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Very Cheesy Film
arararamirez5 October 2020
Loved: The humor Some of the character development, but could have done more. Hated: characters make unrealistic decisions The ending was incredibly cheesy The monster became very un-scary as the film went on, shown too often. A decent one time watch for most
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Missed opportunities
jeremykillgore5 October 2020
The kids acting wasn't bad, but differently not realistic for situation. Story tried so hard to be a coming of age story it missed opportunities to do that. Strange flash backs. Unrealistic choices made by characters.
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So boring
livm-2113127 September 2020
Absolutely awful, no plot point whatsoever, so boring, not even scary
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Functional horror.....
s327616913 October 2020
I'm at a loss to understand the negative reviews of "Shortcut'. Its not a horror masterpiece but its by no means a poor movie, either.

Personally, I'd characterise this one as a "functional horror". Its has all the right scare components, in all the right places, to offer the viewer a mildly chilling experience.

Its "Famous Five" vibe is interesting too, akin to film adaptations like "IT". The group dynamic works well and is backed by strong acting, from the predominantly youthful cast.

So in summary, watchable, a little scary, not overly original but competently done nonetheless.

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Unmemorable and disappointing
trinaboice7 October 2020
IN A NUTSHELL: This disappointing horror film is directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci. If you're dying (pun intended) for a Halloween movie, this feels more like a comedy based on an old-school jump-scare flick. It's the kind of movie teens play on a TV for the laughable moments during a more interesting party. Sadly, it's unmemorable in 3...2...1....yep, I already forgot about this movie.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Some profanity, including a ton of F-bombs. Blood and gore Some sexualized jokes Some people die while others are in peril.

THEMES: Courage "What counts is us and our friendship." - Nolan (Jack Kane) "Every journey has its road. And ever road, sooner or later, comes to a crossing." Nolan (Jack Kane)

THINGS I LIKED: Well, at least you get to see the bat-like monster. It's convenient for the teens that it moves so slowly so they have time to run away. The bad news is that it looks like a fake animatronic. American audiences won't recognize any of the young actors in the movie: Zak Sutcliffe, Molly Dew, Jack Kane, Sophie Jane Oliver, and Zander Emlano. A lot of stars get their start doing horror movies, so best wishes to them. The loveable bus driver played by Terence Anderson tells the teens a riddle while they're driving because he knows they like them so much. As an audience, we learn the answer at the end of the movie, if you hadn't already figured it out by then. The story tried to include folklore to give depth to the monster's background.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Some camera shots simply last way too long. The music by Benjamin Kwasi Burrell is very heavy-handed and tells you how you're supposed to be feeling at every moment. Many times it's too loud and overly dramatic for what the camera is showing on the screen. The opening credits feature views of the red school bus driving sooo slowly through the forested road. Like many horror movies, the dialogue and scenarios are ridiculous. Why is it that cliched characters in horror movies always make really dumb decisions? When will they learn that standing around screaming doesn't help? They had plenty of time to run away, but they make other choices instead. Most of the scenes are dark, which will make watching the movie difficult on a small device once it goes to streaming. The ending narrative tries to make it sound like the teens really grew during their profound experience, but they mostly just ran around screaming. It feels very amateurish. The love story goes nowhere.

