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Well acted, hilarious n brutal at times. Well, a pen is indeed mightier than the sword.
Fella_shibby15 March 2020
A musician from Beverly Hills receives a letter from his estranged father asking him to come and visit him in his secluded cabin overlooking a lake n surrounded by woods. As audience we suspect that something is not right after the phone calls, but trust me the film is not at all predictable. It is very hilarious n well acted. Elijah Wood gave a good performance and Michael Smiley is hilarious with his ultimate weapons, a pen n a crossbow. The film is a bit slow in the beginning but picks up n then doesn't let go. I was laughing my guts out. I didn't like the director's Greasy Strangler. Found it gross n offensive. But this movie is less gross n more comedic.
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Incredibly Strange
Shuggy10 August 2019
(The Wellington premiere with Ant Timpson and Emma Slade giving Q&A)

O.M.G. That was, as expected, an Incredibly Strange movie. (Ant Timpson is best known in New Zealand for the Incredibly Strange film festival, which began in 1994 with the likes of Plan Nine from Outer Space.)

Elijah Wood's character, Norval, is aptly named. He is an innocent nerd, called to visit his estranged-since-childhood father at a remote and beauiful house on the shore of Vancouver Island. The father (Stephen McHattie) is creepy from the get-go (think Jack Nicholson in The Shining). I'll say no more but nothing is as it seems and the movie is a roller coaster ride of extreme tension and release, extreme violence, and a generous slab of (black, of course) comedy. Just suspend your belief enough to erase the words "We've got to get you to hospital" from your memory.

I didn't stay for all the Q&A because they talked at length about technical details, but Timson based the movie on his own experience with the death of his father, which was Pretty Strange.

It'll never be a blockbuster, but it'll be a cult favourite for years to come.
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Disturbingly Funny
oconnors2nz26 July 2019
What a Directorial Debut from our own Ant Timpson! Dark, irreverent, downright laugh out loud hilarious and some superb characterisation.

What starts innocently enough, takes twisted turn after twisted turn in a journey that had me enthralled after a steady opening.

This film certainly left an impression. Elijah Wood perfectly cast and Michael Smiley, one of my favourite actor's (The Lobster) almost unrecognisable and with some of the most hilarious dialogue I've ever heard.

This will create conversation for sure and I hope Timpson enjoys the success this film deserves. Just a shame it wasn't shot on these shores.

Can't wait for feature Director credit number two, Mr T.
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From the producer of Housebound, okay I'm in
aeongale7 February 2020
Thankfully it's not a comedy-horror as you may expect. More of a quirky thriller with moments of over the top violence. Great set-up about a son of fruity hipster appearance looking to reconnect with his brutish estranged father. Solid performance from Wood and McHattie during the first half. Last half plays out fairly typically, not particularly bad, enjoyable enough, but nothing to get excited about.
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The low ratings are from people who turned it off...
Opinate11 February 2020
...because it starts with a slow psychological burn but works up into a frothy lather of crazy twisty goodness. If you liked Housebound (I did), which Ant Thompson, the director of Come to Daddy, produced, you will love this maniacal horror com too. Don't tune out too quickly if you think it isn't moving along fast enough, you are only depriving yourself of the goodness to come.
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Quirky and clever as it gets
hankbrns16 February 2020
The craziness begins almost immediately and moves pretty fast--so you'd better have all your popcorn and drinks in place. We went home talking about the plot, the characters and the direction--all were on-target (and this...from a tough audience). Read the synopsis and then jump in with both feet, don't over think it just enjoy.
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Slow start, but a very good watch.
mckeen-1363916 February 2020
This is a great film, extremely messed up, surprising turns, it's very very strange so might not be everyone's cuppa tea, but definitely worth watching! A good 8/10 from me.
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Absolutely Hilarious - May Require A Gaelic Sense Of Humour However!
omendata18 February 2020
This is one crazy film for sure but it had me in stitches - perhaps because I am of the Frankie Boyle stable of merriment and my sarcaustic Scottish heritage and also perhaps why I thought Michael Smiley a fellow Gael made this movie for me and I have never met an Irish brother I have not liked and that has not changed after watching his gleeful and always on the spot performance.

