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Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman are discovered implicitly having sex under blankets; the woman is fleetingly seen nude from the side including part of a breast. Sex is implied by various other people being shown in bed afterward, in separate scenes: a woman and two men, and two women. Various characters kiss and embrace; these scenes are short.
  • The only live human nudity is a quick flash of side breast and men's chests. There are several lengthy scenes in which paintings are often visible that show full frontal nudity of women and men. One painting is a close up of a vulva. In another painting the size of a penis may be exaggerated. A woman is briefly seen in bra and panties.
  • The nature of each woman's sexual and romantic relationships is discussed from critical perspectives. Some of the dialog is explicit and some is vulgar.

Violence & Gore

  • A man races toward other characters with a large knife in his hand, but is restrained


  • In the English dubbed version, there is only occasional profanity, maybe 10 uses of "f*ck" (twice in the sexual sense), and a couple of "shit" and "pussy."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social drinking is pervasive. One character is shown mixing alcohol with pills of uncertain type.
  • A cigarette is smoked once. Smoking marijuana is shown twice with considerable emphasis. The joints and alcohol use are portrayed as ways to relieve stress.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman presented as lesbian nonetheless is discovered having sex with her half-sister's biological father
  • One biological father turns out to have subsequently transitioned to female gender.

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