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DiCaprioFan1330 September 2022
WandaVision is the first of the Disney shows that take place in the MCU. I need to start off with my praise for Elizabeth Olsen and the job she does here. She's not only beautiful but she's such an underrated actress. She really is one of the better actresses working right now. Wanda is one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire MCU and it really shows here. It's a weird and very fun show that will keep you entertained throughout the series. The attention to detail really captured the era and is a fantastic tribute to to the sitcoms of that era. If you're a fan of the MCU then this is a must watch!
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Ignore every negative review before episode 4
evansjoshyr29 January 2021
It might have been an error on Disney's part to release only the first 2 episodes at once instead of 4 episodes. While I am on of the few people who absolutely loved the intrigue and mystery of the first three episodes, this exceptional show has been getting a lot of hate due to a lack of plot.

... And then the 4th episode came out. Not only was it an exceptional episode, but it justified the use of the first three and even gave some answers to the many questions of Wanda vision.

Overall a brilliant show that shouldn't be judged on the first three episodes (especially if your only complaint is a lack of plot)
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Elizabeth Olsen is terrific here!
Supermanfan-1328 August 2022
I found WandaVision to be a pretty entertaining show that's a fantastic addition to Phase 4! It's so over the top bananas but it works in a weirdly entertaining way! Once you start watching it you'll want to binge it as quickly as possible. I don't understand some of these negative reviews though...did you not watch the trailers? Some of you are acting surprised at what you were watching. I don't get it...what were you expecting that you didn't get to see? It's a wildly original show that's such a fun ride that you can't turn away and that absolutely pays off in the end. Elizabeth Olsen is so amazing here that she absolutely deserved an Emmy nomination! She was also just great in the new Dr. Strange movie!
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Wandavision is kewl.
ThomDerd6 February 2021
Show is developing nicely and although the build up is slow, by episode 5 the story progresses more and gets interesting. World building seems good, characters are solid and there's an eerie vibe in every episode which makes it intriguing.

Also, this show is somewhat different; many double meanings and implications. Feel free to interpret. Wandavision is already a pun.

On another note, I am happy to see many actors from various MCU films appearing. Also, the core cast of this show is pretty good (see Kathryn Hahn) and OlsenBettany are given a nice chance to show some more acting skills and deliver comedy on top of the drama and action that we are used to.

So, its an 8/10 for now, looks like a novel show. Give it a go.
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An unexpected experience
MsDJH18 October 2022
First of, I'm not a Marvel fan, not into comics and superheroes at all, so please read this review as what it is: an outsider's point of view. I watched this show, because I saw the trailer and the obvious homage to classic television appealed to me. All those shows paid tribute to and mentioned, I like. The way the main character related to them affected me. The cast was great, the humor a lovely surprise. The villain, well, not exactly my cup of tea, but as I said, I have no background in this universe, so I won't go into further detail. What I loved beyond words was the attention to detail and the visible love expressed for TV history from The Dick van Dyke Show to Malcolm in the Middle. Now that hit a nerve and made me smile all the way through, love story included. I'm still positively enthralled.
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all the missing emotions
SnoopyStyle13 March 2021
Avengers, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), are somehow starring in variations of old TV sitcoms.

This delivers all the missing emotional content in this Avengers cinematic coupling which never achieved actual feelings while on the big screen. In the movies, Wanda and Vision always felt slapped together. They don't have much screen time and even less emotions. After all, one is a brooding terrorist turned good and the other is a robot humanized. They are powerful magical beings rather than a human relationship until now. This time, Marvel has decided to expand what was probably an interesting movie into a nine episode TV show. In expanding it, it allowed various scenes to give these two character real human emotions. It places Wanda's grief front and center as well as highlighting their relationship. More than all the movies, this show puts real meat on the bones of these characters. It finally makes them flesh and blood.

Warning: At least watch it to episode four. The surreal first three episodes can be confusing and leave one wondering about unfamiliar sitcom tropes.
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Best best series after endgame
nikitap-4222229 October 2022
I don't know what to say about this series this is an amazing series this is like one of the best series I have ever watched in my entire life the plot was very unpredictable I was not able to predict anything at all I had no idea or what was going to happen in future and that made it very thrilling and the characters are amazing the back story of wanda is amazing like how they told her story that was really amazing I love the villain she was amazing she was very evil and overall she didn't lack any characters of being a villain. Wanda is a great hero and the way she control her emotions was really amazing.
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A new direction in Marvel
alekspredator8724 July 2022
Marvel's advertising campaigns are always ready to please their viewers with preliminary content. There are a lot of videos and various materials coming out before each new studio project. However, the announcement and subsequent marketing of the series "Wanda/Vision" became a kind of discovery for moviegoers. It was a new direction in the franchise familiar to fans.

