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An aggressively average plot, elevated by incredible action and great performances
glennmeerten0628 May 2020
Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is tasked with extracting the son of a druglord amids an all-out drug war. Battling hostiles and a troubled past along the way.

Thank you Jon Wick for upping the game for action films! Extraction excels in its action set pieces. Long, gorgeous takes with brutally grounded fight scenes, showcase the vicious nature of warfare. Hemsworth carries this entire film on his shoulders and has the daunting task of elevating the paper thin narrative to an acceptable level. Thankfully, he succeeds. Thor can act darn it, and in this film he proves it yet again.

Like Jon Wick before him, seeing Hemsworth kicking ass in amazingly choreographed fight scenes, is exhilarating. The film is unapologetically honest in its depiction of violence and its consequences. Riding on fantastic sound design, every impact, bullet wound and car crash pulls you in deeper and deeper in the film.
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If John Wick joined Call of Duty
andrisyafaat24 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Finally Netflix has finally produced a action movie that is fast pace. Chris Hemsworth does not disappoint at all.
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Solid and violent action flick
DVD_Connoisseur26 April 2020
"Extraction" is fast, vicious and simple. With a death count that's approaching John Wick 3 levels of bullet ballet, the movie hardly pauses for breath.

Chris Hemsworth is excellent as the haunted mercenary Tyler Rake. This is a very physical role and Hemsworth delivers in spades.

8 out of 10.
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Great action, zero plot
hellspuppy24 April 2020
The action scenes are really good. Close combat with extremely long shots in tight spaces. Sometimes it has a shooter video game feel to it. Hemsworth and the stunt team really showed of their skills. This movie is really more about close combat scenes, than crazy Hollywood stunts a la mission Impossible. Other than that, all the story is already in the title, which is fine for this type of movie. The actor, who played the boy was a wonderful casting choice. He was carrying the whole emotion of story. We'll be seeing more of him. Other characters were not drawn out. This movie is not for everyone, it is not well rounded, it's all action and no story. I personally enjoyed it though. I recommend this for viewers that like close combat action and martial arts movies.
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Well worth it.. wow
World-viewer10 May 2020
Negative reviews have focused on the alleged shortfall in the depth of the plot. Really? Most action movies out there... how many have a plausible plot? At least for this movie, the plot is plausible, the action, obviously a stretch. But those critics railing on the movie forget what a movie is supposed to be all about. Entertainment. It's not a real life documentary, not an ensemble boring drama piece. When it comes to wham-bang entertainment, this movie delivers on all cylinders. The movie is probably more analogous to a version of masterful The Raid than an Oscar drama piece. Live with it. Watch it. Enjoy. It is a movie. It will keep you glued. Though the squeamish may need to take a break.
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OK Plot, Immense Action Scenes, Hemsworth Nails It
Mayrise25 April 2020
I'm not much of a writer, so I'll keep the review short.

The plot is nothing new, but is interesting enough. However, Chris Hemsworth knocks it out the park with his performance - I really didn't expect that from him, but he is awesome in this.

The action scenes are great, and some of the camera work and filming techniques are fantastic.

The film is a 6/10, but I gave it a 7/10 for the action scenes and Hemsworth's performance.
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Give Me More
view_and_review10 December 2020
What a rush. What a thrill. What poetic violence.

After movies like this, "6 Underground," "Ronin," and others, can we please have more movies set in foreign countries? Let's break away from the monotony of New York, L.A., and Chicago and go international: Mumbai, Tokyo, Lagos.

The premise of the movie is simple and it's all in the title. A skilled mercenary named Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) has been contracted to extract a drug dealer's kidnapped son. It's pretty much a suicide mission, but Tyler didn't need even the slightest coaxing to take the job. He didn't even ask the price. Some odd hours later he's in Bangladesh, kid in tow, shooting his way out of a sticky situation.

