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Sure To Be A Fan Favorite - Full Of Classic Crime Fighting Battles As Well As Heartfelt Messages
rannynm28 July 2022
DC League of Super-Pets is sure to be a fan favorite for kids who love superheroes and animals! This animated movie is full of classic crime fighting battles as well as heartfelt messages, making it a perfect family movie.

Superman (John Krasinski) and Krypto (Dwayne Johnson), the Super-Dog, have been best friends since birth. When the entire Justice League is kidnapped, Krypto must create a crime fighting league of his own, so he enlists the help of shelter pets Ace (Kevin Hart), Merton (Natasha Lyonne), PB (Vanessa Bayer) and Chip (Diego Luna) to save the Justice League and all of Metropolis.

The animation is beautiful! The characters' designs, especially the pets, are so adorable and keep a cartoonish and comic book-like feeling. The humor is great; it pokes fun at other studios (like Marvel Studios) and also at itself (DC Comics), making it relatable to teens and adults who have seen the more serious Marvel and DC movies. The voice acting is outstanding. Everyone fits their roles so well and they really bring their characters to life, displaying each one's unique personality. The actors that stand out the most are Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Natasha Lyonne and Kate McKinnon. Dwayne Johnson as Krypto and Kevin Hart as Ace are a dynamic duo as their chemistry is so apparent - no doubt due to the many times they have worked together in other films. Natasha Lyonne perfects the voice of Old Lady Merton. Her comedic timing is spot on. Kate McKinnon, as Lulu happens to be my favorite character, but I can't say why as I don't want to give away any spoilers. What I can say is that her role appears to be written specifically for her.

The primary message of DC League of Super-Pets is that friendship, teamwork and love is stronger than any superpower. There are also themes of moving on and making room for new loved ones. Plus, this movie may inspire people to adopt animals from a shelter. I know I'm ready to!

I give DC League of Super-Pets 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, plus pet and superhero lovers! It releases in theaters July 29, 2022. By Katherine S., KIDS FIRST!
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I recently turned 30 a few days ago and I really enjoyed League of Super-Pets
UniqueParticle7 August 2022
So much character development and love able story all around, such a blast for a cartoon movie! Better than a lot of DC films this deserves any hype. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have collaborated at least 6 times which makes sense they are perfect together. I like how Kate McKinnon was in Wonder Woman 1982 and in this she's an ultimate villain. Furry greatness for most anyone!
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Keeping in mind it's not for adults, its a great children's film.
subxerogravity28 July 2022
It's not bad. It's not bad at all.

I think story wise I was expecting it to go down differently, but I like the animation and it was humorous for what it was

And once again The Rock and the Hart are a perfect team. I can't complain about that. They got charisma.

It's definitely designed for little children but as an adult, I took a likening to it because it makes for a great parody of the DC Superheroes.
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I think adults will like it too
ericstevenson7 August 2022
We've seen tons of superhero movies before, but few of them about animal superheroes. This is probably why this is one of the few theatrically released animated superhero movies ever made. It works wonderfully as fully CGI! The movie tells the story of Superman's dog, Krypto, who's jealous of him marrying Lois Lane. An evil guinea pig named Lulu belonging to Lex Luthor gets a hold of orange kryptonite, which gives superpowers to animals. The other animals in the pet store get them but are bad at their powers and must team up with Krypto, who's been weakened from green kryptonite to save an also weakened Superman.

Apart from having great voices and creative action scenes, this is an all-around feel-good film. Sure, the lessons about friendship and loyalty aren't that unique, but the setup is. We get some really good jokes along the way, and it's spiced up with interesting and creative action scenes, which are to be expected with animal superheroes. I was impressed by the pacing and thought it was only 90 minutes long. This is like the third movie this year I've seen (or heard of) that had Batman in it. He's practically omnipotent! ***
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Surprisingly competent and charming
benjaminskylerhill28 July 2022
I'll admit, the trailer for this movie made me groan every time I saw it over the past few months. I'm pleased to report that the trailer showcases some of the worst parts of the movie.

Granted, the biggest issue I had with this was that the humor just does not land most of the time. The writers felt the need to put a joke in every 10 seconds, regardless of whether it's clever or not. And it's not that it's "kid-humor" that I just didn't get as a 25-year-old man. Even the kids in my theater were silent most of the time.

