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Honey, You Shrunk the Fit

Sydney become the spokes model for a clothing line but the free samples they give her don't fit.


23 Mar. 2020
Father Of The Bribe
Sydney is excited when she makes the school's first girls fencing team. But when she learns her dad helped Coach Carlock, Sydney fears she may have gotten on the team for the wrong reason.
24 Mar. 2020
Sister Pact
Sydney and her friends make a pact to go to the dance together without dates. Max recalls his first school dance when Leo and his Mom gave him tips on how to ask a girl to be his date.
25 Mar. 2020
Night Not At The Museum
Max is fed up with Sydney missing her curfew multiple times and grounds her right before the one-night-only Pop-Up cake museum that all of her friends are attending.
26 Mar. 2020
Going the Green Mile
In an effort to save the planet, Sydney and her friends stage a student protest to convince the cafeteria to go green. Back in the '90s, Max and Leo fight to keep their school from getting rid of the junk food in the vending machine.
27 Mar. 2020
Girlz II Women
Sydney gets her first period, and when she has an accident at school, she's too upset and wants to sit out her bass solo at the school concert.
3 Apr. 2020
Baby One More Rhyme
Sydney enters a songwriting contest for a pop singer, and finds out the producers at his record company want to drastically change her song.
10 Apr. 2020
Mrs. Harris' Opus
When Sydney and Olive accidentally destroy a very popular exhibit at the museum, their teacher Mrs. Harris is deemed at fault and in jeopardy of losing her job. The girls devise a plan to convince VP Virmani not to fire Mrs. Harris.
1 Jun. 2020
The Lunch Club
Sydney feels torn between spending time with her friends and her fencing teammates. Can she be friends with both groups - or will she have to choose one?
2 Jun. 2020
Boy Meets Dad
Max is excited to be honored with The Heart of Portland award for his philanthropic work. But things go awry when Max's dad, who he's not on the best terms with, comes to visit.
3 Jun. 2020
Slurping with the Enemy
Max is worried when a new smoothie shop creates competition for Reynolds Rides with their new flamingo drink.
4 Jun. 2020
What's My Grade Again?
With only one month left in seventh grade, Sydney and most of the four Amiga's are excited, but there's a hiccup when the girls learn that Emmy is failing history and might not pass.
5 Jun. 2020
Crush Hour
On the last day of school, Syd reads through all the notes in her yearbook, and notices an anonymous note from someone confessing that they have a crush on her.
12 Jun. 2020
Bummer Rental
On the Fourth of July weekend, Max surprises Sydney, Olive and Sophia by renting the lake cabin where he spent his best summer in as a kid.
19 Jun. 2020
My Best Friends' Ending
Sydney hosts a slumber party with all of her friends, but the night takes a turn when a group selfie sparks a fight among Emmy and Sophia, and they must help them reconcile.
26 Jun. 2020
Sing It On
Sydney really wants to attend a Rock 'n Roll summer camp but doesn't know how to tell her dad, especially since he just started a songwriter's night at the shop's cafe so she could work on her music.
17 Jul. 2020
Rock the Float!
Syd, Olive, Sophia, and Emmy are excited that their design for the float honoring brave women was chosen for the annual Portland Parade.
24 Jul. 2020
The Big Rozalski
In trying to help Olive stand up to her brothers, Sydney learns sibling dynamics are more complicated than she thought.
7 Aug. 2020
When Harry Met Sydney
An old childhood friend visits Sydney, and Olive realizes he might be her perfect boyfriend.
14 Aug. 2020
Look Who's Rocking
Grandma Judy gets to meet her favorite rock star, Davey Rogers.
21 Aug. 2020
Thirteen Candles
Sydney is turning 13 and sets out to plan a sophisticated birthday party. Her plans remind Max of when he tried to organize his own surprise party for his thirteenth birthday back in the 90s.

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