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MPAA Rated R for drug content and language throughout, and for some violent/bloody images

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A man, soaked in his own blood, has a stab wound in his chest. The wound is gushing blood.
  • A woman has a snake bite around her knee. It's badly swollen.
  • A man's dismembered body is found at the bottom of an elevator shaft. He has an eerie smile on his face. Can be seen clearly with some shadowing and cutaways. Very bloody, very graphic. Can be disturbing.
  • A man soaked in his own blood dies in an ambulance with a tube sticking out of his throat.
  • A man sits with a gaping wound in his leg. Bones can be seen jutting out from the wound. Clearly seen. Graphic.
  • Two men briefly fight one another before they are broken up.
  • A man chargers another with a knife.
  • A man finds himself in the middle of a war zone. Bombs landing all around. He runs, catches a bullet in the leg. He crawls into a pit of dead soldiers, bloody wounds can be see. He rests beside a man's body. If looking close enough at the dead man, you can see he's holding his own entrails.
  • A man steps on a bomb and the blast is clearly shown. Fleshy pieces of the man fly in every direction.


  • 34 uses of the 'S' word and 47 of 'F' words throughout the movie
  • 2 "Dic@ 7 as&"
  • 3 "Son of a b@!&$"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man and woman take a drug in pill form and promptly hallucinate afterwards. The hallucinations involve frightening scenarios for the characters.
  • The premise is centered around the affects caused by a drug in pill form. It is seen taken by four characters throughout the film. Only one of them is seen taking the pill multiple times. All other scenes involving the drug are depictions of the aftermath of using this drug, which tend to be bloody albeit mysterious.
  • A girl is found unconscious from an OD of heroin. She is revived suddenly with an injection of medicine administered by an EMT.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman hallucinating sees a creepy man appear in her room and a venomous snake crawls into her lap. The scene is designed to be eerie and intense.
  • A man hallucinating on an elevator sees the elevator around him disappear into a desert land and he falls, screaming from a high distance. The scene is designed to be eerie and intense.
  • A man finds himself suddenly in many perilous or frightening situations with dangerous people.

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