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Best Documentary Ever
chapinlouden31 October 2019
We watched this documentary. It is available on DVD (digital video tape). It is truly Christian and righteous. We lvoed it and we watched as a family. It shows that Jesus and the holy trinity are all ready to set us on the righteous path for the children. Please watch and say no to abortion lovers and fan clubs such as in Claifornia, Florisda and the disgusting north.
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Biased Rubbish
breebanger23 September 2019
I was hoping for an interesting point of view with some education. Starts off with a bold graphic torture scene that I'm not even buying into as close to accurate and then seems like it's going some where but doesn't. Just pushy on a clearly strong christian view. It's presented as pure evil Vs the good godly choices. Lame and not a way to get new people on board. Just a great way to make those already with the view feel better about themselves and their choices/opinions.
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Watch And Vomit For Yourself
rishvikharveer21 September 2019
Watch and vomit for yourself. An opportunity to see things, through the eyes of a scared person's (religious person) experience, is worthwhile. It is important to see how the superstitious frightened Christian people perceive the world. While xians push their prejudices on the rest of us, exclusively, take the time to see what stuff they believe in.
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Surprisingly Balanced; Not Just for Religious Viewers
writetonight-130 March 2019
Before I write this review, I want to explain a bit about my background. Unlike the target audience for this film, I am not a religious Christian. I am from a secular-Jewish family and consider myself an atheist. I've been pro-choice for most of my life, but I realized last year that I was only pro-choice by default. My opinion on the topic was based on only hearing one side of the story for my whole life. Everything I read and saw was pro-choice. Every person I knew was pro-choice. A couple of years ago, I met some pro-life women, and I was surprised that they were not the "ignorant" people I've always been told they were. These were competent, educated, professional women, some in medical fields. I was told that they were against women's rights, but they were mothers who had been through pregnancy and childbirth; they had daughters who could be affected by the abortion issue in their lifetime. They weren't "anti-woman" by any means. So, I decided to do more research and consider the other side of the story.

I encourage other pro-choice people to do the same by viewing this film. You can not have an informed opinion on controversial issues without researching both pro and con points of view. I have not read the book "Unplanned," but I have viewed several of Abby's Johnson's speeches, and this film stayed true to her account of her experience working for Planned Parenthood. Although I expect, like all biopics, some artistic license must have been taken with the story.

I'm a screenwriter who has had films optioned and I have worked in development as a full-time Story Analyst. Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman have crafted an engaging adaptation. Since I had prior knowledge of Mrs. Johnson's story, the film was predictable for me, but I was still emotionally involved in the main character's journey from start to finish. The dramatization puts you in Abby Johnson's shoes, in the way that listening to a speech can not. It's never easy to take someone's real life and put it into a three-act structure with a satisfying character arc. but Solomon and Konzelman were up to the task.

At this point, I am not going to label myself either pro-life or pro-choice. Whether you think abortion should be legal or not, Abby Johnson's story reveals that Planned Parenthood is not perfect and needs improvement. Profits from abortion are a priority, so counselors are less medical professionals than salespersons. The counselors do not always give accurate information to the pregnant women who come in, and they mislead them, or withhold information about fetal development and the actual abortion procedure. I have spoken to women who had abortions as teenagers, who now regret it, and some of them have told me that they felt Planned Parenthood misled them and did not help them make an informed decision about their pregnancy. This film is important because it brings those issues to light. You don't have to be a religious person to appreciate that no woman should undergo a medical procedure without being fully informed about it.
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The best you can say is decent production values
bobenray2 August 2019
Imagine a movie about a talented young doctor who is an advocate for organ donation. One day she sees a kidney transplant go awry, and decides that henceforth she should work to prevent all organ transplants for everyone, everywhere. No matter how much good they do and how important they are for society, she doesn't like them so nobody should get them.

This movie is her story.
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Come on
homers199323 August 2019
I dont understand why to start a movie there is a scene missplaced and when it comes to be needed it isnt placed there too.

I have 6 years of life sciences background and even i being used to see some kinds of scenes , photos and stuff that will come out of the mind my unique criticism in here is just the scene missplaced.

