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low on everything
amerxmenlogen16 June 2020
I don't think the author read really anything about islam especially in other half of the movie i wanted at least one movie knows what is he talking about
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Not much of Comedy
arnobrafi17 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film tries to sell as a comedy film but fails to do so. The 1st half of the movie is like a slow paced TV episode and watching the 2nd half is like skipping through. But this film does not disappoint everyone. It reasonably portrays it's Feminist theme. And you want to see a girl being free from an "evil ideology" and "hijab oppression"...?! Yeah ,you got that. Although the cast and scoring was decent enough.
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I thought we the audience deserve this movie
Horst_In_Translation8 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Womit haben wir das verdient?", which means something along the lines of "How on Earth did we deserve this" is a new Austrian 2018 movie that runs for pretty much exactly 90 minutes and was written and directed by Eva Spreitzhofer around her 50th birthday, so yes she is a fairly experienced filmmaker for quite a while, even if in terms of being the director, the person in charge she is not as prolific. Anyway, she got a decent cast here, you can read the names yourself. My favorite was definitely Simon Schwarz, who was an absolute scene stealer in my opinion, but yeah I am a bit biased towards him as I quite like him in general. Shame he didn't have more screen time. Caroline Peters has also received some strong awards attention recently, so good to see her on board as well and she played the part well without going over the top and basically hit all the right notes. The problem is that the young actress really struggled to hold her own against these experienced actors, especially Peters. I must say they should have cast somebody else for the role of the girl converting to Islam. She did not feel particularly authentic and there was nothing behind her character except her moaning, complaining and objecting unfortunately. But even with this major flaw, it was still a pretty good watch overall. Because Austrians have a completely different approach to this subject. Had this movie been made here in Germany, I am sure it would have turned into a complete failure with everybody being so careful and focused to be entirely politically correct and not offend a single Muslim. This one not so much. For example the very brief part of Kida Khodr Ramadan was very memorable because of how absurd and against women it was and sadly this is the reality in Islam, in the original countries even more than here or in Austria. Or the bizarre marriage plot that also could have happened this way and that he would have been perfectly fine with her giving birth to his children despite not one of the two loving the other. But it is of course not completely against Islam. There are many good and sincere parts in favor of it and as a consequencee the film works because it fakes nothing, but isn't too harsh either. It just feels real. And the fact that almost every performance is the way it should be is also fine. It is a funny movie at times, but if you let it to it can also get close enough to you, so that you think about it a bit. And that sure is a success. But with all the positive I am writing I mustg also mention a negative aspect, namely the ending and this was not just one moment, but a really long scene when they have muslims, right-wingers and feminists clash and that sure was bizarre, like a very clumsy attempt to get out of the film by the filmmaker without really offending anybody. Quite a shame they messed the film up this much there and by the way even if the young woman is confident, are we really supposed to believe she is the head and speaker on a presentation that she barely was a part of or lets say joined very recently? I cannot agree with that. But for every weak moment I can also think of 2 good ones like the fact that the mother is definitely not really anti-Muslim, but is much more against extremist violence from the right side of the political scale. Or how she virtually agrees with everything the mother of the Muslim girl says despite the two in theory wanting the exact opposite. That was an interesting moment and really well-written. As most other scenes from this 1.5-hour film too. I recommend checking it out. Thumbs up and another brave and good-quality effort from Austria. Go see it if you get the chance.
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Just anther way to fight Islam
ISMA3EEL13 December 2020
It's all about criticism of Islam, but in a negative way and incorrect information. related everything to evil or halal and haram and the freedom of women.
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Every bad thing happens to us for a reason, that reason is not always because we deserve it
lightoel10 August 2020
The movie starts with an atheist Austrian family meeting their daughter that recently converted to Islam and wearing the full Islamic clothing the Hijab and Abaya and while all of us (the audience) are wondering why did she convert they keep beating around the bush and trying to make jokes until the scene ends and the same thing happens in the following scene and we never get an satisfying answer to such a question that represents the main premise or the main subject of the film instead later on we get the impression that she only converted to support the right and freedom of minorities and she's not convinced that Islam is the truth. Therefore we never empathize with the daughter and she feels very annoying with her constant complaining and arguing and disrespect towards all her family members especially her mother which is against the basic teachings of Islam on the other hand we see her committed to some Islamic rulings that are 10 times less important than respecting your parents and being nice to them. The movie paints Islam in a very bad false picture making some Muslim characters say false facts about Islam and taking many Islamic teachings out of context and presenting them to the audience without any explanation. I don't advise anyone to believe anything the movie says about Islam most of what's done and said in the movie about Islam and Muslims is not true, if you want to learn about Islam please do your research on the internet yourself from credible Islamic sources not from the enemies of Islam.
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Racism? Everybody, but not us!
Propagandist22 August 2020
Great Austrian comedy about prejudices, racism and puberty. A German mother of an atheist, diverse and liberal Austrian family suddenly has to deal with the fact that her pubescent daughter, instead of smoking pot and roaming the streets, converted to Islam and took: "hijab", the Muslim headscarf. This tests her limits and the ones of her whole environment, nearly to the brink. The movie shows all kinds of racism and prejudices, also of people who consider themselves free of it, but not by pointing fingers but using the (in)famous Austrian: "Schmäh". Very recommended to parents of girls, and probably boys, reaching puberty.
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