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Sorry, some gave it a 10? Seriously ?
Garreth-hale23 May 2021
Is it like Shawshank Redemption? Like Star wars (original not Disney rubbish)? Saturday night Fever??

No way!

Its unoriginal, story not great, but I must say, acting was pretty good from the mother that is.

Of course sequels are disappointing and it's not uncommon, but the teen girls do not flaunt and neither does the mother. Compare to the prequel!

Overall not great, a 6 tops.
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To fast to Zombie 2
kennys-9758516 August 2020
If your going into the cinema expecting "Train to busan" quality, you will be surprised. Its the typical sequel trap. They throw in way to much Hollywood wannabe actioncrap, try way to hard to include every genre into one, to pretend this is something else then it should be.

I really loved Train to Busan, it was an awesome and unique Zombie flick with high quality. Emotional ride with fear, stress and good story. Was glued on the monitor whole movie through, it was that good. Korea really made a classic with that one.

This is the complete opposite. Its plain stupid. Zombies seems pretty harmless cgi placeholders only meant to fly in the air and get hit by cars. U never feel any kind of fear och horror in this movie, its just dumb action with stupid lines. Story is crap, writing is crap, very low character development, plotholes, timejumps, stupid characters, actors who overact and make a fool out of themself.

If you take Transformers, mix it with Zombieland on drugs, add Fast and the furious... ehm... and then add World War Z cgi zombies on a budget then u get this. But worse then all those movies ofcourse.

The carchases are computer generated, and it looks like a PC-game. Also most of the Zombies are just cgi, ragdolls flying all over...and it really shows its fake. Its World War Z style, but cheaper ripoff. When the end comes closer, they even try to switch the pace from rollercoaster action to emotional cry drama and it just falls flat like a pancake... u end up laughing cause its so silly.

Plus, the plot armour on the soldier is of epic proportions, he cant miss, hits only headshots, zombies throw themself on him, but he got his anti-bite armor on so they cant touch him, he got time to think a few seconds now and then, even if he is surrounded by soldiers or zombies on every direction... cause they wont do anything to him while he feels sad.... boohoo....

Stay away from this at cinema, its not worth the money. Look at it some day at home when your really bored and want some brainless entertainment.
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Train to Nowhere
Athanatos17325 August 2020
The unfortunate truth of this sequel is that it has absolutely nothing of what the original movie had. There is no real emotional connection with the main characters.

They rely on horrible CGI way too much which really takes you out of the scenes when all the car scenes and most of the zombies just look so fake.

And as for the car scenes, for a moment I thought I was watching the wrong movie and was actually watching a Fast & Furious zombie sequel.

To sum up, the plot is simplistic and ridiculous, the action scenes are for the most part lacklustre, there is no real connection from us the audience for the characters, though they heavy handedly try their best, unsuccessfully I may add, and the CGI is horrid.

Not Recommended.
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Does not even come close to Train to busan
adunamalik24 August 2020
I'll make it simple.

If you like Invunrable cars, basically a car can drive through 1000 zombies and not even get a dent or brake a side mirror.

If you love Kids driving cars better than anybody in fast and furious franchise has ever driven

If you cant get enough of plotholes and Terrible cgi cars

I mean even sharknado is more realistic than this....

Loved train to Busan, sadly i Hated this.
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tomjon-4175323 February 2021
The prequel was good and had lots of action, some originality, a couple of pretty chicks and clearly a big budget. This one is standard sequel stuff: silly, stupid and inferior in every way. I kept waiting for the teen girl to disrobe Fast & Furious style and nothing.
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Tried too hard to copy Hollywood
MrNeurosis20 July 2020
The reason first movie worked was because it had a heart. It's almost cruel how much the film tugged at your heartstrings.

Train to Busan wastes no time getting to the point, the build up only takes a few brief scenes, then the madness captivates the rest. We see the outbreak from beginning, middle and end within the narrative's run time. You have time to develop empathy for each character, their backstories, and connections to one another fleshed out in small bursts throughout the film. While the human condition is in question, the narrative also explores societal themes, which are all perfectly juxtaposed with gory yet skillfully crafted action sequences.

This movie on the other hand may as well be directed by Michael Bay with pointless action and explosions. It tries too hard to be like Hollywood action movies and it shows. I will pretend this movie never happened.
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Fast and Furious: Korea Drift to Incheon
juliusandresmanzano24 July 2020
That should be the title. I am VERY surprised this was selected for Cannes. This movie still got the K-Drama vibe but lacked the thriller and shock value of the first one - even for a tiny bit. Nada. It's like they tried too hard to appeal to western viewers and ended up producing a film that the Hollywood fanatics themselves would stomp on. It was just horrible. But I expected too much because you know, 4 years from Train to Busan!