We are talking about a biography not a terror movie, there are videos of scenes like the missplaced one all over youtube and in my vision there is no need to missplace a scene like the first scene was.
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Nothing But Propaganda
the_nephilim713 August 2019
Not only is this strictly propaganda and not based in reality, the story is contrived, the dialogue is derivative, and the acting is just plain terrible. This movie is so bad and so one sided. I'm all for an honest look at abortion and a discussion that looks fairly at both sides of the debate, however this is nowhere near that. The character's are not fleshed out, one side is caricatured as evil and there's essentially no credence given to the other side of the debate.
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ioanreagan16 July 2019
Took my step daughter to watch this AMAZINg film to show her morality and godliness. BEAUTIFUL. She is sometimes sinful and reveals too much and even pushes me to ungodly thoughts so we had to go watch this film to think about salvation and doing right because we will not allow sin under my roof. So if your daughter is flaunting her sinful flesh and gives you the feels and gives men pounds of pleasure warn them by showing them UNPLANNED Jesus told you to avoid sodomy and abortion and Unplanned does it.
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More Misogyny From the 7th Century
I used to not care about the abortion debate much, but seeing how the story behind the story is geriatric people trying to keep young women down and under their control and clutches made me root for freedom and the ability of women to choose and control both their own destinies and bodies.

The main character in this film Abby a dark and self-hating character.
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Could Hardly Finish
truemythmedia1 November 2019
This review was written at the behest of one of my customers at work. They wanted to know what I think of the film. This will be a review of the film, not of its message or political stance. I rarely talk about my stance on this issue since I refuse to talk about it in a non-personal way and that is how most discourse around this issue is conducted. If you are a pro-lifer, hoping to have me turn a blind eye to a film's failing for the sake of its message, then I am afraid I will disappoint you. If you are a pro-choicer, hoping I will slam this movie because of its political stance, then I am afraid you will be equally disappointed.

If, however, you simply want to know whether the movie was good or not from a storytelling, film making, and artistic perspective, then this is the place for you.

"Unplanned" is one of the rare films that has me well and truly torn. On the one hand, it isn't a great film. Nowhere near a great film. On the other, when it comes to Christian film, it is another in a series of films that are taking positive steps in the 'competent film making' category.

Starting with the positive, the acting in "Unplanned" is remarkably good considering the quality of performances we are accustomed to from the Christian Film Industry. Sure, the acting of most of the characters is terrible but, for once, this film had me actually feeling and empathizing with the lead character Abby (Ashley Bratcher, "90 Minutes in Heaven"). Her tenderness feels as authentic as her anger and her joys. Many times Christian films take it for granted that we will identify with a character but this one features an actress who is doing the work to make that happen.

Also, the story is a pretty remarkable and moving one. The way it is told in this movie is absolutely awful and the writers should be ashamed of themselves for using gimmicky story devices and terrible dialogue for the vast majority of the film but the events of the story itself still land somewhat, simply because the story is a powerful one.

Well, that's pretty much all there is to like about this movie. The music is Christian cringe, the scenarios seem unrealistic, and the editing actually removes tension from the film by placing a principal turning point for the character at the start of the film in order to begin 'in media res.' Voice over which explains the things we are currently watching adds to the sense that the film maker's are more interested in controlling the audience and their perceptions that they are in creating an engaging work of artistic intent.

Once again, The Christian Propaganda Machine rears its head and takes a story, which might have been moving, and turns it into a heavy handed sermon whose only real effect is to make the Christians who watch it feel good about their already held feelings and opinions.

Like "God's Not Dead" and other films like it, the propaganda element is too strong. The agenda is too out front. If this were a simple personal story of one woman's journey with the abortion, that would be one thing, but this is a personal story that has had all of the reality washed over with Christian worship music, idealized versions of Christian culture and protesters, as well as over the top villainizations of pro-choice advocates.

When a film does that, especially when claiming to be based on a true story, it devalues every other thing in the film. The fact that we never once see an abortion protester being a jerk makes anyone with even a modest amount of media acumen assume that the film is deliberately hiding that fact from its viewers to present a better view of the side of the issue which they happen to be on. If they would do it here, why not in another scene, where blood is pouring out of someone (maybe that's exaggerated too), or when corporate embarrasses her in front of the entire board?

