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  • Zoey Hathaway (Williams) has been working towards her lifelong goal of being a pilot for years, but everything is thrown off-course when she unexpectedly inherits a reindeer farm, along with the dangerously handsome ranch hand Alec Wynn (Sevier). Now buried in taking care of reindeer and all the Christmas responsibilities, Zoey thinks life has delivered her a strange and cumbersome blow, and she isn't sure about Alec, who has his own ideas how best to run things. Alec, who has never had many people have faith in him, opens up when Zoey invests trust in him, and the two find themselves falling for each other. Could they both find happiness in the most unlikely of circumstances right before Christmas?


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  • Pilot Zoey Hathaway (Ashley Williams) heads to Aurora, Alaska to collect an inheritance, her kindly old flight instructor's ranch. There she reunites with old friends and meets Alec Wynn (Corey Sevier), the ranch's carefree caretaker. They form an alliance in the selling of the ranch and put it on the market. They completely disagree on the first potential buyers, so it's back to square one. Zoey decides, with Alec's help, to revive her Uncle Gus' annual Christmas festival and invite the whole town. Preparations for the festival begin in earnest, with Zoey enlisting Alec's help in everything from decorating to retrieving runaway reindeer Palmer and returning him to the ranch. Zoey is going out of her way to make sure everything is perfect for the Christmas festival, and it's costing her a lot. One by one, she and Alec pull together all the details for the festival, including repairing the floor for a barn dance. They talk about Aurora and the ranch, and how important both have been to their respective lives. There is a connection between them, and it is starting to show. Knowing how much she loves flying, Alec arranges for Zoey to be asked to sub for the pilot who flies the region's regular delivery route. It's a full day of hopping from one outpost to another, and she is thrilled to get behind the controls again. And, she entices Alec, a non-flyer, to join her. At every stop, Zoey connects with the people and, though he's reluctant at first, so does Alec. At their last stop, Zoey is reunited with Gus' Christmas Star, her favorite of his decorations. On their way back to Aurora, Zoey flies through the Aurora Borealis, right into the middle of a spectacular light show the likes of which neither she nor Alec have ever experienced. The attraction continues to build until Alec is reminded that Zoey is leaving right after the Christmas festival, and won't be returning. He is clearly unhappy about it, but knows it is inevitable. A strong potential buyer - a hotel group - is interested in the ranch, and Zoey and Alec agree to put on the Christmas festival as a farewell party for the town. They reunite Palmer the reindeer with his long-lost companion reindeer, Sadie, and the irony is not lost on Alec, who doesn't want Zoey to leave and return to Seattle. Zoey's mom and dad show up from Florida just as the festival begins. Alec is pressed into service as Santa by a wool allergy, and the Christmas festival is a big success, culminating in the barn dance. The hotel group returns with an ideal offer for the ranch, and Zoey will now be able to fulfill her dream of returning to Seattle and buying her own plane. But, now that her dream is coming true, is it the dream she truly wants? Unless she puts down roots in Aurora and opens her heart to the possibilities she might have with Alec, Zoey will never find out.

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