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"Psycho" killed logic more, than the victims in the movie.
iselvabavaani10 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Logic is the most important for movies in this genre.

Times logic was killed (only mentioned a few ) -Lacking modus operandi (to define it as serial or psycho killer, to relate one murder with another). When the "psycho" was particular about Dhakini's footwear in the beginning, Why did he kill his victim later in the parking lot (totally breaking the consistency), when he could have sedated her and could have killed her like all other victims. -Not realistic. When no blood splattered on the "psycho" when he killed his victim in the parking lot. -Lacking proper connection established nor implied. The way deduction happened from victim's vehicle to the "psycho" and its lousy. -Following the stereotype. Portraying police as dumb. (When the police officer left the police station not informing his whereabouts to others, died later. A police officer, not trusting the police told the captivated heroine that the hero will rescue her. Contaminated the crime scene constantly. Police were asked to follow hero's moves) -Psychological profiling of the "psycho" by the police is stupid, inadequate. -Breaking the character. Teacher who is strict about committing a sin n punished students for their sins (and still believes it is the right thing to do), believes in god n trusts him to free her from the misery. Sins by smoking! -Medieval period plot. Nowhere science and technology is used. (no fingerprints, no footprints, no tyre marks, no cctvs, no database, no post-mortem, not processing the crime scene)

And... Logic committed "suicide", when the "Psycho" committed suicide after watching heroine's interview in the TV. (Since psychopaths lack remorse, guilt, conscience, or empathy. Have shallow experiences of feelings or emotions)(or he is cannot a "psycho", so should not be the name of the movie)
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More like a silly Comedy remake of Hollywood slasher movies
Leven_the_critic12 March 2020
Nothing makes some sense in this movie. A dumb mistake at the start when the female lead says hello to a Ghost, no one was there if you think it's the guy inside the counter she would at least make a Eye contact for a continously made long shot. Bunch of Korean and Hollywood movies with the dexter Mask. The director should make something with all that money invested. What a waste, that girl in wheelchair is the worst thing that movie has. There's nothing remarkable about this movie and the story. I'd say worst Tamil movie I've seen lately. Too bad
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Most Illogical movie of 2020
toabis0074 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
What could been a good movie was spoilt by poor script. Blind man driving a car, doing romance while the killer is after you, helping the killer by releasing him off his chains so that he can kill you, serial killer commiting suicide without a reason, not taking help of police in the most stupid ways. Policemen going after prime killer suspect without any backup. What else... It could have been a parody comedy movie rather than a thriller. The motive of the serial killer is no way connected to the storyline. Dont know what the makers were smoking while writing the script. Other than that OK acting and music. For that giving it 3 stars.
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a Big Letdown
shyamentdoc8 March 2020
Director Myskkin is a noted Tamil Director of Thrillers. So being a Fan of Crime genre, I saw this movie with great expectation. So there is a killer of Women who gets off on hacking their heads. A blind Hero ( Pathetic Actor), a kidnapped Heroine ( Aditi looks pretty, but that's about it, acting was nothing great), A bad tempered Nithya Menon as a quadriplegic Cop who assists the hero and irritating sidekicks. The cops were reduced to incompetent people in the movie. The villain's reason for killing the victims was not very convincing. Wasted my time watching this movie. Myskkin needs to tighten his script sense before making his next venture.
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Very terrible movie please don't watch
prasadkannanrk30 January 2020
Don't watch this movie in theater at any cost !

No logic nothing , an embarrassing take on the thriller genre , this director should stop directing and hide in some forest as this movie is a shame on the art of filmmaking , garbage smells better than this film and it's actors , all of the people associated with this film should not show their face anywhere in any film for the next 100 years , complete waste of money and time , such flaws in stories should never be forgiven.

Never watch this movie in a theater !
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Worst to the core
vijay_vvb2 February 2020
Different genre for Indian audience, but not fulfilled the title and the plot. No logic, no story just psychic isn't enough for the story. Camera, music department and art department done their job well. Nothing more... Worst screenplay, characterisation and direction.
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A piece of crap!
sreer-060678 March 2020
Such a worst movie i have entirely seen in my life. If you going to watch this movie you leave your brain in a garbage box. Hero of this movie should go for looting that's should be a better option he don't know what is acting
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Time spoiler
ajemu27 January 2020
Good music, Good lighting, Good sets, Good performance by all characters.