This ballsy grimy film took you through the muck in style. The camera angles and continuous action shots were fresh as it followed Tyler from one point to the next while he shot and fought John Wick style to his extraction point. "Extraction" was raw at times, shocking at other times, and even moving at times. It's a no frills visceral form of action that keeps you at the edge of your seat and constantly engaged. Ooooh! give me more.
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A violent film with some seriously good action sequences
jtindahouse24 April 2020
In a world that is currently minus new films, to get a fresh one delivered to us via Netflix was a much needed treat. And I'm glad to report that 'Extraction' was worth the wait. It isn't a flawless movie, but it certainly has some good things going for it. The action sequences were probably the highlight of the film for me. I'm not usually someone who appreciates or even notices good action sequences, but I did with this film which says something. There is one sequence that really blew me away. It is a one-shot sequence that goes on for quite some time and has some amazing ingenuity behind it. Definitely the highlight of the film.

Chris Hemsworth was right at home in this role. He doesn't have to do a lot of speaking, and can just let his actions speak for themselves. Some of the stunt work in this film would not have been easy. When he is required to slow things down and have some dialogue in the odd scene he does so adequately.

The film surprised me with just how violent it was willing to be at times, especially in scenes involving children. There were a couple of time where I thought - they're not going to do that are they? - and then sure enough they did. This is a very serious film as well. Very little (if any that I can think of) humour whatsoever makes an appearance.

The film does get a little tedious towards the end. You can only watch so many people getting shot without becoming numb and a little bored by it. Also the film opens with a shot from near the end of the film. It doesn't work though because there is no intrigue behind it. This was one of the few poor choices an otherwise very good film made however. I would recommend giving this one a watch.
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Good actions but what a weak plot!!
mdsazid-2197926 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The entire movie is filled with close combat shots. It's great for someone who likes a lot of actions but for someone like who looks for a story in movies, I had a hard time trying to grasp this movie. It literally shows a poor country like Bangladesh lost thousands of its elite force, a general and dispersed an entire city just to support a gangster and save his kidnapped boy from escaping. Looks like Bangladesh went into an entire war to help the gangster no matter what. Just leave that logic aside and you can enjoy the movie as a fast paced, action packed video game.
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From bangladesh, I know an action movie doesn't represent culture, but....
grshuv26 April 2020
I am Bangladeshi. But I know this movie was not made with our culture. But Hindi songs go from house to house in Bangladesh! What an awkward thing! Then writing Hindi on the street, Hindi pronunciation in every word, what are these? Learning from Kolkata, if Dhaka is named, then this is the situation! The job of a director and team is to check and select well. They have lost completely. But the actions of this movie were extraordinary. chris and randeep have done a great job.I know an action movie doesn't represent culture, but the movie is criticized for its lack of analysis by the director and the team. A little better analysis was needed, because here the names of the russo brothers are involved. And i love russo brothers and chris my thor so much....
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The best single shot in a action film
tom-8987525 April 2020
Impressive camera work and action sequence. All the actors did a great job in making this film very entertaining. The fight scenes are great, the knife fights are authentic and the shoot out was exhilarating. I guess my only critic on this is the plot perhaps a different twist about who the boy was would have made it more interesting but nevertheless an awesome action film overall. Again hats off to the camera work, fantastic job!
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It's a good movie if you appreciate good stunt coordination
bornakadezabek-1240525 April 2020
Now, it's not a greate movie nor is it a bad movie, it's somewhere in between. I mean the stunt work is really, really great, and the protagonist does have his moments of weakness, and it has that kind of action you come to expect from action movies today (one man against the whole world) but i bet that there was someone working on that movie that had millitary expirience.. One of rare movies in which the guy actually checks to see if the gun has bullets when he steals it, actually counting bullets in a magazine or having an empty gun or chamber... Yes the movie has poor CGI, too much yellow color grading and unrealistic shooting and fighting scenes but it still has it's moments of actual care for the character even though it's not as developed.
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Exactly what I expect from Netflix.
mattforner10 February 2021
Extraction is a fun and average action flick that has awesome action, good performances, and a totally "meh" plot. But hey, this is exactly what Netflix is for and I'm totally okay with that.
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More films need to be directed by stuntmen
Vartiainen10 December 2020
Extraction stars Chris Hemsworth and was produced by the Russo brothers. It was directed by Sam Hargrave in his directorial debut. He has previously made a career as a stuntman, most notably as a stunt coordinator in several Marvel movies. And that definitely shows in the film. This film contains some of the nicest action set pieces seen in years.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price. Namely that of an interesting story. While the story of Extraction - a gun for hire (Hemsworth) shooting his way through Bangladesh in order to rescue the kidnapped son of a drug lord - is perfectly serviceable, it's also nothing to write home about. The characters are shallowly written and while they're acted well enough, the main attraction of the film are those action scenes.