However, I'd say about 10% of the jokes actually did work for me and I belly-laughed several times, which I did not expect.

Now, the most pleasant surprise of this experience for me was the characters. They're all very distinct and have very clear traits, quirks, and flaws that they work through emotionally through the story.

Even though it's a story that's as formulaic, cliched, and predictable as it gets, I found it effortlessly watchable as just about every scene has a very cathartic moment for at least one of the characters. This film actually got me to care about these animal characters despite its absurd silliness.

I suppose it's nothing I haven't seen before, but it was so colorful and purely competent that I can't knock on it too hard.

There are worse ways to spend an hour and a half. This is a relax-on-a-weekend-with-the-family kind of movie.
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Superpets Review: Such a Surprise
harcool29 July 2022
Now, I was not going to check this film out. I mean, the trailers weren't bad, but I felt as if it was just going to be a Poop-Fart Joke filled movie. The Positive Reception that came with the Early Reviews was so surprising that it got me to buy a ticket. I came home a couple hours ago, and it wasn't groundbreaking or anything, but it was a nice, heartfelt fun time at the movies.

This movie is cute, action-packed, heartfelt and... emotional. All the characters were fun and likeable, specifically Krypto and Ace, Batman's Dog. The movie gave Ace a backstory that was very touching and it hits you in the feels, which I was definitely NOT expecting. The animation looks pretty good on the Big Screen, but isn't anything crazy. I found it WAY better than what I expected. To be fair, yes, it did have Poop, Fart and Pee Jokes, but I think the heartfelt, emotional nature of the movie overshadowed the jokes.

If you own a Dog, or any Pet and are a DC Fan, I recommend checking the film out because it's a nice, fun time and a good way to spend an Hour and a half. Enjoyable, fun and heartfelt: I would give DC: League of Super-Pets a 7/10 (For reference, I gave Minions 2 a 6 and Lightyear an 8)
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kosmasp9 August 2022
You know like Multiverse but with pets .. as in Multi-Paws? Does that pun actually work? You'll be the judge of that. You also be the judge of this changing the (back)story of all the DC characters ... well maybe not all. But since it does change how Superman came to Earth ... or rather with whom ... well let's call it one more timeline "to follow". If you can dig it that is.

Still the movie is super fun. Whether you are a fan of the comics or not (I actually am not even sure if there is a comic book universe where they explored the pets idea, but I imagine there is at least one). That being said, the fact that Black Adam himself (the Rock also known as Dwayne Johnson) is doing the voice of one of the dogs ... might be quite mind blowing to some ... gets even better if you watch it through the end. And by the way when I say to through the end, I mean there are scenes after the movie is over. That is mid credit scene and after credit scene. And they both are worth the wait - even if everyone else has left the building (the theatre in my case).

Good fun with a lot of great voice acting/actors. Animated movies have stepped their game up.
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Family's Best Friend For Fun Movie Going
rgkarim30 July 2022

The Animation: When it comes to animation, there are very few films that are going to crap out at this part of the movie. DC Super-pets has a nice flow that allows there characters to move in the heroic style you expect. It's smooth, it does not take too many clunky shortcuts to get the shot, and works well to match the style of the character and voice actor. While there is definitely some realism to it though, the designers did keep the comic book/cartoon mojo to it and I was impressed with how much of a little kid I felt in me while watching it. All of it works together to make the adventure fun and enjoyable to watch, without feeling stuck in an outdated computer game.

The Cute Factor: I could go on for hours about the cute factor of this movie, but parents rest in relief, because the movie is indeed very cuddly for your group. Cursing/semi-swear words are at a minimum, dark natured elements are toned down to G or PG levels, and there should be very few things to scare or scar your kids. The movie has plenty of family friendly moments that can melt many hearts, and will probably inspire you to be kind to your pets or adopt.