I do not for the life of me understand the negative reviews - must be in the Mark Kermode snob-school of film appreciation!

From the opening intro with Elijah and his Himmler haircut to the fight with the excellent Stephen McHattie ending in more over the top lunacy in the motel, it was a riot of filthy humour and over the top violence and well what can I say - Being Scottish we love that style - "Pure dead brilliant" so it is!
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So Effing Crazy
Teddy-Bear-Picnic20 October 2019
Wow. I don't even know where to start. This movie was so crazy. You gotta see it to believe it.

I want Elijah Wood's haircut from this and I want to see every movie that Ant Timpson has been involved with.
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I dont get the other reviews
gabaod28 February 2020
I beginning to think all these other reviews are fake and from the cast or friends of. This film is NOT COMEDY, it is NOT HORROR and it is not a THRILLER. This film is beyond meanlingless with absolute no purpose except to be another form of art. The dialogue is nothing special, the character building is nothing special, there was 0 laughs, there was 0 fear or anything really horror related - blood and death doesnt mean something is horror genre. And there was no thriller aspects, 1 single twist in the film and it happens in the first half of the film... Dont waste your time.
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Genre Defying & Deliciously Entertaining
TwistedContent7 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"Come to Daddy" turned out to be so much different from what I imagined - and props for that. This is one of those movies that rejects genre classification, for Ant Timpson and Toby Harvard have compiled a variety of elements, emotions and oddities and have done it organically, no less. Furthermore, Elijah Wood & Stephen McHattie tops off this eccentric cocktail with sparkling performances.

A man in his mid-thirties, an urbanite (Elijah Wood), receives a letter of invitation from his father whom he hasn't seen in 30 years & so he journeys to his father's remote cabin by the sea. I had seen the trailer before, read an article or two, but little did I know what I thought will go on for 90 minutes went on only for about 30. The story twists and turns multiple times (from which there are 2 'major' turns), while also keeping a coherent and all-weaved-through emotional ground, consistency. My only complaint is the underwhelming revelation of the fact that Stephen McHattie is not there for the long run. I like the guy a lot. But, naturally, it didn't take away anything for "Come to Daddy" has what it takes to engage and entertain all throughout. Amusing characters, witty dialogue, pitch-black humor, pumped-up and gnarly action, certain and stable moral core. First half an hour, the son meeting the father, plays like a Tarantino movie, just throw in the kind of suspense and creepiness only the horror genre can provide. Next up is a man in a storm of confusion, demons and machinations & in the end we count the fates and enjoy the action. As for the audiovisual/aesthetical qualities, "Come to Daddy" is shot and edited together tastefully, the technical side holds up to the rest of the goodies.

Keeping in my mind that this is Ant Timpson's directional debut, I'm excited to see what else is there to come. More than a solid start. "Come to Daddy" is a top-tier, highly creative, excellently performed indie flick, a dark comedy with the undertones of several other genres. My rating: 8/10.
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exodus-3933720 February 2020
Takes half the duration to start (from the plot twist),the characters act like brain damaged trying to achieve comedy or something. everything from there is predictable and strange (not in a good way) ending also not worth the wait
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BOOORRRRING, Come back and try again is what Elijah Wood should of told his agent
tkaine38 February 2020
🌠🌠🌠 3/10 = Blasphemy I read a few of these reviews and got tricked into wasting my time on this one. It's not disturbing or a horror the few scenes it does have are childs play. Definitely not good it wastes an hour on trivial nonsense with two characters in the beginning and then shoots off like a rocket as you speed date with a bunch of uninteresting under developed characters with stupid dialogue accompanying this lucid trip. Yes it's a comedy and I giggled a few times but those moments were spread so wide and thin I can't even remember what was funny. So no I wouldn't recommend this film theres a reason why it didn't get much exposure this film isn't good and the premise has been done too many times but this may be the worst of it's kind.
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Strange but good
Draysan-Jennings10 February 2020
Creative little flick with a few surprises. The acting in this is was great. Elijah Woods and Stephen Mcgattie shared some really good scenes. Dragged a little here and there but was still a decent film. The few unexpected twists were cool. The last scene kinda fell short in my opinion..6 stars not bad.
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A waste of time
sudipmaitra21 February 2020
From the beginning to the end it was a total bore. Throughout the movie I didnt know whether to laugh, cry or be scared. A total waste of time to watch it.
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Bland. Desperate to be a cult film
A_Deer9 February 2020
It was a slow start, never picks up and unfortunately any potential was wasted, with the most horrific thing about this movie being it's god awful writing

