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New Beginnings
christiwulf14 October 2018
Grey's has it's ups and downs in episodes. This one was not a tear jerker or a heart racer - sure there was a fire and people die, but some version of that happens on every episode! This episode was more about change. Meredith is putting herself back out there, Alex taking on new responsibility... in his own "screw it all up - adrenaline driven antics", and Maggie is reevaluating her relationship after being ghosted-ish by Jackson - which felt more random than anything else. Did the very handsome Jesse Williams go on a vacation and the crew needed an excuse for his absence? Or, was this a chance for Maggie to see what else is out there? We may never know. All in all I enjoyed the episode. The best part (for me) was seeing Josh Radnor on the set. If I'm honest, I'm secretly hoping he gets a role on the show - doubtful, but a girl can dream!!
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fbcox12 October 2018
I have been a faithful viewer since this series began, but since someone on your staff thinks that there should be a background filled with (at times) loud music, it makes it so hard to follow the dialogue, I have waited to see if someone would realize it's very annoying and put a stop to it, but it hasn't happened. So I have decided to stop watching the show. Goodbye.
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