That being said, those are definitely good enough on their own to justify the price of admission. Hemsworth gives an electrifying performance as a man spread too thin by all the violence he has caused, while Randeep Hooda gives an equally memorable performance as his foil and counterpart.

And it's just plain fun to watch. If you have a soft spot for those 80s action films such as Commando or Rambo, then this is definitely worth checking out.
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Amazing action sequences
draw-718396 December 2020
Was always intrigued by this film and glad I watched it! The action and pace throughout is amazing, with great acting. This is up there as a quality action flick - I highly recommend 👊🏻🙌🏻
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Well directed fight scene
pralayalimbu24 April 2020
You are looking for gun fight action movie ,just go for it.
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Action Packed but Completely missed the Environment of Dhaka
oritroahmed24 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of the movie was supposed to set in Dhaka, a city of 10+ million people in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, they completely missed mark making the set in Dhaka.

To start with, the accent of the locals are wrong, they are speaking in an accent that's commonly used in West Bengal, India. Dhaka and People in Bangladesh, in General, have a completely different accent. Throughout the movie, Hindi songs are heard in the background, where everyone is watching tv during midday. People go to work here, Dhaka is the capital, nobody sits on their asses watching TV midday. Bangladesh has its own music industry, although the movie had some issues acquiring copyright for some of the songs to play in the background.

The environment is wrong. Sure Dhaka has slums and dirty places, but most of the city is developed enough with an actual nice road system. If they set the scene somewhere else in Bangladesh, it would've been more convincing. The roads are basically dirt roads in this movie where Dhaka has one of the best road systems in the Country. Dhaka doesn't have that kinda dense jungle anywhere near the city, certainly not near the Buriganga river.

The criminal class in Bangladesh is completely different. This isn't Africa, people don't employ child soldiers here. And certainly carry Ak-47 in hand and in the open.

The Police uniform and looks are completely misjudged. They are trying to portray the elite force of Bangladesh, Known as Rapid Action Battalion. They are not regular police. The deal with counter-terrorism and similar stuff. It should've been the police that deals with criminal or action in the street. Police vehicles are wrong.

Don't get me wrong, the entire movie is brilliantly shot and exceptionally action-packed. But this provides a complete misrepresentation of Bangladesh, as well as the city of Dhaka. People who don't have an idea about Bangladesh will get a false sense for a beautiful country by the misrepresented set of this movie.
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Breathtaking Blockbuster
Gavin_NZ19 September 2020
It may not have the tightest plot but this action-packed romp delivers on all levels from beginning to end. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled as it gripped my attention all the way through. Chris Hemsworth embodies the main character like no other. One of the best action movies I've seen in a while.
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Great action flick
Chris_Mac_2524 April 2020
Just a good solid action flick, Hemsworth does a great job, and well directed.

Want to play a drinking game that'll get you wasted fast? Read through the user reviews and do a shot every time some Bangladeshi leaves a one star review and cries about the portrayal of their Country. (I've been there, the movie is flattering if anything)
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jackransom-6983224 April 2020
The latest Netflix original film to arrive on the streaming service. Extraction sees Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a black market mercenary, embark on the most deadly extraction of his career when he's enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) of an imprisoned international crime lord.

