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Sex & Nudity

  • The only sex scene is very subtle and suggestive. A man and woman is lying on the ground. They kiss and it seems that they are at least half-naked. The scene is highly suggestive and contains no explicit sex or nudity.
  • the men run to a lake and are nude mostly obscured.

Violence & Gore

  • Battles are mainly between tanks, but there are some scenes where infantry soldiers engage in battle. The violence is not explicit with moderate blood, but no gore. Also no close-up detail of wounds.
  • A Russian POW is whipped by a German officer. The scene is only a few seconds long.


  • On the Russian audio track, there are two instances of the f-word being used, and one use of a crude term for male genitalia. Milder swear-words like "shit" and "bullshit" are also occasionally used.
  • Occasionally words like "sh*t" and "bullsh*t" are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasionally some soldiers smoke cigarettes and two German officers sometimes smoke pipe.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The slow-motion effects used during tank battles to illustrate the impact of rounds hitting tanks might be very unsettling for sensitive viewers - especially those who are not used to the intensity of war movies. However, it should be noted that the idea behind these slow-motion effects are much more relevant to technical and special effects aspects and are clearly not used to distress viewers.
  • There is one scene where POW's arrive at a concentration camp - the scene contains some very intense psychological aspects; for example a Nazi-officer cocks a pistol and points it at a prisoner's face. He pulls the trigger, but the pistol misfires.
  • There is another scene where a Nazi-officer cocks his pistol and threatens to shoot a Russian girl. He counts from one to five while pointing the pistol at her - she starts crying and collapses against a wall.

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