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Nothing amazing but it was enjoyable
DeadMansTrousers7 August 2020
As others have pointed out this is not your typical Seth Rogen film. This is his attempt to make a fish out of water story in the style of Splash or Big and while he doesn't reinvent the wheel in doing so there were some enjoyable moments. This is obviously meant to be a film which you can watch with you family, it is not vulgar and it focuses on the importance of family values and relationships. There are many moments/jokes in this film that have to do with Judaism which Seth has joked about previously, but here this is much more of a love note to that part of his life. I think maybe some of the negativity being directed at this film is because some people don't understand that aspect of it. They instead are expecting the normal stoner humour Seth Rogen. I think this movie is worth watching if you want to see a different side of Seth and don't mind seeing the things I mentioned.
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This Isn't Really a Review
romanwatson11 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
But more of a 'how can you not like this?'

I loved the actual idea for starters, very different. Then there's not one but two Seth's which is great. The film has both comedic value and sentimental value and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It made me laugh at various points throughout and also made me put myself in both characters shoes and see it from their perspective - 8/10

Maybe it was kind of a review.
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Movie Bad, Not Good. Why not Movie Good?
leftbanker-17 August 2020
Movie stupid and unfunny, like Cossacks smashing village and killing peasants. Funny movie, it say, but not funny. No jokes. Why no jokes? Tell me joke from movie. I wait. You no tell me joke because movie no have joke, not even little tiny joke. Movie come from very funny story I read in American magazine, New Yorker, but movie not funny. Movie not good. I give one star and spit on movie.

You think this review bad, wait and see movie. I not finish movie and go back to ditch digging.
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One-Man Band: A Not-So-Fresh Pickle
Cineanalyst12 January 2021
An American businessman takes to Twitter to make bigoted remarks from another era and makes more bigoted remarks in a debate while threatening to run for the presidency of the country. Things get so bad that one Seth Rogen tries to escape to Canada while the other is deported back to the Old World. Their problems are only solved when they hit upon the power of nepotism.

Beyond that half-witted satire of America, there's also the secular Judaism of the modern man clashing with the traditional, religious conviction of the ancestor. But, mostly, "An American Pickle" is just an amusing premise that's barely developed beyond, say, "Encino Man" (1992). The opening scenes are pretty funny, including scientists supposedly explaining how a man could be brined for a century in perfect preservation to awake in the modern day, but the supposed scientific explanation of which is muddled by Rogen's voiceover narration humorously only stating that the scientists proved it to everyone's satisfaction.

After Rogen meets himself in dual roles, a cinematic trick, by the way, that itself is over 100 years old (e.g. Georges Méliès forming a band with seven versions of himself in "The One-Man Band" (1900)), the picture quickly becomes less interesting as it follows a familiar formula--one even used in rom-coms--where the couple break up and eventually reconcile. The difference here is that Rogen is in love with himself--even more so than usual. Give him a great actress, say Charlize Theron, to play of off, as in "Long Shot" (2019), and the formulaic nature of the thing may be somewhat overcome, but even for someone like me who finds Rogen's comedic talents partly amusing, two of him is a bit much to entirely base a movie upon. The pickle quickly becomes stale.
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I like pickles
staunton-gary2 September 2020
And I liked this movie too. Rogen movies are either good or bad, I was happy that this was on the good side. You won't be wasting your time by watching this.
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A Decent Watch
pwbeatty15 August 2020
Herschel Greenbaum is a struggling ditch digger from Shtetl who, after falling in love and wanting a better life for his family, decides to find a better life in America. While working at his new job at a pickle factory, Herschel falls unnoticed into a vat of brine, perfectly preserving him for 100 years (don't question the science). His only successor in present-day is his great-grandson, Ben Greenbaum, who meets Herschel. Herschel doesn't understand Ben's lifestyle, and Ben is quick to dismiss any advice given to him by his great-grandfather. 'An American Pickle' explores the family dynamics of different generations of the same family, and while not the balls-out comedy we are used to seeing from Rogan, is a charming and entertaining watch from start to finish.

Both Herschel and Ben are played by Seth Rogan, who leads this adaptation of the book "Sell out" by Simon Rich impressively. I enjoyed watching Rogan play both a serious role as well as the fish out of water role which is both endearing and impressive to watch. The technical achievements of playing against your own character in the same scene are always magical to behold. Ever since Lindsey Lohan's 'The Parent Trap', to Paul Rudd's Netflix series 'Living With Myself', I never get tired of the camera trick that is used in a unique way in playing with the idea that your ancestors and you look alike.