The Voice Acting: Alright now onto the people who brought the character part of the group to life. Voice acting is an amazing art as I've said before, and so many people accomplished the directions they were taking with various parties in the movie. John Krasinski as Superman was sensational in his fun and yet mature manner that was like serious Jim from the Office. While Natasha Lyonne may have been my favorite performance of the bunch with her balanced humor and turtle like mafia voice. Yet the big three get the focus, so let's center on them for a moment. McKinnon is a master of so many roles, and Lulu is no exception as the hairless guinea pig role that is like one of her SNL skits come to life, only censored. If you love seeing, or in this case, hearing her rants and overenthusiastic delivery, get ready for about 90 minutes of it. It works well for this type of movie and I had fun hearing her play the sassy self in animal form quite well. Hart is also pretty much playing his deck of cards again that he has made him so famous. He rants, does montages with the same type of fire, and his comedy about being put into situations was very fun, but I loved seeing the vulnerable side come out with it to help balance the comedy and character of Ace. He does well to play with the Rock as expected, and this movie keeps their friendship in real life well-integrated into the characters of Krypto and Ace to the point of being very entertaining. As for Johnson, he's still the same guy you love to watch on the screen, only in a CGI, white dog form. He does Krypto decently, giving the kid humor element the biggest punch of the actors, while sometimes nailing those overdramatic moments that a superhero film is noted to have. I can't say he did the best of the bunch, but his style of working with all the other voice actors was very balanced, and always maintained that comedic style I love to see. All in all, this cast did better than I thought and could play very well together for a future, most likely impending series.

The Humor: Now we are getting to my favorite elements of the bunch, the humor of the movie. The trailers show it's primarily for kids, and to be honest, it does have a lot of things geared towards a younger audience. Slapstick humor and annoying lines are in this movie, and as my showing showed are very repeatable by those who like to parrot lines. Fret not though parents, because surprisingly this film will have adult moments placed in as well, comedy lines and items that you'll quite enjoy at the fourth-dimension breaking or genre poking moments that are very funny. It's not quite like the 90s style of cartoons, but there are plenty of geeky humor moments that fans like myself will enjoy amongst the juvenile role. Hinted earlier was Merton, a turtle whose lines were probably the best example of them both. She is one of the most adult themed moments of the bunch and I was cracking up at the elevated jokes they wrote and put in for this film. Bleeped out cursing, references to history and even some other experiences she thinks about in the film. It's a nice balance and keeps the entire audience into the movie as opposed to watching your kids just laugh.

The Touching Moments: Perhaps the biggest surprise was how touching the movie was for me and how many things they put in for character development that actually made me feel moved. I can't say much, but the movie really addresses some relevant topics for me and a surprisingly healthy approach to solving them. Ace and Krypto have the most focus on the moments, alongside a few others getting surprisingly decent approaches to their character quirks. This was a great choice for me and I absolutely loved the development of the characters to elevate the movie past the kid element. I can't say you will have your eyes watering, but you might just say aww, a few times.

The Pace Balance: Kids movies kind of suck at pace balancing these days, doing their best to be the flash in the pan that modern attention spans are. They drop character development and story design for quirks or political moments and then hope your kids are prone to rewatching things. However, DC Super-pets surprised me again by keeping things running well and not sacrificing the storytelling elements that a good movie has. This pace again appeals to both older and younger audiences and I strongly appreciate not using this as a throw away movie for merchandising.

The Character Utilization: Yep, this part is important to me, and they did it quite well in the film. Almost all characters introduced have a significant impact on the movie and I loved having them balance things out, keeping them all a part of the grand adventure and bringing a good element to the film. Given how many characters they had to juggle, this is no easy merit and I was very pleased with the movie and how well they kept all character involved.


The Design Of The Human Characters: While the animation is smooth, I don't think the design was as much of a win for me in this film. Most of the animals in this film are what you expect a DC Super-Pets to look like and match the style I saw in the cartoons I used to be stuck on as a kid. However, the humans design seems a little more driven to be caricatures as if it's some warped perspective of the pets. There could be other design elements that inspired, but for the limited use they were in, the design did little for me compared to the pets they designed in this particular movie. Minor to some, but there are better superhero designs in other installments.

The Action Needs A Little Tweaking For Next Time: An action lover like me is not the biggest fan of seeing the amount of censorship that the world has become in this element. Super-pets is not the worst of the bunch to yield to modern tinkering, but it still has a long way to go to match what 80s-90s cartoons did. In a world about talking animals with extraordinary abilities, a little bit more zest to the fighting ups the suspense element that gives it a little more zest. Some fights utilize the comic design well, but a few that were supposed to be epic, were kind of meh in my book and given the cartoons I grew up with, don't need to be so pulled.