Those compromises, for the sake of making their point, hurt the filmmaker's when they try to get you to connect with their message. And that is the real problem. This is a film that puts message above engagement. Art tries to engage a viewer into feeling and thinking about a situation, person, or event in a way that prompts their own being into involvement with that thing. A film like this, which lays its agenda so blatantly and clumsily before its audience simply forces a person to say, almost immediately, what side of the pro-life/choice issue they are on, closing their minds to whatever manipulation they see if they happen to be pro-choice, or championing a lackluster and manipulative film if they happen to be pro-life. Since I am sure that the real Abby wants people to stop getting abortions, I'm sure she'd be disappointed to find out that the way this film is constructed pretty much assures that no one who disagrees with her will ever sit through more than ten minutes of the film.
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I Thought Movies Couldn't Make Me Vomit
clarkcalixto27 September 2019
Seriously, never watch this film. I can't remember a film that promised one thing and instead delivered so much gore and blood.
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The American Taliban Makes A Movie
pacerhalo25 September 2019
Being a young, twenties woman in college, I have heard a lot of talk about abortion. I was spoonfed all the unproven fables that closeted gays in the evangelical movement feeds their sheep, and it wasn't until I decided to look into abortion that I realized it's inherent health record. There ARE so many things within the anti-Choice platform that completely contradict each other, and this movie shows they don't care. I love the truth this movie buries, and I wish more people had the opportunity to watch it and shake their heads.
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Against Bitter Melons
johnathankaled17 August 2019
Years ago I did not mean to have an abortion, but had an accidental one due to the over-consumption of bitter melons. It was a sad day and quite a mess. I am voer it now and not bitter because I had intended to give birth, but also see what happened as a sign. After all, God created bitter melons and did not stop me from eating them. With the looseness and thinness of my blood the muscles were relaxed to the point that my bad gave up on the baby. It was a natural abortion.

The lady actress in this film does a fine job and the scenes are professionally shot. I cannot understand why people would hate on abortion for others when God allows it.
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Even the single-tear theatrical poster ham-handedly lets us know how we're supposed to feel
TheVictoriousV25 July 2019
You needn't be a rocket surgeon to surmise what sort of human would praise Unplanned, the latest film created by Pure Flix to assure themselves they were right all along.

I can imagine three types off the top of my head: (1) those who cannot distinguish between fetus and living humanoid and thus genuinely believe abortion is murder, (2) those who don't know/care that abortion is sometimes a less harmful solution to accidental pregnancy than keeping the child, and (3) those who think women, in either case, deserve the suffering because they shouldn't be having sex if they don't mean to fulfill their well-known contractual obligation to make babies, especially premaritally. Why do I get the feeling the latter group aren't getting laid too much themselves and that it supposedly isn't their own fault?

Despite not really being in the pro-"life" camp, I'm the wrong person to review this movie because I actually AM all the things pro-lifers think pro-choichers are. I really do think it's funny to joke about dead fetuses and compare them to seafood whenever some conservative Facebook aunt posts a photo of an embryo, crying about how "beautiful" this "baby" is. It is also true that I eat babies alive, even if the point still stands that an embryo is functionally neither of those things.

Unplanned is also barely a movie. It's a bunch of paid actors reciting scripted lines whilst a camera films them and maybe moves around a little if the photographer feels like it; the message with which to slam us over the heads is clearly the top priority of productions such as this, no time to make us believe these are real people who inhabit the film's universe. There is also music to let you know who's wrong about abortion and who's right. This is all you get. Bon appetite!

The movie is based on pro-lifer Abby Johnson's memoir and the story of how she left her job as clinic director at Planned Parenthood after witnessing on ultrasound how an abortion is truly performed. A wise decision, I say. It would be a lot like having someone of equal squeamishness supervise a slaughterhouse or even a regular hospital (I was going to put down morgue as another example but I'm wary of getting comments like "So you admit that an aborted embryo that barely has eyes yet is basically a corpse"). Good for her that she quit, but we all know that that just couldn't be the end of it.

We learn from the film that Abby (played by Ashley Bratcher) started suspecting something was off about abortion and Planned Parenthood when her own abortions went by painfully and PP's promise of reducing national abortion rates went seemingly unfulfilled. Abby's semi-botched abortion seems highly important to the film's thesis statement. Should I become opposed to other medical procedures if select instances of them go poorly?

Despite being little more than ham-handed confirmation for those who already agreed with the movie before buying the ticket, I'm sure a genuine discussion can be sparked about the issue at hand thanks to this barely-a-film. I can admit that it's complicated and difficult, especially when the abortions start happening so late that the fetus is basically through college. Where you draw the line appears to be greatly subjective, even among those who are dead certain life begins at conception, as a case can be made that sperms also constitute "life". I guess I just wish the "life is life" crowd could apply their logic to living humans as well.

