲

So I went in having high hopes for the sequel, especially since I saw it was same writer and director as the first one and they managed to attach Katie Holmes.

But I had to say I was highly disappointed with this movie. It checks off all the boxes, but it's kind of slow and pretty predictable. The plot could have been ramped up more as there was no real danger and the scares were pretty generic. And the final twist / 3rd act felt lackluster, especially when you compare to the 3rd act of the original.

Again, it's not a bad movie. You'll be entertained. It's just a missed opportunity in my opinion. The script needed a another pass.
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A middle of the road effort that is neither really a sequel or prequel but a spinoff that suffers from tropes, but overall is serviceable because of atmosphere.
gillianronnie21 February 2020
The first film was fairly surprising imo though many hated the twist ending. I thought it worked rather well. This new film rewrites the story with the doll quite a bit and it will work with some and won't with many. The film has an overall similar feel to the first I. Ambience and scares and even gets a bit more demented at times. The cliches are there but if you know what you're getting into it shouldn't be surprising. Overall there are some interesting moments and enough creepiness to be decent enough.
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Ok sequel...but kinda ruins the original.
subxerogravity21 February 2020
Not a matter of weather it's as good as the original. It's seems that both movies are different enough to stand on their own. So I'm guessing the original made enough money to do a sequel, but the original's story does not give much wiggle room for a squeal, so they alter the purpose of "the boy" so that they can make more movies. It's a story change similar to Friday the 13th part one and part 2 (if you seen those movies, you'll understand ) As for the movie as a stand alone It takes a while to really get to the point where I'm scared. These ghost stories are starting to get lame. They need to go back to killing people without mercy. Not really sure if it's worth just watching Katie Holmes be cute but old for like 70 mins before something horrific happens.
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I'm Giving This 6 stars ***Maybe Spoilers***
Mehki_Girl22 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I'm givingthis a 6 for, will wait for it 5 minutes before the ending.

What crazed mind thought of that!?

Bizarrely, hubby like it and it scared him. He didn't see the first movie. He might think differently.

The movie is generic. Seen a million times before. Having seen the first one, I was surprised when it was obvious the doll was indeed moving itself. WTH?

Katie Holmes tries hard. Camera angles indeed were not flattering as another reviewer mentioned. So much so, I had to look up her birthdate and was shocked to see she was born the same year (1978) as her movie husband. I hate when actors do awful things to their faces. It's distracting on a big screen, but it's distracting, too, when someone isn't aging well. Maybe subtle age-appropriate changes are the best way?

But I digress.

Anyway, the somewhat shocking reveal was, well shocking.

What crazed mind? That disgusting sight is still freaking me out.
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Watchable Horror
Pairic3 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Brahms: The Boy II: The doll is back and this time it has supernatural powers! A family traumatised by a home invasion move to the Heelshire estate. The son Jude finds the Boy doll buried and soon becomes attached to it. But the Boy can move and influence Jude, it also has poltergeist powers. Some good shock/jump scenes as well as sequences of genuine horror which are really disturbing. The parents should have heeded the dog who snarled at the doll. A bit unevenly paced in the middle section. Directed by William Brent Bell from a screenplay by Stacey Menear. 6/10.
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Decent sequel though not quite as good as the first
gluonpaul1 March 2020
I really dont know why this movie doesnt seem to be appealing to a lot of people I thought it was decent.

The acting was good, it kept up a suspenseful atmosphere and managed to make sure you felt tense at all the right times. It was a continuation (obviously) of the boy and while I will admit I thought the first one was better this was still a decent sequel.

My suggestion would be to give it a try at least, while i dont think this was a spectacular classic it was in my opinion an enjoyable watch and worth the time to give it a try.
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Good sequel, greatly underrated.
yahiasalah29 February 2020
Dont know where the bad reviews came from! The movie is actually good in terms of main characters structure and logic of the scenario. It also links very well to its prequel. Note that this was almost the only way to make a sequel to "The Boy I", as the the prequel ended with no possibility to continue the same drama line. Worth trying, and not less than 6 any way.
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If you liked the first one, don't see this one.
caitfrisko21 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The story follows a boy who stops speaking after a hime invasion, and finds Brahms buried in the woods. In the original, we were led to believe that the doll was created for the Heelshires after they lost their son, who ended up living in the walls. This movie changes that, and takes away tbe elements that made the first movie good and creepy.

This film is predictable with no real plot twist that catches you off guard. The kid is really good though, and if you enjoy movies with cute but creepy kids, then it's worth Redboxing for that.

Katie Holmes is okay, the camera angles used in this film were not very flattering a lot of the times, and did not pull off what they were trying to do. Instead of making her look scared or in suspence, she just looked constipated.