The Political Component That Snuck In: It seems we can't necessarily go a movie without diving a little more into the popular trend of being political. Super-pets dive into this part is much less than other films, I can't say that going out of our way to put it in was needed. We'll see if this springs at more, and fortunately does not get in the way of the story too much, but time will tell if this seed is going to sprout into an arc down the line.

A Few Moments Of Stale/Forced Humor: Yep, can't really get around this in a kid's movie when it comes to the forced elements of comedy. This film has plenty of moments that are timed well and a few that don't fit in and yet get hammered away to the point that nail is rusted and stale. Minor in most moments given all the balance of the film, but something that does get in the way.

Predictable: What movie really isn't anymore? Super-Pets main weakness is that it's a little more pronounced in the introduction of elements you know are going to be seen in the movie. It's not casual, it's not clever, and is so pronounced that you can't help but figure out where the movie is going to go with its plot, which sort of robs of the spectacle at the end. Again minor for the target audience, but something I tend to wish could be avoided.


When it comes to animated movies, this was a film that was a nice surprise and I really did enjoy the wonderful piece they brought. It is a kid's movie through and through, but the team managed to finally craft with it something all family members can enjoy. The film is balanced on many levels, helping to show you can have fun with the kids and still make a good story feature as well. Super-pets league has plenty to offer in the way of fun voice acting, good laughs, and animation that utilizes a lot of things that I enjoy in my movies. And though I enjoyed much, there are still a few shortcomings that the kid movie element has with it. This includes predictability, design elements, and some forced aspects like political popularity and humor. Still despite the punches that did not need to be pulled as much, the movie overall is one of the better animated films I've seen for the summer and would give this movie a solid movie theater going if you could. My scores are:

Animation/Action/Adventure: 8-8.5 Movie overall: 7.5.
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A lot of fun!
becky-9234615 August 2022
DC League of Super-Pets (2022) follows Krypto the super dog and his new friends as they aim to save the justice league from a new villain. I had a great time watching this film, it may not have been perfect but it was an amusing and easy watch!

The characters were fun, with easy-to-digest flaws and a lot of likeable qualities. Natasha Lyonne's Merton was a stand-out! The voice acting was pretty good and the film was full of famous names which honestly really surprised me!

The humour in this movie was something I didn't expect to like, but ended up really enjoying! There were some witty one-liners that had me chuckling, and some pretty well thought out jokes. The humour was, obviously, surface level, but I really liked this about it as it made for a very entertaining watch.

The animation was good and had its own style, however unfortunately I didn't really like it all that much. The main villain, Lulu the Guinea pig, didn't look much like a Guinea pig at all and was somewhat confusing. The animation was a bit too strange and not so easy on the eye.

The soundtrack for the film was great, and included loads of well known tracks. The music used kept my attention and made the film even more fun to watch in the cinemas. It included a broad range of genres too but this all worked!

Lastly, the plot was very surface level, but this wasn't a bad thing, and the pacing was fairly steady and fast. The plot was laid out well and explained everything in very simple terms which is understandable due to it being targeted at children. The fast pacing was a good decision as it doesn't allow the audience time to become bored.
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A fun movie to watch.
kobemackenzie13 August 2022
Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, when the Man of Steel and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a ragtag group of animals to master their own newfound powers for a rescue mission.

When first going to see this movie I didn't know how to feel as I thought I might be to old to see a cartoon meant for children but I ended really liking this movie. The animation is so good and the voice acting is incredible but what do you expect when you get Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Heart in this movie with tons of other well known and talented actors like Keanu Reeves and John Krasinski just to name a few. The humour is really meant for children which I didn't find funny but I see how kids may find it. And there is even a really emotional scene that made me cry a little.

Overall this is a really good movie to take your kids to!
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What You Would Expect.
Ggconte28 July 2022
I had the privilege to see this film at an early screening and being a comic fan, I was actually looking forward to this.

Without spoiling anything, the plot is essentially Superman's dog and other dogs with powers saving the Justice League. I can't imagine that I've spoiled anything because you could see that plot coming a mile away.