You can see the rest of my review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel!
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Nothing to Fear; Nothing to Dread
zardoz-1325 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The best way to treat "Report 51" director Alessio Liguori's bus ride to terror entitled "Shortcut" is to avoid it like the plague. Nothing about this atmospheric yawner will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The premise is seemed potentially interesting. A diverse busload of teens is terrorized on a slow-moving bus, but no impending sense of doom surfaces in this bland 80- minute non-entity, and none of the characters in jeopardy is remotely charismatic. Worse, the generic monster looks like something out of a half-baked Troma movie. Called the Nocturnal Wanderer, this ghoulish looking thing kills the bus driver as well as a psycho with a pistol who commandeers the bus. There is no comic relief and Daniele Cosci's screenplay keeps us in the dark as often as the monster. Don't waste your time, your money, or your fears on this lackluster tripe.
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Nothing to see here.....
candey-2768326 September 2020
The only thing good is the setting. The dialogue is idiotic, the pacing is so slow I could fall asleep waiting for the next line. Not scary in the least. Nonsensical. The direction is non existent. The theater must have been desperate for content when they booked this wreck.
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Low Budget Italian Horror Film
stevendbeard3 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Shortcut", starring Jack Kane-Fast & Furious Presents:Hobbs & Shaw, The A List_tv; Zak Sutcliffe-No Offence_tv, The Brothers Grimsby; Terence Anderson-Kingsman:The Golden Circle, Captain Phillips and Sophie Jane Oliver-this is her first movie. This is a 2 year old, low budget Italian horror film-I read the end credits and this film was made in 2018. Jack, Zak & Sophie are 3 of the 5 teens on a bus trip-their destination is really not touched on-with Terence being their driver. After a mishap causes them to take a short cut through the woods, they encounter a mysterious creature that herds them into some subterranean tunnels. Inside the tunnels are clues about the creature and an earlier encounter with 2 children is shown but I'm still a little foggy on some of it and the ending was just awful. It's rated "R" for language and bloody images and has a running time of 1 hour & 20 minutes. I wouldn't buy this one on DVD. If you really want to see it, I'd wait until it comes to cable tv.
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briannakmaze27 September 2020
Absolutely horrible. Can I have my money back please?
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Please tell me there is going to be a sequel
jasonjaxx25 September 2020
The ending of this movie left me very curious. I won't give away too much for the sake of those who haven't watched it but there has got to be a sequel. A group of teenagers go from being typical high school children who tease each other constantly to becoming the closest of friends after their bus has to take a detour due to a pile of fallen trees blocking their usual road back home. This is where all the trouble begins and just continues to escalate. Left on their own these teenagers need to find a safe way out together.
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jcallender1215 October 2020
"Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?",, I'll tell you where he is, he's on the blower to his lawyer telling him somebody's ripped off his show, that's where he is!. Some pesky meddling kids on a bus get hijacked by a toothless nitwit, they end up in an abandoned military installation and get set upon by an alien/human hybrid sort of fella with a grey mullet and a bong eye. And that's when the gang get mad!!, instead of just running away, having every opportunity to do so, they decide to find and kill the creature to avenge one of it's previous victims, who they find out about through the journal,,,, I'll stop there with the spoilers because although I sound like I'm having a pop this film is worth a watch, even if the only shock it gave me was that the Park Ranger didn't get unmasked as the baddie at the end.
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AndreyFur13 October 2020
Jeepers Creepers italian edition. You tried - but no.
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No expectation of a Hollywood blockbuster, but satisfied.
rustenh28 December 2020
I enjoy movies that are just that, a movie. Moments it was very whimsical with odd scare reactions. But it had me curious. Did I make a bad choice? No I didn't.
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The Worst
slaneyk31 December 2020
I cannot believe I watched all this, it's the worst garbage you will ever see. The worst script,acting it's just urrrggghhh, seriously DO NOT waste your time watching this if you do you will regret it. I would have given minus 10 if I could.
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Wastage of time
khawajasaim23 December 2020
Never waste your time on this type of movie. Poor acting , poor dialouges , poor story. Everything is just pain in the A**..
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Ummmm . . . errrrr
terrazygotes-3088124 October 2020
I liked the actors. The British teen-agers seem more like real people, than the often smarmy, precocious teens often portrayed in US movies. I found the first half of the movie interesting and well photographed. When the monster showed up, it seemed like a different movie, which didn't seem congruous and was poorly thought out. I found the second half of the movie poorly conceived and very weird, but not in a good way.
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Low budget creature horror
ReliableReview4 March 2021
It's not too bad for a low budget monster movie but there's not much horror to be had. Wasn't that scary but the creature makeup was ok. Similar to Jeepers Creepers but isn't as big budget as that or as action packed. Still it's watchable even if not very thrilling.
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Terrible. Just Terrible
Derekhay-12 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This could have been a half decent horror. Could.

The script was dire. The acting was poor.

But worst of all, the plot was non existent. Some teenagers on a bus. No explanation as to why. Where are they going? Who knows.

Much time is spent running and hiding from a monster. They read a book and then decide to kill the monster.

Then it turns out that actually, they were about 2 corridors from the escape route the whole time. They still kill the monster. Or do they.........

I mean, not so much a spoiler as the whole plot. Sorry.