If you enjoyed the original, don't bother with this one. If you just want a movie with a creepy doll and kid, with a few cheap scares, then I guess you'll find it interesting.
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Brahms: the boy 2
rnixon-1566329 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Brahms the boy 2 2020 15 Director: William Brent Bell Starring: Katie Holmes, Owain Yeomun, Christopher Convery, Ralph Ineson, Anjali Jay etc

Overall rating 84/100

Brahms the boy 2 is based on a young boy called Jude ( Christopher Convery) who refuses to speak after witnessing his mum being beaten from a home burglary. He finds a doll in the woods that he connects and bonds with, but after a while a bond becomes an obsession and strange events are happening all linking back to Brahms. The boy 2 surprised me at how good it was. Great acting and building of tension and much more so lets talk about this.

First of all I thought the cinematography and set pieces were great. The films visuals were so intricate and detailed it was really great. They really made you pay attention to the surrounding of the house. And just simple things like the doll blinking, moving its head or smiling were really unsettling and done really well. And the set pieces were fantastic as well. There were some really good locations that were perfect playing grounds for horror. Whether it was the forest, the normal house or the house where boy lived, they had a few good locations instead of sticking to one which was great.

They also had a fantastic use of tension throughout and well executed Jumpscares. This film-built tension throughout excellently. As the film progressed, I got more and more tense and on the edge of my seat as the events that were happening got more and more unsettling, I rarely feel like this with horror movie, so this shows how good the film was. There was also some very well executed Jumpscares they managed to balance predictable Jumpscares that you didn't know when they were going to happen and Jumpscares that genuinely took me by surprise and startled me which was very entertaining.

My only negatives would be the films lack of plot and rushed beginning. This wasn't the films main priority so I get that they didn't need to deep of a plot as they wanted to build tension over an extended period of time but it would have been nice if they had explored certain things with the plot a little bit more deeply. But my biggest issue for me was the rushed beginning. They set up a really interesting family dynamic rarely seen within horrors but it then very quickly went to them going to the woods and finding the doll. So it would have been better if the film was slightly longer so they could flesh the characters out a bit more at the beginning.

My next two positives would be the performances, and the chemistry between the characters making them not the usual dumb character in a horror. Everyone in this film did very good performances. Therefore making all there fear much more believable and just genuinely making the film better as you could invest in the characters more. But the obvious key standouts would be Katie Holmes and Christopher Convery who were both fantastic. The family dynamic and chemistry between the characters was also very believable making you genuinely connect with the characters which is sadly very rare with horrors. It was also a breath of fresh air to have the characters actually think and make good decision throughout. There was no searching through rooms because you hear a sound or anything like that. Brahms followed Jude everywhere, so this helped and the mum only went in the house from the first film when she wanted to rescue her son.

My final two positives would be the films attention to detail with social issues involving a traumatic experience and the ending. The film actually tackled some interesting social issues about how children cope with trauma, In this case it was Jude refusing to talk which is how a lot of children cope with these things, this was well explored and a really interesting element to the movie, the ending was also incredibly satisfying, when everything came together and the final showdown with Brahms happened in the house from the first film all the tension and fear that had been built throughout exploded into an action packed and frightening finale where they did some interesting things with Brahms leaving it open to a sequel

Overall, despite a couple of issues with the plot and pacing, Brahms the boy 2 was a surprisingly good movie. That built tension very well, tackled interesting issues and had great performances of the year. Considering the lack of competition with the grudge and the turning, the boy 2 is the best horror of the year so far.
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Not that bad
dar041726 February 2020
I am not sure why the reviews are so bad on this one. If you saw the first and one enjoyed it this one is more of the same with a new story and new conclusion. A story about a creepy doll has been told a million times but "The Boy" series takes a different and some what okay approach to it.
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meshborg6824 February 2020
Above average creepy atmospheric horror.Well acted and filmed.
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So So
tfminfl4 March 2020
401. Brahms: The Boy II. What little kid doesn't want a creepy doll? Mom, Liza, and son, Jude are hanging out at home one night and they get attacked and robbed in their home in a very PG undramatic scene. Jude suffers from PTSD and doesn't say a word afterwards, and Liza gets the nightmares, so hubby Sean and Liza decide the best thing to do is get away from it all and vacation at a completely secluded guesthouse of a completely empty creepy mansion! Fun! Oh, and there's a creepy groundskeeper walking around with a shotgun and a big ol mean dog! Nice! Out of the many activities that they can do on this vacation like, looking at the woods, admiring the woods, or exploring the woods, they decide to take a walk in the woods. And this is when Jude discovers a hand sticking up out of the dirt, and he uncovers...a dirty old extremely creepy looking doll, and he obvi falls in love, and names it Brahms, well, that is the name Brahms told him to call him. Mom and Dad are like, eww gross, but it makes him happy, let's take it home clean it up! Within a short time, Jude starts turning around, while Liza thinks the doll is alive causing mischief, cause it can't be Jude doing these things. What to do, what to do... Internet investigation montage scene to recap Part I, give a little more backstory of course. It's not a great movie, honestly it felt they were going to go one way with it, felt rushed then went with a different route, it wasn't a terrible way to go, just felt they changed gears all of sudden. I liked it, i do like bad horror movies, add a creepy doll, makes it better. I personally now want a Chucky Vs. Chucky movie! Filmbufftim on FB
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They never should have made this sequel.
Anurag-Shetty25 February 2020
Brahms: The Boy II takes forward the story of the creepy porcelain doll, seen in The Boy(2016). Liza(Katie Holmes), her husband Sean(Owain Yeoman) & their son Jude(Christopher Convery), move into a house next to the Heelshire Mansion. Jude befriends a porcelain yet realistic looking doll, called Brahms.