Worst screenplay and untolerable and inappropriate untimely dialogues. Script writer has done the maximum damage.

Unwanted or avoidable semi naked scenes which has no relevance to the movie script.

Overall you may watch the movie only if you have enough time to waste.
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Disappointed... disaster piece
krmanirethnam28 January 2020
"if you want to see real psychological psycho movies... Watch (The chaser {2008},i saw the devil{2010}, American psycho {2000}, memories of murder(2003). This movie full of crap... Everything copy from above mentioned movies... Illogical screenplay... Plot hole... Unrealistic actor's performance because of mysskin (director). Now a days there is message it's a good movie . If you are a movie lover don't waste your time... Watch above mentioned movies.
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No effort spent on screenplay!!!
ganesh-jayaraman4 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
An expected storyline needs four things - A good acting, a very tight screenplay, an excellent cinematography and a terrific BGM!!! Camera work and music work are exccellent and they are the only reason for the above rating. Acting is average and Screenplay is horrible. Sample the below: 1. It was told that the Hero will go all alone into the villain's place since if the Police accompanies him then they might end up arming the perimeter alarms... within 5 minutes of entering the place, the hero arms the perimeter alarms... If the hero can arm the perimeter alarms then the police also could have accompanied him right?? 2. Why does the blind hero drive the car by himself (reason is not strong)... 3. Hero has a taser gun in his hand and is behind the villain; Villain does not have any clue as to where is the hero. Now the hero instead of stunning the villain using the taser gun, touches the villain, gets himself stabbed and then, only then uses the taser gun!!! 4. The reason for the villain to turn psycho is not clearly explained. It is as if Mysskin wanted the guy to turn into a psycho and hence he turned into a psycho!! 5. Why did the psycho get into the juvenile prison? I dont remember that reason and by the time the film ends - I dont care!!! So - instead of putting some effort in the screenplay, the director has assumed that whatever trash he brings out will be consumed by his fans... NO LONGER MR. MYSSKIN....
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Great concept - Illogical screenplay and silly acting
shyam-uthaman2 February 2020
The concept was great and quite deep. I love movies where the characters aren't painted purely black and white. But the screenplay made no sense most times. Quite illogical and stupid. The Psycho's acting was great and was the only one worth remembering. The hero could have been replaced by anyone.
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ghousester23 February 2020
Can't believe one such notable thriller maker in Tamil industry, could take such an aweful n pathetic movie.
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Hitchcock isn't gonna be pleased with this tribute !
CobertNeede25 January 2020
Psycho, in many ways transcends the limits that Tamil cinema has imposed on many of their 'crime thrillers'. And for that, a moment of appreciation is more than deserving for Mysskin. But for where it should've excelled, it falls flat on its face. When you take a genre of film that is notoriously saturated, at least make sure that your work stands out story wise. Psycho borrows inspiration heavily from many, many western films. And in many ways, Mysskin has created a clone of those crime thrillers that you so love in Hollywood.

All the acting was meh. Nobody's acting particularly stood out. Nithya Menon was the best among the bunch, along with Rajkumar Pitchumani (the psycho), who delivered what was expected of a role like this. Udhayanidhi Stalin was pretty okay, not really dwelling deep into his character.

