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i'm so sad
FeastMode5 November 2021
I went in knowing nothing about the source material and not watching a single trailer. I had no expectations for this movie. After watching it, I feel like it had the potential to be incredible. But it wasn't. It wasn't even good. I'm legitimately sad while writing this.

I see this as the MCU homage to Watchmen. It feels very "adult" in so many ways. But in others, it's childish. The story is a complete mess. So many useless side plots. The characters feel flat, especially the protagonist. Some uncharacteristically bad casting choices (while also criminally under utilizing Angelina Jolie, a beast of an actress, should have been the main character). So much of this movie doesn't feel natural, something always feels a bit off.

There's a lot i enjoyed. I watched some of the coolest things I've ever seen on screen. So many parts are visually stunning. Some of the action was good, some wasn't. An enormous step down in that department after Shang-Chi. The deep philosophical themes were interesting but poorly executed.

Sigh. I'll probably watch it again to see if it grows on me. But this might be the worst MCU movie.

Edit: I watched it again, in IMAX of course. I enjoyed it a lot more the second time. All of my initial flaws are still there. But I focused on all of the good, and tried to ignore the bad. It made for a much better experience, especially after moving past the initial disappointment of how truly amazing it could have been.

I think the reason I found the protagonist so underwhelming is because she doesn't drive the plot. Her character is always reactive. Things happen to her. She's generally likeable, but a weak character. And one thing that was impossible to ignore even when I tried, Salma Hayek was a terrible choice.

My favorite character is Druig, with a great performance by Barry Keoghan. I really like most of the other characters and wish I could have seen more from them. Kumail Nanjiani is awesome, except when they give him random "insert joke here" lines. I'm curious to see more from most of the characters.

This movie is still very flawed. And I absolutely hated how certain character conflicts were resolved after major decisions were made. But if you can move past the bad, you can enjoy the action, visuals, and ambition. Rating updated from 4 stars to 5 stars. (2 viewings, opening night 11/4/2021, 11/17/2021)
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So the bad reviews are true..
postolachivalentin4 November 2021
As a MCU fan, after one hour I was just so disappointed and bored. I couldn't believe someone approved this after all the movies who came before. Was expecting Marvel to have already figured out a formula for making an enjoyable movie for all kind of viewers, but wrong I was.

I don't want to mention things already talked by others, but I feel like few are mentioning how bad this movie was edited also. You can clearly see there is no continuity between the different takes in fight scenes and it ruins all the immersion.

All in all, I'm mostly disappointed, considering that even the TV series they released are much better crafted together than this hyped movie.
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I guess the acting was good...that's about it.
benjaminskylerhill5 November 2021
There are SOME impressive visuals and about five total minutes of intriguing attempts at characterization. And the actors did well with what they were given.

That is where the positives end, and it does not make up for the rest of this sloppy piece of garbage that, because it was filmed on a camera, technically qualifies as a movie.

EVERY single character is half-baked at best, with backstories rushed through and motivations and desires left unclear. There are no real characters in this film...just hollow vessels who constantly change their minds and don't have any passions or traits that we can deeply understand and connect with.

The most insulting aspect of this story is that the ENTIRE concept on which the story hinges does not make a single ounce of sense. It all hinges on the notion that these Eternals were created with free will and were not informed of their real purpose on Earth, even though there was NO reason for this. It completely undermines everything else that we're told through heavy exposition dumps.


Chloe Zhao is the most overrated filmmaker working today. This screenplay was written by four people, and none of them noticed the dozens of holes that the plot tear in itself over and over again.

This movie offended me. It insulted my intelligence. It's so self-indulgent yet so thoroughly stupid and shallow.

I hated it. F*** this movie.
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Eternal was the Runtime
view_and_review12 November 2021
I'm not going to give a long winded review though the movie was long. "Eternal" was the runtime. There were parts that were good and parts that weren't. One of the biggest issues is that a movie of this nature presents more questions than it answers. The very existence of eternal beings existing on planet Earth, sent there by their creator in order to protect human life from Deviants, begs a lot of questions. And the more they strayed from their prime directive, the more questions they presented. The eternals were human in every aspect with the exception of their powers and their lifespan. The fact that such humanlike and very fallible beings (as in not entirely obedient) were sent to protect humans is just a start of the questions.