With that said, the film is exactly what you would expect, nothing more or less. While that might not sound groundbreaking, it's not a bad thing either. It's charming, can be extraordinarily funny, and the voice acting is great. Granted, it is really tough to hear Dwayne Johnson's voice in an animated movie and not picture the character of Maui from Moana.

However, I can't see this being a movie for everyone. The League of Super Pets has always divided a good chunk of the comic fanbase. Some love it and some hate it, it really depends on not only your taste but what you really grew up on in entertainment. The comic series was never as edgy or groundbreaking as its peers and the movie certainly stays along those lines.

So overall, I personally really like this film. It's fun and entertaining from start to finish. It's not nearly as dramatic as some of DC's most recent work, which I personally view as a blessing.
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One of the Best DC Films Ever
3xHCCH28 July 2022
Krypto had been Kal-el's pet and companion since he was an infant launched into space by his parents during the destruction of their home planet Krypton. As Kal-el eventually became Superman, Krypto had always been his mission partner and only friend. However, time came when Superman was spending more time with Lois Lane and planned to marry her. When Clark brought him to an animal shelter to find a new friend for him, Krypto felt very depressed.

The unadopted pets in the animal shelter include boxer dog Ace, pot-bellied pig PB, blind turtle Merton, red squirrel Chip, and Lex Luthor's hairless guinea pig Lulu. One day, evil Lulu got herself a piece of orange kryptonite which gave her superpowers to fulfill her dreams of world domination. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League were abducted, the other shelter pets with their newly-acquired powers help Krypto to rescue them.

Watching the closing credits reveal who the voice actors were behind the various characters was very enjoyable. It was surprising to see a lot of A-list actors on the list, including Dwayne Johnson (as Krypto), Kevin Hart (as Ace), John Krasinski (as Superman), Natasha Lyonne (as Merton), Diego Luna (as Chip), SNL stars Kate McKinnon (as Lulu) and Vanessa Bayer (as PB), and my personal favorite -- Keanu Reeves (as Batman).

This actually turned out to be one of the best DC films ever released, live or animated. Writer-director Jared Stern was also behind "Lego Batman Movie" (2017) and his sense of humor was fun and familiar. It was very rich in Superman (with echoes of the 1976 Richard Donner film) and Justice League lore sure to entertain serious and casual DC superhero fans. There were even a few sly Marvel references (Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and others) to boot.

This is also a most delightful film for pet-lovers of all ages. The relationships of various pets and their masters were very well-explored here. Dog owners, especially, would be able to identify with the stories of Krypto and Ace. As would be expected from a movie about pets, there would be a lot of emotional moments throughout with sentimental scenes of man-animal interactions which would surely warm even the hardest of hearts. 8/10.
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Fun and cute
kaydunton19 August 2022
I wish it was longer, but it is for kids. I really liked this movie. I loved the pet villains and heroes. I thought it was fun and cute.

The animation was great.. The story telling was humorous and with a lot of personality.

I loved how they brought in different characters for cameos.
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This is how to do the DCU
neil-47610 August 2022
Superman's dog Krypto is set on sabotaging his owner's relationship with Lois Lane when an orange kryptonite meteorate confers superpowers on assorted pet shop pets and the Justice League ends up needing help. Unfortunatelly, Krypto lost his powers.

This cartoon treats the DC universe far more kindly than much of its live-action cousin has done in recent years. In particular, it remembers to be Fun. It has a strong story, plenty of humour, a lot of heart, a great voice cast, terrific animation, it plays fair with all the characters, and works for both kids and an older audience.