To begin with, it was necessary to accept that the project would become a mini-series, the first of many subsequent ones, but it was the first. Then the format of the work was alarming. We are offered something out of genre, when some scenery and incarnations of heroes are replaced by others, showing different eras. What do. I was personally preparing for something special.

The series started, and each new episode initially raised more questions. What happens, where does it happen, when does it happen? Somewhere after the equator of the project, puzzles suddenly begin to take shape, a dynamic and interesting project emerges. Of course, the series does not reach the individual blockbuster films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is good in its own way.

The visual component, the design of the scenes, the styles - all this looks great. The creators perfectly managed to immerse their viewers in different epochs of the last century, told through an excellent visual series what the sitcoms of the past were, because the current generations could hardly watch American TV series of such distant years now.

In addition, we are shown the evolution of the main character Wanda, who finds development in this particular arch, faces her demons, confronts the villain. Elizabeth Olsen fully reveals her character to us and does it very cool. Wanda tries on new images from series to series: a young wife, mother, defender of her new world. I think that the project as a whole revealed the potential of the actress and gave food for thought. After all, the development of the Wanda Arch is still ahead. And it promises to be very interesting.

The series came out decent. This is an unusual and new work, both from a genre point of view and from the point of view of the format. Small series that add up to a massive overall picture and tell the audience a full-fledged story.

This project is clearly for connoisseurs of the Marvel universe. It should be watched in the same order as the films were released, otherwise there is a risk of not understanding a lot. There are already famous heroes in the project, and new ones will be presented. One thing cannot be taken away - the project is really important for the development of the Cinematic Universe.

8 out of 10.
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Interesting premise with a boring padding.
TheTexasChainstoreManager23 February 2021
WandaVision certainly have a very intriguing premise, but pretty much everything else, like the build up to the interesting parts, is a tacky snore. The first three episodes is pretty much just a homage to old sit-coms, but unfortunately they weren't able to make those parts ...you know ...funny. So they merely function as a boring transportation device to the mentioned interesting parts. Couldn't they hire some actual funny sit-com writers for those parts and make them good instead of necessities? Unfortunately when the intriguing more "serious" parts kicks ins, it feels like even those parts of the show gets stuck in some kind of stale combination. When you feel like "Ah, here we go!" it doesn't really go. Is it suppose to be funny still or more serious? Either way, it's not very good at being any of those things.
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An Interesting Concept But Overall A Mediocre Show
dk77722 March 2021
This could have been a lot more interesting, but unfortunately this is another mediocre and overrated show.

The concept isn't bad, but most of the series is boring and despite the episodes being short, they seem too long.

The last two episodes aren't that bad, but it's just not enough to make the series anything more than mediocre entertainment that isn't really worth spending time on. Today, most hows are unimaginative and boring, and this one is no exception.

Maybe there are just too many movies and series about superheroes, so nothing can impress us anymore.

The cast is good and it's a shame that the script isn't as good. The cinematography is excellent, but that is simply not enough anymore, the special effects are not enough to make the show interesting. Unfortunately, another in a series of mediocre generic TV shows.

In short, another mediocre show with slightly better special effects.
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A Wonky Ride
toseale31 July 2022
An exciting and new take on Marvel, WandaVision is plenty fun. Starting off as confusing and odd, it progresses into a great show, with each episode having a different style in show history. The fans wanted House of M, they got something similar that they can be pleased with. Elizabeth Olsen has really developed a great character out of Wanda Maximoff, and seeing her evolution into the Scarlet Witch was honestly rewarding as a Marvel fan. Though they do make quite a few surprises, a couple characters were either pointless or upsetting. I hope Marvel makes amends to this in the future. This show is a wild, strange ride for sure, but worth it by the end.
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hadascremisi22 July 2022
I cant put in words how much this show changed my view of everything marvel done to that point and after.

This show proves that marvel can make intriguing content without using any excuses. I was hooked from the first till the last moment.

A gemstone in this era of shows.
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This was very....interesting...
ajfrederick-706932 October 2022
I can't even begin to explain this show...

I love Wanda so much and when this show came out I was so excited to watch it.

I can say, the first 1-2 episodes are kind of boring, but it pays off so much.

The story is an amazing concept, the villain, the separate storylines meeting together, it's just 💋.

If you binge this show in one night, you won't regret it. It was such a fun time and if you like science then you should definitely watch this show! And obviously, everything plays in to the mcu.