I suggest that if you don't want anything to do with the first movie and want some human to human plot with zombies on the side then you can probably sit through this movie. I just lingered on hoping something interesting will happen but the whole miserable 2 hours just failed me. Really disappointed and sad that they weren't able to live up to the first movie. I hope we can all just pretend this movie never happened and wish they will make a part 3 which is more connected or has the feels of the first one. But I guess when you kill Gong Yoo in the movie then it's all downhill from there.

The car racers who likes to scare themselves to sleep with thoughts of zombie outbreaks will probably love this though.
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Disappointed, feels like its a graphic action movie then a horror movie 🤔
shibal-0090216 July 2020
Not thrilled at all n not scary at all. Not touching at all as well. It's becoming similar to maze runner story a bit but worst. Too much graphics throughout the movie. Doesn't feel its a zombie movie anymore. Was expecting a nice sequel from part 1 which was superb well done.
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SALADKlNG22 July 2020
As much as I love the first movie, I expected more from this sequel but I have to admit that it was a bit boring in my opinion. there's not much action like the first one where they were being chased by the zombies. as this movie takes place 4 years after the first one, it is more about human vs human, just like how it is when u watch the walking dead. they moved on from fighting zombies.
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Brainless Ride without the Elements of Horror.
Impartial-Critic27 August 2020
In this third installment of the Korean Zombie Apocalypse, comes the Peninsula. An American crime boss in Hong Kong, hires 4 escaped Koreans to return back to the plagued peninsula that they transport a stolen 20 Million dollars on a truck, as the team goes back they are faced with a worse enemy than zombies, the post apocalyptic humans.

From the get go you can see the major Hollywood influence on this film with clearly having its target audience the western and American viewers, Peninsula can be described at be an offspring of (The Transporter and Mad Max) with the goofy prolonged car chases scenes while lacking all the elements of a horror film other than few scenes of the zombies in which you can live without. If you watched the trailer it includes mainly the only 2 scenes in this film in which it includes some horror "concept", the stairs full of zombies scenes and the pile of zombies. Unfortunately these 2 scenes are almost glimpses in the film and awfully misused.

Most of the zombie scenes are distant cheap CGI that are a disaster and easily spotted not to mention the laughable CGI Car chases. The very few real zombies scenes, we only get to witness a highly athletic and gymnastic type of zombie! Where's the down size in being infected?! You run super fast, You Jump like a cheetah and you can even dodge bullets!!! WTF!

On a different note, the characters are far from being interesting, the writer in a sad attempt tries to literally "shove" huge load of emotions at the end of the film yet fails miserably as we already fail to care about any of the stereotypical characters to begin with.

And finally we are faced with a cliched predictable Hollywood ending of a low budget movie level.

Viewers should know that Peninsula is an Action, Thriller film at best not a Horror in anyway, I believe they should've quit while they were ahead in Train to Busan but the cash grabber is a world wide disease.
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li-zhao-imdb10 April 2021
But characterizes sequels really well!

The first one has hordes of zombies, a super sexxxy teen cheerleader schoolgirl (yeah redundancy, i know) and this one? The girl and yummy mommy have potential but flaunt NADA.

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Peninsula: An entertaining yet Disappointing of a Smart Sequel
acinemalens15 July 2020
When Train to Busan hit theaters, it became a sensational hit for the right reasons. It manages to become an enjoyable blockbuster yet with smart social commentary and emotional moments that (I need to admit) made me cry. 4 years later, Peninsula - the sequel - hit the theaters with high ambition but fail to reach the height of its predecessor as it falls into the ordinary sequel trap.

4 years after the events of Train to Busan, a former marine, Jung-Seok (Gang Dong-won) must return and retrieve something at now-abandoned Korea in order to be accepted by the society outside their homeland. I really appreciate how they took a new approach to the zombie sequels with a new setting. However, bigger doesn't always mean better as the world-building lacked in the concept details of that never reach the tension felt in its predecessor.

Perhaps the above reason can't be blame due to its small yet important component: characters. A large number of characters also resulted in less screen-time, making it hard to have in-depth sympathy with the characters. The characters also felt flat with its two-dimensional personality, making it hard for the characters to be likable even when the actors have given their best to portray them. As a result, it lacks emotional attachment and even scares to deliver.

