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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, language and brief drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • camera focus for a short time on woman's back side with small underwear while dancing
  • One very quick kiss between a couple.
  • There's a close up on a dancer in skimpy underwear for several seconds.
  • There is a nightclub scene, but nothing graphic is seen.
  • There is a kiss scene around the 14 mark. Very brief

Violence & Gore

  • The central theme of the movie revolves around a freelance mercenary rescuing a hostage. There a some very strong and extended scenes of combat with very visible presence of blood, weapons and injuries to individuals.
  • One of the central character is shown putting his broken nose back in place followed by visible blood clots as they drop in the sink.
  • People are shot by a sniper with visible blood on screen.
  • Characters are hit by vehicles while they are fighting
  • Underage children are shown using weapons as they are part of drug lords army. Also there is a scene mid-way into the movie where the main character is scene combating a group of trained children with weapons.
  • One of the more graphic scenes, a man is shown stabbing another man in the neck with a wooden rake shaft, then he grabs another man and tries to push his face into the rake. He succeeds and you can see the rake in his head
  • Very violent, multiple people are killed with moderate amounts of blood. Children are killed as well
  • A police officer is attacked and his attacker viciously attacks his throat with a knife. The wound is bloody and visible
  • One of the characters is shown throwing a kid off the roof of a high building in order to intimidate the other kids as he investigates a theft.
  • A sniper is shot in the head by another sniper. Blood and brain matter spurt out.
  • There's a long and brutal showdown between two men. They repeatedly kick and hit each other very violently, and get on the ground several times. Finally one of them is shot twice, he slowly suffocates on his own blood and dies.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two people are shown drinking alcohol on screen though nothing disturbing.
  • 3 teens smoke weed at the beginning
  • The main character is seen smoking for a few seconds.
  • The lead character drinks alcohol and takes oxycontin throughout the movie. He seems to be depressed and has a substance abuse problem. Another man who is his friend also takes some of the pills with alcohol.
  • Young teenagers approximately 14-16 years old are seen smoking marijuana and attending a bar/nightclub where they sit at the bar with unknown drinks in front of them.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Parts of the film are cut in such a way that it appears to be one take. While impressive, this leads to significant periods of the film being without a break in the intensity of the conflict.
  • Menacing characters face a group of young children, before throwing one from the roof of the building. Violence towards children is a theme in this film and may disturb young viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man takes on several soldiers by shooting them and stabbing them to death. His whole face is bloody. He is then shot in the head, blood splatters.
  • The main character is shot in the rib, blood seeps through his clothes, he then guns down several soldiers with bloody results. As he attempts to get back up, he shot in the neck, tons of blood pours out, and he falls off a bridge into the river.
  • A drug lord is shot in the head. Blood splatters on the wall behind him. He is then shot several times more, lots of blood puddles beneath him.
  • A child is unexpectedly shot in the head.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main character is shot by a sniper, he survives and kills more men. He is then shot through the neck and and falls off a bridge. It is pretty emotional it is also extremely bloody.

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