If you want to watch this, don't watch the trailer, don't do anything, just watch it. It will make you fall in love with the characters, and the whole plot in whole.
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esterpinto-272922 September 2022
Wandavision starts the sequence of marvel series incredibly. After lost her husband, Vision, that helps and stays with her for at least 5 years, Wanda freak out and starts using her magic in kind of a bad way and that is what the serie is about. The acting is a uncredible thing, Elisabeth Olsen is the perfect Wanda Maximoff, she acts like she really lot her husband and all of her friends. The scenes of her crying made every one feel for and with her. Unfortuly, the first episode is very confusing, what make a lot of people give up and jump for the next serie. But that is a huge mistake, because like I said, is an incredible and choging serie, besides the fact that it changes the couse of all the marve's series and movies that will come below.
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Overwhelmly dull
drael6425 January 2021
The sitcom bits aren't funny, the mystery isn't mysterious. I've watched ep 3, but I have no idea how I lasted this long.
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It's alright
sinahaase-960-74349721 February 2021
I'm sorry for the 7/10 review, but I've been watching some amazing (in my opinion) 10-star shows and it just doesn't seem that great once I watch the next coming episode. Yes, I probably watch too much tv in my free time but I just love movies/shows and casting my reviews. I think Olsen is great but maybe needs a bigger challenge and will probably have one someday! It's just an "alright, decent show" that entertains in the moment of watching in my opinion. There's nothing too spectacular or thought provoking like shows I've watched elsewhere. Thanks for reading :) -Sina
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For once the hype is well deserved.
Sleepin_Dragon3 February 2021
I've become a little suspicious about so called hyped up shows, but, to my sheer surprise, WandaVision really is a great show.

You will need to stick at it, the first few episodes were a bit of a chore, but once all settles down, which is pretty much at episode four, it becomes a cracking watch.

It's rather difficult to review the show as a whole, because the quality of episode does vary a little, however for the sheer imagination, acting and general originality, I have to score it a 9/10.

Don't be put off by the first couple, it really does go up a notch.

It delivers.
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justinvanzon7 August 2022
I love Wanda and the powers Wanda has, the emotional growth all the characters have. And overall love the series. I'm hoping for more seasons!! Elisabeth Olsen just is an amazing acress.
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WandaVision is bad TV. Literally.
RussHog18 April 2021
I wanted to like this show. But the first 90 minutes are nonsense. That is an eternity for nothing to happen in TV. What follows that is mostly a badly written show with a pretty lame final showdown. I do feel that both the actors did well with their roles. But they both really did unheroic things in the show. I respect they tried to do something interesting - but the Star Trek TNG episode with the similar plot where the alien had built paradise for his dead loved one was much better TV. This show makes me not want to watch Marvel TV.
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eoinpgeary5 March 2021
I knew after the last episode I would want to give the series a 10 but it doesn't deserve it by having a great finale, there were 2 episodes midway that were enjoyable but the quality slipped again after, it seemed the episodes were 4/5 filler material and 1/5 plot which was annoying due to the low run time and 9 episodes and being a limited series, the only exception to this for me was ep 5,6,9 I think a lot of the hype around this is the fan theories that happened every week which were more fun then the show tbh, and the fact it's the mcu so you have to watch it because it will tie in with the movies

On the plus side the 3 great episodes were great start to end which was upsetting because the quality was there and could have been in all the episodes, I know it was a string along show for week to week but the huge epic payout wasn't even there.

I'm not a hater of this show I just feel it could have been so much better, for people that want to know the main parts for the movies, I'd watch the last 2 episodes.
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Credits way too long
Xamalion15 January 2021
After two episodes I'm hooked and excited how things will unfold. But 7 minutes of credits is a bad joke. This time should better be used for more content of the show.
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Overhyped average show
paulwattriley8 April 2021
It starts slow and a bit strange but the story starts to improve and it gets good well up until Agatha Harkness the the whole story just becomes stupid. There was no need it was ok as it they road it was going. You do not always need a dumb twist and this is dumb. It spoiled the whole story.
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Simply Amazing
bavenger11 July 2022
I don't know whether to give it a 9 or a full 10 . This was arguably "one of the" Best MCU shows in History .

Each episode was better than the Last . The Humor was for once needed and Great . And really Good . The Show itself was Very Confusing and Mysterious.

The First Episode was Really Confusing . The Plot Made sense after episode 4 . And the Full Circle at Episode 8 was Awesome. Episode 8 was the Best One . And Episode 9 The Finale was the Second Best .

I didn't know what to expect as I had no idea what was happening . I had a brief thought it could be House of M like storyline but Wanda had never displayed Reality Warping powers . So this was a surprise .

I really liked what they did here . The Best Start off for Phase 4 .

The only reason I didn't give it a Full 10 was the obvious disappointing Ralph Boner Joke .