As much as their originals are hit and miss and the sheer amount of content they release being ridiculous, there is no question that Netflix allow pure filmmaker freedom without the restrictions and interference of Hollywood influence as here the film is allowed to make full use of its 18 rating and not have the burden of setting up or continuing a franchise. Though generic and cliche in its story telling, the action and stunt work are an absolute blast to witness and make this a step up from what I was expecting.

The film's 2 hour runtime may have some filler sequences around the middle section, but the 1st and 3rd acts are fast paced and frantic, throwing you right into the situation, the film knows exactly what it wants and sets out to deliver it. The race against time and constant improvisation of the extraction itself makes for a consistently engaging watch, though the film does brush over motivations (the villain here is especially lacklustre) and character back story, with Tyler solely relying on a few flashbacks and essentially an exposition interview with the kid he is protecting, so that we get more of his story.

However what this basic premise does allow for is to be filled with brutal, well choreographed and creative action. This film delivers one of the best set pieces of this year, with a phenomenal one-take style 15 minute sequence, which goes from a car chase, to a building assault to a lorry chase, it's absolute controlled chaos. As a fan of John Wick, The Raid etc. it was excellent to see their influence on the choreography, the camerawork never is too shaky or quick cutting meaning it is easy to follow and witness every stab, punch, kick in their bone crunching and visceral glory. The shootouts sound great and are intense, always ending in bloody results, especially the finale sequence.

It's good seeing Hemsworth in a grittier, darker non-Thor/MIB role and he delivers here in a more somber and focused role, though also channels some of the action hero vibe of the 80/90's that this film is going for. Jaiswal is also good here as the kid thrown into this life or death situation, he is never irritating or acts unrealistically at all (which is the case with kids in these types of films at times). Randeep Hooda has an intimidating screen presence as someone working for the kid's father and David Harbour gives an enthusiastic performance, though his character's section does stall the plot pacing.

Extraction is a fun watch to turn your brain off for 2 hours and was actually better than I expected. The action is bloody, visceral and frantic with some brilliant practical effects and choreography and the cast give good performances. The film does suffer from several cliches and genre traits and lack of character depth, but honestly from a purely entertainment perspective this does the job.
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Forget the storyline just relish the action/directorship
nickjl6615 May 2020
Thoroughly enjoyed this film - weak storyline but it's totally forgiven because of its brilliant action and the camera work on it is a thing of beauty. you're glued to the car chases and fights to the point where you feel you should be smelling the exhaust fumes and that if you don't dodge out the way you're going to get a smack in the mouth or shot. The Director could do a James Bond film no problem. it's got the rawness of action that's needed
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Jason Bourne meets Call of Duty, in Mumbai
Top_Dawg_Critic4 May 2020
Wow shocked at the undeserving low score! This is stunt actor Sam Hargrave's first full length feature film sitting in the directors chair, and he nailed it. Outstanding action/fight choreography, great cinematography, perfect pacing for the 116 min runtime, and all around great performances, especially Hemsworth's kick-ass character. I'm reading the reviews about no plot... seriously? Just because there's no surprising unpredictable plot twist doesn't mean there's no plot. It was a simple story, adapted into a screenplay from the graphic novel by Ande Parks, and presented on a bullet ridden testosterone plate. What more does anyone want for that perfect weekend popcorn action flick? I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's a well deserved 9/10 from me. To see more of my over 900 reviews and 1000+ ratings, click on my username.
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Great Action Scenes
mmibappybd24 April 2020
I don't care how it portrayed Dhaka. It was a great action thriller. Plot is not anything serious or unique, but actions are great really.
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Great Action and Chris is the best thing
attitude_32124 April 2020
Well good action. Not that close representation of Dhaka, more of an Indian gimic. Hating the Indian accent, Bangladeshi doesn't have that accent. Chris did well, story cud have been much more. None the less good to see Dhaka in international names, tho it was negative. Chris was the only good actor that i actually found, the kid speaks irritatingly slow and doesn't seem to gave the right face for the scene. Better cast wud have been better along with Chris.
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basicallynabbo24 April 2020
Good close quarter combats but a plot would have been nice. Recommended if you're stuck in quarantine and have nothing better to do with your life like me.
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