With the onslaught of crime thrillers in recent times, i really expected this to stand out.
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Not as much as expected, disappointed
saru20209 February 2020
As per the name, the movie portrays a guy who's become a psychopath due to multiple waves of abuse during his school days. Nevermind, about the plot or story or screenplay, it the about the director whom we admire just because of his making style. If Myskkin does 10 movies even with the same plot, people would still admire, watch & applaud him just because of his making style which is unique and different, also called weird by some but that's what makes the audience watch his movies which works very well. I was taken back a bit when I saw that nowadays even ladies as equal to men come to watch these kinda raw, violent, cold-blooded movies, maybe I'm witnessing/noticing this for the first time with this movie watching it in the theatres. Although it was a good watch, it doesn't even stand nearby the director last hit: Thupparivaalan. Also, the psycho/Vinay's characterization in the Thupparivaalan was much arrogant/violent and better designed than the one in this movie.
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A highly disappointing film
nambivp-3324829 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
A policeman is kidnapped by the psychopath. He wakes up in a slaughter house and finds the female protagonist there. He calmly asks her, "How are you?".Such is the level of silliness in this film. The dialogues feel archaic. The same policeman asks his team to find the killer who is clean shaven and handsome. The voice for Aditi Rao Hydari sounds like one of those cute and stupid heroines that Kollywood churns out every year. Nithya Menon starts off on a high note but her importance fizzles out somewhere towards the end. Udhayanidhi Stalin successfully masks his inability to emote with a pair of glasses. But, the entire portion revolving around the psychopath is written excellently. Music by Ilaiyaraaja scares you at the right points in the film. Cinematography by Tanvir Mir is commendable. On the whole, psycho is just a lazy attempt by Myshkin.
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karthikeyan-feb1425 January 2020
Movie follows mugamudi and thuparivaaln. He has lost his touch. Worst among the worst. Creator says this is good cinema, and people are forced to accept it. Mysskin. Concentrate on acting. Your acting is better than your direction.
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Overrated movie : don't waste your time and money
moulipri24 January 2020
Myskinn sticking to his comfort zone and still gives this piece of junk. Just pathetic. In a recent interview the director myskinn mocks the MCU movies and claims his movies are better than Hollywood movies. I don't have a single reason to recommend this movie to anyone. Udhaynidhi is a pathetic actor and he proves it once again. Myskinn wasted director ram. Almost all the characters in the movie act so lethargic when they are around the psycho killer . Nithyamenon is irritating. Illayaraja should have retired a long time ago but his music is not the worst thing in the movie . My friends really loved the movie and I don't know why?? I think They have a predetermined thought about myskin movie that it will be good no matter what, they watched the trailer multiple times , seriously hyped about the movie. In my case i don't usually watch trailers neither watched the trailer of this movie and I didn't expect too much from the movie but its still sub par with my expectations . Only postive : villian actor
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One of the bests in kollywood
ddhanushram24 January 2020
Psycho-True to it's genre, it's indeed a very engaging psychological thriller..The direction, Cinematography and the music were top notch..The killer's performance was splendid-Finally Kollywood is moving in the right direction..There are lot of logic mistakes but the overall narrative of this movie and Raja sir's mesmarizing music will make you forget all of it and go home with a satisfactory mind..
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I'm the directors big fan
gladiatorvar26 January 2020
First things first I'm too disappointed. It Was a drag with no logic. Too many unexplained and unnecessary scenes. Kindly don't watch this in theatre. It's a waste of money.
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Bad lol
Bhomiq19 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Don't know why people actually liked this, I've seen better murder mystery movies. Plus the ending was so horrible like wtf. He killed so many people and her excuse of not killing him was 'omg I saw a child in him' what BS lol. That's not an excuse for the crud he did. Especially since she SAW people's heads being chopped off right in front of her! It was such a pathetic excuse for a movie that I wanted to cry. Like because it was a movie like, sure he felt guilty (nope that would never happen) and killed himself, like ok whatever.
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Not bad
Sibi_518124 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Psycho, the film where everyone has roles and a very complicated antagonist. The film is so raw, so sensitive people(taboo topics and murders), don't go to the movie and complaint afterwards. It's 'A' certified for a reason. Narration, DOP, song placements and casting were pleasing on this film. Myskkin knows how to make an art out of the film and has a great sense of writing. I'm glad he makes these kind of films(audience on my theatre applauded after the movie finished). There are negatives but overall, it's not that a bad film.
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That far far away Hannibal Lecter
ahmedrockinblues24 January 2020
Mysskin is a director I respect and i personally believe his best movie was Anjaathey. Psycho when compared to gutter trash like Ratsasan is an achievement but Mysskin can definitely do better.This movie will be remembered for its exceptional soundtrack by Maestro Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja and visuals by debutante Tanvir Mir.Great production values and set pieces also adds to the positives of the film.Story wise theres' nothing new, a serial killer with the cliched abusive past murders and beheads his victims and gets away 15 times or more in this era of cctvs and well lit streets( everything happens in and around a bustling city in Tamilnadu).A blind but well off Udayanidhi goes after the killer when his fiancee gets abducted.He later joins forces with a paraplegic ex cop, Nithya Menen.Those who watched Eli Roths' Hostel or Jee Woon Kims classic 'I saw the Devil' will feel at home whenever the killers' lair and his apron is shown on screen. Mysskin manages to arrange the proceedings somehow convincingly though the killer is not menacing enough. Aditi Rao Hydri in the final moments lip syncs to some stupid preaching in the voice of a 12 year old and manages to kill all seriousness of the mayhem that happened thus far.And Raaja walks away with the crown playing Thaayin Madiyil.
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You may watch it only once
daretoreadme24 January 2020
Directed by Mysskin, one of the iconic directors of Tamil cinema, Psycho, as expected is dark and disturbing, similar to his previous films.