The tease was amazing but the reveal kinda ruined the mood a bit . But the ending the costume and the post credits . Set up a lot .

Overall One of The Best Shows in MCU and Even Overall other Fandom Shows History .
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A somewhat acquired taste is required here...
paul_haakonsen26 March 2021
I sat down to watch the 2021 series "WandaVision" after having been told that it was really good, and also the high rating here on IMDb seemed to deem it a great show. And with the creative force of Marvel behind it, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, I have to admit that "WandaVision" fell somewhat short of properly entertaining me. It was just the whole concept of the storyline that threw me off, as I found it so hard to buy into it and take it seriously. Oh for sure, this wasn't really bad, but it just didn't really appeal all that much to me. Yet, I managed to endure all episodes and watch it to the end.

Granted, then it should also be said that I am not overly keen on the whole concept of superheroes, but I still watch it, as it does tend to be somewhat entertaining, albeit often mindless entertainment.

It should be said that you literally have to suffer through half the show before things start to become interesting and escalate. And that was definitely something that killed off the show for me as well.

Visually then "WandaVision" was as you would expect from a Marvel production. Lots of high end special effects, great sets and props, and wonderful costumes. And the CGI effects throughout the course of the episodes were just spectacular, as it tends to be in the stuff that comes through the Marvel studios.

"WandaVision" had a very great ensemble of cast members. It was definitely a blast to have Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany return to reprise their roles as Wanda Maximoff and Vision respectively. But aside from them, the series also had an amazing performance from Kathryn Hahn, and she really impressed me quite a lot here with this series, she is so much more than just a generic comedy actress. And I will say that Kathryn Hahn actually makes the show quite durable to watch. And it was also a blast to see actress Debra Jo Rupp in the show.

I really wanted to like this series and submerge myself into it, but it was just so difficult, especially with the first 5 episodes being so, well, ridiculous, for a lack of better words. I must admit, though, that the last episode was quite interesting, but by then it was just too little and too late.

My rating of "WandaVision" settles on a mediocre five out of ten stars. The show's storyline and plot was just a swing and a miss for me. But the visuals and acting performances made it bearable to sit through. However, I am sure that the show is appealing to the hardcore fans of the Marvel universe, I mean, just look at the rating of the show.
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Marvel fans: stop inflating this mediocre series
harrylosborne7 March 2021
(Disclaimer: I do not hate Marvel, I am just speaking objectively as a fan of cinema and TV - this is not a personal vendetta against Marvel.)

One line that stuck with me from this series was uttered by a background character, who begs, "Please, let us go."

This is the same sentiment I feel about Marvel's now vice-like grip on cinema and television: why can they not be content with releasing less often and with greater polish, rather than spewing out shows and films like they're going out of style?

Wandavision is, simply put, bang average to below-par television, a mismatch of clunky scripting and an ailing plot. It is so akin to the lower-end Marvel TV show predecessors (see "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") that it is staggering to think that this is the most expensive series ever - all the more reason to think lowly of it.

Initially, I will admit, I was invested: the first two episodes are complete rubbish, wasting an hour of your time for about two minutes of storyline, but the hint was enough for me to persevere. By episodes three and four, my interest peaked as the story began to unfold, and between awful dialogue, something was actually unfolding. This is where the fun stopped.

The rest of the series devolves into comically bad television, predictable and uninspired. There are "hidden" niche references for the hardcore fans, but they are not accessible to the average viewer; instead, you get some VFX that wouldn't look out of place in the early 2000s, along with acting that can only be described as bad (all except for Paul Bettany, who is really trying his damnedest).

If the funding for this show was really $25m per episode, can you honestly say it looked that good? Game of Thrones, for example, had episodes twice as long as Wandavision with ten times the settings required and a lower budget, yet looked worlds better than this cringeworthy witch-fest.

Some of the fight scenes were bemusing, given the clunky physics and weird cuts used to "enhance the action". I understand the attempt at bringing back sitcom styles from the 50s forwards, and I did like this, but the novelty wears off when nothing else of interest is on show.

In reality, Wandavision is Disney's Mandalorian for the Marvel universe. It is sacrilege for superhero fans not to enjoy the spectacles aimed at them, so they assimilate these shows, even if they are rubbish.

Were this show unconnected to Marvel, and in fact just a new troop of superheroes with the same plot and acting, it wouldn't be heard of again (nor celebrated to begin with), such is the swaying power of Marvel these days. I would say to those who have watched this: take off the rose-tinted glasses, and watch this series again honestly and frankly.

Can you really say this is the pinnacle of television? The best I can say is that it's different - and even then, the individuality is lost by the second half.
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