Not sorry.
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Dire, Dreadfully Dull and Dreary Dross!
silicontourist20 February 2021
The bus driver was the best actor but is gone within the first 10 minutes so, we are left with 5 millennial teens who played their roles pathetically poor. They try to convince you of their roles so hard that they were completely over the top; and just annoyed the hell out of me. So cliched and totally predictable that after about 20 minutes in I could not have cared less what happened to them. I remember thinking at one time (because I just could not stay concentrated enough on its utter junk performance), that the flipping Director hasn't got a clue what to do! Nothing new as a story and a poor script so I don't know how it managed to get the financing to be made! It wasn't a poor was a terrible film!
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The first ten minutes were good...
l_shave16 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Then they introduced some pointless and poorly cast serial killer. From that point I skipped to any kill scenes I could find because the movie was now really bad

This is a monster movie btw. The monster is a mix of total trash and a little 80's weirdo good. The serial killer and monster are separate characters

The movie almost felt like an edgy Goonies. It's not an rated R movie, it's PG-13 (they lie)

Don't waste your time with this
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Do not believe the positive reviews.
terminator-mjc13 February 2021
I'm another person to mention the movie has no point. Survival is an overly used theme and this movie had nothing solid to keep me interested, but I gave it a chance by watching the whole thing. Once you see a beast in a movie you have to question if there is more? A village of them hiding anywhere else?

It slightly reminded me of Jeepers Creepers 2 and it had a song that right away makes me think of one of the songs used in Stranger Things tv show.

At least another country gave it a chance of what USA already did years ago.

No one should expect this movie to be spectacular nor award worthy. The creature is interesting in this movie and stands out from others if you find this movie at all memorable.
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Interesting Ideas That Lacks Execution
david_rudy_lee29 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This was a movie that I only heard about when Jaime and I went to the Gateway Film Center to blindly see a movie and this trailer played. I did my best to not watch it, but could see that it was a creature feature and the premise caught my interest. The following weekend, I caught this and it helps by giving me another 2020 watch. The synopsis is a group of five classmates is trapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature invades the road. Time runs and every passing minute decrease their survival chances against the constant threats of that unknown entity.

We kick this movie off in the woods where we see someone running. They end up stopping and if memory serves, they drop to their knees. The credits are then shown giving us drawings of a creepy looking monster. It then cuts over to a Fiat bus. It is driven by Joseph (Terence Anderson) and on it are a bunch of kids. There is Nolan (Jack Kane) who seems to have a crush on a girl who is sitting across from him of Bess (Sophie Jane Oliver). She is keeping to herself for most of this opening sequence. Also there is Karl (Zander Emlano) who is a heavier kid that is constantly making jokes. He is sitting with the smart kid of Queenie (Molly Dew). Sitting in the far back, away from everyone else is Reggie (Zak Sutcliffe). He has a leather jacket and a punk hair cut with piercings. Despite the standoffish attitude he gives, he gets along well enough with the others.

The bus ends up coming to a bunch of trees blocking the road. Joseph looks bothered and decides to back up to take another path. As it goes, we see off to the side of the road is a sign. It is no longer standing up and it states something about a military base up ahead. They also come up on a dead deer. Joseph goes to move it and we meet another character, Pedro Minghella (David Keyes). He holds Joseph at gunpoint and makes him get back on the bus. He forces them to continue on. It should also be pointed out that we get a flashback where Karl is talking to Chris (Andrei Claude), who appears to be a cop. Pedro escaped from prison and is popular for eating the tongues of his victims.

As they approach a long tunnel, the bus dies. Pedro is irate and commands Joseph to fix it. While they are outside, the teens try to figure out a way to get the gun away from Pedro. The lights in the tunnel go out and we hear a horrible screeching. Both men get back on the bus and Pedro has Joseph check out what made that sound. There seems to be a creature that is out there. At the moment, it has them trapped in the bus. Nearby is a stone catacomb where we learn more about this creature known as the Night Wanderer (Matteo De Gregori) and the approaching lunar eclipse might have something in common with it.

That's where I want to leave my recap of the movie and now that you're up to speed, let me dive into this movie. I think it has an interesting set up. It does feel a bit like Jeepers Creepers 2 in that we get a bit where they are trapped on this bus. The movie does a really good job in my opinion of setting our movie up. We get that short cold open, we get to know these characters a bit before getting into them getting trapped. It even introduces some cool things with the talk of the upcoming lunar eclipse.