Music by Sir Ilayaraja, the BGM score etches the heart of the audience to the screen. Three melodies by the melody king, adds life to the scene and makes you hum even after the end of the show.

Cinematography by Tanveer Mir, is unbelievable. From what we can see, the cameras were swirling around at multiple angles all the times. Kudos to him.

Edited by N. Arunkumar, the film has a professional editing style and it's precisely cut providing audience engagement during the watchtime.

Written by Mysskin himself, the writing was average. The dialogues seemed stuffed and artificial. The characters are one dimensional and any actor could've performed the lead role leaving no space for acting.

Dubbing was awful. Though the dialogues were minimum, they are mostly spoken over closed lips. The voice of the dubbing artist Savitha Reddy didn't suit Aditi Rao Hydari.

Rajkumar as Angulimala and an unknown actress as Teacher Rachel, are the two promising actors in the film who wasn't Mysskin's mind. All the other characters resembled the tone of Mysskin in one or the other way.

To conclude, Psycho is watchable. It's engaging and would definitely be a treat for the thrill loving audience. It can also be disturbing for sensitive people. It's only worth watching in theatres for Illayaraja sir's music and Tanveer's cinematography. Other than that, you must have tolerance towards fellow audience as they can be really annoying and may spoil the thrill and chill.
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Myskkin's Psycho
maheshdelhi24 January 2020
Superb film from Mysskin. Udhayanidhi Stalin's best film till date. Absolutely good performance.
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Logic committed suicide long before the film ended.
discerninguser20 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Stupid and unrealistic movie, with amateur performances. None of the characters behave like normal people would, under the circumstances shown in the movie.

Long drawn out movie with many loose ends, which seem to have been deliberately created only to stretch the film and then left untied.

For example when the hero's sidekick goes to the correct pig farm, why does the deaf guy mislead him about the photos of the old man, saying that he's the owner? Or did the makers forget to give an explanation for that?

The cop goes alone to catch the prime suspect without taking a team along or even exercising caution while approaching the killer; and promptly gets incapacitated.

What was the point of one scene where the bad guy tells the hotel receptionist to give a suite to a family? It has no relevance to the film and is just added to make the film longer.

Why don't the idiots inform the police after they identify the killer, instead of two handicaps going after him? Why can't the middle aged woman drive the car till the bad guy's liar and what is the purpose of making the blind guy do it?

The blind hero explains that a police team might set off the alarms, leading the villain to kill the heroine; so goes by himself to rescue the girl. And himself immediately sets off the alarms, but conveniently the bad guy comes after him instead of killing the girl.

It's a mess of a movie, crafted stylishly to appear intelligent. Acting is extremely mediocre. The actor who plays the protagonist can't act to save his life. The heroine is as stupid as she is beautiful. And how exactly the handicapped cop help in solving the case, other than abusing everyone in sight?
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