"Eternals" was unnecessarily long. There were plenty of scenes that could've been left on the cutting room floor. Marvel bit off a lot with this metaphysical, beginning of creation movie. It was very emotional and slow at many points. Even the comic relief failed to garner the laughs it intended. But, there was applause in the theater after it was over. Honestly, I don't know if that was based upon how good the movie was or simply MCU diehards paying their obligatory tribute.
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Different for the better
clarky689 November 2021
This movie isn't your usual Marvel film, it's not the flying around blowing things up while making funny jokes movie you're used to from them, not that there's anything wrong with those. This is a nuanced more subdued from that focuses on the relationships of is characters and the fact this film spans thousands of years means there is a lot to go over yet I think it was handled very well with an atmosphere more similar to Dune than another Marvel movie.
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It was actually good!
john_ting_li3 November 2021
I don't know why so many people gave it slack. I saw the bad reviews so expected nothing from it, forget that it was Marvel and just sat down in the theatre to enjoy a well shot movie instead.

But to my surprise it wasn't bad at all! It's different, but not bad at all.
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Very loose script
akshatmahajan5 November 2021
I was really excited for this movie and went to see this with good expectations but nothing went as expected.

Script was loose and screenplay was very shattered. There were problems with editing also. Direction also felt weak, didn't seem like it was directed by Oscar winner director.

Story was weak and childish and it looked like if too much was added in the movie. This could have been easily two part movie.

Overall, this movie was an unexpected disappointment. Hope, they improve in sequels.
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You can't be serious
Soul_Snatcher5 November 2021
The film is absolutely awful. The only way you wouldn't exit the theater early is because of spectacular visuals. The decent star cast did their bit well, but the storyline is just as good as watching a candle burn, bland and pointless. I was excited about its Diwali release, but the crackers here didn't burst at all. But yea, the visuals are good but the directing, storyline was below par.
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Disappointing MCU film
Spanner-26 November 2021
The new MCU film introduces us to the Eternals, a group I knew absolutely nothing about going in... as well as a few other characters that pop up.. one of whom I was more familiar with. This is an interesting film, that opens up a bunch of new storylines for future films.. but the film itself... I feel like it was a bit of a misfire.. which is very rare for Marvel... the film contains a lot of world building stuff to set up the Eternals storyline which requires an awful lot of flashbacks and back story... which hampers the forward momentum of the main story... The cast is decent, Gemma Chan does most of the heavy lifting.. but they really waste Angelina Jolie and especially Salma Hayek in the film. It gets better in the last act but sadly this might be the weakest Marvel film since the MCU started.
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Sadly disappointing
lareval7 November 2021
The problem here is not the gender nor the personality or the orientation of the characters. I'm perfectly fine with that. The problem is watching a movie with so many storylines, background and flashbacks that finally succumbs to its own ambition. Another problem is having plenty of characters, all of them unknown (because if we at least know two or three of them it would be an extraordinary help) and not knowing even what to do with all of them properly. And one more problem is a pacing that doesn't help, and I'm someone who watched a lot of slow burners. Such a shame, because I wanted to like this and prove all their haters were wrong. Not the worst MCU movie to me, but -yeah- one of the worst.
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Please Marvel .. go back in time
samidi-2307813 November 2021
We do t need another version of superman and flash .. we want some sense in movies !!! Slow and illogical things happened beside the weakest twist I ever seen in Marvel movies .. I think Marvel need the stones to go back in time to the days before Covid 19..
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It's a mess
MiriamAF6 November 2021
Compiling bunch of name actors and throwing them into a movie with total mess, boring conversations and weak story, no the visuals won't help out. One of the worst marvel productions (join the DC bad movies).
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waste of good talent
pdqpaul9 November 2021
How can anyone give this movie a good rating is beyond me. Movie has no substance, a deranged some one might call a plot. And 15 minutes of action in a 2-1/2 hour movie, rest of which is total boring. So they advertise 5 minutes of action to try to sell a real flop imo. I wasted my money to see this movie. Anybody that reads my reviews knows I hate to give really low reviews, i really have to dislike a movie a lot in order to give only one star.
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Was good. Better than the "critics" say.
skylerelement4 November 2021
It was a good movie. Good performance, good deed, maybe the story and rhythm had to be polished a little more, but it's definitely not a bad movie.

