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ghees-2483722 July 2019
This show is visually.. unbelievable. The acting is outstanding. Every character plays an insanely difficult role to uphold their character. This show is very hard to watch at times - and raises the question of "why?" often. Most negative reviews are coming from those who cannot acquire a taste for the vulgarity of this - which is understandable. This show is not for everyone. But it's undeniable that this show is flawlessly directed - and the actors are so impressive. This is not one of the best shows i've seen in terms of story line, but in terms of cinematography and acting this show is superb. Gotta give it up to Zendaya, too. Wow.
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Creative cinematography and editing, but completely unrealistic as a teen drama.
fciocca12 August 2021
From a technical perspective "Euphoria" is untouchable and definitely brings novelty to the genre. I really enjoyed the cinematography style, some camera movements are particularly creative and the editing is out of this world. The visual representation is dreamy, the lights are vivid and colorful. The aesthetic of the show is what pushed me to finish the first season, including the two specials that deserve their own small paragraph.

I cannot say that I was really impressed by the plot, which I found very unrealistic. In this narrative universe having a dysfunctional family or a sick brain is just normal. No one has a regular life with everyday problems. All the teens have extreme sex, drink until blacking out or use drugs. Most of the girls are depicted as hookers, and parents apparently do not exist. I wish mine were so permissive when I was a teenager. Is it possible that most of the moms and dads in this show either have problems with alcohol or they are completely deranged? Nate is just unbelievable as a character. What he does during the season is completely out of any logic. I could not stand Maddy. She could have been interesting, but she has very little development and she is annoying. Writers could have used her more, but she is flat and predictable on her actions. Zendaya is amazing and I think that we are going to see great stuff from her. I liked her in "Malcolm & Marie". I am really looking forward to "Dune". One of the most talented young actresses in the star system at the moment. Kudos to Hunter for playing her role pretty well, considering that this was her first acting experience ever.

The two special episodes released one year after the end of the first season are breathtaking. These are two long dialogue sequences about serious and deep topics such as drug abuse, the weight of emotions during the teenage years and the difficulty to express themselves towards other people. It hit me really hard, because it is so meaningful and you can see the pain and the discomfort that two young girls feel and how they perceive themselves after some rough experiences.

Creating a visually appealing show is not enough to make it good. I don't understand why creators needed to go so over the top and they did not decide to create something more realistic, while maintaining the whole dreamy aesthetic. This could have been easily one of my favourite shows, if only the quality of the script matched the one of the visuals.
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it's good but it's bad
idoshevah10 March 2022
I'll make this review short: excellent acting, excellent directing, excellent visuals.

The only thing that is really bad is that it's soooo out of reality. They created a fake world of teenagers being always on the edge, too much drugs, too much sex. 17 year old students played by much older actors it just creates an unrealistic image of life and i hope no actual teens taking notes from it.
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Bored_Dragon28 March 2021
Technically, the series is very well done. Great camera and directing, good acting, and the music fits in great, although it's not to my taste. The thick atmosphere draws you in from the start and further raises expectations, which were already high due to the praise I heard. And then the first episode ended and I thought - ok, it needs time to catch the momentum.

It did, but not in a good way. It runs around like a headless chicken. The series deals with real and very serious topics in a way so exaggerated that they have turned serious into frivolous, deep into superficial, real into unreal, and shocking into boring. They started too much, they didn't finish anything. Everything is exaggerated, unbelievable, and incomplete, and the whole project is painfully pretentious. And the biggest flaw is the characters. Almost all of them are incredibly pathetic and irritating, so unconvincingly written that no good acting can save them. I had no one to sympathize with and no one to cheer for, no one to hate. I couldn't care less for any of them, and even if I cared how they would end, I certainly wouldn't have found out. And two additional quasi-philosophical life-coach episodes caused me embarrassment transfers and I even vomited in my mouth a little.

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No real narrative. Pure shock value.
CriticsVoiceVideo1 February 2022
Nothing groundbreaking or new is being presented here. It's like Larry Clark's "Kids", "Skins", and the original show it's based on. The first six episodes are great. After that, it's straight down the sewer. No real narrative, pretentious, gratuitous nudity, and just relying on shock value. The soundtrack is outdated and boring and the actors are too old, but do give good performances and the cinematography is nice. Watch for the first six episodes, after that it's straight to dullsville.
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Wow, I hope this isn't realistic
Siddhartha1425 March 2022
If today's teenagers are really this vapid, shallow, self-involved and absurd, the world is in deep, deep trouble. Obviously, these teenagers are incredibly affluent. How could an "average" teenager begin to afford the disgusting outfits these girls wear? You know not everything is about sex in high school, right? Depressing AF.
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About teens but not for teens
phd_travel16 November 2019
Sex drugs and more in high school. First a warning. Although this is a show about high school teenagers it's too much for teens to watch. Much more so than "13 reasons Why". There are parts when the scenes are much more explicit than necessary for the story. There isn't a boundary this show doesn't try to push for TV. Having said all that there are some fascinating and bizarre characters that keep things morbidly watchable for 8 episodes. A biracial lesbian drug addict, a transgender girl who is her bestie, a jock with demons, his closeted statutory rapist dad, the list goes on. It's hard to keep track of the different characters and plot twists some tunes. Even if you don't agree with the suitability of the content here the acting is better than it has to be. Zendaya is convincing as an addict very natural acting. Jacob Elordi does the mean jock well.