I've always had an interest in family genealogical work. Tracing your roots back to where you came from eventually leads to the question; "If they saw me today, what would they think?" What "An American Pickle' does by exploring this concept as well as how would the modern-day world reacts to someone from a different time is incredibly topical. How would someone who never grew up with technology, social media, or even modern-day health regulations, learn to survive in the 21st century?

The weaker moments in 'An American Pickle' are where the film goes against it's set rules for the world you are in. In some moments it seems incredibly topical and accurate to the world we are in with consequences for actions. But when it serves the story progression forward, those rules no longer apply to the characters which kind of underminds the films established guidelines. While Rogan's performance is very impressive, there isn't a lot of characters other than Rogan's that maybe could've been interesting to explore in a b plot.

Overall, I had fun watching An American Pickle. I would recommend you watch this if you're a fan of films like 'The Disaster Artist' or '50/50, and want to see both a comedic and heartfelt performance by Seth Rogan
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just not funny , mehh
mageh7 August 2020
It is not completely bad movie, the beginning was promising, but then after 15 min the screenplay becomes quite stupid and most importantly, not funny. I liked some other Seth movies, so he can definitely do a better job. Just boring mess...
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Why is this movie THIS good?
doomedmac14 February 2021
I really, truly, honestly do not understand the negative reviews this film has received. It's a very gentle, heartfelt movie about the meaning of family across generations. It's actually good.
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Something to watch
G00fhunter10 August 2020
This movie was not bad but not good either.It kept my attention but wasn't anything spectacular or anything I'll even remember watching for that matter.
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Pickle of fun entertainment
UniqueParticle4 December 2020
Unexpectedly enjoyable starts off a bit bleak then gets pretty silly and peaceful. I really appreciate the 2 Seth Rogen's they are unique yet odd definitely should say drama with comedy it's only got a few funny moments. Delightful experience better than most said!
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Different type of movie
dtnmusic12 August 2020
It's not a comedy like Pinapple Express or Superbad. Ok, that's out of the way. I liked it, it's a unique premise and I thought Seth did a good job putting himself out on a limb. Pretty good accent considering his usual style of acting. The movie puts out some laughs and makes you think a bit. If you enjoy it, great. If not, pick something else.
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Seth Rogen manages to make a movie that's not rated R, not about weed, and isn't totally terrible
jhalcollege6 August 2020
An American Pickle is a decent film. You'll get a couple good laughs, and the run time is short enough to not waste your time. The premise (as you already know) is ridiculous, but the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. That's a good thing. At the same time, you'll probably completely forget all about this movie come next Tuesday.

(PS look for the author of this review around the 59 minute mark)
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Could have been a whole lot more...
paul_haakonsen30 September 2020
Initially when I sat down to watch the 2020 movie "An American Pickle" from director Brandon Trost I wasn't really having much of any anticipation, given the fact that I am not overly keen on Seth Rogen as an actor. But still, this being a movie that I hadn't already seen, and I was given the chance, I ended up sitting down to watch it.

I will say that "An American Pickle" was actually an entertaining and enjoyable enough movie for what it turned out to be. Sure, this movie was by no account groundbreaking or particularly innovative, but it definitely did have its moments. And I will say that Seth Rogen was actually good in his two roles in the movie.

The storyline was adequate, and it definitely had some interesting aspects to it. I just feel, however, that the entire movie was too shallow. It just felt like writer Simon Rich didn't really delve into the full potential that was readily available with the script and storyline. So the movie came off as being sort of half-hearted most of the times. There were so much potential for delving deeper into many things and exploring them further.