I hope to see a sequel soon. The story literally remained in a thread.
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More like eternally long, amirite?
TheVictoriousV5 November 2021
By casting an actress that has already played a major part in one of the films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has run into a problem it frankly should've run into sooner, given the sheer size of it (just look at how quickly it happened with the poor saps at DC, casting Djimon Hounsou in two separate roles in films released not four months apart). We now have Gemma Chan, who played a Kree in Captain Marvel, in the role of a peaceful Eternal.

The most important question on your mind right now is probably: Wait, what's an Eternal? And how have I missed that there's a new Marvel Studios movie out?

Indeed, Eternals seems to have the Marvel geeks mildly enthused at best (I'll include myself here if "pretty decent knowledge" counts as being a Marvel geek, even if I've had mixed reactions towards the MCU). This may be because this feels like a more generic MCU prequel, focusing squarely on a particular character or group. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the MCU, we have the aftermath of Thanos' "snap" and boy is sh-t getting freaky!

We've had Wanda Maximoff creating a pocket dimension wherein other universes appeared to "bleed through", which, even though it was a fake-out, led to exploring different timelines within the MCU we all know and then seemingly getting into PREVIOUS big-screen Marvel universes, judging from what we know of the next Spider-Man movie -- which, yes, is set to star both the Maguire and Garfield versions of the web-slinger (don't get me started on the Morbius trailer). Eternals? Yawn.

Okay, on to some actual new review content: From what I've understood of Marvel Comics lore, the Eternals are the people of Thanos (who's also a "Titan" but I guess that's more to do with migration) and since that villain needs to be upstaged, the only possibility is Galactus, but we don't even get a tease for him here. Another thing that would make sense, now that we're getting real cosmic, is a follow-up on Guardians of the Galaxy's tease for Adam Warlock but no cigar. The Eternals themselves don't have much marquee value and the trailers have done little to make anyone but the hardcore Marvel simps especially hopeful.

What this means, as I'm sure you've noticed, is that the Usual Journalists have had to bend over even further backwards than normal to make this film seem remotely exciting. I've seen reviews that grasp at all the straws they can find to paint this bland, bloated video game-looking garbage as great filmmaking (even when the reviews praise nothing in particular), and writers of the same ilk have had to REALLY doll out the "firsts" -- first gay superhero, first deaf superhero, first *insert race* superhero, first MCU sex scene (the first Iron Man begs to differ), and so on. Did you think all those sexist Black Widow haters were bad? Well, just you wait. You're all kinds of -phobe if you don't like this one!

We learn that these Eternals have watched over humankind for thousands of years, including years where they definitely could've lent a hand in defeating the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, or indeed Thanos. We do learn that they were instructed by the all-powerful Celestials to only interfere if "Deviants" are involved. We learn all kinds of things, but don't really wind up liking anyone, nor do we get to see anything that sets these powerful, humanoid aliens apart from most of the other powerful, humanoid aliens we've seen in the MCU -- apart from when they generate swirly gold that looks kind of cool. One of them even borrows a trick from Loki.

The cast is rich, to be sure, featuring Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani (whose "Bollywood" scenes constitute a highlight), Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, and Harry Styles as Thanos' brother Starfox (and yes, the Mad Titan's sibling looked like a boyband twink in the comics too). These actors do fine, but their assignment is to play generic comic-book characters in a generic MCU film that I'm forgetting more and more as I'm writing this -- aside from a few truly cringeworthy jokes and bizarre references to DC Comics.

At least we're getting Blade soon, apparently.
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Spectacular visuals, but
Gordon-113 November 2021
The visuals of "Eternals" are spectacular. They look very real and very stylish. I also applaud the film for the diversity of the cast. However, the build up of the film is just too slow and too long, and I lost most of my interest and concentration when the final showdown begins. In addition, the one liner jokes are a little out of place and quite contrived. It is still an entertaining film, but probably not as great as the recent Marvel films.
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Eternals seems a bit too separate from the rest of the Marvel film series.
movieman6-413-9295104 November 2021
Eternals is a new superhero movie in the Marvel film series. The film is directed and part written by Chloé Zhao, the director of The Rider and Nomadland.