Hate to say it but do want to see what happens in season 2.
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cara99-325-25346423 January 2022
This Show oversexualizes teenager's it's basically porn with a plot with some romanticizes drug use and drug addiction using beautiful colourful lighting and gitter it's extremely weird to create a show about teen for adults.
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I don't know man
djurrepower30 January 2022
I just get 13RW vibes from this show. And instead of being about mental health it goes more about the sexual development and relationships. But I just can't help but think 'is this supposed to be relateble?'. I get that it's all fiction and exaggerated, but still. Is this really how things are in todays american highschools? Because I find that hard to believe. So all in all, good show about more modern topics and settings. But in the end a over the top teen drama.

6/10: eh.
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All style but little substance
sonicvoodoo24 January 2022
I forced myself to get through the first season and watched the first 2 eps of season 2. And am now throwing in the towel. Although stylishly shot with above average acting, there's no way getting around the fact that it's just plain boring with no real story. It might've worked as a 6 eps miniseries but extending it any further makes no sense. I realize I'm not the target demographic but I'm fair and know good stuff when I see it. Euphoria's "story" could've & should've been told in a miniseries; dragging it out is anything but euphoric.
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Unlikable actors playing less likeable teens...
jamesvass-623163 January 2022
Are people really this awful? I actually watched this show after reading reviews about how raw and honest it is, but it's just a bunch of people living selfish lives with no redeeming characteristics at all, I don't understand what the writers are aiming for? It's like Beverly Hills 90210 but shot on skid row staring the teenage Real Housewives... Does honest mean boring? Does raw mean terrible? I hope the zombies from the walking dead run through this mob...
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krzysiektom2 February 2022
This show is incredibly overrated. I think it is rubbish. Stupid, boring, manipulative and depressing rubbish. It presents oversexualized, fake and fake image of typical American teenagers. Its lack of honesty is represented, among other things, by the fact that most actors playing teenagers here are adults. Zendaya is 25 years old. And the script is not deep or thought-provoking, it's dumb and boring.
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Any one else hate this?
skpn12325 June 2022
If you don't mind an avalanche of darkness and exaggerated and oh so depressing angst you may enjoy the artistic strengths of this production. Dark, dark, dark - no Euphoria at all......
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a series where life is as terrible and overwrought as every teen thinks their life is
cherold31 January 2020
This stylishly-filmed angst-fest follows a variety of morose high-schoolers as they deal with addiction, self-esteem issues, and the local neighborhood psychopath. The first season is reminiscent of the UK series Skin's first, best, season.

Hormones make teenagers feel like everything in their life is huge and dramatic and intolerable; this series is about people who really are coping with all sorts of soul-crushing things.

It's also a very glamorized version of teen angst. Everyone is beautiful, the cinematography is sometimes stunning, the girls apparently spend twelve hours a day watching youtube make-up tutorials, and everyone is having lots of sex (trivia: something like 20% of teens are having 90% of teen sex; none of the other 80% are in this series). Zendaya is terrific as the head angster, as is Barbie Ferreira as the token not-skinny girl, who has perhaps the most interesting and unlikely story arc.

It's a really fun series, and for all it's over-the-top ridiculousness, it also captures a lot of the sadness, confusion, and isolation of being a teenager. I'd recommend checking it out.
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Be honest- you only watch it for the excess
toonyjakes3 March 2022
Euphoria is nothing but excessive sexualization in every sense of word. I mean if there's a scene involving drugs, something gets sexual. If there's a tension between 2 or more characters, it gets sexual. I mean even when it gets violent it becomes sexual at some points.

Im not some whiney prudent person, I just like to watch a show that has some meat on its bones rather than just GASP this happened, GASP that happened- everything in this show is dramatic to the point that anything potentially light-hearted flies out the window. By the time you realize "oh hey they're supposed to be teenagers," you've already been soaked in filth. Like okay, teens have alot of sex and they discover themselves and some of them do struggle! But it's not like EVERY SINGLE MOMENT is depressing, intense, drug fueled, and/or sex crazed. Honestly Superbad was a better depiction of teenage life.