I am rating "An American Pickle" a six out of ten stars. It was watchable sure, but it just wasn't an outstanding or particularly memorable movie ultimately. Nor do I think that this is actually a movie that I will be watching a second time ever.
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Awfully Bitter & Unsavoury...
Xstal2 February 2022
If you're after a bit of a tickle, you'd be advised to avoid this sour pickle, rotten at its core, incredible chore, best scythed through with the sharpest of sickle.
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Short and sweet
Gin2257 August 2020
I really enjoyed this movie especially because I was brought up old school religious. Catholic though. But honoring your dead relatives is a big deal with Catholics too. Anyway the movie was funny and Seth did an excellent job portraying both leads. I could have watched more.
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"It's the brine. Make people go crazy."
classicsoncall4 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
If you go for the quirky stuff, this film might do it for you. You could call this a modern day Rip Van Winkle story of an East European immigrant in the early 1900's, who falls into a huge barrel of pickle brine and is preserved for a hundred years. With no known descendants except for a great grandson, Herschel Greenbaum embarks on a twenty first century odyssey of coming to grips with a new world while trying to maintain his Old World values. Seth Rogen portrays both the quizzical Herschel Greenbaum and great grandson Ben, and while not uproariously funny, there are humorous and tender moments throughout the story that touch on family relationships and the necessity of moving forward when life throws some roadblocks in your path. For a guy who makes brine pickles by pulling them out of a dumpster with the required amount of salt, along with 'all sorts of animal parts in there', the saga of Herschel's up and down acceptance in Brooklyn and the rest of the country is put to the test time and time again. Never fazed by the technology that has replaced that of the prior century, Herschel maintains a positive and goal oriented attitude that brings him full circle to an understanding of what he had been missing in his early relationship with Ben. This probably isn't a movie everyone would enjoy, but I liked it well enough to offer a mild recommendation if you're looking for something different in your movie fare. I won't spoil it by saying 'hold the pickle'.
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Hits the spot!
Josephpilla9 August 2020
This is a fun, harmless tale that has some light humor and family charm. Seth Rogan gives 2 very good performances and holds the screen attention the entire time. The Brooklyn setting is well done. I don't get all these low grade reviews. People press play and enjoy.
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Shockingly underrated
jbwbevis14 August 2020
I am baffled by how many people dislike this movie. It deserves at least a 7. It's a brilliant script from Simon Rich (the writer behind "Miracle Workers"), brilliantly acted by Seth Rogen. It made me laugh; it made me tear up; it got me thinking on multiple levels. It's an over-the-top feud movie in the vein of "Tin Men"; it's also a clever satire with heart. Yes, the plot is absurd, but it's a satire! That's the point. If you liked "Tin Men" and/or "Miracle Workers," if you were raised Jewish or with any other religion, if you had immigrant parents, if you like satire, if you simply enjoy thinking and watching intelligent will like this movie. If you just want a dumb comedy, you won't.
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The importance of family
im-davis51430 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This eminently pleasant film is about the premium importance good family relationships play in a healthy life. It is sort of told as a lightly comedic fable based on the Rip van Winkle/Futurama premise of a man finding himself displaced in time and culture. From the negative reviews and sub-6 rating, I expected to watch 15 minutes and consign it to the wastebasket of unfinished films, but it kept me entertained throughout and had the added pleasure of having a sweet resolution.
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isaacochoterena8 October 2021
This movie makes you laugh several times and the story is engaging but you don't have to take it too seriously.

A good storytelling, with lots of funny parts and a decent acting, manages to be enjoyable most of the time. Throughout the plot, the main conflict to be resolved constantly changes, causing the rhythm of the film to be lost. The production design is good as is the costume design.

Making fun of things that happen today and presenting old thinking, this movie manages to be a good comedy that is enjoyable.
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all coincidental
ops-525356 August 2020
Everythiing in america is big, the slogan has flashed over us for nearly 200 years, and this pickeled time traveller really grasps the big apple head on.

its a witty, and actually quite funny look at how the american world have changed for a methusaleh aged eastern jew, they have made great vfx and done a pretty good research on product development, i remember the first time i used the seltzer water machine myself , a prototype soda stream 1980 model, and how my finger and body waited for the snarling stuttering puffs when the machine hgad done it ready, shock and awe, made in america.

its pretty well acted, the jokes hangs really loose, the irony at its best and the opening section really shuffles the way open into maybe the comedy of the year.

the grumpy old man, not a seth rogen fan usually, opens up his doors for more of this neolittic fus farsing. its well worth a watch. a recommend
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Kirpianuscus30 August 2020
Its basic virtue is the large freedom proposed to viewer. The liberty to chose the fair perspective, from nice comedy, clash between generation, best performance of Seth Rogen, decent descending in Jew tradition, sentimental portrait of a life face to new challenges, the life lesson, the nostalgia about lost worlds and irony about present one, the old influence of Hibernatus by Edouard Molinaro . So, generosity as the precious gift .
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A decent movie
cartsghammond9 August 2020
An American pickle is definitely a lot different then all other Seth Rogen movies. That does not mean that it is bad. It is a heartwarming and pretty funny movie.

I think a lot of the criticism that is said about this movie is very unfair. Simon Rich is a great writer, and Seth Rogen plays both main roles very well. saying that this is anything below a 5 is ridiculous in my opinion.

Being rated Pg-13 I can see how some Seth Rogen fans would be disappointed that this isn't more like all of Seth Rogens other movies, but I like this movie and I'm glad they made it.

If you know what your going into, I honestly think you will enjoy it.
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No tang in this pickle....
jonasatmosfera6 August 2020
It is mostly harmless. It was interesting, in a positive way, to watch a film where Seth Rogen is restrained and does not resort to vulgarity. But, American Pickle could have been so much better if "the fish out of the tank" premise was explored a little further and if it was a little less politically correct. As it is, "American Pickle" is as bland and generic as cucumber pickle without spices and herbs.
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