An endlessly shocking thrill ride it was not, the on screen violence probably had a total run time of 2 mins, and the actions of some of the characters makes little sense other than to progress the poor excuse for a story

some of the actions and inaction of the characters is mindless, it all feels so linear and unnatural.

You get an uneasy feeling due to the dialogue of some characters but it never goes anywhere, they make no other appearance and don't help the plot either, only serving as bizarre red herrings,

It feels like the Director desperately wants to create a cult film and figured by having odd characters, strange dialogue, good cast, obscure violence and throwing everything at the wall that something will stick and perhaps some people actually do see all these elements and are fooled into believing its so weird it must be good, this also gives the Director a great out when It comes to criticism as he can claim he didn't want to be conventional, however it all comes off as arrogant and pretentious.

The cast is fantastic and fantastically wasted here, I thoroughly enjoyed 'A field in England' featuring Michael Smiley which really was a dark and thrilling low budget featuring film.

Unremarkably NZ media appears unable to give the film a negative review as it seems the director is a treasure in the industry and their reviews certainly let you know it, as well as how horrifying, brilliant and shocking the film is, an if it wasn't the unforgivable garbage that it is, there's actually many films that do low budget over the top violence well such as 'Brawl in cell block 99' 'Green Room' or the firefly trilogy,

the violence in this film however is exclusively brief and intended to shock, like a cheap joke, Seriously don't waste you're time on this one

I conclude this is a very conceited film which never gets off the ground, nothing about it is nuanced, the humor is sparse, but this does nothing to save its clunky pacing and terrible story and writing
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9/10 a wild ride for a specific audience
CursedSeal864 February 2020
It is not often that you get great actors, solid dialogue, and real drama from a horror movie but "come to daddy" managed to bring all this and more. Elija Wood was amazing. This film has some violent scenes and uses harsh language so I would not take your parents to see this. I saw this in Alamo Movie Theater in a sold out theater and everyone enjoyed it.
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Thriller? More like Sleeper.
sindronian14 February 2020
This movie was really boring. The entire first half was just two men being passive aggressive towards each other. There is a major plot-twist, but it wasn't enough to carry the plot.

I would have given this movie 1 star but the film's one saving grace was that it was only 93 minutes. By the time I lost my patience and decided to stop watching, it was almost over so I forced myself through the last quarter.

The director has the audacity to play sad music at the end of the film as if we were supposed to care for the characters or relate to them on some level.

I have daddy issues and I couldn't even relate to this movie on a minimal level.

I would not recommend watching this under any circumstance. The fact that I'm watching this alone on valentines day might have something to do with how ruthlessly I worded this review, but I do think this film is objectively bad.
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Really bad
vladimir_tsalyuk9 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Its tough to call this a thriller as the guy cant die and the movie is meant to be a joke of a joke. It starts out okay but then once he finds his actual father it gets dumb. Just a bunch of gore for no reason. Plus he cant really die because its almost like a spoof of itself except theres no funny jokes. toilet humor plus naked dudes laying around. Wood is an entertaining character but the plot is terrible and not funny. Anybody who liked it must be on some heavy drugs
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Terrible writing...
BrockyChubbs928 February 2020
Don't waste your god given time. 0 character development. How was this comedy in any shape or form?
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Very Slow And Nauseating
zac-682748 February 2020
Only a delusional crackpot would give this movie more than 2 stars! Failed miserably at being campy! Sure the writers are John Waters fans but the only correlation is the repulsiveness throughout the movie.
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Good black comedy
Delrvich9 February 2020
Not an horror, action, neo-noir, crime drama ... its a black comedy. And, like most black comedies, they don't appeal to all viewers. Still a good one.
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js-661307 February 2020
Oh what could have been.

