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  • In an age rocked by drugs and a culture in danger of folding to worldly influences, rival high school basketball players clash on and off the basketball court because of different lifestyles/values. A tragic event transforms their rivalry into a bond as they discover the meaning of friendship (Kaibigan), faith and the redemption that follows.


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  • Kaibigan follows the lives of two students in high school - Jake Anderson and David Santos. The two are rivals in sports and student life as they clash over values and cultures. David Santos is in his last year of high school. He is a good kid. He does all the right things. He studies hard, is gifted musically, is the star of the basketball team and a leader of the school; popular with students and teachers. He does all the right things, has a strong faith, and is a good student. He comes from a solid family structure, with strong moral and family values. Although not perfect, he strives to do what is right and shows love to those around him. He finds success and peace in all that he does because of his good character. He exemplifies the positive effects of doing the right thing. However, he struggles to deal with his overprotective and lecturing father, who despite his good intentions, is often overbearing. Everything is going well for David as he prepares for his final year before graduation - that is until Jake, a "worldly" Fil Am student from a rival school, along with Jake's friends challenge David on everything he stands for on the basketball court and on the streets of Manila. Jake comes from a troubled background. He smokes, he drinks, and he bullies. Jake is what the world might call "normal" and is also popular. He finds himself around bad friends who are into vices who influence him for the worse. But he is conflicted - he doesn't want to do it, but wants to be cool, fit in, and escape from life's problems, especially his dysfunctional family. He provides a realistic example of the negative effects of worldly wrong choices. Ultimately the wrong choices catch up to Jake, who after drinking alcohol and racing, is injured in a car accident that leaves him badly injured. Ironically it is David that finds Jake and brings him to the hospital. Jake remains temporarily injured after leaving the hospital. As he physically heals, his life begins to fall apart - his friends leave him, his girlfriend leaves him, and he becomes depressed. Jake is even cyber bullied as his old friends mock him. He is expelled from his private school and transfers to the same school where David is attending to be closer to his home. He is in a very low place, but finds unlikely comfort and friendship from David, and through the guidance of his teachers from his new school. Jake and David begin a new journey of friendship. Together they face life's struggles, and through them, they learn to deal with their families and face the many challenges of high school life, the right way. The two bond as they discover similar passions and goals in life. It is through their journey that they and those around them, discover redemption, forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation - and true friendship. As this friendship evolves, their resolve will be tested.

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