The film is about a group of aliens called Eternals, who have been protecting humanity from evil creatures called Deviants since the beginning. Since the defeat of this evil, the Eternals have remained hidden on Earth without further affecting the lives of humanity, but after an unexpected tragedy, the Eternals must spring back into action to investigate this tragedy. Most are sure that this can only mean that the Deviants return to Earth.

With this film, Chloé Zhao and fellow screenwriters introduce a new group of creatures to the Marvel film series. Due to the large unfamiliarity of this group and the fact that the co-screenwriters are at the beginning of their careers, this film may seem unclear to people who are otherwise unfamiliar with the Eternals. The reason that they only now appear in the film series also seems a bit forced and the film is also very separate from the rest of the Marvel film series. Only a few characters from the film series are mentioned by name, making this film almost as connected as the Marvel Netflix series.

The story can also be tricky to follow, as it often jumps from the present to the past to give some brief explanations about certain things that come up later in the film. Furthermore, the Eternals observe humanity more and sometimes give their assessment. Chloé Zhao seems to have done this so that as a viewer you also get a kind of history lesson about the good and bad sides of humanity. In this way the film loses its entertaining side and it almost comes across as a kind of argument. The film also lacks real suspense, as this only comes when suddenly and Deviant shows up to cause some chaos. Marvel producer Kevin Feige may have been a little dazzled with arranging for Chloé Zhao as director after she broke into the film world last year after winning two Oscars. Chloé Zhao manages to capture a few scenes nicely, but these are the scenes that were filmed on location. Other scenes shot in the film studio seem less believable. The green screen is often clearly visible here, which makes the film lose its credibility. The CGI used for transferring the Deviants or the superpowers of the Eternals is often also clearly visible. These beings and powers do not always come across as credible. This film is the 26th film in the Marvel film series, which makes it special that after so many films, the effects suddenly seem to be less compared to most other films in the series. The film is also not necessary to see in 3D, because there are only a few scenes in which this effect can be seen.

Due to the size of the film cast, the acting comes across as nice, but nobody really gets the chance to come across clearly as the main character of the film. All characters with their own powers and difficult names are difficult for the viewer to remember. At the end of the movie you don't know exactly who each character was and what they could do. Most characters are remembered more thanks to the actor who plays the character. Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Kumail Nanjiani remain the most remembered for their fame, despite the fact that these big names didn't even get the most time in the film.
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Who is it made for?
vitaly586 November 2021
It's not made to entertain, it's not made for comic book fans, it's not made for serious movie enjoyers, like Nomadland. It's not needed within the next phase of MCU, since we will not see those dull characters playing key roles in other movies.

Who is supposed to watch and appreciate it?
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Just a Cinematic Mess
Gleunji3 November 2021
They choose to approach this movie by spending all the time working on the cinematography instead of a story line.

Eternals suppose to be the best of all 3, Humans and Deviants, but they are portray with so much flaw by choosing the worst attributes of a Human.

The redemption arc is almost close to none, making this movie so redundant. Nothing memorable to make us want to see them again.

Deviants which could be explored more upon are just a side piece for actions, and convenience to the plot.

So much build up for nothing much spectacular to see.
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Boring and long
ryancdog7 November 2021
This is without a doubt the most boring and overly long MCU movie out yet! There must be paid reviews on this because I know for a fact it's not in anyway higher than a 6. This should have been released on Disney+ as a original movie under the Marvel's tab instead of a theatrical release. At its 2½ runtime it is about an hour too long! It is boring as soo unnecessary. All of the "superheros" were weak and make you wonder why they even exist when there are other more capable hero's (and Gods even like Thor) who actually show up to do work and save humanity. This is a cash grab and a boring one at that! Just wait for this to come to Disney+, you'll be glad you did!
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Marvel's New Superhero Saga Is Visually Splendid But Lacks Standard Values and Pacing. Certainly, The Weakest Marvel Film Recently.
SAMTHEBESTEST3 November 2021
Eternals (2021) : Movie Review -

Eternals, a part of Marvel's phase four, is a complete new chapter in MCEU's book. Although the film has references given about running in the same time as other Marvel flicks such as 'Infinity War' and 'Endgame', it has eternal backdrop right from 5000 BC. I wonder, if they were really here when Thanos caused mass destruction, why the hell they didn't show up? Oops, Let me go soft from here. Eternals is a whole new Superhero saga which brings you a bunch of unseen caracters and if you have been following Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning then this could be a new series to look out for. But wait, can you hold onto your patience for some time? I mean about 160 minutes with 3D glasses beginning to give you a headache? If yes, then go for it.