Wispy mustachioed, fashionista hipster Elijah Wood is absolutely delightful as a bug-eyed, angle haired, floppy clothed, privileged son, on an unsettling journey to reconnect with his three decades estranged father. Soon Norval's limited edition gold iPhone is smashed during a drunken selfie episode as the family reunion commences.

With a wine bottle in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other, the fabulous Stephen McHattie provides a belligerent and menacing foe as the crazed papa. There's a chess set in the middle of all the verbal sparring, which as it turns out, is not just a red herring, but a stinky rotten fish. instead of a clever gender duel, "Come To Daddy" comes totally off the rails and morphs into a bizarre, way over the top physical thrill ride that leaves many of the clever bits behind.

Not that that's a bad thing. It is just a weird thing. Like a double feature in one schizophrenic sitting. Perhaps folks will find pleasure in each half, perhaps not. The set up is certainly presented with snide snark, and creates an unsettling tension. The film looks great, with a velvety saturation glow. The performances are spot on. And the accelerating plot certainly has nary a dull moment, in a the best B-movie tradition.

Come for the outrageous roller coaster, but strap yourself in.

  • hipCRANK
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Full of Fun Surprises
kjproulx21 February 2020
Every now and then a weird movie will come along that intrigues me. One of the most surprisingly weird films I've seen in a while was The Lighthouse, so nothing is going to top that anytime soon, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a blast watching Come to Daddy. When you mesh an interesting premise with odd twists, usually you can hold my attention, but the fact that it also embraces everything being presented and completely delivers is just an added bonus. While I can't exactly recommend this film to all audiences, it's worth a watch for those who enjoy weird stuff. I think I enjoyed this film as much as I did, simply because it's not just weird, but also heartfelt.

Come to Daddy follows Norval (Elijah Wood), a man who hasn't seen his father in years, as he travels to reconnect with him after receiving a letter, stating that his father wished to see him again. That premise is really just the first act of the movie, due to many unexpected occurrences. Each act continued to surprise me, even though the finale sort of felt a little been-there-done-that. It takes a few leaps throughout its 95-minute run time, but if you find yourself engaged by these story shifts, I think you'll enjoy it as I did.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is what put Elijah Wood on the map and he has seemed to mostly do independent films ever since. For this reason, most mainstream audiences probably don't even realize he's still out there giving really solid performances. His odd persona in this film was both engaging, yet incredibly eerie. The journey his character goes on is slightly unbelievable but ultimately works as a great arc for the character himself. I highly suggest, even if you don't watch this film, to seek out other work Elijah Wood has done because he really does continue to be a great actor.

Where this film may lose some viewers is after the second act kicks into gear, simply because the film becomes much more of a thriller/slasher film. It pretty much goes from a father and son reconnecting to the main character fighting for his life. This shift will probably be too much for some viewers and there are even moments of violence that will make some viewers sick to their stomachs, so be wary. There is really only one moment like that in particular, but I still feel the need to mention it.

In the end, Come to Daddy is one of the more enjoyable films that I've seen in quite some time that has seemed to go under the radar all the way until home release. I'm reviewing it now because this was the first time it was even available to me. So, if you're into a weird premise, as long as it's fun and told well, I would absolutely recommend checking this one out. I had more fun with Come to Daddy than I was expecting and I feel that some viewers will share in that experience. It is a huge mess at times in terms of where it wants to take the story, but it's ultimately satisfying.
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Quirky Horror Comedy
edgalarza1 March 2020
I enjoyed it. It gets brownie points for originality and some subtle but funny scenes.
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