I sometimes hear that I'm ignorant of the real world, a problem I apparently often share with facts. Here's hoping, then, that Pure Flix's next outing has more to offer on a filmmaking level, so as to more effectively and intelligently deliver its teachings to silly old me, and that the only striking thing about it isn't how deeply, unintentionally disturbing it is
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Stupid movie! Do Not Let Your Daughter's friends Watch!
elginaydyn21 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie narrates the false story that abortions are all bad. There is a girl called Abby who worked at Planned Parenthood, The doctor and nurse in the film have also worked for many years at this national organization. Tthey supposedly act out their professional lives. This falsehood plays an emotional violin. It is not true however.. I strongly reject its conclusion. What happens if you were accidentally driven to sexual desire through manipulation by the devil to have intercourse with your own daughter? What happens of your daughter's class-mates seduced you through their feminine wiles? These are desperate situations that call for abortions even if Jesus has personally banned abortions. In these situations you cannot (and should not) listen to the priest or the sermons. Even if the bible claims no abortions, it gives credence to an eye for an eye. As such, a sin for a sin is permissible and acceptable under special circumstances. To be clear young women flaunting their devilish flesh must be met with action before it tears your family, friendship and community relations apart.
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Weight Discrimination
normanhendrix17 August 2019
This movie is supposed to be a Christian one but in reality the film discriminates against curvy women. Shame on you! Shame for weightwashing! Shame for not telling the story from a normal woman's vantage point! Shame!

Abby, whose story is told here, does despise and speak against abortions today. But she is curvy BBW. Yes, FAT! There I said it. So what? This Abby in this film s a slim, slender woman with good skin.

So the director and casting crew counter one sin with another form of discrimination.

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Study propaganda? This 'material' is for you!
joeecho-152442 August 2019
If a film tells you HOW to think and/ or feel about a subject then first and foremost that said piece is pure propaganda. This film has that is spades.

I give this film a negative fives stars. I would have given it a negative 10 stars but balance people, BALANCE!
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Slap In The Face of The Women's Movement
brycetondang18 October 2019
I really wanted to like this as something I can respect and a matter of difference of opinion. The actual story is one of deviation from the actual happening. I found it hard to believe because they cast this emotional manipulator.
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Xians hate Abortion
I-did-moana-at-work23 September 2019
Therefore it must be good.

After all these are the same superstitious louts who believe a 2,000-year-old fable, vote for thrice divorced sodomizer, have started wars and are still telling me how I should live!

Therefore Abby is mislead and scared.
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Unsurprisingly Unbalanced; Just for USA Haters
demitrijermain12 October 2019
Do you hate American law? Watch this film.

A bunch of superstitious grey beard believers who vote for Donald Trump (he of sodomy, cheating and probably abortions) want to tell us to be against abortions especially after we know that abortions will just be moved to back streets and unlicensed establishments.

Abby is supposed to be attractive an actress so we warm up to hating freedom and established law.

Why do these nut cases refuse to wake up?*

*Watch matrix and how the betrayer wants to live in fantasy land
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nathanchamberland1 July 2019
This film is full of proven lies and is designed as propaganda.
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Too Many Lies and Gore
isaihsigmund8 October 2019
Support Abortions If you are a human being who cares about human life.

I find it sad that people hate on abortion yet support the destruction of the environment, attack education and teachers and hate on welfare. Truly, we live in an era of double standards. 'Christians' who support Trump disgust me.
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This is nothing but anti-abortion propaganda and should be avoided.
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The right-wing con want America to become like...
muratsrihan19 September 2019
Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sudan and other dumps of the world.

These people want to ban abortions so women lose control of their bodies, their lives and their destinies.

The supreme court ruled abortion is legal. Do these people care for American law? No.

Case in point, this film with its thin pretty actress whereas the original Abby was curvy. Why change her? Manipulation. A bunch of men telling women how they should behave. Also we are shown that she is in pain, troubled and regretful. How does that align to everybody else in the world? I had a bad experience eating at Burger king (never again!) and vomited. Where are all the cons demanding respect for life and health and goodness and hence the closure of Burger King?
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Every other advacned country offers its population abortions
godsonchristiaan14 August 2019
But somehow the same people who vote for a two times divorced sodozmizer who imported Chinese steel instead of buying America, married a softcore actress and hired illegals at his resort in Florida would tell us they know what is right and wrong and they want to dictate to us what we should do and not to do.


As for this retarded film. Well how many times did you go into a cinema and knew the outcome and ending even before you sat down? Well, exactly. That is Unplanned. The doctor, nurse and 'victim' are supposedly acting out their lives. Here let me act out mine: Trump and his lemmings can buzz right off. As can this film's money makers
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