MCU's recent projects have done great without theatrical release and notably, those came after 'Endgame'. 'Black Widow' and fresh fruit 'Shang Chi' earned back box office glory for them. I would have been happy to see them trying something nee after Endgan though. Something like what DC did with 'Joker'. Eternals does not depend on any such backdrop, it's a standalone product and maybe that's it will take some more time to create fan following. In the film, the Eternals, an immortal alien race, emerge from hiding after thousands of years to protect Earth from their evil counterparts, the Deviants. The screenplay here is not confusing at all but it is terribly slow. Marvel's Filmmaking may take a new turn from here as they have tried something calm this time, unlike super explosive narratives we saw in previous films. However, they couldn't try out something completely different from the trademark they carry which makes this film highly predictable.

The story written by Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo is definitely not flawless but it isn't lame either. Creating a new universe for old fans might have put extra burden and that can be noticed in the film. It has those typical jokes carrying childish humour which you have left behind, 15 years ago. In 156 minutes, Externals hardly makes you seat through tightly but when it does, it does it fine. That slow pick-up to the main plot was expected because they had to introduce new characters without giving early spoilers. It slows down the vehicle anyway, almost to the level when you feel like having a little nap without taking those glasses off.

Eternals stars an ensemble cast including Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Harish Patel, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie. However, the performances aren't that great. Some characters don't even make any sense considering the kind of powers they have. Somewhere, the writing is also responsible for that. Indian fans, please do not melt when you see Indian faces but please laugh when they crack hilarious one-liners. Visually, Eternals is splendid. The IMAX experience makes it truly wonderful and appealing. Marvel's VFX team has provided them a much needed boost here.

No doubts, the whole thing is long. Sometimes it feels like, is it gonna take MCU's Phase Five to reach the End? That eternal longing certainly hurts the film but rest assured, it's a standard Marvel Film. Chloé Zhao puts all the elements demanded by Marvel Fans while she deliberately ignores unnecessary dramatic scenes. Was she driving towards daily-soap pulp? I think yes. This is 2021 and you are still using 2011 cliches to add some gags in the film? Seriously? I mean the film is made only for new kids or what? Let the fans decide that. They don't care much about content anyways because if they had, Marvel would have moved on from money-spinners to classic cinema long time ago. Nevertheless, Eternals is a grand visual treat which deserves to be watched only and only in 3D. Yes, Marvel Fans can flock into theatres to scream out for the new superheroes this Diwali while others can skip it for their own good.

RATING - 5/10*
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Worst Marvel Movie Yet
Killerb444 November 2021
They just keep getting worse in my opinion. This one is a mess, it's all over the place and there is no character development. You don't really care who lives or dies in this movie. They could have killed them all off and it wouldn't have made a difference.
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I have never been more bored in my life
johnnyrazorhatsanchez4 November 2021
Once infinity war ended so did the MCU. This stagnate pretensions "sci fi fantasy" borefest is the reason why the mcu and superhero movies have run their coarse. This movie has no story and is filled with the most basic and bland characters in the history of film. This is three hours of the same stock CGI effects we've seen a million times with awkward and unfunny comedic breaks that are just stale as the characters who constantly go into redundant philosophical monologues that make no sense. It's the same tired marvel formula that puts nothing at stake and is devoid of any conflict. This is a dull film that was written by a boardroom and made by an assembly line powered by a soulless corporation who is more concerned about profits than good storytelling.
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aramsdale10 November 2021
What were Marvel thinking, making this. Not one single redeeming feature. This is the only Marvel film I've ever walked out of. It is terrible in every way.

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eliaemil6 November 2021
Eternals?! It is waste of the time to think about this movie more than one moment. Everything in this movie is between bad ,worse and worst. Marvel chose the ancient superhero to bring new kind of story lines. But when there was not would be the results.
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