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leftist hollyweird
blkhwk4115 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The naked hatred of the leftist hollyweirdo's is exemplified in this (as well as so many others) It portrays ICE agents as heartless and lawless automatons who want nothing more than to separate families and put children in cages, as stated in the dialogue. Only times this type of thing happened was in the Last administration, which ended in 2016. The western side of the east coast should at least TRY to be neutral, and stop alienating 50 % of the population of the USA. The 'Law & Order franchise is another example of, what were, good programs until lefted out so many who used to watch them.
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A Well Done Episode, personal politics aside
jouzalhind16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Most people who watched The West Wing were completely aware that the fictitious President Bartlett was a Democrat from New Hampshire. Likewise, The Good Fight openly uses the Trump Administration as a general background character, a convenient antihero. Previous reviews seem to have an issue with the political content of this episode, but how exactly does one be 'fair' without becoming a documentary? After all, this is entertainment...

This episode used two very different cases to show, as Leonard Knox put it, that the law is 'both perfect and incomplete.' Kate Littlejohn is exasperated as she tries a lawyer suspected of killing his wife -but unable to prove his perfect murder. Meanwhile, a witness for Leonard Knox's case is detained by ICE agents on his way out of the courtroom. Tina, the Courthouse Clerk, finds the man's 7-year-old son on the hallway bench and hides him from the ICE agents, as well as contacting the public defenders' office.

Tina has quite a grandstanding conversation with Jay about her roots, which is likely one of the many reasons why people disliked this episode. However, Thurgood Marshall -and the subsequent Marshall Court- that she's referring to is largely responsible for most of this country's civil rights. She also makes the point that if Jay and his family were to try to come to this country today, they would not be welcome here; they would be deported as well. I really liked that she came out and said that because it's something that needs to be said out loud.

Without giving away any more plot points, Tina also explainss that "what America means" has changed throughout history, and it's going to continue to keep changing. "This is America now," she says. The episode appropriately fades out with a Spanish version of Neil Diamond's, "America."
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Not a balanced series
joeholcor15 March 2019
This episode was heavily left leaning and had extreme falsehoods throughout. Rating a two was actually being very, very generous. People within CBP work extremely hard and are very dedicated to following the laws of this country. Leftist views, just like those in this episode, want to circumvent those laws because of their feelings and emotions. Overall, this was a terrible episode and if you didn't watch it, you missed nothing of importance.
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mrsgainous16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this episode and I felt moved. I thought it looked at a hard and very prevalent subject and made some great points. Then I came here and read some of the other reviews and I wondered. Did we watch the same episode?? But then I realized that we all come into things with our own baggage. That baggage's colors everything we hear and see. It colors how we receive information and how we provide information. I think it was great to see people who are usually on opposite sides come together for a common goal.

But what it all boils down too is one thing. This is JUST a tv show.
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Terrible, misleading episode
tcbarry16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I like this series in general but part of this episode was just disgusting. The story line where they are looking to catch a smug, smarmy murderer is fine. The problem is with the story line about the illegal alien being separated from his son. The whole angst of the story is grossly manipulative, hyper emotional and just plain wrong. It conflates legal immigration and illegal immigration and then implies that America is opposed to all immigration. Totally false - we admit over 1 million legal immigrants each year, more than any other country in the world. Our problem is with those who enter illegally. The whole story line was offensive to anybody concerned with the rule of law and the very idea that lawyers and even a senior judge would be complicit in the feel good solution is laughable.
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Poignant & Timely
medobyme17 March 2019
Anna Deavere Smith always brings so much to any role she plays Would love to have access to the song "America" as performed by Komoller. We immediately Googled it but can't find it anywhere!

Unfortunate that several people "reviewing" the episode are unaware of its relevance at this point in time. Maybe THEY live in a bubble. It wasn't particularly a "left leaning episode." It portrayed exactly what many non-white persons who contribute to American society are experiencing because they may not be citizens. (Truth be told, there are many white people here illegally and they are never subjected to the cruelty POC have been experiencing.)