Still, I can't deny on how much entertaining Peninsula has to offer. Yeon Sang-ho's use of camerawork and how he directs the action sequence make the film watchable. I preferably like the first chase scene with zombies and the survival game. The survival game especially, really showcases his direction with his one-take. The visual style could be deemed as unique as well, showing abandoned Korea as dirty and chaotic yet beautifully eye-catching. Although I need to say that the CG in its car scene is extremely rough that you somehow looking more of a video game than a live-action film.

Overall, Peninsula is could never reach its predecessor quality as a smart blockbuster with a high emotional level. However, its entertainment value, if almost, could still reach what it had left 4 years ago. Just don't expect too much to use your brain and have fun as you visit Peninsula.
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They shud have focused more on the rat king zombies. Nevertheless, a fast paced action film.
Fella_shibby25 August 2020
Did i say action n not zombies? So as a stand alone, it is a good action film but nowhere close to Train to Busan in terms of zombie stuff. The story takes place four years after the events of part one. A guilt ridden Korean soldier now living as a refugee in Hongkong is sent along with four fellas to retrieve a truck full of money from the quarantined Korea now inhabited by zombies. Comparison to Mad Max, Doomsday, Fast n Furious will crop up everywhere. But the point is, is it entertaining? O yeah! Tons of car chase n gun action sequences. Fans of Train to Busan like me will b disappointed. The social commentary, the emotions, the characters n most importantly the zombie stuff is missing here. The climax scene in slow mo with melodrama gets on ur nerves. Watch out for the UN's major Jane. Her dialogue delivery n the way she runs is hilarious. So far actor Geoffrey Giuliano was the top choice to play white actor's role in Thai films n finally he landed a role in this film too.
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The Worst Movie that Came Out of South Korea
osman_teket8 August 2020
I have no idea how this movie takes itself seriously. I can understand the bad CGI or weird acting, but why is this movie thinks it's telling a good (or consistent) story? Things are ridiculous from start to finish, and it feels like a bad copy of a Fast & Furious movie. And at the end, they try to create some drama, but you will not be able to hold your laugh. It felt like a cash grab attempt on the citizens of the countries where the theatres are open.

I still cannot believe the movie has 6/10 in IMDB. Are people watching another movie?
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Everything at once
TheFinalGirl1324 July 2020
Peninsula is an extremely fun movie to watch. It packs virtually all genres possible, the movie is way too much but very entertaining. You have zombies (although they are not really threatening and felt more like a tool used to advance the plot), you have Mad Max-like car chases, you have wild insane people enjoying the Purge, you have a hint of a comedy and a whole lot of soap opera drama. At one point I was convinced the characters would start dancing Bollywood-style! While Train to Busan was character-driven and emotional film, Peninsula is a wild, action-packed movie which has almost nothing to do with the former. It would fit perfectly into Zombieland universe and the reviews here would be much better then. In other words, it is a bad movie if you expect Train to Busan continuation but a good Zombieland 3. Plot-wise, Peninsula leaves even more question unanswered, if you think about characters' background or some story details you'll notice a lot of inconsistencies, plot holes and unclarities. But this movie is not made to think, so don't take it seriously, don't expect much and just enjoy whatever nonsense is going on on-screen.
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I came back to lower my rating
rickmozessohn25 August 2020
I lowered my rating from a 3 down to a 1.

Worst movie of 2020 by a wide margin. Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible CGI (special mention, worst CGI I've ever seen), terrible everything.

I loved the first film, I hated the second. The first film had a small budget & a big heart, the second had a big budget and wastes 94 minutes of your life. I would have preferred to spend that time counting the leaves on my nectarine tree.

Gosh damnit.
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Absolute Garbage *AVOID THIS MOVIE*
Orgasmo-Erectus17 July 2020
Allowing this movie to air on the big screen, is an outright insult to the viewers. This is a half-assed, textbook case of milking a successful movie (Train to Busan) into a poor "sequel".

I can write a book about the plot holes, inconsistensies and the movies being impossible for the viewers to suspend their disbelief to take it seriously.

There are extended segments of painfuly edgy teen/toddler duo. Where they exchange one liners and run over infected in a "stylish" way. All the while they slam into other cars while drifting and grind against building/cars anime style. All the while, without sustaining as much as a scratch to the car's paint, and not even a splash of blood...

Even better, nearly 1/4th of the movie is composed of these EXTREMELY poorly made CGI sections and car chases (yay?). For some reason these scenes dominate the majority of the movie.

