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A Journey to the Outer Limits of Your Mind
dou_ble_you28 April 2019
This is a most engaging story. You will become lost, submerged, and enthralled by the narrative developing in front of your eyes. The film is a thorough and many layers deep investigation of the *unknown* in art. An artist's mind is a terra incognita. What is the source of the spark that makes one create? Why many artists crossed the invisible sanity border? What is sanity? Why people subjected to mental cure might have a higher intelligence/sensitivity levels than most of us? Surrealist automatic writing, art brut, mental patients visions, high gothic phantasmagoria, Goya nightmares... there is a common thread. Don't miss this movie!
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Wonderfully captivating documentary that delves deep into the history of the art of the insane
paypal-842-45451211 May 2019
I was lucky enough to see this documentary last night in Gent, Belgium with my wife. It was my wife's birthday and she wanted to see the film, I had not looked into what the film was about, and went along for the birthday festivities. The documentary was a wonderful surprise. It reinforced many of my own beliefs about the subject and it exposed me to so many new artists and experiences. I hope that a book companion will one day be published. (**attention Guislain museum!) Amelies film touched upon so many artistic interests of mine, at times it was almost too familiar. While it was absolutely familiar in parts, it also opened my eyes to many new artists and stories. I can not wait for the film to become available for purchase, so that I can watch it again and take better notes for my own personal delight! Highly recommended!
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Beautiful and fascinating
vr-vincent29 April 2019
Must-see for art lovers!!!!!!! À ne pas rater quand on s'intéresse à l'art et à l'inspiration.
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MattGarciaUK17 June 2019
I am nowhere near an expert in art. Could barely tell the difference between a Monet and a £20 note ('money' - geddit), but I decided to check this picture out for the exploration into relationship of the human mind/condition and art/expression.

I found the movie fascinating and the accompanying score compelling. I cannot admit to understanding the depths of the art featured but it was certainly enough to keep my interest throughout, and I particularly enjoyed the section about the level of art production from those with 'mental issues'.

This led me to a question I couldn't find the words to ask the director at the Q&A I was fortunate enough to attend in London. And that is, with the advances in Artificial Intelligence and the documented ability of 'it' to creatively write or draw, would it ever be possible for AI to achieve a comparable level of human artistic expression given the influence of a 'challenged/affected/touched' brain? Further, would an art expert be able to tell the difference?

Maybe something to consider in a sequel. Or, ignore completely. Either way, thanks Amelie Ravalec, loved it.
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