All in all, the show is entertaining but I am one of the few to admit it- the excess is all it has. Tons of crying, swearing, fighting, banging, snorting, smoking, cheating, double crossing. And I just can't help but think that the creator just kindaaa wants to see some skin *shrug*
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Groovist_123 March 2022
Where are the character storyline? We get almost no background on these "teens" just flashes of lights and mindless makeup with that stupid song in the background.

The first season did grab my attention but the second season was a big miss. Everyone is so boring and horrible ppl. We don't get to see them have conversations much, just dumb one liners and awkward looks. But hey I guess that's the Gen Z way now..
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Beverly Hills on crack..
karamolegos_george5 May 2022
Is it drama is it comedy is it musical?

I never seen so needless drama in a series.

I never seen so much disruption with constant full songs during an episode!

Is it a musical??

I don't find it realistic. Period.

Are all these teenagers so interesting in this small town?

This is "woke" extravaganza tv series with too much drama and confusion.

I like the cinematography and the basic stories can be real but lacks substance and authenticity.
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I like it but I don't understand the point of it.
sloncarvuca7 August 2020
First things first, cinematography is beautiful. Actors did really good job and overall it makes a decent show. But I don't understand if it's trying to spread awareness or trying to encourage young people to do this type of behaviour. I also saw one review that said how this show is showing "the truth" about teens today and I personally think they are wrong. In my opinion this show is overly dramatised (I understand that it's a tv show, it's suppost to be dramatic). I'm currently in my late teenage years and I haven't seen anyone going through what these people are going through in this show. But I would still recommend it to people.
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Totally dysfunctional people
qui_j7 March 2022
It's difficult to understand why anyone would want to watch shows like this where the focus seems to be to glorify dysfunctional behavior and extreme violence. That is now a part of life in today's school system, but does one need to make it seem so pervasive? The show is very overrated, and seeing scene after scene of young people wasting their potential, is neither inspiring or uplifting. The series is just filled with sleazy and disgusting characters! The first 2 episodes were enough!
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American slop.
wolfghostninja23 January 2021
Trashy glamorization of hardcore drug addicts in the USA, with excellent cinematography.
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Glorified Softcore Porn
hawkeye-sid-ifti22 February 2022
There is nothing special about this show! Lets just call it what it is, a glorified softcore porn masking as a woke show thats it!

You wanna talk about teenagers with mental health issues, drug addiction, pedophiles, sexual assault, domestic violence... you can do all of that without putting up a softcore porn scenes in every episode!

Zendaya... Won an Emmy for what? Walking like a Zombie?

HBO use to mean something, but now its making garbage shows!
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Tried hard to get into it
adnansawaf6 March 2022
Euphoria is centered around dysfunctional teenagers. Clearly everything is over the top for dramatic purposes.

As an adult I just found it not interesting, watching junkie teenagers struggle with their victimized issues.
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HBO original? Oh really?
itsmejordann15 February 2022
Oh jesus, the golden age of HBO is over and this show proves it.... it's the kind of show you'd expect from netflix, hulu, amazon, apple looks more like a porn with romanticization of drugs, so pretentious, so overrated, so without real plot, zendaya is a mediocre and overrated actress the artistic direction is not capable of making this show "flawless, good, innovative" you can have the best photography in the world that doesn't make it a good show... I prefer a thousand times a show with the generic artistic direction and without so many fancy things, BUT THAT HAS A PLOT, A REAL PLOT AND WELL CONSTRUCTED CHARACTERS.
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laragi9 March 2022
I guess give the viewers what they want??

Why the high reviews??? I tried many episodes. This is nothing but SMUT. It is dark, depressing and rated X. It may serve as a guide for misguided behavior as well.
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It has its good moments, but a ton of bad ones.
cuzcatleco-3690721 February 2022
Let me start this review off by saying that this show has its good moments, I'm personally a really big fan of the scenes involving Fezco and and his younger brother Ashtray, they are very tense scenes that remind me of a thriller. But everything else is pretty much unbarebale to watch. The scenes with Zendaya's character (Rue) and her friend Jules really slow down the pace of the show (and I must reiterate that it slows the show down A LOT). Pacing is a huge issue, not to mention that a lot in this show is extremely outlandish, yes this is a work of fiction, but you can tell that the directors and producers were aiming for realism when writing this script. This show has a ton of cringe-worthy scenes, perhaps not as bad as a show like riverdale but it's still up there. This show is a hard-pass from me.
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