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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Intense graphic violence from the first episode onward. All of it is shown onscreen and includes violent beatings, stabbings, people being shot and blown up. Pools of blood seep out of exit wounds.
  • A decapitation on-screen. Rather jarring, but the blood isn't human coloured, so not as gory as it could be.
  • A disturbingly gory surgery scene. An eyeball is graphically and forcefully removed from its socket whilst the victim pleads and screams.
  • Some moments of strong violence include shooting with futuristic guns, disturbing attacks, stabbings, and more. A few particularly graphic scenes include a decapitation (green-colored blood, but still can be disturbing) and an eye removal (from an android, but disturbing screams are heard while the eye is gouged out) with a viable amount of blood.


  • Profanity is infrequent but can get strong: infrequent uses of shit, fuck, fucking, and other words such as damn, hell, ass, SOB, GD, bitch, asshole, bullshit, goddamn, and a couple curse words in spanish, including "su puta madre". Some other insults and swearing.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters prepare and drink alcohol in some scenes.
  • Character smokes cigars.
  • A character is shown getting drunk on wine. Another is shown having drunk an entire bottle of whiskey. Moderate drinking is shown in several episodes.
  • One character ist vaping in two episodes

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scenes of extreme torture, including gore and screaming in pain are shown. One particular scene shows the very slow and gory removal of a victim's eyeball, and in another a decapitation.

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