In short, it is everthing which its dark, cynical, depressing, sour live-action cousin isn't.
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Funny as hell
goshamorrell9 August 2022
A high-concept animated film about animals with superpowers is brought to vibrant, endearing life by the superpowers behind the scenes: lively voice talent from an all-star cast, a script that is smart, exciting, and very funny, and, above all, the ability to tap into one of humanity's deepest emotions, our love for our pets and theirs for us. Comedy too often comes from a place of skepticism, opposition, or irony. But here, the most hilarious moments come from a deep understanding of and affection for comics. But the more you love the world of superheroes, the more you will appreciate seeing Superman toss his pet dog, Krypto, a squeaky toy shaped like Batman. And you will appreciate it even more when my new favorite Batman, voiced by Keanu Reeves, comments darkly. Krypto and Superman (John Krasinski) have been best friends since Kryptonians Jor-El and Lara tucked tiny Kal-El into a rocket ship as their planet was exploding and puppy Krypto jumped in at the last minute to keep the future Clark Kent/Superboy company. In present day they work as a team to keep everyone safe from bad guys, both those from Earth and those from other planets. Krypto loves being Superman's best friend even more than he likes saving the world. That is until Superman starts spending a lot of time with his girlfriend, intrepid reporter Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde). And then a very powerful supervillain uses green Kryptonite to take away Superman's powers and holds him and the rest of the Justice League captive. What do we need to show us the group getting control of their new superpowers? A training montage, of course, as the animals tell us. They need to master their skills and teamwork to rescue the Justice League from Lulu, who thinks she will endear herself to Lex Luthor by out-evil-ing him. Lessons about friendship and the unconditional love we get from and give to our pets are sweetly delivered in "DC League of Super-Pets." This vibrant film's action and comedy have all the zing that has bolstered our unconditional love for comics and superheroes on the brink of its second century.
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FeastMode4 August 2022
This is a pretty weak attempt at an animated action-comedy. I laughed at about 5% of the jokes, chuckled at 30%, and was dead silent for the rest. I think Kevin Hart is funny but he adds almost no comedic value to this role. The story/dialogue/characters don't do anything to help.

I'm not an animation snob and I rarely notice or complain about bad animation, but I was really surprised by how bad most of it looked. You could see separate parts of the face moving/stretching/squeezing independently rather than as a whole. No idea if this was a stylistic choice, but I didn't like it.

I compare this to Minions: Rise of Gru from a few weeks ago, which I LOVE. It's very similar in so many ways yet completely superior. The animation is amazing and mesmerizing, it's hilarious and the action is a delicious cherry on top. Super-Pets follows so many beats, almost like a template, but pales in comparison, especially with the climactic action scene.

I didn't hate watching this movie, but it's definitely not good. Watch The Lego Batman Movie instead, it's amazing and hilarious. (1 viewing, 8/3/2022)
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The Secret lives of Pets gets mixed in the DC Universe
DarkVulcan298 August 2022
Krypto the super pet to the famous superhero Superman, suddenly finds himself in peril when Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped. Krypto and some recently superpowered animals must together has a team before time runs out.

The animation is almost similar to The Incredibles to the point I would have like to see them do a cross over, still good animation though. Voices of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski, Natasha Lyonne, Vanessa Bayer, and Keanu Reeves to name a few are all good here, and fit there voice acting. I wonder if a sequel is in the works.
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dc stirk again!!
illaymelamed28 July 2022
After the great batman movie they gave us this yaer they stricke agian with dc league of super pets well the film isnt perfect he is a great movie that worth seen in thaters for a lot of times!!

I have no problem with the film exsapt im so sorry about it but i have too the first act (15-25 minutes from it) but the film is 106 minutes so it relly not a big deal so i not going to give you stuff but with only say kripto and superman relisonship shine in this film that this is a film you wont want to miss.

Oh and theres 2 post credits scenes you wont want to miss them espically the secend one

my score for the film is: 8.8.
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Big laughs, big fun, and lots of heart, a poor man's Secret Life of Pets this is not.
Darwinskid29 July 2022
DC Comics is not in the best of shape these days - Warner Bros. Has mismanaged many properties released under the popular publication in recent memory be it on page, on the small screen, on the big screen, and in video games. Most of the content produced is either miss or average at best, with successes being isolated incidents. DC League of Super-Pets, I am happy to say, is a win for DC and Warner Bros. Respectively. Not only is it a good film in its own right, but it is also the closest to presenting its cast of character in a traditional and iconic fashioned - Superman feels like Superman, Wonder Woman feels like Wonder Woman, The Flash feels like The Flash, Cyborg feels like Cyborg, Batman feels like Batman, even though the material is very kid friendly with a more comedic tone. Aquaman feels like...Okay, not really, but still not a bad interpretation.