Where I think this movie struggles though is that despite all of this that it introduces, it doesn't go far enough into any of them. As I said, we learn about the lunar eclipse which is supposed to happen every 20 years. We learn that there is a diary being kept by a guy who became obsessed with what he dubbed the Night Wanderer. That gave me more of the Jeepers Creepers vibe where it hunts periodically. This never goes anywhere aside from this. I'll get more into the creature next, but before moving off of this point, we learn about the depravity of Pedro, this doesn't go anywhere. Some of the flashbacks and a quick dream sequence introduce things, but that seems almost like filler as well. It seems like there were good ideas, but all of them were used without exploring them enough.

To move back to a positive is the look of the creature. Early on, we only get glimpses and that is mostly hidden by shadows. I was starting to think that is what we were going to get of it, but then the movie decides to let us see it. This is not a misstep. The creature is practical and looks amazing. It has razor sharp fangs and creepy in general. We also get the idea that it has the ability to effective things running on electricity. I will give credit to the rest of the effects were good in that regard as well. The problem that comes from this though is the movie doesn't necessarily know what it wants to be.

What I mean here is that there isn't enough action with the creature constantly menacing them. We do get a bit of that where it attacks characters periodically. We also don't get enough research to learn about the creature. It felt like it wanted to do both, without giving us enough of either for me to finally be into it. Therefore it did make it boring. An example here as well would be it is introduced that this creature lives off the blood and fluids like a vampire or a leech. Someone then states that it is a parasite. This is the end of that. I don't necessarily need everything fleshed out. I just need more of one or the other.

The acting was alright. I don't even necessarily think that any of the performances were bad. They all portray their character archetypes well enough. Kane is our hero, but he's shy to start so we need him to find that confidence. Sutcliffe is that punk who is rough around the edges. I think he's too friendly in the beginning though for this to fully work. Emlano is there for more comedic value, but I don't think he does enough there to be honest. Oliver is poorly written though. She is the love of our lead, but she's never really in peril from what I remember. The same for Dew in that she's supposed to be our intelligent character, but I don't think that ever comes up during our tense times so it is a missed step. Keyes has an interesting back-story that goes nowhere. Anderson is fine and the rest the cast is okay. They aren't written in a way to really help in my opinion.

Before I close this out, I did have one last thing I really wanted to give credit to. The setting is really good. As far as I can recall, we really don't know why they're traveling like they are. They don't seem like bad kids, so that's out of the question. Regardless, I love the idea of them being stranded out in the middle of nowhere. It is creepy and it gives it that contained feel that I like. The soundtrack is really well done as well. It helps to build the tension and fit for what they needed.

Now with that said, this movie is disappointing to me due to some of things it has going for it. We have a really good setting. Part of the tension comes from them being isolated. You couple this with a great looking creature and you already have a recipe for a good horror movie. There's even a soundtrack that really fit and would hook me in. The problem is that I don't think the screenplay was fleshed out enough for me. There are aspects that are introduced and then never go anywhere. There either needed to be more discovery of the creature or more action to really give us a movie that wouldn't be boring. I also think the acting is hurt by this as well. The performances themselves aren't bad, but just don't have enough for where it is going. That is why I'm rating this as just slightly over average. Technically this movie is really good, but there are just a lot of missteps that force the score down for me.

My Rating: 5.5 out of 10
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Absolutely incredible.
haydengaun3 October 2020
I'm not gonna lie, I looked at the IMDB page for this movie before I saw it. When I saw the 5/10 star rating, I was a bit disappointed, but I decided to see it anyway, since it was the only horror movie available in theaters at the time. I went in with no expectations, but was immensely surprised when I realized how great the movie really is.

Everything about this movie, from the cinematography, to the casting, to the special effects (which are ALL practical) was absolutely stunning. I honestly haven't been this hyped after watching a horror movie since It (2017). I don't know what everyone else seems to have against this movie, but for me, it easily ranked In my top 5 favorite horror movies.

All I can say is, watch before you judge by other people's opinions. Hope everyone's having a good day.
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Great surprise, GO SEE IT!!
michaeljustinfloyd4 October 2020
Had no expectations, went in blind and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nothing earth shattering but a delightfully creepy surprise, go see it!!
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bradalejohn-191634 February 2021
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