The episode sparked a healthy conversation in our household because my daughter, a nurse, said she fears an ICE intrusion since some of her patients may not be citizens. (She doesn't ask. It isn't her job to question them.) The only thing worse than being invaded upon by heartlessness is to be apprehended by emissaries of America's Third Reich when you're ill.
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left wing propaganda at its worst
jher-2343516 March 2019
This episode was left wing propaganda at its worst. They made no attempt to be fair or show both sides of the issue. I enjoyed S01 very much. So far, S02 has been very disappointing.

If this happens again, I will no longer watch " For the People".

I do not know how you can report a 7.8* rating for this episode, when most of the reviews so far are in the range of 2*.

Edit: It appears you don't include the ratings of the reviewers in your overall rating. Your breakdown of user reviews only shows 1 2* rating, when there were 3 2* ratings by reviewers. That does not seem very fair to me. Also, what does weighted average mean?
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Liberal Propoganda
Justin-354-21837920 March 2019
The series started out okay but its turned into identity politics driven Social Justice Warrior propaganda. This episode include an Illegal Immigration scenario that paints those following and enforcing the laws of the USA as monsters and those breaking our laws and obstructing their enforcement as hero. This is such a common and nauseating trend for much of what is coming out of Hollywood. Instead of creating entertainment content the industry is attempting to indoctrinate youth and weak mind folks with biased scenarios intended to garner support for their brand of identity politics.
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mrsgainous16 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This episode made me want to cry and I think crying over tv is insane. They took a look at some difficult ideas and made some great decisions.
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A Country Without Humanity
Lewis01-228-45855017 March 2019
The last show Season 2 Episode 2 was one of the best episodes I have seen on TV. It brings the viewer to the direction of this country and how horrible it is. Especially with regard to immigration and the terrible history of the treatment of immigrants and slavery.
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When Art Imitate Real Life
julrods16 March 2019
This episode is great, show what America evolve from. This is America now, feature what is happening in America now.

Can't wait for the episode when SDNY investigation into the fake President whole administration and his shady family business,
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Above the law- what a great message, 0/10 stars
darkavenger7721 March 2019
As a Libertarian, I did not vote for Mr. Trump, but I recognize the rule of law. This was a horrible episode that says if you violate the law there are no consequences, especially if you work for the government. The truly stupid part was the deputy US Marshal putting his hand on his gun when facing the ICE agent. Really?

The fact is if people in the justice system can place themselves above the law, such as committing the felony offense of lying to a federal agent, then why should others obey it? Michael Flynn for example recently plead guilty to this offense for lying to the FBI.

More stupidity when the defense lawyer was grilled by the rookie AUSA. No competent lawyer would give her the time of day. He certainly would not appear before a grand jury.

Then there is the defense lawyer that invokes President Reagan welcoming immigrants while complaining about American law regarding illegal immigrants. What he fails to mention is that he immigrated legally. As a lawyer, you'd think he would know that difference. This entire episode was so skewed I suppose it should have been expected.

The clerk not to be outdone for thumbing her nose at the law gives credit to Justice Marshall for fixing the 3/5 of a person (slavery) issue in the Constitution. The only problem with that is he was born in 1908, about 43 years after the 13th Amendment was ratified. The 13th Amendment outlawed slavery and by doing so invalidated the 3/5 clause in the Constitution.

The only interesting part of the episode was the legal issue of being able to get away with murder in the Idaho section of Yellowstone. The issue has had quite a lot of discussion in the past 15 years.

I really wish these shows would drop the political slanting. Lawyer shows can be good (the "Order" part of the Law & Order ones usually were), but this one is not for several reasons, such as rookie lawyers being the only ones handling all of the cases. What is also disappointing is seeing pretty good shows last less than a season while low quality ones like this get at least two seasons.
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Complete and utter liberal crap
Mccadoo21 March 2019
Hollywood is full of this kind of stuff and a lot of TV shows spout liberal dogma but this episode of this show was so far over the top, so full of falsehoods and outright lies that I found it astounding. Well, not really astounding considering the state of the entertainment industry these days, lets say disturbing, because many in this country who haven't a clue what this country is really all about take this kind of nonsense as truth, you only need read the comments here to see that.

Anyone who compares this country, today, to the Third Reich hasn't a clue what the Third Reich represented, or the horrors it perpetrated on mankind. To make such a statement demonstrates the utter ignorance of a lot of people in this country today. It's a bit frightening, for the love of God, read a history book!
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