The titular characters see decent modernization and work effectively into the narrative, newer additions such as PB (Wonder Woman's new animal sidekick) and Lulu (Lex Luthor's lab guinea pig) make equally as good an impression and are fairly entertaining to watch.

Voice acting all around is super, Johnson and Hart continue to illustrate that they have rock solid chemistry, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, and Diego Luna are a riot, and Kate McKinnon is having too much fun as her villainous guinea pig.

This movie is a good introduction for a kid wanting to get into the DC universe, and there are plenty of nice Easter Eggs that the parents will appreciate. It is not a great film, but unlike more recent DC output this is something kids and adults can enjoy alike.
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Fun for adults as well as kids!
Pairic6 August 2022
DC League of Super-Pets: Great fun as Superdog, Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) gets jealous when Superman's romance with Lois Lane gets more serious. Meanwhile Lex Luther is plotting to bring orange Kryptonite to Earth. Superman is snatched by Lex, while Krypto loses his powers. But animals in a pet store gain powers from the orange Kryptonite! They team up with Krypto to fight the forces of evil. One of them, a crazed hairless guinea pig, Lulu (Kate McKinnon) goes over to the Dark Side and lets loose an army of enhanced guinea pigs. Great battles and fun antics in this 3D computer-animated superhero action-comedy film. Mainly for kids but 5 of us (adults) went to see it and we were the only ones to stay to the end of the credits to see the teaser! Directed & Co-Written by Jared Stern. 8/10.
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Fun film and a great time!
I had such a great time watching this movie. It was fun, full of great nods to things in and around the DC Universe. The characters were likable and well thought out! Kids will love it, parents will enjoy it!
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Superheroes all going to the dogs!!!
criticj29 July 2022
Very inspirational and moralistic for a modern superhero film that "goes to the dogs" to save their own families!!! Krypto the Superdog leads his own teams of super powered animals to truth and justice, even with some of their animalistic instincts!
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So much love for Super-Pets!!!
bhernandez22162 August 2022
This movie brought so much love and joy and also lots of comedy for the whole family! Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are super great comedy duos with there amazing performances! Dwayne Johnson brought the best voice of: Krypto the Superdog, and Kevin Hart also brought the voice of: Ace the Hound with best comedy talents. I totally recommend watching DC's League of Super-Pets on the big screen possible!
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joeyford-5534229 July 2022
This movie is a mess. The alphabet soup is in full effect and distracts from the action - Disney fail. Kids were getting antsy in the theater. Seems like a winning cast but too much going on for kids. Funny, was at 5/10 last night on here before we saw it, now at 7/10. Almost like they deleted lots of negative reviews like they did with "Capt Marvel" that went from 3/10 to 8/10 overnight after they purged the "trolls." Reading through the reviews, most are like this one. Seems like a solid story and with these stars you would expect it to work BUT you have to remember the audience is 8 year olds. Bad guy escapes and goes on a rampage. Real supers are taken out and pets have to step up. Good idea poorly executed with the agenda overshadowing any progress. Skip it or wait for rental.
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For the children
parksiet16 August 2022
Well this wasn't actually terrible! It's not great, but mildly entertaining and probably even moreso if you are or have kids! However I can't help but feel like this had the quality of a streaming film. I expect a little better from the Rock and Kevin Hart. It started out pretty rough, but honestly after a bit had some pretty fun moments! Sure, I could tell you what the whole story would be after 10 minutes, and it was a little dumb at times... but it's fun. I even found some of the jokes pretty clever (especially from Keanu Reeves' Batman). The voice cast is pretty great, but while Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are always great together, I found Kate McKinnon to be my favourite! She kills me in anything she does and was especially funny here. I wasn't a fan of the animation though, it looked quite cheap, and the motion of the character's movement just looked off. It just felt a little cartoony for a big budget animated film. I also hate when movies use stock sounds of dog barking. It just makes it sound cheap too. The soundtrack was pretty cool though, and I loved the use of the classic Superman and Batman themes. So while this was a little bit of fun, and better than I was expecting, it's still not great. But, I'm not the intended audience. It's made for kids, so I don't wanna bash it too much. After all, the kids in my theatre seemed to love it! Also have to say, didn't know I needed a scene of the Rock crying while listening to Taylor Swift!
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