This is all so (masterfully ?) Integrated with an overwhelming amount of EXTENDED "sad" slow motion shots of "dramatic" situation about underdeveloped characters that you couldn't care less about, dying or "almost" dying but being saved at the last second. Rambo-style by the invincible main protagonist.

This movie is utter trash, unbelievably so. I can't recall the last time where i had such an overwhelming urge, to storm out of the theater, and demand a refund.

Do your a huge favour and dodge this bullet that i took for you. AVOID THIS MOVIE. Don't worry, the name aside, this movie has NOTHING to do with Train to Busan. So you are not missing out.
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Horrible plot and disqualified movie
jjade-0898518 July 2020
It's totally different from train to busan. The worst part is the plot which looks like anyhow write up. No firm structure. Feels like watching a racing or shooting scenes movie instead of zombie vs humans. It seems totally unrelated to the structure of train to busan and this movie just try to get people's attention under the name of so called "train to busan" film. Not worth to waste the time watching it.
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A lot of valid criticism in the reviews I have read
simonize8508 August 2020
I was one of three patrons of a local theatre showing this film, which opened yesterday, Friday, August 7. Plot wise the story contunues to highlight family, in this instance a captain and the brother in law he is estranged from, and a second anchored by an aging grandfather who could easily been dismissed as senile, his very strong daughter and her two girls. Throw in HK gangsters and a dishounored former military unit doing its best to survive in Inchon. Shake and stir. The action is non stop, which actually distracts from the adversaries' character development and any actual suspense or mystery. Everyone is too well armed, quite the contrary to TRAIN TO BUSAN which was pared down to just the necessary. Its characters served a purpose that propellled the story along, and those characters were of interest, so their demise was felt. I did not know the lead actor, though I have seen enough Korean films. I would not place to much blame on his shoulders. If i wanted to see a Mad Max clone, I wouldn't, I would watch the originals.
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Not as good or original as Busan, but still an entertaining zombie action film!
Joejoesan10 August 2020
The rumours are true: Peninsula can not be compared to its brilliant predecessor, Train to Busan. Subtleties make way for non-stop action and the movie also has a big Fast & Furious vibe. But especially on the big screen it's also a very exciting and entertaining film. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. . The story is similar to the upcoming Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder: a group of people must go back to zombieland to retrieve some bags containing lots of money. It looks like an easy mission at first (those zombies are harmless in the dark!), but of course it all goes wrong very soon. Welcome to hell! . Some things that struck me while watching the film: .
  • Peninsula looks amazing on the big screen (the destroyed city). However there is a lot of CGI and because of that it sometimes feels like watching a videogame
  • The story begins during Train to Busan and makes a timejump of four years.
  • There are some English spoken scenes in the movie and frankly they're terrible. I can accept that Asians speak English with an accent, but there are also "English" or "American" characters in it and they act very badly. The interview scene in the beginning - telling us what happened in the last four years - is embarrassing
  • Some emotional scenes are really over the top, but I guess that's the Korean way of drama
  • There are no actors of Train to Busan in the sequel
  • The film only costed about 16 million dollars to make. That's low budget in the States. World War Z had a budget of 190 million
. No, unlike Train to Busan Peninsula doesn't add anything new to the zombie genre. It is however a fun and entertaining ride and the first 20 minutes are awesome. I also liked the ending.

Can't wait to watch it again.

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Worst sequel
hdrslitwitter20 July 2020
Easy plot. Lazy storyline, more action than zombie. Final act this movie like watching fast and furious movie.
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this plot/story was written by a zombie(s)
stackbill27 July 2020
A child-like TV movie - think Dukes of Hazard - meets a poor Mad Max. the action is not paced and it's all very predictable/unbelievable. only watch if you are under 21.
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If you want to waste your time and money...
lorcas21 July 2020
Generally it is a movie about driving skill instead of zombies.
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Brings Shame
camsean14 August 2020
This movie has pretty much nothing to do with the original. The only reason they are linked is to try to get bums on seats.

So many plot holes, so boring. Avoid.
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fast and furious zombie edition but still a good one
harleyyyyyy17 October 2020
Feels like watching fast and furious zombie edition, anyway it's still good especially if you're a fan of action packed movie , the last 10 minutes gave the biggest impact for me, so nerve-wracking yet still have the heart- touching moment (i almost cry) as for the actors, gang dong won as usual, has always impressed me with his incredible acting, same goes to lee jung hyun, it's my first time watching her in a movie, and lee re too, her character is so cool and lowkey badass,. can't wait to see her next project, and also koo gyo hwan, it's my first time hearing his name but he really did a good job bringing alive his complicated character captain seo
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