Brahms: The Boy II is a below average film. It totally disregards everything that made The Boy(2016) a memorable horror/thriller movie. Returning director William Brent Bell should not have made this film, in the first place. If it was studio pressure, they should have only made this movie, if the script was as unique as its predecessor. Katie Holmes is great as Liza. Owain Yeoman is brilliant as Sean. Christopher Convery is a complete letdown, as Jude. Ralph Ineson is effective as Joseph. Brahms: The Boy II is not at all worth watching. Give this complete disappointment a miss, and re-watch the first one instead.
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If you're a horror fan it's worth a watch👍🏻
seanfett1 March 2020
Brahms get 6 stars from me. It's a classic horror formula. Well acted and beautifully directed. There a couple jump scare moments and Brahms is such a handsome chap. If you're a fan of horror movies (it's my favorite genre) definitely go see Brahms: The Boy 2 in theaters so William Brent Bell can continue to make horrors! 1 👍🏻 And 1🤘🏻 Up
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A pleasant surprise in 2020
cameronjames-8695922 February 2020
Well this movie was a pleasant Surprise, I didn't expect much from this movie after all the awful reviews but after seeing the movie I can say it's not amazing but i still had a fun time watching it and it's easily so far the best horror movie outta 2020 so far. The cast in this movie all shine and give a great performance everyone does great. The music also in this movie gives the creepy automspehere It's full effect. The characters are also have great character development. The production design is also really great and also help the creepy automsphere. The runtime is great and doesn't overstay it's welcome. The pacing although slow is great and is very much like childs play. But where the movie really starts to fail is with its scares, THIS MOVIE IS NOT AT ALL SCARY, there is potential there to be scary but I feel with it's pg-13 rating it limits the scares that could of happened. Also the dialog at sometimes can be over the top and all over the place. Overall, Brahms the boy 2 was a movie that took me by surprise with how much I did enjoy it, yes it's not that scary but this movie I did find enjoyable. If you have any Interest in seeing It, I say give it a try.
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"Your father and I make the rules in this house . . . "
oscaralbert27 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
" . . . NOT your doll!" Jude's mother splits hairs after weeks of setting a place at her dinner table complete with Real People food for her pampered son's pampered doll, BRAHMS: THE BOY, JR. This toy is so stupid that he does his best tricks FOR FREE, when NOBODY is looking! Instead of hiring an agent and headlining a Las Vegas gig during which he overturns solid wood furniture and other heavy objects without lifting a finger, this diminutive android (as revealed during the lame finale) prefers to be buried with the termites in the woods or chucked into fiery furnaces. This porcelain-biological hybrid is pictured with literal spit for brains (or something close to it). BRAHMS: THE BOY, JR.'s one big dream is to hunker down and hole up in a ratty old fire trap which looks like it's not even wired for three-prong plugs! This picture might play well among the coffin crowd, but beyond THE ADDAMS FAMILY it's not going to pack many fannies (or even Raggedy Annies) into theater seats!
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Fun but Predictable
judetonynassar20 February 2020
Brahms: The Boy II (2020) sequel of The boy has some good moments but nothing will blow your mind. It's just another doll movie,the jumpscares are good but most of them are predictable, not only the jumpscares even a lot of acts are. The movie felt rushed but i was okay with that because a movie like that should not be slow because it has no reason to do that. Actors are good especially the mom & Jude. Other than that it's a fun movie with an acceptable ending( not that good, not that bad) + an interesting final scene!
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Not bad, but not bad.
ajjj01310921 February 2020
Have it's moments. Could've been a little more creative with the plot. Overall a nice date night film. Writers need to add more creativity in plot for and if it's going to be a third.
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Way under-rated.
mmdookie23 February 2020
It's a horror film about a doll. Once you accept that, it's hard to see how one could make a better one. Well acted, produced, directed and filmed.
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Don't believe the hate!
digmaster24 February 2020
This wasn't the best movie ever but it's an enjoyable hour and a half.

There was nothing wrong with the film, it was well made, the acting was fine, had the jumps in all the right places. It did lack a little tension but it was fine. If you're a fan of the scary movie genre it's worth a watch.
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It was a bit campy but good!
debdabootchic22 February 2020
I saw it last night ~ it was fun! Not the best I've seen but I liked it better then fantasy island and the turning ~ I wasn't expecting more then what I got. There were a few jumps but all in all I liked it.
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